Hello, guys, readers, and Fox King jm fans, Johnny here with a new Naruto Make-Out Heroes Fanfic story. A few fans of mine asked me to do a special story with a special someone, the Adult star, Victoria Cakes. I never write anything like this before, so I thought, sure, why not. So, I write one chapter, and will see where it goes. Anyway, I'll be using the Porn stars' full names when they speak. Okay, let's get started. I do not own Naruto or anything else I use in this story and in future chapters, so please enjoy: Naruto Make-Out Heroes: XXX edition


In Los Angels, California, a blonde teen by the name of Naruto Uzumaki came to America into a university. Naruto is an orphan who never knew his parents. All his life, he worked hard in school, and luckily, he succeeded in high school and college. Moreover, thanks to his hard work, Naruto graduated at 17. Naruto had a chance to move to California, and he did, staying on top of the university. He is now 18. The blonde was also into technology. Naruto was a genius when it came to computers and cameras. It was the final day of his first semester. There was one problem; the university will be close to all summer along with the dorms.

"Well, it was a long semester. Now, I need a place to stay till next semester starts." Naruto said, looking for jobs on his laptop.

Naruto continued to scroll down, seeing what looks good. There were simple jobs like groundskeeper, cook, and etcetera. Then by the corner of his eye, he saw a job ad for a new cameraman. Naruto knew a lot about cameras. Naruto dials the number, and a woman answers the phone.

"Hello?" The woman asked.

"Hello. I saw your ad for a cameraman." Naruto said.

"Oh? Are you handy with filming and taking photos?" The woman asked.

"Of course. I'm a genius when it comes to technology." Naruto stated.

"That's wonderful to hear. May I ask whose calling?" The woman said.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, and your name, miss..." Naruto said.

"My name is Victoria Cakes. Naruto, was it? How about I meet you at the Bad Angle restraint downtown in an hour?" Victoria Cakes asked.

"I'll be there, Miss Cakes," Naruto said.

"Please, call me Victoria." Victoria Cakes replied.

"Okay, I'll be there. See you in an hour." Naruto said.

Downtown, Naruto was waiting for this Victoria Cakes. He wondered what kind of work he would be doing. Well, whatever it was, Naruto will make sure to make himself look good. He looked at his phone, seeing a message from Cakes. Naruto replays, saying he's at the side table.

"Are you Naruto?"

Naruto looked up, and he saw her, Victoria Cakes. She is an African American ebony goddess with long black hair, brown eyes, a few tattoos of a star on her chest, and leopard spots on her left leg, a slight gap in her teeth with a beautiful smile. Speaking of chest, she had an E-cup bust, thick thighs, and what the blonde noticed her fat massive juicy ass, which is 56 inches wide that could break your pelvis and break your bed. Naruto blushed, seeing how beautiful she is.

"Y-Yes... That's me." Naruto replied.

"Well, I'm Victoria Cakes; it's very nice to meet you." Victoria Cakes said, taking a sit.

The Ebony goddess looked at the blonde.

"So, do you know how to work a camera?" Victoria Cakes asked.

"Of course," Naruto said.

"I see. And when can you come and take pictures and film?" Victoria Cakes asked.

"Anytime, you like, Victoria-san," Naruto said.

"Really?" Victoria Cakes asked.

"Yeah. Anytime you like, Victoria-san." Naruto said.

"Good, good. Well, I need you to take a few photos of me. And I'll pay you $1000 dollars." Victoria Cakes stated.

"A week?" Naruto asked.

"An hour, boo. And, if you do a nice job, I have a lot of friends who need a cameraman." Victoria Cakes stated with a smile.

"Deal. I promise I won't disappoint you, Victoria-san." Naruto replied.

"Good. Come on, I need to head to the FOXxX-studios. Let's get going, Naruto." Victoria Cakes said.

"Okay," Naruto said.

