Ok so this story is a weird one. You remember the story I wrote a while ago called 'The Great Mistake'? Well, this story is a sexy alternate ending to that one. A vey, sexy, alternate ending. Everyone loves good smut amiright!? Now why did I do this you ask? Because Ive been itching to write some smut, and also because why not?

M rating is for a reason! There is explicitness in this story!

Also as crazy as this is, this is a Uke Sesshy/Seme Miroku fic! And there is a bit of OOC, but who caaares this is SMUT! Eeeveryone loves smut!

"You pervert!"

"Ah forgive me dear Sango, my hand is cursed."

Sango huffed and turned away from the Monk while folding her arms. Miroku laughed nervously, holding the new red mark across his face. Not only was Sango mad at him, again, but now his dinner had spilled all over him, making a huge mess of this clothing.

"Oh dear."

"Serves you right." Sango huffed.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes while giving himself a second helping of dinner.

"There's a lake a little bit south of here if you wanna wash up."

"Good idea Inuyasha. Go Miroku." Sango said bitterly.

"Ah Sango, you hurt me."

"Not yet I haven't"

Miroku eeped, and made a dash for the lake, vanishing into the woods. Miroku trudged through the woods towards the nearby lake, his shoulders slumped. Why was he like this? Everything was going just fine, they were laughing together, talking cheerfully, and he had to go and feel Sango up like that, and tick her off. He sighed again and kept walking forward. He saw the lake off in the distance and picked up his pace, the faster he cleans up, the faster he can get back and feel her aga- No, I will not do that, I must apologize to her. Miroku approached the lake, and his eyes widened. He quickly ducked behind a bush, and peered out from behind it.

What a beauty.

There, bathing in the shallows of the lake, was a beautiful silver haired maiden. A demon it looks like. Her back was facing him, so he didn't have a good look yet, but what he saw of her, was stunning. The way her wet skin shimmered, her hair, thrown over her shoulder, sparkled in the moonlight. The gorgeous red stripes on her hips. Miroku was dazzled, and Sango was momentarily forgotten. How to approach this beautiful maiden, she was a demon, so this could be tricky. Miroku gathered himself up, stood, and slowly, as not to startle her, approached the lake shore.

Sesshomaru was not doing well. No, he was not doing well at all. It was, unfortunately, that time again. His heat had hit him. He was a full blooded demon, a Daiyokai no less, such things should not bother him so greatly. But this particular heat had hit him hard, and it was stronger than usual. He had already killed off several demons who followed his scent, hoping to lay claim to him. The very idea of him being submissive was laugh worthy. Yet the demons just kept coming, and the scent of his heat kept growing stronger. He had noticed that was even beginning to bother Jaken, as the imp was starting to keep his distance from him now. So now here he was, bathing in a cold lake, in the middle of the night, to try to scrub the scent from his body, and soothing his burning skin, and painfully hard member.

He hated this...

Sesshomaru began to go over his options. There were two ways to relieve ones heat. The first way was a simple one, masturbation. It would take care of the scent and burning for a few hours, however Sesshomaru would like to believe he was above that kind of act. The second way, was to simply find a partner. He didn't have to mate with them, simple sex would do. That would take care of his heat for a few days, if not completely, for this season.

Another burning sensation crawled its way across his skin, and he allowed himself a small curse. Taking a deep breath, Sesshomaru slid under the surface of the lake. The cool feel of the water helping to sooth his burning skin, yet doing nothing for his hardness. He stayed under, until his lungs begged for air and he resurfaced, gasping needed air into his lungs. He cursed again when the burning came back almost immediately. No, he would not allow something as insignificant as his heat cycle to do him in like this. He had things he had to do, demons to kill, Naraku to hunt down. No, he would deal with this now. But how. He rubbed his skin with water as he thought. He supposed he could find someone to have sex with. He knew plenty of, somewhat, worthwhile demons who were allies of his father, and still loyal to the west. Some of these demons were even hired by his father, specifically for relieving heat. But was he really willing to go to them for aid? Hes always handled his heat perfectly fine before, and he didn't want to look weak.

