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In the home of Victoria Cakes, Naruto and the ebony goddess were fucking once again. Since the day Naruto lived with her, that is pretty much what they have been doing. Naruto had his chocolate goddess riding him, ready to climax again.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and Victoria moaned.

Naruto pinned down Victoria, blasting his seed inside her tight pussy. Victoria leaned close, taking the large loads.

"Oh, my God, Naruto… I love how you fuck me…" Victoria said.

"Thanks, you're really amazing yourself." Naruto replied.

Like always, after a long minute, Naruto's orgasm was close to ending. His cock slips out and the last remaining shots glazed the goddess's fat cakes.

"Oh, shit…" Victoria moaned.

"That was great as always, Victoria." Naruto replied.

"Damn straight it was. I don't get over how good you fuck." Victoria Cakes replied, kissing Naruto.

Naruto and Victoria rested after the amazing sex that just had. 20 minutes later, the goddess's phone went off with a beep. She looks at the message, reading the text.

"Oh, damn…" Victoria said.

"What is it, Victoria?" Naruto asked.

"I forgot I had a photoshoot today." Victoria said.

"Really?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah. I need to be there at 12:00. To be honest, I would have just stayed here fucking you more." Victoria said.

"Same here." Naruto said.

"Oh, yes. I remember." Victoria said.

"What is it?" Naruto asked.

"I got a call from one of the other models that work at FoXxX-studios. She is also looking for a cameraman." Victoria said.

"I'm the man for the job." Naruto said.

"Wonderful. I'm going to get cleaned up." Victoria said.

Naruto watched the ebony's massive ass, jiggle. Thanks to this, the blonde's cock got hard again. Perhaps they can get cleaned up together. Might as well, save time and they can have a little more fun together. In the restroom, Victoria was turning on the warm water. When she was about to step in, she felt a familiar hardness against her blessed rump.

"Oh!" Victoria moaned.

"We still have time, how about we get cleaned together?" Naruto asked, grabbing her breasts.

"That's a wonderful, idea." Victoria said with a smile.

They did. Around noon, Naruto and Victoria, once again were at FoXxX-studios.

"Okay, Naruto. I'm leaving now. I'll be back in a few hours, okay?" Victoria said.

"Right. I'll let you know when I'm done." Naruto said.

With that said, the ebony goddess left. The blonde watched that magnificent ass, jiggling around. He could not wait to have sex with his chocolate goddess again. Till then, he waits. Naruto waited for his next client. As he did, the blonde wondered who his new client is.

"Oh, you must be the new cameraman, I been hearing about."

Naruto turned to an older blonde. He slightly blushed. The reason why was because of her enormous bust. Most likely implants. She also has a thick figure, light blonde hair, blue eyes. and she is in her late 40's to early 50's, yet she was quite the looker. In fact, thanks to Naruto's mind is already fantasizing about those enormous tits. He snaps out of his thoughts and responds.

"Yes. My name is Naruto." Naruto stated.

"I'm Claudia Marie. It's nice to meet you. I heard you were very handy with a camera." Claudia stated.

"Yes, I am, miss Claudia." Naruto said.

"So, are you ready to shoot?" Claudia said.

"Of course," Naruto replied.

"Good. Let's go to my place." Claudia said.

"To your house?" Naruto asked.

"Don't worry, I live nearby. So, we can shoot for hours." Claudia said.

Naruto did not have anything else to do, so he agrees. Both blondes drove to Claudia's house, which was a 5-minute drive. Claudia opened the door to her house, while Naruto grabbed his equipment.

"Make yourself at home. I'll get ready and slip into something more comfortable." Claudia said.

"Okay." Naruto said, sitting up the equipment.

Naruto ready the set. By this time Claudia came down in a tiny thong like bikini. He blushed, seeing Claudia in something sexy. The older blonde smiled a bit to herself, seeing the younger blonde's reaction. Naruto quickly retains his profession.

"Are you ready, Claudia?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, let's do this." Claudia replied.

Claudia posed for the camera. Naruto made sure he got every angle of the older blonde. Claudia posed in every sexy way she could. She grabbed and played with her fat fake tits. She blows kisses. She bent over, showing her fat ass. She went into her backyard, taking quick dips in her swimming pool.

"What do you think, Naruto?" Claudia asked.

"You're amazing, Claudia!" Naruto replied.

