First off, Happy Halloween/Samhain/All Hallow's Eve everyone! I thought I'd make it a special treat to post this on Howloween for everyone.

Now that that's out of the way...words cannot describe the sheer Halloween Hell I went through. To anyone who's ever worked retail, you will understand EXACTLY what I'm talking about and have likely experienced worse on Christmas/Black Friday.

I got stuck on a nightmare shift for Halloween. First it was the weekend...bad, but not horrible. But some GENIUS in corporate decided to have Coupon Saturday (Dollar General has $5 off if you spend $25 on certain Saturdays) on HALLOWEEN.

Again, if you work retail you already see where this is going. Needless to say I immediately bought hard liquor once my shift was over.

First two and a half hours were calm enough...I was working the morning shift and things generally don't get too bad at first. Then noon hit, and dear god the hordes of hell suddenly showed up. I was trapped behind that register for THREE HOURS. There was only two of us there and the other person was the head manager. There was a near endless line for the rest of the shift.

To all my fellow sufferers of retail hell on holidays, I raise my glass in empathy and hope your day was less chaotic than mine. Also, if my updates have been slowing down considerably, real life is a nightmare and I keep getting stuck with freaking MORNING shifts when I'm more of a night owl.

I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween in this headache inducing time. (Also, if anyone was wondering I was wearing a hat that made it look like a shark was eating my head the entire day for my costume and a shirt that said "A Pirate's Life for Me". I've been changing my random hat of the day regularly all month, and despite what happened today Halloween is STILL my favorite holiday.)

"Aren't you a little young to be buying this shit kid?"

"Are you saying you don't want the cash or not? Because I'm sure your competitors would be more than happy to not ask stupid questions that will one day get them killed," said the rather cold boy.

The man handed over the guns, and the 'kid' handed over a decent amount of genuine silver. While cash was easier to obtain, silver was considerably harder to fake and easy to verify as the real deal.

The boy inspected the weapon for defects or flaws, and was pleased to find none that would make him turn around and use his newly acquired toy on the dealer.

It was a cheap model, but sufficient for what he planned to do with it.

He slipped back onto the bus with the other students, hiding the gun inside his oversized shirt. Thanks to his skills, the fat pig never bothered with him since he assumed he had already shaken down his 'cousin' for anything of worth, up to and including smaller boy's lunch.

The horse-faced hag had already discovered the theft of her silver, and the only reason she hadn't gone after him for the possible theft was because she currently assumed she misplaced it and an inspection of his 'room' had revealed nothing. After all, how could he escape the small cupboard under the stairs when they had it locked?

The fat pig was about to get what was coming to him, and best of all by the time he was done they'd never bother him again.

After all, while blood was important it didn't make one family. Sometimes it just meant you had to deal with idiots that were long overdue for a bullet.

Case in point, that complete imbecile Iemitsu. The only reason he hadn't ended that idiot was because his student was too damn nice for his own good, and because it wasn't worth the headache. Even if everyone would have thanked him for it after the fact.

Emerald eyes turned as cold as the abyss, and just as inviting.

Karma was finally going to deal out some damn payback, with him as the messenger. He wasn't doing it out of some ridiculous moral reason, or because he didn't think the cops could handle their crimes.

No, he was doing it because they were loose ends and had the very unfortunate luck of being in his way to breaking free of the so-called 'destiny' the wizards had planned for him. The fact he would take an unholy amount of satisfaction in ending their miserable lives was just bonus really. He was too professional to allow a long-standing personal vendetta completely drive his rage. Enjoying it after the fact when the evidence was destroyed was another matter.

The look of shock and fear on the hag's face was delicious. The fear and realization that maybe treating his wife's nephew as a punching bag for his bad days from the fat pig she married made the entire thing worth it. Dudley was too stupid to fully understand what was happening, but he did seem to get the fact that his 'weak cousin' was no longer going to be pushed around by them.

It was such a pity his trademark fedora wasn't there. It was so hard to maintain an intimating and terrifying appearance when he was wearing oversized cast-offs, half-broken glasses, and nothing to shade his eyes.