The blonde grabbed his laptop and equipment. Naruto looked at the ebony goddess, watching her big ass move back and forth. Naruto saw amazed by the size of her cakes. Later, Naruto and Victoria Cakes drove off to FOXxX-studios.

"Well, here we are, baby. Come on, I need to check-in." Victoria Cakes said.

"Right," Naruto said.

Victoria went to the front desk, checking in. Naruto looked around, seeing the women, and all the posters. The blonde had admitted, the girls on the posters were very alluring, like Victoria Cakes.

"Okay, boo, come in." Victoria Cakes said.

"Oh, right," Naruto said.

In a room with lights and many stages for photographic shots, Naruto readies his camera and equipment.

"Okay, we're just about set," Naruto said.

"Okay, Naruto, I'm ready." Victoria Cakes said.

Naruto turned around, seeing she was in a tight bikini, showing her goodies and cakes. Naruto blushed, seeing the ebony goddess mostly naked.

"Be sure to show off my good sides, boo." Victoria Cakes said.

"Yes, of course," Naruto said.

Naruto took pictures of Victoria. The blonde did whatever she told him to do and taking pictures of her assets. With each pose and picture, Naruto felt his thing slightly twitching. The chocolate goddess saw this, smiling to herself. Hours later, Naruto and Victoria were done shooting. Victoria looked at the photos, while Naruto was slightly worrying about what she might think.


Victoria smiled, liking the photos that the blonde took.

"My, my, you're good at taking photos, boo." Victoria Cakes said.

"Thank you," Naruto said.

"From now on, you're my cameraman." Victoria Cakes stated.

"All right!" Naruto said.

"I'm going to sign out, and we'll head out to my place to celebrate." Victoria Cakes said.

"Sweet! I'll get my equipment and put it away." Naruto said.

Victoria went to sign out, like the photos. And, she likes the blonde even more. She wanted Naruto, and she's going to get him.

"I can't wait." Victoria Cakes thought.

Victoria waited for Naruto. He had all his equipment.

"Ready to go, Naruto?" Victoria Cakes asked.

"Yes, ma'am," Naruto replied.

Naruto and Victoria went back to her house. The blonde saw it was a big house. They got out of her car, making their way to her door.

"Well, here we are, Naruto. This is my place." Victoria Cakes said.

"Whoa, it's really big." Naruto said.

"Come inside, boo. Let us celebrate your success." Victoria Cakes said.

"Right." Naruto said.

Inside, Naruto saw that it was also nice inside her home, along outside.

"Make yourself at home, Naruto. I'm going to get some refreshments for us." Victoria Cakes said.

"Okay, Victoria-san." Naruto said, putting his equipment in a closet.

Naruto sits on the couch, looking more around the house, waiting for the ebony goddess. Victoria grabbed his things, like snacks and drinks.

"Sorry, for making you wait, Naruto. But I got some of our refreshments." Victoria Cakes stated.

"No problem. I'll take a soda." Naruto said.

"Here you go, boo." Victoria Cakes said, handing him a can of Pepsi.

"Thanks." Naruto said.

The ebony set next to the blonde. Naruto and Victoria Cakes were hanging out, having a good time, talking, and watching Netflix, etcetera.

"So, Naruto, what do you do?" Victoria Cakes asked.

"I'm a college student. I move here from Japan, and I've been living here for almost two years." Naruto stated.

"I see. How do you like it here?" Victoria Cakes asked.

"I came to study with filming," Naruto said.

"I see. How do you like working for me." Victoria Cakes said.

"It's good. And I like working with new cameras." Naruto said.

Victoria Cakes smiled, placing her hand on Naruto's thighs. Naruto blushed, seeing her hand on him. She leaned close.

"What do you think about me?" Victoria Cakes asked.

"You're very attractive, Victoria-san." Naruto said with a blush.

Victoria Cakes smiled again. She leaned closer and kissed Naruto. The blonde felt ebony's lips against his. She then asked the teen a question.