30 minutes had passed, and Naruto continues to do his job. Of course, seeing the older big tit blonde almost naked was giving him a slight boner. Claudia noticed this. Without saying a word, Claudia removed her top. Naruto stared at the older blonde's tits.

"Be sure to take lots of pictures, Naruto." Claudia said with a smile.

"Yes, Claudia." Naruto replied with a blush.

Naruto took all kinds of nude pictures of Claudia Maire. After 5 minutes of shooting, Naruto wanted to check out how the pictures came out.

"I'm going to check the film, Claudia." Naruto said.

"Okay, darling." Claudia replied, getting out of the pool.

Claudia dried herself off. Naruto looked at the film, seeing how great the images are. Naruto smiled, knowing he had taken wonderful images of Claudia. Claudia was now dry, but she was also naked. Seeing the younger blonde's penis getting hard against the side of his pants turned her on. Claudia needed some action.

"Well, Claudia, the pictures came out great. So, what do you want to do next?" Naruto said, turning to Claudia.

Naruto's eyes lit up, seeing Claudia naked. It seems what Claudia wanted to do is Naruto, literally.

"Well, what I want to do is you, Naruto. I saw your cock wanting me." Claudia stated.

"Oh, you saw that. Sorry… I can't help myself sometimes." Naruto replied.

"No need to apologize, darling. How about you show me a good time?" Claudia said, walking up to Naruto.

Claudia takes Naruto by the hand. Before he knew it, he was grabbing and kissing the older blonde. Claudia moaned, feeling Naruto's lips against hers. Not only that, but she also felt his cock getting even harder.

"Ooh…" Claudia said.

"Yeah, I'll be more than happy to show you a good time, Claudia." Naruto replied.

"Let's go to my room." Claudia said.

Both blondes were heading to Claudia's bedroom. Naruto could not help himself. He grabbed, massaged, and played with Claudia's tits. He loved how they felt in his hands. His fingers sink within the soft flesh. Naruto even sucked on her nipples, making Claudia moan a little louder.

"Ahh, you're so eager, Naruto…" Claudia moaned.

"Yeah, these big tits really are a turn on." Naruto said.

Naruto's cock got even harder. Claudia wanted to see what the younger blonde was peaking.

"Let's see what you're hiding, Naruto~…" Claudia said, removing his shirt.

Claudia slightly blushes, seeing Naruto's muscular body. She down went down, removing the younger blonde's pants and boxers. She felt like a child opening a present. It sure was a present to the older fat tit blonde. Her eyes widen with surprise and lust, seeing the younger blonde's 16 inches and fat balls filled with his seed.

"Holy shit… What a monster!" Claudia said with joy.

"Thanks, Miss Claudia. Let me show you what this monster of mine can do." Naruto replied, kissing Claudia.

"Please do." Claudia said.

Naruto places Claudia on her bed, exploring her body. Once again, the younger blonde went for the huge tits.

"Man, your tits are a big turn on, Claudia." Naruto stated.

"What's why I got them." Claudia replied.

Naruto smiled. He got on top of Claudia. She knew where this was going. She had done this many times. Of course, with a monster size penis like Naruto's was going to be quite the experience.

"I'm going to use these fat tits of yours, okay?" Naruto said.

"Please do~…" Claudia said.

With that said, Naruto placed his cock between Claudia's tits. He then grabbed the large bouncy orbs, wrapping them around his cock.

"So soft…" Naruto moaned.

"So big~…" Claudia moaned.

Naruto then moved his hips, stroking his rod along the pair of large tits. Naruto held a tight grip on Claudia on her massive tits. He tit-fucked her massive fake tits. The blonde loved how her breasts feel, choking his monster.

"So, good…" Claudia moaned, licking the tip.

"Oh, yes… They really are soft." Naruto moaned.

Claudia watched the mushroom tip, popping in and out between her bust. She licked her lips, wanting a taste of the blonde stud's cock. Naruto saw this. He stops, letting Claudia get a taste of his rod.

"Mmm, so tasty~…" Claudia slurped.

"Wow…" Naruto moaned.

"Such a good fat cock…" Claudia said.

Naruto continued to tit-fuck Claudia's big tits. As he did, his cock got even harder. Claudia saw that his cock got hard.

"Whoa… It's so hard…" Claudia said.

"Since you got a taste, how about I get a taste." Naruto said.

"Oh?" Claudia said.