No, he wouldn't do that, which leaves only one option left. Sesshomaru sighed, hating that he would have to lower himself to such an act. But he needed these sensations gone, if only for a few hours. Perhaps then it won't come back as strong. Lowering his hand into the water, and bracing himself against the edge of the lake with his other, he took hold of his member, and began to slowly pump.

"Why hello beautiful. Would you have any qualms if I joined-"

Sesshomaru spun around so fast he nearly gave himself whiplash.


His wide, startled eyes, met equally as startled ones. He immediately recognized this man as the perverted monk who travels with Inuyasha. How did he not notice him approach? Did he just ask to join him? His situation dawned on him quickly as he realized he still held himself, under the water thankfully. He quickly lowered himself further into the water. The monk began to back up, and laugh nervously. Normally, Sesshomaru would have punted the monk so hard, his ancestors would have felt it, but something about him made Sesshomaru pause. He was a human, yet right now, he looked positively attractive. Sesshomaru knew that must be his heat talking.

"...Aha...you are not a maiden at all my friend, my mistake. I shall be leaving now..."

The monk turned and began to quickly walk away, and Sesshomaru felt a twinge of panic in his chest. He did not want this man to leave, not yet.


The other man froze, and Sesshomaru could sense the anxiety rippling off of him. Why did Sesshomaru even stop him. He knew it was his heat, it was getting the better of him, but he couldn't stop it. Would he really allow himself to give in however, to a human no less.

"Y-Yes Lord Sesshomaru?"

What does he say now? He can't just come out and ask him. He is a Daiyokai, he does not ask for aid.

"I can only hope to assume your presents here was not solely to ogle me."

"Ah...haha no, no of course not Lord Sesshomaru. I was merely in need to bathe, I made a mess of myself you see..."

"Hnn...you also reek. How long since you last bathed?"

"Haha...its been a while..."

"I can tell. You asked if I had any qualms if you joined me. I do not."

Sesshomaru watched the monks eye brows raise nearly into his hairline. Of course the monk was surprised, so was he. Just what the hell was he doing?


"I will not repeat myself. Do as you wish, monk."

The monk stood there for a long moment, and Sesshomaru half wished he would walk away, and half wished he would stay. What the hell...what the actual hell was he even thinking. What can the monk do for his heat anyway? Nothing. Ok sure, he was attractive, but so are many other demons. Sesshomaru heard a rustle of clothing, and the clink of a staff being put down. He ever so slightly turned his head, to see the monk lowering his body into the lake a few feet away from him...his very naked body. He did his best to keep himself from cursing as his skin began to burn more, and he felt his member twitch. He watched at the monk turned his back to him and began scrubbing food off of his robes.

"I uh...I do apologize for earlier. I never meant to ogle you so."


"Haha to be honest, I was expecting you to cleave my head from my shoulders. You are quite merciful."


Sesshomaru was to busy trying to will away the burning and his hardness, to make any sort of conversation. He was failing ultimately, but he was still trying. He should never have asked the monk to stay, he was about to have his problem handled until the monk showed up. Now he was even harder than before, and it was painful.

"Ah, are you alright? You looked quite flushed."

Fuck, is it that noticeable? Sesshomaru tossed the monk a glare, and was about to retort, when the bushes behind him shook. Both men looked behind them, as a panther demon emerged from the bushes, he had a wide grin on his face.

"What are you doing this far west, panther. Begone before I kill you."

The panther cackled, and inched his way closer.

"Now now, don't be that way. I simply followed the smell of your heat sweetheart. Don't you want help with thaAAAH!"

One quick flex of his claws, and Sesshomarus poison whip sliced the panther in half, his body split in two and fell. Sesshomaru let out a sigh, and leaned his back against the edge of the lake. Yet another demon seeking to take advantage of him. He thought he had the scent under control, guess that was not the case. He suddenly felt eyes on him, and he turned to see the monk looking at him.

