Author Notes- Sorry for not updating Tales of Prime just figure I would do a little something for halloween. Anyway HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND ENJOY!

The air was crisp and cool in Jasper, the children had off from school for the weekend. The trio was all at the Darby household with their bookbags. Full of Pajamas, a change of clothing, and an outfit just for that day. For today was not going to be a normal day at Outpost Omega 1, It was Halloween. Jack, Raf, and Miko all put their bags on their back and ran outside.

Jack smiled and called to his mother "Love you Mom see you tomorrow afternoon and Happy Halloween." He rushed out the door before June could reply to him. Optimus had volunteered to pick up the children this morning, so his Autobots could go on their patrols and get done early so they could spend the evening with their human charges.

Raf Climbs in the Primes alt mode first, followed by Miko, then Jack. Once the trio were settled and bucked up Optimus drove off. Raf pats his hands on his backpack and looks out the window seeing leaves blow in the wind.

Optimus notices how quiet the children are and grows a bit concerned. Jack smacks his lips together thinking for a moment, 'Hey Optimus? Do you know what day it is?" Jack asked the Prime, causing Optimus to think a moment and if he was in his bipede mode he would have raised an optic ridge at the young man "October the thirty-first why do you ask Jack?"

The other 2 children try to hold back the snickers and giggles as they look toward the dashboard and the radio, Jack looks at his friends with a smile across his face as well and the trio bust out in laughter at the Primes expanse. Poor Optimus gets more confused and concerned at their sudden outburst as he pulls in the base and down the tunnel to the main area of the silo.

The children climb out still coughing from there laughing fit as Optimus transforming to his bipede mode. Ratchet walks to Optimus as he looks down at the children who look like they have tears in their eyes. Miko breaths sharp and looks at the two cybertronians "Sorry Docbot, Sorry Bossbot it is just you guys have been on earth a while and you don't know what today it is. It is kind of funny is all.`` The Slim Japanese girl says, whipping a tear from her eye, her cheeks redder than normal from her laughs.

Raf nods in agreement "yes Optimus today is the 31st but it is also something else too." the 12 year old says cleaning his glasses. Jack looks at Optimus and Ratchet feeling a bit bad because of the confusion on their face plates. "It is Halloween," Jack says.

Raf jumps in adding his 2 cents "or All hallows eve or if you go back longer Samhain" Raf paused and gets looks from the both the children and the bots "What? My history teacher had us do a paper about the origins of halloween" Raf says nervously "Figures your teacher would make a fun Holiday into work" Miko says crossing her arms looking at the boy. "But it really wasn't work. It was honestly enlightening, learning about the ancient celts and the druid traditions."

Optimus looks from the children to Ratchet and speaks the questions of both bots processors,

"What is Halloween children?"

One short Time skip later

The children finished explaining what Halloween is and how it came into being. Optimus was amused and entertained by learning about human history and culture from ancient human times.

Ratchet listened on as well, surprised by the knowledge the children were sharing with them and how different parts of the world celebrated the holiday differently.

The rest of Team Prime came in the base from their patrol and saw their human charges dressed up in costumes. Jack dressed up like the vampire Count Dracula, Raf a esqueleto and Miko was done up like a bride of Frankenstein. The trio ended up scaring their guardians a bit with the costumes but the children explained to them like they did Optimus and Ratchet that is was halloween and they are dressed up like this for fun.

The rest of the evening went by fast the children told scary stories to the bots and each other and they watched classic horror movies, by the time the group finished The Mummy. The autobots"monster charges" passed out on the couch asleep. The bots looks at them and smile, as the rest of the team got to there recharge chambers Optimus stays behind for a few moments and looks over at the children and smiles "Happy Halloween my sparklings" and he heads to recharge.