"So, baby, you want to fool around?" Victoria Cakes asked with a smile.


Naruto could not believe it. He saw the ebony goddess was coming on to him. Naruto was the type of person that had luck with girls back home. But some girls at the university wanted Naruto in bed, but he declines every time and focuses on his studies. There were times when he almost caved in. It was summer now, he has done all his work, the blonde deserves a break. Naruto looks at Victoria, giving her his answer.

"Yeah. I would like that." Naruto said.

The ebony goddess smiled, grabbing Naruto by the hand, heading upstairs. In the room, Victoria Cakes slowly strips off her clothes. Naruto watched the ebony goddess's wonderful body. The blonde teen could not take his eyes off her juicy rump she has been blessed with. She smiled, knowing she's got the blonde right where she wanted him.

"What do you think, baby?" Victoria Cakes asked.

"You're really sexy..." Naruto replied.

"Good answer..." Victoria Cakes said.

She turned herself around, twerking her massive butt. Naruto stared, watching her cheeks jiggling. Truly, it turned on the blonde. The ebony goddess backed her ass back, close to Naruto's face.

"You like these cakes, Naruto?" Victoria Cakes asked.

"Y-Yeah..." Naruto replied, feeling his thing getting aroused.

"Show me that you like these cakes." Victoria Cakes said with a smile.

Naruto didn't know what to do at first. But he soon got an idea. He buried his face between her massive cakes.

"Oh, yeah!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Mmm!" Naruto muffled between the two massive cakes.

"Ooh, just like that, baby!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

Naruto licked the wet spot. Even though it was his first time doing something like this, he enjoyed it. He played with the ebony's massive cheeks, still tonguing her. Victoria Cakes moaned, biting her lower lip. She buried and twerk on the blonde's face. Naruto was getting so aroused; his penis was harder than it had ever been. Victoria turned herself around, seeing Naruto's hard erection.

"Oh-wee... That's really something, baby~..." Victoria Cakes stated.

"Oh..." Naruto said.

"Now, let's take a better look..." Victoria Cakes said.

The ebony goddess pulled down his pants, showing Naruto's large semi-soft 16-inch fat and thick penis was covered in foreskin, and his large balls swelled up. Victoria's eyes widen, seeing how big and fat Naruto's cock is. Without waiting, she wrapped her lips around Naruto's dick, making him moan.

"Now, that's what I call a big dick~..." Victoria Cakes stated, licking the large dick.

"Ugh..." Naruto moaned.

"A tasty dick too~..." Victoria Cakes said, sucking the pole while playing with his balls.

"Holy shit~..." Naruto moaned.

"Fuck, boo, this is the biggest dick I've ever seen..." Victoria Cakes said.

"Thanks..." Naruto moaned.

She soon takes back the length inside her mouth, slurping it. Naruto let out a grunt, feeling the ebony goddess's mouth. The blonde loved the feeling of getting his cock sucked by this wonderful woman. Naruto moaned, backed his head. As for the ebony, Victoria Cakes took more of Naruto's massive cock.

"Ahh..." Naruto moaned.

The ebony goddess continued to suck the massive rod. She soon stopped her actions, getting in bed with Naruto.

"Victoria-san?" Naruto said.

"Relax, boo..." Victoria Cakes replied.

Soon Naruto saw Victoria Cakes' ass was overshadowing him. She sits down on Naruto's face. Thanks to this, Naruto's cock shot up. Victoria Cakes smiled, seeing how much the large penis wanted her.

"Whoa, Naruto, you're such a beast..." Victoria Cakes said.

Once again, she took Naruto's cock back inside her mouth. She moved her ass, burring the blonde between her fat cakes. The blonde was new to this, but he did like the taste of the ebony's cakes. Naruto licked her wet spot. Victoria Cakes moaned with her mouth filled with Naruto's meat. Naruto and Victoria Cakes 69 each other, the blonde sucking on her pussy, while the ebony goddess sucked the entire cock.