Naruto went down between Claudia's legs. Naruto rubbed the older blonde's lady lips, making Claudia moaned.

"Oh, I see what you mean…" Claudia moaned.

"Are you ready?" Naruto asked.

"Yes… Go ahead…" Claudia replied.

Naruto did. He spread her legs, sucking on Claudia's pussy.

"Ah!" Claudia moaned.

Naruto toughed deeply, getting the older blonde moist. Claudia moaned, playing with her large breasts again.

"Oh, you're getting me wet, Naruto!" Claudia moaned.

Naruto picks himself up, rubbing Claudia's lady lips.

"Do you like it, Claudia?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, yes…" Claudia moaned.

"It seems you're ready for my cock, Claudia." Naruto said.

"Yes, Naruto, give it to me…" Claudia said with a smile.

Naruto gets into bed with the older blonde. He was on top. Claudia moaned, feeling Naruto's muscular body against hers. Not only that, but she also felt the blonde's monster cock against her vagina. Naruto grabbed his member, rubbing it against Claudia's lady-lips.

"Ooh…" Claudia moaned.

"Are you ready, Claudia?" Naruto asked.

"Yes… Go ahead and put in." Claudia said.

Naruto nodded. He pushes the tip inside of Claudia. She soon let out a scream of pleasure, feeling the mushroom tip going inside her.

"Fuck, you're so much bigger than I thought!" Claudia moaned.

"Ah, you're so wet!" Naruto moaned, pushing more of his cock inside her.

"Oh, yes! More! Keep going!" Claudia moaned.

Naruto did just that. The younger blonde pushed his cock deeper and deeper inside the big tit blonde. Claudia moaned, feeling her insides getting stretched out by Naruto's monster.

"Oh, shit! You're stretching me out, Naruto!" Claudia moaned.

"I-Indeed! I love how tight you are, Claudia!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto continues to put his cock deep inside of the older blonde. A few minutes later, Claudia had taken all the younger blonde's cock. She took it, balls deep with the tip kissing her womb. Claudia had never had anything this big before.

"Uh, you're much bigger inside me…" Claudia moaned.

"Yeah~… I didn't think older women would be this tight and wet…" Naruto moaned.

"Show me how good you are, Naruto~…" Claudia moaned.

"With pleasure, Claudia…" Naruto said with a smile.

Naruto begins to move.

"Ahh…" Claudia moaned.

"So tight…" Naruto moaned.

Naruto leaned close, sucking on Claudia's breasts.

"Yes…" Claudia moaned.

Naruto enjoyed Claudia's hot body. He switched with the other nipple. Claudia moaned, with her toes curling up, thanks to the younger blonde pleasing her body. Before she knew it, Naruto buried himself between her bust. She soon felt Naruto slightly increasing his movements.

"Ugh!" Claudia moaned.

"Damn, this body and tits are amazing!" Naruto muffled between her breasts.

"Oh, shit! Your cock is stretching out my pussy even more!" Claudia moaned.

"That's what it's made for, miss Claudia!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto continue his actions, giving that small hole a stretching. Claudia had many fans and guys, give her pussy a screwing. But this new cameraman and his monster penis was beyond anything. The younger blonde continues to fuck the older blonde. Naruto leaned closer, plow driving, Claudia. Claudia screams, having Naruto go deeper and his balls slapping her fat ass.

"Ah, you're even deeper! Your cock is breaking me!" Claudia moaned.

"Yeah! This pussy feels like it's getting tighter! I can't help it!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto picks himself up, grabbing Claudia's hips. He then thrusts with all his might, making Claudia scream in pleasure. He picked up his speed more. Thanks to this, Claudia's fat fake tits jiggle and bounce around freely.

"Oh, shit! You're going to break my pussy, Naruto!" Claudia moaned.

"Ah, you're getting even tighter, Claudia! I'm going to make sure to climax deep inside you!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, God! You're such an animal!" Claudia moaned.

"Take my cock, you big tit whore!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto thrust wildly! He did not let up, wanting to have this new pussy. He wanted to release his seed deep inside the older blonde. Claudia felt her inside being ruin thanks to the horse cock that Naruto had been blessed with. She became moister. As for the stud, Naruto felt his cock being squeezed by the older blonde's pussy. His balls were starting to tighten. Both blondes were going to climax.

"Ah-ahh! N-Naruto! I'm going to cum!" Claudia moaned.

