They did it. The Mystery Skulls have did it; they defeated the ghost who made their lives a living hell. Of course they got help from Lewis, who let go of his grudge against Arthur when he realized of his innocence, leading to the two men working together to protect Vivi and save Mystery from being possessed by that ghost at the same time.

Once it's all said and done, light has shone to Lewis from the bright sky which restores him to his appearance in life. Knowing what this means, he has the chance to say goodbye to Arthur and Vivi before moving on to a great afterlife in heaven.

"So this is goodbye," Arthur realized what is going to happen next.

"Oh Arthur, I'm so sorry for trying to kill you, blaming you for my death when it was that ghost who did it by possessing your robotic arm. Can you forgive me?" Lewis pleaded.

"I already have, my friend."

It is then that the two men share a hug with one another which is going to be the last hug they'll ever share with each other. Next, Lewis turns to Vivi.

"Vivi, I always loved you, you know," he said with a knowing smile while holding her hands.

"I always loved you, too, Lewis," she said with a smile as well.

They made a kiss to their lips which is going to be their last.

"Take care of Mystery," Lewis turns to the dog and to Lance, Arthur's uncle. "Sir, I'm sorry for trying to attack you back in the truck. I know you're just trying to protect Arthur, and I didn't know you were related to him."

"Isn't my appearance similar enough?" Lance joked, and they all laughed.

Looking at the sky once again, Lewis is prepared to move on.

"Well, this is goodbye. Let's move on to the future instead of the past," he said with a smile as he raised his fist forward.

"Right!" Arthur and Lewis exclaimed together as their fists collided with their friend's which is going to be the last time they do this together.

They watch Lewis ascend to the sky above, knowing that he will have a happy afterlife. As he will face the future in that life, his friends will face the future in another life by moving on.

Author's Note: Just my opinion on how Mystery Skulls Animated is going to end.