"Oh, God..." Naruto thought.

"So much cook..." Victoria Cakes thought.

She soon released Naruto's cock.

"You like those cakes, Naruto-babe?" Victoria Cakes asked with a smile.

"Mm-hmm~!" Naruto muffled between her ass.

"That's a good boy, now keep worshiping these cakes!" Victoria Cakes said.

She then took back Naruto's cock. Naruto moaned between the big ass, while the goddess sucking the large dick. They continued to do their thing. Naruto was new at this, but he was enjoying the fat ass in his face and his dick being sucked. Minutes of this, Naruto's cock swell up inside the ebony goddess' mouth. The blonde is about to reach his climax.

"Ugh, I'm about to cum!" Naruto thought.

Before he could escape out between the fat cheeks, Naruto muffed between them, loudly, climaxing. The ebony goddess's eyes widen, feeling Naruto's orgasm. She felt warm large loads of the blonde's seed, shooting inside her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, but released the monster dick, while it still released its seed.

"Oh!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Ahh, shit…!" Naruto thought, still climaxing.

Naruto's orgasm soon ended. Victoria was amazed by Naruto's orgasm. She thought the blonde's cock was just for size, but she was wrong. It can produce large amounts of semen. Even after his orgasm, Naruto's cock was still hard. The ebony goddess saw this, once again, she was amazed.

"Wow, boo… You're already hard again." Victoria Cakes said.

"Am I?" Naruto asked.

"Yes indeed, boo. Now, I'm going to freshen up, take all those clothes off, and I'll be right back." Victoria Cakes said.

"Right, Victoria-san." Naruto said.

The blonde watched the ebony goddess walking to her restroom, watching that fat ass of hers, jiggling around. It got him even harder. Naruto took off all his clothes, waiting for the chocolate maiden. 5 minutes later, she comes back, and ready to make the blonde's dick hers.

"Sorry for taking so long, Naruto." Victoria Cakes said.

"No need… You look very sexy…" Naruto said.

"Thank you. Now, shall we get to the best part, boo?" Victoria Cakes asked.

The ebony goddess got into bed with Naruto. She kissed him, as she did, she got on top of the blonde. was on top of Naruto with his cock between her cakes.

"Are you ready, boo?" Victoria Cakes asked.

"Yeah..." Naruto replied.

She grabbed Naruto's cock, adjusting it inside her. She bit her lower lip, feeling her pussy becoming stretched out and filled with the blonde's insides.

"Ah... Ahh, fuck!" Victoria Cakes screamed.

"Agh..." Naruto moaned.

"Fuck, that big dick is stretching out my tight pussy~!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Tight, indeed!" Naruto moaned.

The ebony goddess took more of Naruto's cock, inch by inch. Victoria moaned, loudly, feeling her insides becoming filled. Naruto felt the tight pussy, squeezing him and feeling how warm and wet it is. Victoria held her head back, sitting her ass on top of the blonde. She managed to fit all 16 inches inside her.

"Oh, fuck, Naruto, you're so big~…" Victoria Cakes said.

"Ugh, yes, I can't believe pussy would feel this tight…" Naruto moaned.

"Believe it, baby… I feel this big cock of yours filling me up…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Ahh…" Naruto moaned.

She leaned close, wrapping her arms around the blonde. She slowly moved her hips. Naruto moans, feeling her pussy tighten around his cock.

"Ooo-wee, baby, you're so fucking big!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Whoa, this is amazing…" Naruto moaned.

"Ahh, this is the biggest cock I've ever had!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

The ebony goddess continued to move her hips and her massive ass on top of the blonde. Naruto moaned in pleasure, loving the feeling of sex. Before he knew it, he had his hands all over the massive cakes.

"You like them cakes, boo?" Victoria Cakes asked.

"Yes… They're so big…" Naruto moaned.