"Raugh, same here! I'm going to cum too!" Naruto moaned.

"Good lord! Your fat cock is going to ruin me~! You're going to make me cum so hard!" Claudia moaned.

"Yes! My cock is going to own your pussy!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto increased his speed, pinning down Claudia. Both blondes were close. Naruto and Claudia could not hold it, anymore.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and Claudia moaned.

Naruto released his seed deep inside of Claudia. Claudia's eyes widen, feeling how much Naruto climaxed.

"Oh! You're cumming inside me! There's so much!" Claudia moaned.

"Yes! Take it for me, Claudia!" Naruto moaned.

"Ahh!" Claudia screams.

Like always, Naruto's orgasm last for a long minute. Claudia blushed, feeling her inside filling up. The big tit blonde was amazed, still feeling Naruto's loads, shooting inside her.

"Oh, God… Your cock… You're still cumming inside me, Naruto~…" Claudia said.

"Ah, shit… I'm about finished… Keep taking it…" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, shit…" Claudia moaned.

A few seconds later, Naruto's orgasm ended. The younger blonde pulls out his soft cock out of Claudia's tight pussy. She smiled, letting out a sigh. She felt her pussy, leaking out with the younger blonde's cock.

"Oh, that was great." Naruto said.

"It sure was, Naruto… Oh, God, there's so much…" Claudia moaned.

"Sorry, I overdo it," Naruto said.

"Not at all… I'm amazed." Claudia said.

Both blondes smiled at each other. The younger blonde saw his cock a mess a soft. He got an idea. Naruto spread his legs, showing his messy cock.

"Here, Claudia, suck my cock clean…" Naruto said.

Claudia smiled. She soon got between Naruto's legs, wrapping her lips around the monster cock. Naruto relaxed, watching Claudia give him head.

"Ahh…" Naruto moaned.

Claudia sucked and slurp the monster. While she sucks the tip, she used her melons, choking Naruto's rod. The younger blonde moaned, louder.

"Oh, your tits are so soft, Claudia…!" Naruto moaned.

"You like my tits?" Claudia asked.

"Yeah, keep stroking my cock with those fat tits." Naruto moaned.

"With pleasure…" Claudia said.

Naruto moaned, feeling Claudia's massive tits, stroking his cock. Naruto got hard within the soft cleavage. Claudia continued to clean the younger blonde's cock till he was hard again. She stops her actions, seeing how quickly the monster got hard so soon.

"Oh, wow… Your cock is more than just for its size…" Claudia said.

"Yeah, sometimes this thing has a mind of its own. How about we continue, Claudia?" Naruto asked.

"I would like that." Claudia replied, getting close to Naruto.

Both blondes kissed, while Naruto played with her tits, again. As they made out, Naruto's hands found themselves on Claudia's rump. He felt the texter of her ass. It was big. Since he already owned Claudia's pussy, he should take her ass as well.

"Claudia, bend over for me." Naruto said.

"Oh?" Claudia said.

"I'm going to fuck this ass of yours." Naruto stated.

"Oh, my…" Claudia said.

"Let me see this big ass." Naruto said.

Claudia did as she was told. She lied on her chest, lifting her ass in the air. Naruto amazed by Claudia's butt. Naruto got hard, seeing the older blonde's ass.

"What do you think?" Claudia asked.

"It's a nice-looking ass, Claudia. In fact, how about I take this ass as well. I've been so focused on your fat tits I didn't realize you have such a fat ass…" Naruto stated, getting behind Claudia.

Naruto grabbed both of her cheeks.

"Ah!" Claudia moaned.

"It's so soft… I can't wait to fuck this ass." Naruto stated.

"You're such a bad boy…" Claudia said.

Naruto spread Claudia's ass apart, showing her small pink rosebud. The younger blonde leans close, licking her ass. Claudia let out another moan, feeling Naruto's tongue against her butt. Her legs quivered, having the warm tongue lubing up her anus.

"Ah, my ass!" Claudia moaned.

Naruto lubed up Claudia, making sure she was ready for the hard pounding ahead. Claudia bit her lower lip, feeling her asshole wet and lubed up. Naruto stops his action, mounting on the big tit blonde. His cock between her cheeks, and his rod, rubbing up against the small anus.

"Oh, Naruto…" Claudia moaned.

"Are you ready?" Naruto asked.

"Of course," Claudia replied.

