Indiana Jones made a visit to his father's grave. He remembered that the elderly Jones died in his sleep, but he knew that he wasn't well on his final days. As a result, he died at the age of 79 on the last day he slept in bed at his home where his son was the person to discover his death.

As he thought back on his life, he remembered that he didn't settled down after his father's death. He kept on going from one adventure to another. It wasn't until that he married his old girlfriend, Marion, that he finally found a way to retire in his adventuring, as well as learning the fact that her son Mutt is also his son, Henry Jones III.

Now at the age of 94, Indy realized that he's going to die from the same illness that took his father's life. Well, if that were the case, then he might as well die sleeping at the gravestone of his father.

"Dad... it's been a while since I last visited you," he began speaking to the elderly Jones as he knelt near to the latter's gravestone. "I did settled down, retired from my adventuring as you wanted me to. Sorry that it took long before you died, so you never got to see me marry Marion and having children. Hey, did you know that Mutt, her son, is also my son? He's called Henry Jones III. That is one surprising revelation for me. I lived the life that you wanted for me, and I was happy. Happy to know that I made a family myself. Heck, I even have a daughter and grandchildren from her. I lived my life telling them stories of my adventures, and I was happy to pass on my knowledge to them.

Now, I just want to spend my final hour to be with you so I can thank you for giving me life, the very life that I deserved. The life that I accomplished for so long. Wait for me. I'm coming with you... Dad."

With his speech concluded, Indy closed his eyes to lay down on the grass knowing that tomorrow is going to be his last day on Earth. The next day, his family found him dead at the cemetery visiting Henry Jones, Sr's grave. A funeral has been held for the great Indiana Jones, and it's a day of mourning in the loss of this legendary archeologist.

Author's Note: May Sean Connery rest in peace. I just hope Harrison Ford will hear the news of his death and say something about him.