"You play with those cakes, Naruto…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"I will…" Naruto moaned.

Naruto grabbed and squeeze her fat cheeks. The ebony goddess moaned, increasing her movements, slightly.

"Ooh…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Ahh…" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, this dick is so deep, baby~…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Y-Yeah… your pussy is really tight…" Naruto moaned.

"Yeah, baby, augh… This fat dick is stretching me out~… Ahh…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

The ebony goddess continued to ride the monster dick. Naruto held the ebony goddess, feeling her amazing body smothering him. The blonde then used his movements, fucking Victoria. She moaned, feeling the blonde's movements.

"Ooh, s-so you're finally fucking me, baby?" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Y-Yeah… Your pussy just keeps getting tighter and tighter… My hips started to move on their own…" Naruto moaned.

"Here, suck on these fat tits of mine…" Victoria Cakes moaned, placing her nipples near the blonde's lips.

Naruto took the offer of sucking on her E-cup breasts. He wrapped his lips around her tit, sucking it.

"Ahh… Mmm, that's feels so good, Naruto…" Victoria Cakes said.

"Mmm~" Naruto muffled, sucking on the nipples.

"Just like that, baby~… Ah, fuck…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

The blonde continued to let the ebony goddess ride his cock. Sometime later, Naruto was starting to become adjusted to the tight pussy of the black princess. Naruto then grabbed and squeezed the fat cheeks, playing with them more. Then, he increased his movements. Victoria Cakes moaned, loudly, feeling the fat cock moving in and out her wet womanhood.

"Oh, fuck! You're fucking me, now, boo?" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Yeah, this pussy is feeling too good around my cock! It's my turn to fuck you, Victoria-san!" Naruto moaned, increasing his speed more.

"Ooh! Yes! Own this pussy, baby! Own it~!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"If that is what you want, I'll gladly own this pussy!" Naruto replied, increasing his movements more.

"Ahh!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

Naruto grabbed a tighter grip on the fat cakes, making her ride harder. Victoria Cakes screamed in pleasure, feeling the blonde taking charge. Naruto never thought sex would feel this good. He wanted more. Both the blonde and ebony continued to do the dirty. Naruto owned this pussy and played with her fat ass. The chocolate princess louder, loving how Naruto was mastering and using her body.

"Yes! More! More, baby! Fuck me, Naruto!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Yes, take it for me, Victoria-san! This pussy is mine!" Naruto moaned, slapping her ass.

"Yes, harder! Harder, baby!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

Naruto and Victoria shared a kiss, while she rode harder. The fat ass clapped up and down. Both held each other, fucking wildly. Naruto felt his cock being squeezed and twitching deep inside the ebony goddess. Victoria's eyes roll back, while her pussy was becoming wetter. She knew she and the blonde were going to climax. The ebony goddess slamming her fat ass up and down on the blonde's pelvis.

"Oh, God, I'm going to cum! I'm going to fucking cum, boo!" Victoria Cakes moaned, riding Naruto harder.

"Me too! I'm going to cum again!" Naruto moaned.

"Ah-ahh, I'm so close, baby! Your big dick is going to make me cum!" Victoria Cakes screamed.

Naruto held the chocolate goddess's fat ass, thrusting with all his might. She let out louder screams, having her E-cup breasts jiggling around. Naruto enjoyed this. He never thought he would have sex with someone like Victoria Cakes. Naruto's cock twitched wildly deep inside of the ebony's tight pussy. Her juices were about to explode. They could not hold it anymore.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and Victoria Cakes moaned, climaxing.

Both moaned, climaxing. Naruto's cock blasts his seed deep inside of Victoria's pussy. Victoria Cakes felt her insides, squirting all over the blonde's cock down his balls. While this happened, her inside was also becoming filled with large loads of semen. Her eyes rolled back, feeling the large member releasing its seed deep inside her.

"Oh, fuck, boo, you're still cumming! Oh, shit, there so much!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Holy shit! Her pussy is draining me!" Naruto thought.