Naruto spread the older blonde's ass, showing her rosebud. He then pushes his mushroom tip inside Claudia's asshole, along with some of his grith. Naruto fits about 4 inches inside Claudia's asshole.

"Ahh! My ass!" Claudia moaned.

"Oh, so tight…" Naruto moaned.

Naruto pushes more of his monster cock inside the older blonde's ass. She felt her anus being stretched out. The young blonde continued to push more of his cock inside Claudia's tight anus while mounting her more. She screamed. She screamed pure pleasure. She never had anything this big inside her rectum. It turned her on. She loved how big the younger blonde's cock is.

"Ah! Ah, fuck!" Claudia moaned.

"Ugh, your asshole is squeezing my cock!" Naruto moaned.

"Augh, you're so deep!" Claudia moaned.

Naruto managed to push all his cock inside of the older blonde's asshole. Naruto and Claudia moaned, loudly, having all 16 inches inside the tight rectum. Both blondes stay motionless.

"Oh, shit…" Claudia groaned.

"Whoa, your fat ass is amazing…" Naruto moaned.

"Fuck, you're so big…" Claudia moaned.

"I know, you're just tight, Claudia." Naruto said.

Naruto positioned himself, on Claudia. Claudia moaned, feeling the monster cock twitching, and moving inside her butt. Naruto starts to use small movements.

"Ugh…!" Claudia moaned.

"Ahh…" Naruto moaned.

Claudia felt the cock, moving around inside her. Naruto bit his lip, loving how tight the big tit blonde's ass is. Of course, Naruto made sure not to fuck her rough, till she was adjusted. Yes, this was not Claudia's first time doing anal. But this was the first time she is having her way with a monster cock.

"Oh, my ass… I never had anything this big inside my butt…" Claudia moaned.

"Wow, this fat ass is soft and stupidly tight…" Naruto moaned, still moving slowly.

"Ugh…!" Claudia moaned.

"Such a good ass…" Naruto moaned.

Naruto thrust deep and slow. He really loved how tight the older blonde's asshole was. Naruto pinned Claudia down, holding her hands, and cock going inside deeper in the rectum. The big tit blonde moaned, feeling the monster cock moving around her butt. Her anal walls squeeze the fat dick.

"Oh, you're stretching out my little ass…" Claudia moaned.

"Yes, Claudia, your ass feels good… It's a good thing I'm owning this ass…" Naruto moaned.

"Ahh, you're going to own my ass, Naruto?" Claudia asked.

"Yes, Claudia… Now, let's up the movements…" Naruto moaned.

Naruto slightly increased his movements. Claudia moaned, feeling the younger blonde picking up his speed. Besides feeling the long stick inside her ass, Claudia felt Naruto's fat balls slap against her pussy-lips and thighs. Naruto moaned, feeling Claudia's asshole, squeezing him, thanks to his increased movement.

"Ooh, Naruto, you're all inside my ass…" Claudia moaned.

"Yes, I am… You're taking my cock quite well, Claudia~…" Naruto moaned.

"Ahh, y-yes… I love that monster cock inside my ass…!" Claudia moaned.

Naruto continued with his medium movements. The younger blonde picked up Claudia. Claudia saw that she was sitting on Naruto's cock. Naruto pulled Claudia into a kiss and grabbing her tits.

"Mmm…" Claudia muffled.

"You like this, Claudia?" Naruto asked, squeezing her breasts.

"Yes! I need more! I need my ass fucked!" Claudia moaned.

Naruto did just that. He increased his speed even more. Claudia screams, riding the dick, reverse cowgirl style. Thanks to Naruto's faster movements, Claudia's massive fake tits, jiggle and bounce freely. Claudia enjoyed having her asshole stuffed with the younger blonde's meat.

"Oh, shit! M-My ass! I'm riding Naruto's monster dick!" Claudia moaned.

"Ah, Claudia, you're getting even tighter! Keep taking my cock!" Naruto moaned.

"Augh, your cock is swelling deep inside my ass!" Claudia moaned.

Naruto drooled, thanks to the older blonde's asshole, squeezing his dick. Before she knew it, Claudia found herself, face in her sheets. Naruto was mounting her, riding her big ass, and balls slapping her pussy again. Claudia screamed, being overwhelmed by Naruto's aggressive and primal thrusting.

"Oh, Naruto!" Claudia moaned.