"Ah...now I understand. You are going through your heat cycle. That is why you wished for my company."

Sesshomaru gave a small curse. Now the monk knows, and he will leave. Just what was he expecting the monk to do for him anyway? No he is not needed, Sesshomaru can take care of this himself.

"It matters not."

"I think it does matter. Would you like me to assist you?"

Now this, this took Sesshomaru by surprise. He turned to the monk with wide eyes, as the human began to inch closer to him. His skin prickled with heat, his member aching.

"Th-that is not necessary."

"Oh? Then why did you wish for me to join you?"

"That's not...perhaps I had thought...nevermind monk, I can take care of things myself."

The monk was now right in front of him, and for the gods he didn't know why he didn't just push him away. It was his heat, he kept telling himself.

"Please Lord Sesshomaru, call me Miroku. And let me help you. I know how hard a heat cycle for a demon can be. Believe me, I have no problem at all giving aid to such a gorgeous demon like yourself."

Sesshomaru felt a hand on his hip, and it made his skin tingle. If at all possible, Sesshomarus face flushed even more, as he pressed his back against the edge of the lake. There was a human advancing on him, just like other demons had, yet he was doing nothing about it. Why? Sesshomaru opened his mouth, to tell him to go, to leave, but as Mirokus hand began to wonder closer to a certain part of his body, all that escaped Sesshomarus throat was a gasp. The humans hand wrapped around his hard aching member and held it firmly, giving it one sharp pump, and Sesshomaru felt himself shudder as a groan left his lips.

"You...really are a letcher...aren't you."

"I'll stop if you want. All you need do is tell me to."

Miroku as if to demonstrate, released the demons erection, and a small whine escaped him. Sesshomaru saw the sly smile that crept onto the monks lips, and he once again felt a hand on his member, and he shuddered again when the hand began to slowly pump him. His eyes slid shut and he let his head fall back as the monk stroked and pumped his cock. The small groans and whines that escaped his throat were beyond his control. How. How has this human reduced him to such a submissive position. And why was he letting him? The pumping suddenly stopped and a whimper escaped him as his hips bucked on their own, searching for friction. Soft lips brushed across his pointed ear.

"Get up on the bank."

A shiver went down his spine as Miroku whispered into his ear. Who was this human to make a command of him. But more importantly, why was he obeying said command? Sesshomaru was standing before his mind could catch up with him, and he hoisted himself up to sit on edge of the lake, his legs still dangling in the water. The monk quickly moved to stand in between the demons legs. One hand moved to stroke the magenta stripes on his hips, causing Sesshomaru to gasp and shiver from the tingles it sent throughout his body. The other hand gripped the base of his cock. Miroku gave him a few more pumps before he leaned down and ran his tongue from the base of the demons member all the way to the tip, earning a strangled gasp from him.

"What gasp what are you haaaaah"

Miroku, in one swift motion, took Sesshomarus entire length into his mouth and began to suck. He bobbed his head up and down, stroking any part of the demons cock that wasn't in his mouth. A low moan escaped Sesshomaru as he fell back onto his elbows. He could feel the monk smile as he continued to bob up and down. He stared to hum, as his other hand moved from stripped hips, to fondle and massage the demons balls, earning more gasps and moans from said demon. Sesshomarus hips twitched and he bucked into the monks mouth. Miroku pulled his head back only slightly, and began running circles around the tip of Sesshomarys cock with his tongue, while stroking the rest of his cock with firm pumps and holding his hips down with the other.

"Hah...haaaaaah aah"

Sesshomaru whole body quaked with pleasure, as his arms gave out. He fell onto his back as Miroku continued to torture his cock, and he dug his claws into the grass as he panted and moaned. He felt the monk smile again, and his whole member was once again in the monks mouth, causing him to shudder. The hand on his hips removed itself, and he felt it traced its way down past his member, his balls, coming to stop right at his entrance. He felt a finger push its way inside, and his eyes widened as he gasped. But before he had a chance to protest, Miroku began to suck on him hard, swirling his tongue all around his cock as he hummed and bobbed. It was almost to much, as a strangled cry of pleasure escaped him. The finger was forgotten as Miroku continued his torture, and so he slithered a second finger inside of him, and then a third. Soon he was pumping his fingers in and out of the demon as he bobbed his head on his cock. Mirokus fingers found a certain bundle of nerves deep inside of the demon, and his eyes widened, mouth opened in a silent scream of pleasure, as he arched his back. The monk smiled in victory, and began slamming into the demons prostate with his fingers.