She buried the blonde between her bust, still taking his massive loads.

"Fuck~… Ah, fuck… That's a lot of cum…!" Victoria Cakes moaned, holding Naruto.

"Ugh…" Naruto moaned.

"Oh shit, baby…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"So good…" Naruto moaned.

After a long minute, Naruto's orgasm ended. The ebony goddess let out a sigh of bliss. The large penis slips out of ebony's tight womanhood.

"Oh, yeah…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

Naruto let out a sigh as well. Then he slapped that fat ass of the goddess.

"Ah!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"That was amazing…" Naruto moaned.

"It sure was, boo… Fuck, you're such a freak…" Victoria Cakes said.

"Thanks." Naruto replied with a smile.

Naruto leaned close, kissing the chocolate goddess.

"Mmm~…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

The chocolate goddess looked behind her, seeing Naruto's messy cock. She smiled, going down between the blonde's legs. She did not wait, wrapping her lips around the monster cock, sucking it clean. Naruto moaned, watching the hot goddess, sucking his dick clean. This went on for minutes. The blonde moaned, enjoying the head he was getting. After some time, the ebony goddess was done sucking the monster dick. The fat cock was semi-hard and clean.

"Oh, man…" Naruto moaned.

"Ah, you're so amazing, boo…" Victoria Cakes stated, licking her lips.

"You're the amazing one, Victoria-san…" Naruto replied, kissing her cheek.

"Thank you, boo~" Victoria Cakes replied with a smile.

Both the blonde and ebony rested for a bit. As they rested, Naruto once again noticed that fat ass of the ebony goddess. Naruto got hard again, wanting to clap those fat cheeks. Victoria continued to relax a bit. Then she felt the blonde getting on top of her, with his monster dick between her cakes and the tip against her rosebud. The ebony goddess smiled, knowing what the blonde wanted to do.

"You're going fuck my ass, boo?" Victoria Cakes asked.

"Damn straight, Victoria-san." Naruto said.

Naruto slaps her massive cakes, again.

"Ah!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"I can't stop being amazed by this ass." Naruto said, dry humping.

"Thanks, baby. You already own my pussy, now make these cakes yours." Victoria Cakes said.

"Believe me, I will, Victoria-san." Naruto replied, spreading her ass cheeks apart.

Naruto saw her rosebud, twitching, and slightly wet, thanks to the ass worshiping her cakes. The blonde grabbed his tip and rubbed it against her asshole. Victoria let out a moan, feeling the tip. Naruto pushed the tip inside her anal ring. Victoria's eyes widen, feeling her rectum being stretched out more than ever.

"Ah, fuck!" Victoria Cakes screamed.

"S-Shit..." Naruto moaned.

Naruto pushed his cock inside the tight ass, about 3 inches. Naruto mounted on Victoria Cakes, pushing another 3 inches inside her tight ass. The ebony goddess felt the thickness and girth, stretching out her anus.

"Oh, shit, baby! You're so big!" Victoria Cakes groaned.

"Oh, such a tight ass~..." Naruto moaned.

"Fuck! Fuck!" Victoria Cakes groaned.

Naruto continued to push more of his cock, inch by inch. The blonde had 9 inches inside of the ebony goddess rectum. Victoria Cakes' eyes widen, feeling her asshole becoming filled with the blonde's cock. Naruto shoved the rest of his member's cock. Naruto and Victoria Cakes moaned, loudly. The blonde rested on the ebony's back; his monster dick balls deep inside her ass.

"Oh, shit…" Victoria Cakes groaned, with a smile.

"Whoa, this hole is even tighter than your pussy…" Naruto moaned.

"You're just big, boo… Ahh…" Victoria Cakes groaned.

Naruto leaned closed, not moving yet. The blonde kissed the ebony's neck.

"Ooh…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"When you're ready, I'll be pleasing this fine ass." Naruto stated, still kissing her neck.

