A/N: Welcome! I was inspired by the fantastic drama Flower of Evil...This is a detective AU in which Yi Jeong and Ga Eul are homicide detectives and coworkers in the same department with Jun Pyo as their immediate supervisor and Madame Kang as the head of their department. Jae Kyung is the CEO of her parents' company, and Woo Bin is the CEO of his father's construction company. Yi Jeong and Ga Eul are already 'dating' at the outset of this fic, but they are keeping it a secret because they work together.

Like Ten Dates, each chapter of this fic will switch between Ga Eul and Yi Jeong's POV. Also, like Ten Dates, this fic will be ten chapters long. Updates will be irregular, but I will finish it!

I'm rating this M mainly for sexual situations and some language. There will also be some violence and descriptions of a crime scene, but nothing graphic, and I will point it out when we get to those chapters. If there is a full-on smut scene in the future, I will also put a note at the beginning of that chapter.

If you choose to come on this journey with me, thank you. :)

Ga Eul took her sweet time opening her eyes as she basked in the warm tiredness of her limbs. She could barely make Yi Jeong out in the early morning darkness, broken only by the light from her nightlight, but she knew him to be sprawled out next to her on the other half of the bed, dozing soundly. No doubt also worn out from their previous evening's activities. This was getting to be too much of a habit—him sleeping over at her compact studio apartment.

Every once in a while, she slept over at his, which was an infinitely nicer place. But seeing as she had a cat to take care of, it worked better for him to stay with her.

Luckily, no one from work lived in her apartment building, as that would have caused a bigger problem.

Yet for all her good girl sensibilities, no amount of guilt or common sense had convinced Ga Eul to put a stop to their relationship.

She was probably screwing herself over professionally—he was her partner, for goodness sake's—and perhaps setting herself up for heartbreak as well, but she couldn't bring herself to care at the moment as she stared at the shadowy outline of his face, at the unkempt hair that fell over his forehead. He kept his hair styled most of the time, more carefully groomed than her. But despite his clean-shaven appearance, he was always causing trouble.

Right now he looked so peaceful, almost innocent.

As if to counter that thought, Ga Eul's alarm rang behind her.

Yi Jeong roused from his slumber and grumbled, "It's five in the morning, Ga Eul-yang. Turn off that fucking alarm, please." He waved in the general direction of her alarm and planted his face in his pillow.

"I get up every day at five, Jeongie. Unlike some people who just waltz into work whenever they feel like it." Sitting up, Ga Eul rolled her eyes and turned off the blaring clock situated on the nightstand on her side of the bed.

"Yi Jeong. My name is Yi Jeong," Yi Jeong mumbled into the pillow.

"Jeongie." Lying down once more, she rolled over on her side and poked his shoulder. "Jeongie," she sang out sweetly. "Come on, you big baby. Up. The sun will be up soon."

"What am I, five? I don't want to. You're such a mom," he mumbled.

"And you're such a big boy, and you have work." They both had work. Detectives in the same homicide division for two years. Partners for one year. Romantic partners for six months.

Oh god, she was screwed.

"Yes. I know, I know. But come on." He turned on his side to face her. "Let's just call in sick, hmm?" Cradling the side of her face in his long pianist fingers, he stroked her cheek with his thumb.

"Are you crazy?" Grabbing his hand, she stilled his thumb. "We can't both call in sick on the same day."

His gaze flickered over for a moment, roaming up and down her face. She wondered what he saw there.

Suddenly, he launched himself onto her side of the bed and pinned her down in one smooth motion.

"Why not?" he asked

"Hey." She squirmed underneath him, albeit halfheartedly. "Yi Jeong, get off of me."

"Oh, so now you call me Yi Jeong."

"Yi Jeong." She tried a firmer tone.

"You call me Yi Jeong when you really want something." He kissed her forehead.

"I can't breathe," she complained, nevertheless relaxing her muscles. Resistance was a bit pointless.

"If you can talk, you can breathe. And I don't want to." His face hovered so close to hers that she was going cross-eyed. "Come on. Just five more hours."

"Yi Jeong Sunbae. Get off me, please."

"Why don't you offer me something, and maybe I'll get up?" He grinned down at her.

Sighing inwardly, she returned his smile.

"How about I offer you something, and you will get up?"

"Is it something I really like?"

"I think so. You only want to do it every day," she said in what she hoped was an enticing manner.


"Okay." She gave him a wide grin. "I'll make you breakfast then."


"Well, you do eat every day, Jeongie," she elaborated.

Yi Jeong sighed. "Fine. I'll get up. But make some coffee too, will you?"

"If you move, I'll get started on it right away...What's with that look?"

"I'm sure you could make me move if you really wanted to, Detective Chu. Which means a tiny part of you likes me pinning you to a mattress."

Ga Eul wet her lips and responded, "Well, unfortunately, it's not in my best interest to injure the partner whose supposed to have my back around armed and dangerous individuals."

"Fair point. Would you like to hear a counterpoint?"

"Go ahead."

Tilting his head over her ear, he whispered, "A tiny part of you likes me pinning you to a mattress."

Some time later, after she had taken a shower, dressed, and prepared breakfast, Yi Jeong emerged from his own shower. Anxious for attention, Ga Eul's orange and white cat, Milo, danced around his feet while he slipped into his suit. The crazy cat seemed to like Yi Jeong more than he liked her, though Ga Eul suspected that was because Yi Jeong snuck him extra treats when Ga Eul wasn't looking. Even though she had specifically instructed Yi Jeong not to.

Not that he surprised her by breaking that rule. His mischievous streak would have gotten him fired already if he wasn't the former police chief's son.