"Haaah ah..oh...oh god...ahhhh"

The sounds Miroku was milking from the demon were devine as he squirmed under him. And between the vicious attack on Sesshomarus prostate, and the hot mouth on his cock, it was just to much. Sesshomaru felt something inside him building, hot coils of pleasure, like at any moment he was going to burst.

"Ahh...I...im...im going to...haaah..."

His voice raised in octaves as the pleasure kept building inside of him, he was close. Then it all stopped, the hot mouth on him pulled away, and the fingers removed themselves. Sesshomaru let out a strangled whine, pushing himself up on his elbows, his body shaking with need.

"Why...why did you stop?"

But the monk didn't need to answer him, for him to know why. Miroku had moved to stand directly in between him, grasping his legs and pulling them wider apart. The monks very erect cock, positioned at his entrance. Sesshomarus eyes slightly widened. What the monk was previously doing was one thing, but this. Would Sesshomaru truly allow himself to be taken, be the submissive, to a human. But at the same time, his body ached with need. Mirokus eyes raised to meet his.

"If you want me to stop, you only have to tell me."

He felt the monks cock brush against his entrance, and a shiver went through his body. Submissive be damned, his body needed this, he needed this.

"D-don't stop."

That's all Miroku needed to hear, and slowly, he pushed himself inside of the demon. Sesshomaru sucked in his breath and tensed up at the intrusion.


Sesshomaru took in a deep breath, and willed himself to relax his body as Miroku pushed himself deeper inside him, until he was balls deep in the demon.

"Gods...your so tight."

Miroku did his best to hold still, allowing Sesshomaru to adjust to his girth, even though all he wanted to do was pound into the demon. Sesshomaru gave him a pitiful look through half lidded eyes, and rolled his hips. Miroku took that as a sign to move, and slowly pulled out, and slammed back into the demon. Sesshomaru moaned and fell onto his back as Miroku began to slowly pound into him. His pace was slow, but his thrusts hard. He rammed into Sesshomarus prostate, and the demon saw stars. Miroku hit his spot with thrust after thrust, earning strangled gasps and moans. But his pace was just to slow, it was driving the demon mad. Sesshomaru rolled his hips as he gasped out.


Miroku, more than willing to comply with the demons plea, began to pick up his pace. The sound of water splashing, and skin slapping against skin echoed into the night as Miroku pounded into the demon. Sesshomaru felt the humans hand grip his neglected member, and started pumping him in time with his thrusts. Sesshomaru panted and moaned as he clawed at the ground, the pleasure building inside of him again.

"I..ahh..im going to...ahhh..."

Miroku could tell Sesshomaru getting close again, the pleasure was building inside of him as well. He began pounding and pumping harder, his rhythm becoming spiritic, he was close too. The coils of pleasure built, and Sesshomaru once again felt like he was going to burst.

"M-Miroku...ah ahhh AHHHH!"

With a cry of pleasure, Sesshomaru arched his back, and came hard into Mirokus hand. His muscles tightened around Mirokus cock, and with a few more thrusts, Miroku came with a grunt inside of the demon below him. They rode out their climax, both breathing and panting hard. They stayed like that for a while, Miroku was the first to move. He slowly pulled himself out of the demon, giving him one last small pump while doing so, earning a grunt from Sesshomaru.

"Feel better?"


Sesshomaru finally moved to sit up, a shiver going down his spine as he felt Mirokus seed ooze out of him. His own seed running down his abdomen.