"Oh, yeah…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

Naruto used his hands, groping Victoria's breasts. He then pulled her into another kiss. The ebony goddess moaned. She was amazed at how good the blonde was when it came to sex. Naruto then positioned himself properly on the chocolate goddess, due to her fat ass. Victoria Cakes groaned and moaned, feeling the fat dick deep inside her asshole. Yes, she did anal a few times, but she never had anything as big as the blonde before. Of course, this is also the first time the blonde screwing a woman's rectum. It felt good to the blonde.

"Man, Victoria-san, your asshole is so stupidity tight." Naruto replied.

"Ugh, y-yes… You're the biggest cock I've ever had." Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Do you like it?" Naruto asked.

"I love it, baby~…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Glad to hear it, Victoria-san…" Naruto replied.

Naruto then began to use his movements. The blonde's monster cock moved in and out of the tight ass.

"Ugh, shit…" Victoria Cakes groaned.

"Ooh…" Naruto moaned.

"Holy fuck… You're so much bigger…" Victoria Cakes groaned.

"You're really tight… I'll be sure to take this nice and slow, Victoria-san…" Naruto moaned, still using slow movements.

With his slow movements, his fat balls slightly slap against her pussy.

"Oh, shit…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Ugh… Such an amazing ass…" Naruto moaned.

"Agh, so much dick in my ass…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

Naruto rode that large rump. Truly, this large behind was the perfect stop cushion. Victoria Cakes continued to let out moans, feeling the fat thick monster stretching out her anus. The blonde drooled, loving how tight the ebony's asshole is. The blonde continued to lean on the chocolate princess. He then picked himself up, grabbing her hips, still using his slow movements.

"Oh, my God… Naruto, you're so deep in my ass~…!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Oh, man, this fat ass doesn't quit…" Naruto moaned.

The blonde watched the big rump, jiggle against his pelvis. Naruto gave that ass another smack.

"Ah!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Sorry, I really can't help myself to those fat cakes." Naruto stated, giving them another smack.

"Ahh!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"I love this ass~!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto continued to please the big rump. Victoria Cakes moaned. To the ebony, it felt like the blonde's cock was going even deeper. Naruto felt the tight asshole becoming even tighter. Naruto then increased the speed of his movements, making the bed creak. The ebony screamed in pleasure, feeling the blonde ramming her big ass. By this point, the chocolate princess was loving the ass fucking she was getting from the blonde.

"Oh, yes! My ass is becoming numb!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Yes! I'm going to keep fucking you till we can't fuck anymore!" Naruto moaned, thrusting faster.

"Oh, fuck! Fuck my fat ass, baby!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

Naruto did. He did not let up or stop his movements, watching the fat butt bounce against him. The ebony goddess continued to take the large rode up her asshole. The pleasure was too good. Victoria Cakes used her ass slamming it against Naruto.

"Ugh!" Naruto moaned.

"I can't let you have all the fun, boo! I'm going to make you cum!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Please do!" Naruto replied, picking his speed up.

"Oh, fuck~!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

Both the blonde and ebony moaned, enjoying the anal sex they were having.

"Oh, God, that dick feels so good in my ass!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"It sure does, Victoria-san! I love the way your ass jiggles!" Naruto moaned.

"Ah, fuck, you're going to make me cum again, boo!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"I think I might too, thanks to this ass!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto rode the large butt, going balls deep inside her tight ass.

"Aaahhh! Augh, fuck!" Victoria Cakes screamed.

Naruto and Victoria Cakes continued to moan and have a wonderful time of ass fucking. Naruto increased his speed more, making the bed shake. The ebony goddess moaned and screamed, feeling her asshole getting tighter and squeezing the blonde's cock. Naruto bit his lower lip, feeling the tight ass getting tighter. The chocolate princess felt her pussy getting wet again. Naruto felt his cock and balls tighten, thanks to the tight butt. Once again, both knew they were going to climax.