"Who's big ass is this?!" Naruto moaned.

"I-It's yours…!" Claudia moaned, almost, whispering.

"I can't hear you, Claudia!" Naruto moaned, thrusting harder.

"It's yours, Naruto! Keep fucking my ass with that monster dick!" Claudia moaned.

Naruto continued to screw the big ass of the older bigger tit blonde. Claudia screamed, feeling her ass becoming even tighter and her pussy becoming moist again. Naruto felt his balls swelling up, producing semen. His cock twitched. Both blondes knew they were going to climax, again.

"Oh, I'm about to cum!" Claudia moaned.

"Ah, I'm about to cum too, Claudia! I'm going to do it inside your asshole!" Naruto moaned, thrusting harder.

I'm going to cum from you fucking my ass, Naruto!" Claudia screamed.

Naruto did not let up. He pretty much owned Claudia's big ass. Claudia screamed, feeling her juices about to reach their peak. Naruto bit his lower lip. His dick was swelling up. He knew he could not hold it in anymore. Both blondes climaxed.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and Claudia moaned, reaching their orgasms.

Naruto let out a loud grunt, feeling his cock, blasting deep inside of Claudia's ass. Claudia's open was wide opened, as her eyes rolled back. Her pussy squirted, and her asshole was becoming filled with the younger blonde's semen.

"Oh, t-there's so much…" Claudia, moaned.

"This is something, Claudia… it keeps taking my hot loads." Naruto moaned.

"I can't believe you're still cumming inside my poor little asshole…" Claudia moaned.

After a long minute, Naruto's orgasm had ended. Naruto slowly pulls himself out of the older blonde's butt. He let out a sigh of bliss, loving her ass. Claudia blushed, feeling Naruto's semen leaking out of her asshole. She rolled on her back, breathing, heavily.

"Oh, you're quite amazing, Naruto… My asshole is filled with your hot cum…" Claudia moaned.

Thanks to her breathing, her massive tits move greatly. Naruto amazed by the sight. In fact, his soon soft cock became hard. Naruto came close to the older blonde. Claudia saw Naruto standing over her, messy cock and big balls in her face. Her eyes widen, seeing Naruto was ready for more.

"Oh, my…" Claudia said.

"I want to fuck you so more, Claudia… I'm not going to stop till my cum is all over those big tits of yours." Naruto stated, playing with Claudia's breasts.

"Please do…" Claudia replied.

Naruto places his cock against Claudia's face. She soon wrapped her lips around his cock. Claudia sucked on Naruto's cock. This went on for a few minutes. As soon as his cock was clean, Naruto went for Claudia's sweet spot. Naruto shoved his cock back inside of Claudia's pussy.

"Oh, God!" Claudia moaned.

"Let's keep going, Claudia…" Naruto said with a smile, thrusting hard.

"Yes, fuck me, Naruto!" Claudia moaned.

Both blondes had sex for hours. Naruto did whatever he wanted. He took turns, switching from pussy, ass, and tits. Claudia was old, but she felt young thanks to Naruto fucking her nonstop. Many hours later, the younger blonde was standing over the older blonde, again, jerking off his member. Since he first laid eyes on her massive cleave ledge, Naruto wanted to glaze his seed on them. And his fantasy will soon become reality.

"Ugh!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto released another hot load all over Claudia's tits. She opened her mouth, taking some of Naruto's seed. Claudia enjoyed the fucking and marking the younger blonde give her.

"Wow… That was sure amazing, Naruto…" Claudia stated, kissing the tip of his cock.

"Thanks… You're pretty amazing yourself…" Naruto replied.

Naruto and Claudia rested for a while. Naruto really enjoyed himself. Claudia looked at the time, seeing it was 5:00 p.m.

"Oh, damn. I did not realize how late, it was." Claudia said.

"Is it?" Naruto asked.

Naruto got a text from Victoria. She said she was done with her photoshoot and will be at the studios in 15 minutes to pick him up.

"I have to get going to Claudia." Naruto said.

"I'll drop you off, Naruto." Claudia said.

Both blondes got cleaned up and headed out the door. 5 minutes later, Naruto and Claudia reached FoXxX-studios.

"Thank you for the ride, Claudia." Naruto said.

"Thank you for the sex, Naruto. The photos were the best I've seen." Claudia said.

"It was no big deal." Naruto said.

"If I need you, will you come over and spend time with me?" Claudia asked with a smile.

