Pacifica sat alone on her couch reading a magazine. She'd just gotten home from work a little while ago and was relaxing before the rest of her family got home. It was 3:35, which meant the kids would be home from school any minute now. Right on queue, the front door flew open and in ran her daughter Zoe, who seemed to be in a serious hurry as she talked really fast while charging up the stairs.

"Himomcanttalkreallygottagotomyroom!" was what came out of her mouth so fast that Pacifica barely heard it. Luckily, her son Tyrone entered the house in a much more calm manner.

"What's up with Zoe?" she asked.

"I don't know," her son answered. "She's been acting really weird all day."

"Weird how?"

"She's been all jumpy and clumsy and stuff. Almost like she's hiding something."

Pacifica started to grow concerned as she wondered what could be troubling her daughter. Suddenly, her concern grew even more as she started to hear a strange clamor coming from upstairs. She rushed up to the second floor and, sure enough, the noise was definitely coming from Zoe's room. She ran up to her door and banged on it.

"Zoe?!" she called, trying to get her to open up. "What's going on in there?!"

"N-Nothing, Mom!" Zoe's voice answered over the loud whirlwind-type sound coming from inside. "I'm fine! Just go away!"

"I'm coming in!"

Pacifica flung open the door and what she saw made her gasp in shock. Her daughter was floating, hovering in midair as her possessions flew around her in a circle like a tornado. She looked terrified, curled up in a fetal position and silently wishing for all of this to stop.

Luckily, Pacifica knew what to do. She closed the door and allowed herself to get caught up in the whirlwind. She used her magic to steady herself until she was able to reach her scared little girl. "Zoe! Zoe, look at me!" she said as she grabbed her daughter's hands. Zoe opened her eyes, tears running down her face, and was met with the familiar face of her mother. "Listen. It's okay. Everything's okay, alright?" she said with a calm smile. "You just need to calm down, okay? Deep breaths. Like me." Pacifica inhaled deeply through her nose and exhaled through her mouth. Zoe did the same and was soon able to calm down enough to stop the indoor tornado and bring them both down to the floor.

Once that was over, Zoe quickly went and hugged her mom for comfort, which she was happy to provide. "Mom, I don't know what's wrong with me!" Zoe cried. "Weird things have been happening to me all day. Floating, flying, disappearing, you name it! I don't know what's going on and I'm really scared!"

"Shh, shh, shh. It's okay, honey," Pacifica whispered softly, gently stroking her daughter's back. "There's nothing wrong with you. Your magic powers are just coming in. That's all."

Needless to say, the little girl became even more confused upon hearing that. She stopped crying and looked at her mother with apt confusion. "M-My… My what?"she asked.

Pacifica sighed. She knew this day would come eventually. The day she would finally be forced to reveal her secret to her kids. "Zoe, it's time I told you something that I probably should've told you a long time ago," she said before pausing for a moment. "I am a witch."

"A witch?" Zoe exclaimed in confusion.

"Yes. And now, so are you."

Zoe simply stood silently for a moment, before she let out a small giggle. "Okay, yeah. Very funny, Mom. There's no such thing as witches," she scoffed.

"Oh yeah?" Pacifica asked with a coy grin. "Then what do you call this?"

Suddenly, Pacifica snapped her fingers and everything that had been blown around by the mini-tornado flew back into its proper place, thus making the room neat and tidy again as quick as a flash. Zoe gasped in shock, her face bug-eyed and slack-jawed while her mom continued to stand there, looking at her with a clever smirk.

"Whoa!" Zoe exclaimed. "This… This is just… impossible! All this time, ALL THIS TIME you've been a witch?! And you never told us?!"

The woman's expression filled with regret once more. "I know. I'm sorry," she apologized. "I was just waiting to see if any of you kids developed any powers of your own. I didn't know for sure if you were gonna turn out to be witches like me or if you'd be… well, more like your dad, so I didn't wanna get your hopes up too soon."

"Wait, does Dad even know?"

"Yeah, he knows. And so does your Aunt Mabel," Pacifica confirmed. "But I realize now that I should've told you all sooner. If I had, then everything that's been happening to you today might've been a lot less scary. So, again, I'm really sorry."

Zoe took a minute to process all of this new information. As soon as she came to accept it, she cast a forgiving smile towards her mother and wrapped her in another hug. "That's okay, Mom. I'm glad you finally told me."

Pacifica smiled and hugged her daughter back. "Now that your powers are here, I promise that I am going to teach you everything I know and help you become the best witch you can possibly be," she vowed. "How does that sound?"

They broke away from the hug, only for Pacifica to find an uncertain expression on Zoe's face. "I don't know, Mom. This is all happening pretty fast," she said.

"I understand, but you know, as amazing as magic is, it can also be kind of dangerous if you don't learn how to control it," Pacifica explained. "Even I still sometimes have the occasional magical slip-up every now and then. In fact, not too long ago, I accidentally shrank your dad to the size of a mouse when I sneezed."

"Wait, really?" Zoe asked in surprise.

"Yeah," Pacifica chuckled. "He was fine, though, so don't worry."

"Wow. I guess it's a good thing you don't have hay fever, huh?"

"Yeah. But I do have a cat allergy, though. Anyway, my point is, it's best to start learning how to control your magic as soon as possible."

"Okay, but… I'm still not sure if I'm up for it." As Zoe looked away dejectedly, her mom got an idea for what might convince her.

"Hey," she said with knowing smile. "You wanna see something really cool?"

"WOOHOO!" Zoe shouted as she soared through the trees on her mom's magic staff with her mom riding just behind her. "I'M FLYING ON A MAGIC STAFF!"

Pacifica laughed, happy to see her daughter enjoying her very first staff flight. It was pretty much a rite of passage for young witches and she was so happy that she could now share all of her witchy knowledge and lifestyle with her daughter.

"My mom is the coolest! I can't wait to be a witch!" Zoe declared, she and her mom flying just above the treetops and into a new chapter of their lives together.

That's right! Pacifica and Dipper's oldest child is now a witch-in-training! Which means you're about to see even more of this exciting AU in a brand new series of fics. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!