"Oh, God! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum again, boo!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"H-Hai! Your fat ass is going to make me cum!" Naruto moaned.

"Ah, I can't take it anymore! I'm going to cum soon!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Yeah, I'm going to cum too! Augh, I can't hold it anymore!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto increased his speed and power, making the fat rump bounce wildly. The ebony goddess screamed, knowing her climax will soon be at hand. Naruto could not hold back his climax. He and the ebony had reached their orgasm.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and Victoria Cakes moaned.

The blonde shot his loads deep within the ebony's anus.

"Oh, shit! You're cumming inside me, boo! I feel your warm hot cum inside my ass!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Ahh, this is so amazing, Victoria-san!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, God, there's so much, Naruto!" Victoria Cakes screamed.

Naruto leaned close and pin down the Victoria, still releasing his seed deep inside her butt. Victoria Cakes moaned, feeling her legs going to numb and her asshole becoming full thanks to the large amounts of semen.

"Wow, Naruto… You really cum a lot, you know that?" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Y-Yeah… I love how you're taking my seed… You really are amazing, Victoria-san…" Naruto replied, kissing his goddess.

"Ooh…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

After a long minute of climaxing, Naruto's orgasm ended. He pulled out his cock, and the last shots glazed that fat cakes.

"Oh, baby…" Victoria Cakes moaned, the thick cum all over her ass.

The blonde breathed, heavily, while his dick was covered in his seed and her ass juices. Naruto let out a sigh of bliss. Victoria Cakes felt her body was weak and was filled up with the blonde's seed. She has never been fucked this good in her life. Naruto looked down at the big ass again, and again he slaps her fat ass.

"Ah!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"This was beyond was amazing." Naruto moaned.

"Yes, baby, that was the best fucking in my life…" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Thank you, Victoria-san… I really enjoyed it too." Naruto said.

She picked herself up and turned around, sucking the blonde's cock, clean. Naruto relaxed, enjoying another amazing blowjob. After a few minutes, Victoria cleaned his dick. She picked herself up, smiling after the wonderful sex she had with the blonde.

"Oh, that was great, boo…" Victoria Cakes moaned with a smile.

Naruto looked down at her massive cakes. Thanks to this, he got hard again. He held the chocolate goddess from behind, shoving his cock right back up her pussy. Victoria Cakes let's out a scream of pleasure. She turned, facing the blonde.

"Y-You're going to fuck me, again, boo?!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

"Damn right. I just can't get enough of this fat ass!" Naruto replied, thrusting his hips.

"Ah, fuck!" Victoria Cakes moaned.

Naruto fucked Victoria Cakes for hours. He made her ride his cock. He fucked her doggy style. He fucked her throat. He fucked her ass more. The blonde even plows her, screwing her, making her scream. Naruto loved having sex with this ebony goddess. After the amazing orgasms they had, Naruto and Victoria Cakes were cuddling with each other.

"Fuck baby, you know how to fuck~..." Victoria stated, smiling, and kissing him.

"Thank you, I could not get over this amazing ass of yours," Naruto replied, kissing her back.

"So, Naruto-baby, can I ask you something?" Victoria Cakes said.

"What is it, Victoria-san?" Naruto asked.

"Do you want to stay with me?" Victoria Cakes asked.

"Really?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, baby... You're quite the lover… It would be a shame to let you go. What do you say, boo?" Victoria Cakes said.

"I would love to stay with you, Victoria-san." Naruto said.

Victoria Cakes smiled, hearing Naruto's answer. She kissed him and getting on top of him.

"Now, give me more of this fat monster cock~..." Victoria Cakes said.

"With pleasure, my goddess." Naruto replied, slapping her ass.

"Ahh~!" Victoria Cakes moans.

Naruto and Victoria fucked all night, enjoying each other's company. Both fell asleep, later, as tomorrow will hold something new for the blonde.


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