This was not supposed to happen, this was not meant for him. Solas had accepted that long ago, and yet here it was. It warmed him, it reached into those cold places. Places that he thought could never be warmed again. The ancient elf was at a loss for words when he looked at her. This being that had this warmth invading him. Velandra was snarky, sassy and sweet, with a kindness that knew no bounds. There was also her intelligence, it shined like her kindness and gave her a wit that few could match. All of this was rolled up into a beautiful redheaded beauty that could keep him on his toes. She never failed to surprise him and before he knew it the warmth had flooded him.

At first Solas thought that it was just the warmth of friendship. That was something he was very familiar with, though he had not had it in a long time. Perhaps at first that was what it was, but then it grew. The things she said made it clear she found him attractive. Others had found him attractive in the last year and he had ignored them, but not her. There was a genuineness to her that he could not explain. The constant question and trying to know more about any given subject. She had even asked about his travels in the Fade. The look of awe, the fascination, it was all so wonderful to see on her face and to know that she really did feel those things.

He still remembered taking her into the fade after coming to Skyhold. She hadn't had any idea that they were in the fade at first. Solas had expected that and just started the conversation without telling her. Let her figure it out, he had enjoyed watching the gears turn behind her pale blue hues. Her wit when he had mentioned studying the anchor, it had surprised him. It also excited him, a quick wit was always entertaining. Velandra had been unsurprised to learn that The Seeker had threatened him, though he supposed no one would be surprised by that. Then there was that cute chuckled of her, the slight smile to her lips as she asked where he had planned to flee too. She knew the risk he faced, she too was a mage. It was not until after the kiss that she figured out they were in the Fade. He had smiled as he told her to wake up.

All of it, every memory, every conversation was played in his mind over and over. The feeling for her had to have started before that kiss. He would not have returned it otherwise. He would not have pulled her in for a second one right there in the fade. It had been a mistake, and yet he did not regret it. The elf, old as he was and proud of who and what he was, did not regret letting her in. A dalish, he was so upset when he had first woken up to see what had become of The People. Yet looking at her, what her, Velandra was like looking at an echo of what The People had once been. She was no one but herself, she did not hide behind a mask. It was something he found refreshing while in The Winter Palace. He really wished Josiphine had let her wear the dress. It had been so beautiful, a gift from an unknown source.

Well, they thought it was unknown but he knew where it had been from. Solas had gone to her clan months before and asked for a ball gown done in an Elven style with orlisan elements. A compromise between the two cultures, but no. The advisor had said that they would be thrown out just for that dress. It made him angry and he remembered Velandra telling him about it. He remembered her wearing the dress around Skyhold because it was the only place she would get to wear it. Just thinking about it filled him with so much rage. She should not have to abandon her culture for them, even if there were only pieces left they tried. The Dalish tried so hard to reclaim what they had lost and it was painful to see all the things they had gotten wrong while trying to piece together fragments. All the Imperium had left was fragments, with so many pieces lost it was almost impossible for them to get anything right.

Taking in a deep breath he tried to calm down, he needed to calm down. It was then that he heard the singing start. He hadn't been listening, so caught up in his own mind. Eyes closed as he listened, her voice was like a soothing balm even with the sadness that was laced into the words. A soft smile appeared and he almost chuckled as she would not get old for some time. Just once, she was in the Fade. a dream he could give her that. Opening his eyes he looked around for a good tree to sleep against. Solas kept his mind focused on the words, her voice, smooth and sharp.

"I walked across an empty land/I knew the pathway like the back of my hand/I felt the earth beneath my feet/Sat by the river, and it made me complete/Oh, simple thing, where have you gone?/I'm getting old, and I need something to rely on/So tell me when you're gonna let me in/I'm getting tired, and I need somewhere to begin"

Soon enough he found a tree and sat down with his back against it. He was away from camp as he had needed some air. Looking back he realized he was such a hypocrite, told the Velandra there was no point in trying to help the Dalish or the city elves. Now he was doing just that. Hindsight really did have a way of biting on in the ass. Leaning his head back he closed his eyes. It didn't take long for her voice to put him to sleep. There was also the deep want to see her again. To hold her, if she would let him. If she didn;t try and punch him, which he supposed he sort of deserved. Really, he took her arm and left her out in the middle of nowhere. Her hitting him would be well deserved and a light punishment all things considered.