"Ah, I've gone and made a mess of you. My apologies. Looks as we might have to bathe again."


Miroku backed away from Sesshomaru, and the demon slid back into the cold lake. Both were silent as Sesshomaru scrubbed his seed off of his belly, and did his best to clean Mirokus seed from within him. Sesshomaru still couldn't believe his heat had effected him so badly, that he allowed himself to be the submissive...to a human no less. But what was bothering him, was he actually enjoyed the experience. He enjoyed being commanded, being dominated. Was Sesshomaru, the great Daiyokai of the West, in actuality, an Uke? No...no absolutely not, it was purely because of his heat cycle. It was messing with his head, that was all. But all things aside, he was still thankful. His skin no longer burned, and he was flaccid again, for the first time in days. And because he had had sex, it was likely his heat cycle was over for this season now.

"You know..."

Sesshomaru turned to look at the monk, who was inspecting his robe, cleaning off pieces of dried food he missed.

"I would have thought that a Daiyokai like yourself, would be more of a quite lover."

Sesshomaru felt his face heat up, as a deep blush appeared on him. He wasn't that loud, was he? Miroku turned to look at him, and he quickly averted his gaze.

"I...would have thought so as well...I guess I am not."


He heard the lake water splash, and saw ripples. Miroku had moved to sit next to him.

"Lord Sesshomaru, I was not your first, was I?"

His blush deepened, and he moved to cross his arms, avoiding the monks gaze at all costs.

"No, of course not... Just...I have never been the submissive before."

A hand was placed on his shoulder.

"Aaah. But judging from the sounds I milked from you, you sounded like you were enjoying yourself."

"I...I suppose."

Miroku laughed and leaned into the demon lord.

"I know I sure enjoyed myself. But alas the night has grown late, and I fear my companions will come to look for me should I stay much longer."

"I see. I... I thank you for your assistance tonight, Miroku."

"Any time my friend! In fact, I would be more than happy to assist in your next heat cycle when it comes. I would so love to hear you moan my name again."

"I...I did no such thing!"

"Yes you did."

With that, Miroku slid in front of the Daiyokai and pressed his lips against his. He quickly pulled away, and grinned at Sesshomarus surprised expression, before darting away. Sesshomaru watched in shock as Miroku scurried out of the lake, quickly dressed, and ran off with a wave, saying See you next time. Now Sesshomaru was alone. Quietly, he brought his hand up to his lips where Miroku had kissed him, and he smiled.

"Miroku, took you long enough. We though you had froze to death in the cold water."

Sango frowned as Miroku strode into camp with a slight skip in his step, and it did not go unnoticed.

"Why are you so happy."

"Oh I just had a wonderful bath, is all."

"In this cold weather?"


"Uh huh..."

Sango was immediately suspicious of Miroku, especially when he opted to sit next to Inuyasha instead of her. She looked to Kagome and Shippo, but they didn't seem to notice anything weird, maybe she was just the one being silly. Sango shrugged and went back to sharpening her Hirakotsu. Yes, she was just being silly, what trouble could he possibly get in all by himself at a cold lake.

"So... a wonderful bath huh."

Inuyashas voice was low, so only Miroku could hear him.

"Oh yes indeed. It was very wonderful."

"I bet it was."

Miroku turned to look at his friend, and was shocked to see Inuyasha giving him a accusing look.

"My...my friend, what's with that look. I simply had a-"

"You know dog demons have a very keen sense of smell right."

"I...yes I know you do-"

"Like, really keen, as in I can pick up the scent of almost anything."

"Y-yes I am aware-"

"Oh you are? Good."

Inuyasha leaned in close to Miroku, their noses almost touching.

"Then you wanna tell me why you smell like sex, my brother, and have traces of a heat cycle on you?"

Miroku paled, and he thanked the gods Inuyashas voice was low. He turned to Sango, who was paying them no mind, and then back to Inuyasha. He gave his friend a pitiful look, and clapped his hands together in a plea.

"Please don't tell Sango."

"You actually had sex with...ugh...you Letcher."

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