Naruto smiled back.

"Of course, Claudia. When you want my company, just give me a call." Naruto replied.

Naruto gave Claudia a kiss. She smiled.

"Well, till next time." Claudia said.

Claudia droves off, waving bye to Naruto. Naruto smiled, seeing he had another woman as his client. Naruto stood in front of the studios, waiting for Victoria. About 10 minutes, Victoria had arrived. Victoria saw Naruto by the entrance of FoXxX-studios.

"Hey!" Victoria said.

"Hey." Naruto said.

Naruto grabs his equipment and gets in the car.

"How was your day, Naruto?" Victoria asked.

"It was good. And yourself?" Naruto asked.

"Good. Ready to go home?" Victoria asked.

"Yeah." Naruto replied.

The two drove back home. Naruto takes his equipment out and brings it inside and puts it away. Without warning, Victoria pulled down Naruto's pants.

"Victoria?" Naruto said.

"Sorry, Naruto, I've been craving for this dick all day! I need you to fuck me!" Victoria said, sucking his cock.

Naruto smiled, seeing how horny the ebony goddess is. Naruto did not disappoint. Even after fucking Claudia, he wanted more. He relaxed, enjoying his blowjob. It did not take long for the blonde to get hard. The ebony goddess pushed the blonde on the couch. Victoria got on top of Naruto with the monster cock between her cakes.

"Oh, I missed this dick, Naruto…" Victoria said.

"I can tell…" Naruto replied with a smile.

"Let's get started, Naruto…" Victoria said.

She grabbed the blonde fat dick, adjusting it inside her.

"Ooh, fuck…" Victoria moaned.

"Ahh…" Naruto moaned.

Victoria took all of Naruto's cock. She did not wait, moving her hips, riding the blonde's dick.

"Ah, yes~… I needed this so badly…" Victoria moaned.

"Ahh, yeah…" Naruto moaned.

Naruto did his thing, grabbing both ebony's large cheeks. He also sucked on Victoria's breasts, making her move her hips more.

"Oh, yes! Your dick feels so good, Naruto!" Victoria moaned.

"Keep riding, Victoria!" Naruto moaned.

Victoria rode on the blonde, harder. Her ass clapped each time the ebony bounced on Naruto. The blonde was enjoying the Victoria riding on his dick. He felt her pussy getting tighter. Naruto had a tight grip on Victoria's hips, using his own movements.

"Ahhhh! Ahh, fuck!" Victoria moaned.

Naruto moaned, feeling Victoria's ass pounding his pelvis and her pussy squeezing his monster. Without warning, he picked up Victoria, carrying her and fucking her at the same time.

"Oh, shit!" Victoria screamed.

"I can't help myself! You're so good, Victoria!" Naruto moaned.

"Ooh-wee! Fuck me! Fuck me more like this, Naruto!" Victoria screamed.

Naruto did just that. Victoria moaned, feeling the tip hitting her womb. This continued for a while longer. Thanks to the large sizes of Victoria's cakes, and the large dick, they were on the verge of climaxing. In fact, they were close.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and Victoria moaned.

Naruto and Victoria climaxed. Once again, the ebony goddess felt the blonde's semen, shooting up inside her. Naruto granted, feeling his dick daring thanks to Victoria's tight pussy and big ass. Naruto laid Victoria on the couch, still cumming inside her.

"Ah, fuck…" Victoria moaned.

"Take it for me, Victoria…" Naruto moaned.

"I will, Naruto… Keep giving it to me…" Victoria moaned.

And she did. A minute later, Naruto was done climaxing. Naruto's cock slips out, it was messy and soft.

"Ah, you're the best, Naruto…" Victoria moaned.

"Thanks, Victoria…" Naruto replied, kissing her lips.

Victoria picked herself up. Thanks to that orgasm, the ebony goddess wanted more. She went between Naruto's legs, wrapping her lips around the monster. Naruto moaned, getting sucked off again.

"Oh, shit…" Naruto moaned.

Victoria bobbed her head, sucking Naruto's dick clean. Minutes later, Victoria stopped her actions. The blonde's dick was hard, clean and ready for more action.

"All right…" Naruto said.

Naruto took charge, placing Victoria on the couch, doggy style.

"Ah!" Victoria shouted with joy.

"Now, then…" Naruto said.

Naruto buried himself Victoria's cakes.