"I came across a fallen tree/I felt the branches of it looking at me/Is this the place we used to love?/Is this the place that I've been dreaming of?/Oh, simple thing, where have you gone?/I'm getting old, and I need something to rely on/So tell me when you're gonna let me in/I'm getting tired, and I need somewhere to begin"

Stepping into the Fade once he was asleep was easy and he was able to follow her voice. It was no longer and encho in his mind, but really and tangible. It was all around him and he found that whatever song this was that he liked it a great deal. It fit them, and he had to hold back the tears that threatened to overwhelm him as he spotted her. She was wearing the dress, the skirt swaying as she walked. The multiple jagged, semi-transparent layers that gave the dress an erithal quality. It was natural and so much the opposite of what the orlisan style was. The bodice of the dress in structure at least was very much of the empire's style. A corset pulled tight, it accented her figure and left the chest. He remembers catching Bull looking at her once while in Skyhold. Solas would admit he had almost jumped down the qunari's throat. Even so. The corset still mimicked the look of the Elven robes, as did the top portion that covered her shoulders and gave the sleeves. Those too were semi-transparent, allowing her arms to be seen. The colors were a mix of gold and green and she was breathtaking in it.

"And if you have a minute, why don't we go/Talk about it somewhere only we know?/This could be the end of everything/So why don't we go/Somewhere only we know?/Somewhere only we know"

" Vhenan?" He asked as he came out from where he was hiding. It was just barely above a whisper, almost like he was afraid. Solas was met with wide eyes when she turned to face him. SHe would not have expected him to come to her. SHe had sung like this so many times before and he had never come. He had resisted the urge because in the end it would only cause them both more pain. Yet this time he had not been able to keep himself away. The cold had started to inch its way back in and he wanted to keep the warmth. To see the wariness in her eyes as she looked at him was almost more than he could take.

" Is it really you?" Velendra asked as she almost took a step back. How many times had a demon come to plague her as she sang? It was more than she could count and their words. The doubt they had planted in her heart which was only fed by what he had done. How he had come and taken her arm and just left her there. The love was still there, she had never stopped loving him, but she was so wary now. If they weren't in the Fade she would have no worries on whether it was truly him. She wanted this to be her Solas, the man that had kissed her, loved her.

He tilted his head before it hit him. The demons, they had come for her in her dreams. Making her doubt him, making her doubt what they had, what they meant to each other. It was a mistake to come see her here in the Fade. They had tainted her here, but he still saw it. The love was still there and seeing that was enough to warm him. Solas gave her a soft smile, letting her think he was simply a spirit of love. That was more believable to her now that the demon had done that. " I suppose your relationship with him brought new meaning to that one phrase the Dalish say."

She blinked before a sad smile graced her lips. A spirit of love, at least that was what this being appeared to be. Velandra would take comfort in the fact that it was not a demon coming to torment her. Stepping forward her one remaining hand gripped her skirt as a chuckle escaped her. " I suppose it does though he waited until right before that last battle with the damned Magester. I never even got to tell him when I did get to see him last." In front of the spirit now she looked up at him. This spirit was very good at imitating Solas, that was something she would give it. For the moment she would refer to the spirit as a he. That made things easier on her for the moment.

" Tell him what?" Solas asked as he tilted his head. It was strange referring to himself in third person, but it was best to keep up the farce. It did make him curious though. What could be so important that she was so upset about not getting to tell him? The gears were turning and his mind went to the fact she had mentioned the one time they had been in bed together. He had to stop his eyes from going wide. It only took once,….he would not dwell on that unless she confirmed it.

" After the battle I found out I was pregnant." She stated as she looked at the ground. It was a spirit, she should not be ashamed. Velandra knew that even if this was truly him she should not be ashamed to tell him. Solas had been the one to leave her high and dry after everything was over. She wished she had gotten to tell him when he had taken her arm, but it had not been meant to be. " Fen'Prinse, is his name. It means Wolf Prince. It's almost comical considering he was born before I knew his father was The Dread Wolf."

" The sun will be up soon." Solas stated as he tried to keep his control. It had been almost ten years since he had taken her arm. He needed her to wake up. Then he could scream and take out his emotions without her present. A moment later and she was gone and then he screamed. Rage, pain love so many different emotions funneled into that one scream. It was too much. Now he wished not to know, but it was too late for that. He had to save The People and figure out to keep Velandra and the son he would likely never meet out of harm's way. With a jolt he was awake and stalking back to his base camp and into his tent. There was planning to be done.