"Here's how it's going to go, uncle Vernon," he purred with all the dark and malicious intent he had been saving since he woke up in his seven-year-old body. "I'm going to kill you, but your pathetic harpy of a wife is going to have a choice. She can either stay here with that weak, simpering pig you call a son and be killed in her sleep while I burn the house to the ground...or they can leave before what limited mercy I have left disappears. Of course I can't speak for what will happen if I ever see them again, but that's life for you."

"You damn freak! You're going to pay for this!" snarled Vernon.

He shot out the other knee, causing Vernon to squeal even louder in pain. It was to the point he had already pissed himself from fear. The lack of hesitation and the dark expression in his eyes was the only thing that kept Petunia from trying anything. That and the fact he had already shot her in the shoulder. She was currently trying to shield Dudley from his insane cousin.

"Do I look like I give a shit what the cops are going to do? As far as the magical world is concerned, you're just a muggle. So long as I don't use any magic to actually kill you, there's nothing they can actually do about it. Besides, I have more than enough money to bribe them anyway, and the second they learn about all the shit you've put me through the worst they'd do is give me a slap on the wrist."

Petunia paled at the word magic, and he smirked coldly at her. Though his periphery vision never left the walrus on the floor. Even with his knees shot out, there was no telling what a cornered rat like him would try.

"That's right, Dumbledore never told you did he? The fact that thanks to what my mother did, I'm considered the wizard's hero. All those times people randomly came up on the street to shake my hand? They view me as the next coming of King Arthur or some other ridiculous nonsense. And let's not get into the fact that my rather unhinged godfather would be less than pleased hearing about how you treated me, or the fact that his werewolf friend would love to rip you apart limb from limb outside a full moon."

Petunia looked so pale she might have been a ghost.

His smirk turned positively cruel and diabolical.

"And don't forget paternal grandmother's family can be when it comes to disposing of loose ends. I believe the infamous plague that wiped out half of Europe was named after them, when one of their potion experiments got out of hand... It's amazing what damage my family can cause by accident, though they certainly had enough time to improve upon it..."

He was growing bored, and he could sense the owl outside.

"It seems our time has come to an end. If I ever see you fools again, don't expect any mercy," he sneered.

He might have wasted a good half of his limited ammunition, but seeing Petunia's face as she fled out the door while Vernon's body began to cool made it entirely worth it.

Besides, once he visited the bank his little supply problem would be handled anyway.

Dealing with the goblins was almost as amusing as killing Vernon. They took one look at him and started treating him almost like the wizards would if he were a human-sized dragon. Every time he smirked they looked like they were preparing for a was hilarious.

The wizards, true to form, acted oblivious to the alpha predator in their midst.

Since he didn't want to waste his time with the goblins any more than they wanted to deal with him, he was in and out in less than two hours.

It would take time to fill his new vault up, but considering he had already dealt with Figg it was unlikely the headmaster was aware that the wards had fallen.

From what he remembered of the trinkets Dumbledore had in his office, there was one that monitored the condition of the wards around his 'home'.

He killed Vernon, but it was never reported back to that foolish old man because they weren't blood. And he had spilled enough of Petunia's that it was ridiculously easy to fool the wards meant to 'protect' him from outside threats into thinking she was still in his vicinity.

Those who knew what they were doing often made wards based off a sort of 'code'. Most used runes with their own particular flair.

He used mathematical equations, after developing a sincere love of Arithimancy and breaking spells down. Once he got the hang of it, he found it ridiculously simple to break into manors and kill everyone inside who got off after the war ended.

Which was why he ended up in the Cosa Nostra after Blaise realized he went active, but that was a minor detail. Though he still found it hilarious Blaise's first instinct was to hex first and ask questions later after he discovered his own mother giving him lessons on how to win over women and get away from Ginny.

Apparently she found the idea of riling up her son too amusing to resist, and he was all too willing to troll the closest thing he had to a friend at that point.

A wicked smirk filled his features. He couldn't wait to troll Blaise again.

(In Italy Blaise Zabini felt a very terrifying chill go down his spine...)