As Ga Eul poured them mugs of steaming coffee, she recalled how he'd switched their department head's private stash of coffee pods with the cheaper coffee everyone else drank but Captain Kang wouldn't deign to touch. He'd bring fake coffee pods in his lunch bag and quickly make the swap when Captain Kang was out of the office. It was unfathomable how much time he must have taken at home to carefully unseal the pods, empty them out, refill them with the inexpensive coffee, and then seal them back to look as though they'd never been touched.

Every time Captain Kang tried a new brand, he'd repeat the process.

She'd finally given up coffee altogether for a 'more wholesome alternative'—tea.

Ga Eul might have felt bad for the lady if she wasn't such a hard-ass to begin with and if everyone in their department, including herself, hadn't been in on the joke and thus equally culpable. Accessories to the crime and whatnot.

Ga Eul hadn't been working with Yi Jeong long at that point—he'd graduated from the police academy one year before her—but she'd cracked a smile once while Captain Kang ranted about all the coffee brands turning to shit. When she happened to shift her gaze in Yi Jeong's direction, she'd caught him studying her.

Of course, instead of looking away like a normal person, he'd openly smirked at her, so she'd looked away instead.

Well, here they were. Two years later. They'd been dating for six months now, but dating was a loose term, really, seeing as how they didn't actually go out on any dates. Rules against interdepartmental relationships being what they were.

"You have issues, you know." It took a moment for Ga Eul to realize Yi Jeong was addressing Milo, not her. "Don't you know it's rude to swat at someone's balls?" He glared down at the cat while tying his tie.

Ga Eul snorted through a chuckle before she could stop herself. She'd nearly forgotten what had happened last night. They had been in the midst of doing things when Yi Jeong suddenly froze mid-thrust and whipped his head around. She'd spied Milo scampering away as Yi Jeong pulled out and hurled curses at the cat for pawing at his balls.

"Seriously, can't you lock him in the bathroom, at least sometimes?" Yi Jeong was addressing her now.

"But he hates the bathroom. I've given him too many baths in there. He'd be traumatized." Ga Eul pulled a face. "He won't even enter it when I'm brushing my teeth." Walking over to where the two of them stood, Milo still pawing at Yi Jeong's dress pants, she picked up the cat. "He just wants attention, don't you, baby?" She stroked Milo's head. Milo purred but craned his neck over toward Yi Jeong nonetheless. "He really likes you, you know."

Yi Jeong scoffed.

"I think he's jealous." He wagged his finger in Milo's face, and Milo batted at it with both paws. "He's trying to distract me so I don't pay you any attention."

"Well, it certainly worked last night." Ga Eul giggled.

Yi Jeong shuddered in response. "Don't remind me. I'm just glad he didn't scratch—ahhhh, I don't even want to think about it." He dropped his hand. "What's for breakfast?"

"Uh, we've got—"

"Hold on, I'm getting a phone call." Yi Jeong pulled his vibrating cell phone out of his pocket.

Accepting the call, he turned away from Ga Eul and paced over to the window. He drew the blinds and peered down into the street below as he responded in half sentences to the caller.

"Oh." Yi Jeong glanced back over at Ga Eul. "No, that's fine. I'll let her know. Okay. Bye."

"What is it?"

"That was Lieutenant Gu. He wants us to go to a crime scene first thing this morning. Do you know the businesswoman Ha Jae Kyung?"

"The lady who owns JK Group?"

"It's actually her parents' company, but she's running it now. Apparently, someone broke into her house last night and killed her personal bodyguard."

"What? Is Miss Ha okay?"

"She's fine. She was in another part of the house, asleep. I didn't get any more details than that, but he wants us over at the house as soon as possible."

"I guess we better leave then," Ga Eul replied, pulling both of their to-go coffee tumblers down from her kitchen cabinet.

"We can still take five minutes to eat."

"I'll take mine on the road." She transferred the coffee from her mug. "Lieutenant Gu probably expects us to be there already," she said, referring to their supervisor's general impatience.

"I'm taking my five minutes." He crossed behind her and grabbed a pair of chopsticks from her utensil drawer.

"That's fine." Ga Eul hurriedly stuffed food into her lunch bag and retrieved her purse from the sofa. "We shouldn't get there at the same time anyway. Leave ten minutes after me, okay? Oh, and text me the address."

"Already did. You know I'm still going to get there before you, right?" he commented, stuffing rice in his mouth.

Probably an accurate assessment, given his general disregard for the speed limit on that motorcycle of his. Still, irrelevant.

"Ten minutes after me. Ten minutes," she repeated, twisting around with one foot out the door and the other propping the door open.

"Yeah, yeah, I got it. Don't you think you should blame yourself for me being late all the time?" He winked at her.

"No. I'll simply be ten minutes early."

"Kiss up."

Ga Eul smiled and moved her foot, letting the door close in his face.

She imagined him smirking behind it.

"Kiss up," Ga Eul mimicked, heading down the stairs of her apartment building.

She sighed.

All good detectives had their eccentricities, their calling cards. Sherlock Holmes had a pipe. Columbo a raincoat. Poirot an elegant mustache.

But Ga Eul only had a headache and So Yi Jeong. And the two were interchangeable, depending on the day.

A/N: Full Disclosure: I've never written anything in the crime/detective genre before, although I watch a lot of detective shows, so if you read something that doesn't sound logical, feel free to let me know so I can correct it.

I'm basing the police hierarchy/procedures in this fic on the LAPD since everything I can find on the Korean police system is written in Korean, and, um, I can't read Korean, sadly.