Louie Duck was strolling through the Duckburg so engrossed in his phone that he almost missed his most favorite sound: the sound of a coin clattering on the ground. He looked and saw that it was on the ground. "Jackpot!" But when he tried to pick it up, it moved away, seemingly on its own. "Huh?" He reached for it again, but it moved farther out of his reach. "Oh no you don't!" He chased it all the way to the decrepit amphitheatre without even knowing it.

"Gotcha!" It was then that he noticed the string attached. "Hey! What is this?" Then he heard muffled grunting and saw "Lena?!"

Sure enough, the teenaged duck was strapped to her bed by black tentacles, which were also wrapped around her beak. "What the he-" Suddenly, he was hoisted into the air, feet first. "Hey! What's the big idea?! What's going on?!"

"Well well well," crooned a voice, "if it isn't my niece's little boyfriend."

Louie bushed. "I... wouldn't say boyfriend...I mean...we never said anything about-"

"Oh shut up. Now to business: I need Scrooge McDuck's number one dime and you're going to help my rebellious niece get it for me."

Louie scoffed. "Why would I want to help you? You basically kidnapped me, not to mention I can't see you." He was turned until he was facing the wall and saw a shadow with ominously glowing red eyes. "Whoa! Okay…"

The shadow smirked. "Well for one thing, it might stop me from entangling her throat."

"Nmmm!" Lena wailed.

"For another, it might stop me from putting an end to your meaningless little life."

Louie stared at her. "Seriously? How am I supposed to supposedly get the dime for you if I'm dead? Not to mention Scrooge won't be the only angry relative you'll have to deal with."

Her grin widened. "They'll never find me. What you should be worried about is Lena's poor broken pathetic heart when she sees the body of the boy she never got to kiss." She said the last word like she was gonna hurl.

Louie paled...if possible. "So we're...each other's insurance?"

"Great analogy! Now, I'll allow you to say goodbye and leave by your own fruition." She let go of his ankles, causing him to plop down on the captive duck, and materialized back into Lena's every day shadow.

Louie stared at his crush sadly. "What a pickle we got ourselves into, Lena." She stares back at him with mutual sadness. "Well, in case we don't make it to...I mean, it's not likely that we'll…" his face went redder and redder as he reached stuttering level, "w what I'm trying to say is wah!" He was yanked off of her by the hood.

"Naughty naughty. You've had enough time to bid her farewell. Now get going." Louie felt himself catapulted through a trapdoor and into the water.

"Oh man. What am I going to do?!"