As for the shopping... He didn't bother getting the overpriced items. He knew most of what they were planning to teach anyway, so buying the second-hand ones was good enough. As for his trunk, he paid for it to be spelled as much as the limited selection would allow, while mentally planning to add even more security features later.

It was practically a mansion like the one Moody had, only it had far more class. He had to store his future armory somewhere after all.

And since he felt practically naked with only a single gun on him...and not a very good one at that...his next stop was to visit the weapons dealer from before armed with as much gold as he could be bothered to carry.

It was amazing how much gold would buy you zero questions and a lot of illegal firearms that would cause untold devastation and destruction. A pity owning a tank was out of his price range...for the moment. But the second he was 'technically' old enough to drive he was buying either a tank or a heavily fortified vehicle and arming it to the teeth.

He would have sooo much fun with that...especially driving into Death Eater meetings and blowing them all to hell.

...On second thought, perhaps he had been spending a bit too much time around Colonello and Lal. That sounded like something they would do for the fun of it.

He was still going to do it though.

Blaise had been suffering from a rather foreboding feeling of future chaos and destruction for over a month now. It only came to a head when he found a compartment on the train and waited for his first official year at Hogwarts to begin.

He did not expect someone who could easily fit the description of the famous Boy Who Lived, but carried the feeling of a well blooded hitman complete with flames to enter his compartment with a dark smirk.

If he had known the sheer headaches that bastard was going to be giving him for the next seven years, he would have hexed him to hell and back and not given a single damn about who saw him.

As it was, he only realized the error of 'befriending' Harry bloody Potter after the preteen was introduced to his mother over the summer.

Blaise eyed the other boy warily. He could instinctively tell that pissing him off was a bad idea.

"Omerta?" he asked cautiously. He had a feeling the other boy was already involved with the Cosa Nostra, but it never hurt to be too careful.

"Vindice," said the boy easily.

He relaxed slightly. Only those who were well and truly involved knew about the secretive and utterly terrifying enforcers of the underworld.

Blaise and the oddball who had sauntered into his compartment settled into a companionable silence. He cracked open a book to kill time and the other boy appeared to take a nap, though his rather stunning owl kept a watchful eye on them both.

The train starting moving without much preamble, and for an hour or two things were peaceful.

Then Blaise got a much better idea of how dangerous his 'companion' was when Draco Malfoy entered the compartment with his thugs behind him.

"They're saying all down the train that Harry Potter is coming to Hogwarts. Is he in here?" demanded Draco with a sneer. It wasn't very impressive in the least and just made him look like a brat who didn't know what he was doing.

"I sincerely hope that isn't your best attempt at introducing yourself, cousin...or else I will be writing a letter to cousin Narcissa about her whelp," said the other boy with a proper sneer.

Draco's eyes honed in on the other boy. Blaise could tell he wasn't giving Potter the proper respect a predator like him deserved.

He settled back to watch the show with dark glee. This was going to be glorious.

Blaise watched with rapt attention and an unholy amount of amusement as Potter subtly ripped apart any chance Draco had at gaining any upper hand against him. It was fascinating to see how the slightly smaller boy managed to gain the superior position, and it was clear that despite being raised by muggles he had a rather firm grasp of his family lineage and how one was to behave in polite society.

Potter sat back down with a look of dark satisfaction on his face.

"That was impressive," said Blaise.

Potter rolled his eyes.

"Only if you think outwitting a halfwit like Malfoy is impressive. He's barely worth my time," said Potter.

Considering the sheer ease he had sending the brat packing and how he was clearly bored with the whole thing, Blaize believed him.

When Potter went under the rather raggedy hat, everyone expected him to enter Gryffindor like his parents. Honestly, after seeing the display he put on in the train, Blaize wouldn't have been shocked to see him in Slytherin.


While the house of the studious wasn't his first guess, it was still more believable than Gryffindor. Potter walked to the table of blue and bronze like he owned the place, a calm smirk on his face.

Blaize couldn't help the feeling that things in Hogwarts were going to be far less boring than he had anticipated.

He had no idea how right he was.