"Ooh!" Victoria moaned.

Naruto licked Victoria's asshole, making her moan. She knew what Naruto was planning to do. Naruto motorboated the ebony's big ass.

"Oh, yes! Just like that, Naruto!" Victoria moaned.

Naruto pulls his face out of Victoria's ass, licking his lips. Then gives her a hard smack.

"Ah!" Victoria shouted again.

Naruto mounts onto Victoria, his dick between her cheeks.

"You're going to fuck my ass, Naruto?" Victoria asked.

"Damn straight…" Naruto replied.

Naruto grabs his cock, pushing the tip inside her asshole. The ebony screamed in pleasure, feeling every inch of the monster going inside her ass. Moments later, Naruto was all the way up Victoria's ass.

"Oh~… Oh, fuck…" Victoria moaned.

"Man, I love this ass~…" Naruto moaned.

"Ah, you're so fucking big…" Victoria moaned.

Naruto drilled his dick in and out of her tight ass.

"Oh, yes, fuck that big ass, Naruto~…" Victoria moaned.

"Believe me, I will, Victoria…" Naruto moaned.

Naruto increased his movements, making Victoria moan, louder.

"Ahh, yes!" Victoria moaned.

"Ahh, this ass is the best!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, fuck! Augh!" Victoria groaned.

Naruto leaned close, slowing down his movements and pulling Victoria into a kiss. Both the blonde and ebony locked lips for a minute, then broke the kiss to breathe. Then Naruto resumes his hard pounding, making Victoria scream again.

"Oh, God! You're going to break my ass, Naruto!" Victoria moaned.

"Augh! I'm so close, again! I'm going to give it to you, Victoria!" Naruto moaned, thrusting wildly.

"Ah, fuck!" Victoria screamed.

Naruto gives that the ebony goddess' asshole everything he got. Victoria continues to scream throughout her home. Her pussy became moist thanks to Naruto fucking her ass with unbelievable power. For the blonde, he felt his balls becoming tight and his dick was twitching. Once again, Naruto and Victoria were going to climax.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and Victoria screamed.

Naruto pinned Victoria down, shooting his load inside her ass. Victoria groaned, as her eyes rolled back. She felt the warm loads spraying deep inside her asshole, like last night and this morning.

"Oh, fuck, Naruto~… Keep giving it to me, Naruto~…" Victoria moaned.

"Take it, Victoria…" Naruto moaned.

"Yes…" Victoria moaned.

Like always, Naruto's orgasm last for a whole minute then ended after that long minute. Naruto leaned close, kissing Victoria's lips.

"Oh, Naruto, you really know how to give it to me…" Victoria moaned.

"Thanks, Victoria… Let's keep going…" Naruto said.

Before she could even react or reply, Naruto had already pulled out his cock and shoves it inside her pussy.

"Ah, Naruto!" Victoria screamed.

"I want you so badly…" Naruto said, thrusting already.

"Oh, fuck!" Victoria moaned.

Naruto fucked Victoria for hours. She enjoyed every minute of it. It was night, and Naruto and Victoria were just about done. Naruto stood over Victoria, jerking off his monster, ready to climax again. The ebony opened her mouth, ready for the blonde's loads.

"Ugh, I'm cumming!" Naruto moaned, climaxing.

"Ahh!" Victoria shouted with joy.

"Oh, my God…" Naruto moaned.

"Fuck, Naruto… You really are the best…" Victoria said, kissing Naruto's tip.

"Thank you, Victoria… I really love having sex with you." Naruto said.

"I feel the same way, Naruto… Want to take a shower with me?" Victoria asked.

"Yeah." Naruto replied.

Naruto and Victoria went into the restroom, washing off all the sweat and love juices. Of course, the two could not keep their hands off each other and end up fucking in the shower. An hour later, Naruto and Victoria were done, cleaned, and still naked. Victoria laid with Naruto in bed.

The ebony goddess smiled, feeling completely satisfied thanks to the blonde. They cuddle, after their many hours of fun. She leaned close, kissing Naruto on the lips, being tender. Naruto smiled, kissing her back. Their eyelids became heavy, falling asleep. Before they drifted off to sleep, they said good night.

"Good night, Naruto…" Victoria said.

"Good night, Victoria…" Naruto replied.

Naruto and Victoria fell asleep. What will happen tomorrow for Naruto, and what next woman will call for his talent?


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