The Maze Runner

The Girl

Vivia's POV

I woke up to a new life in a metal box that was moving. All I could remember was my name and the logic in the world. I crawled into the corner of the box scared of what might happen to me.

The bow moved for what felt like hours until I felt it stop and rise, then stop again. I heard the top of the box open and was immediately blinded by sunshine.

I heard someone jump down and say, "It's a girl."

I heard gasps come from others that must be gathered around the box.

"What should we do with her. She's a girl, she couldn't be much help." I heard one say.

I looked up and heard more gasps as they saw my face for the first time. I don't know why they gasped because I looked like a normal girl and was pretty, but not overrated pretty. I had long blonde hair that reached to my hip and sea blue eyes. I was skinny, but not too skinny to see my bones and nice curves.

"Hey what's your name?" The guy who stood in the box with me asked.

"V-Vivia." I said as I shrank back into the wall, scared that they would harm me.

"Hi Vivia, my name is Zander." The guy said kindly.

I finally lifted my head up to look at him and saw a fourteen year old boy. He had messy windswept black hair, bright blue eyes. I thought he looked kind of cute.

"H-Hi." I said shyly.

I heard the other guys laughing around the box so I shrunk myself further into the corner.

"Hey, hey, it's okay. Grab my hand and I can lead you out." Zander said as he extended his hand.

I hesitantly grabbed it and Zander pulled me up before a rope lowered and I put my foot through the loop of the rope and was pulled up and out of the box. At the top I saw that there were about twenty guys and no girls. When Zander came up he led me to the kitchen so I could get some food.

The kitchen had a fridge, counter space, stove, dishwasher, and cooking utensils. Zander made me a sandwich and washed some fruits and veggies for me before sitting down at a small table in the corner of the kitchen.

I began eating and as I ate he explained the Glade, the Maze, and how he was the last green bean and now I am the green bean. I asked him questions and he answered.

When he finished explaining it was almost nightfall so we had to go to bed. I was handed a sleeping bag, pillow and some girl clothes that were in the box with me so I wouldn't have to wear boy clothes. I looked through the bag and got out some sweatpants. I went into the changing room and changed into the pants before brushing my teeth and grabbing my sleeping bag and pillow and finding a comfy place outside. I stared at the stars before finally going to sleep.