I'm going to write an one-shot I haven't thought of doing but it would be very fun to do. Happy Halloween! I hope you all enjoy whoever is reading this. XD

The feeling where you're going to new places can be quite overwhelming for some. When it's losing a home and scout to find a new one, or need to go on an adventure. Ah.. I don't know maybe, as in set sail to a magical island nobody has discovered before, or a place many people have told stories about and want to undergo the secrets on the mystery thousands have told upon. I crave; urge for that. The feeling of exploring, whether it be overwhelming or not it doesn't bother me. Not anymore it doesn't. Not after what happened. It hurts to talk about, but as long as you keep walking forward with a smile on your face, you can always talk about the next adventure without worry. Am I not wrong, Professor?

It hurts so much. The feeling of suffocation. The dread it fills you with. You might not be able to feel it but, I do. For select some, it was obvious. The worst part of it all was the countdown. The Kings they called it, they were the ones in control. Professor told me about it once. The theory that The Kings could plug our universe from the wall and start the countdown. It was true, it was all true. Each and every word they theorized about. If only this was given the green light to be put in the public libraries. By then though, it would've been to late. Maybe it was best to let The Kings win so that the future can take care of the outcome. Yes.. That has to be the solution. Alright then, I leave it to you, Professor.

"Trick or treat!" A high pitched voice was heard, along with a flutter of noise that came from behind.

The person in front of the voice was somehow unpleased. Sighing, they placed the candy bowl down filled with most splendid treats.

"Yes I would give you candy, although you are clearly no longer a sprout anymore." The person sighed.

"Well it was worth a shot!" Turns out getting candy when you're no longer a kid is harder than expected. I mean who wouldn't pass up free candy though?

Sadly nobody was able to give them candy. Except well, for one person.

"Here you go Ire, it was the least I could do for you." Ire's friend giggled. For some odd reason she was able to get some candy even though they were literally the same age.

"Thank you Arabella. I still can't believe you managed to get some candy." Ire's eyes widened.

"Well the trick was to go as a ghost! Nobody would know who was under the costume if all you were was a white sheet with some black marker!" Her friend laughed.

"Oh so that's why your a ghost for Halloween. Not a bad idea per say." She winked, having some idea on what to be for next Halloween.

They started walking, talking in fact. It was an ordinary conversation. They were both pixies to just seem to be living their lives.

"Hey stop.. Arabella. We're too close. We need to head back, now." Ire stopped. For some reason, her heart started to beat pretty fast.

"Yeah you're right.. If I'm not wrong then we're on the path to Blackspore. Every Halloween the Werewolves and Vampires have a dance off. It's best to avoid that." Arabella nodded. Stopping, she placed her shoulder on Ire.

Breathing hardly, she changed to Brawler. She was sadly only level 9 which was her strongest job, but she had to protect herself in any way. Luckily, Arabella was a level 16 Archer which she as well changed into.

"I sense something.. And it's not a werewolf or vampire. It's... unfamiliar, something I cannot put my finger on." She flew, hammer over head to shield herself. Of course as friends do, she followed.

It wasn't quite in Blackspore. Right around the entrance, near a big rock. It was some kind of weird object. Purple shaped, but not quite a purple shade fit for Gloam activity. Picking it up, it wasn't heavy much. It was lighter than the hammer Ire was using. Looking down and inspecting it, it was an odd creation neither the two pixies have ever recognized before.

"Hey uh Arabella.. I think we should just leave it. Maybe it could just be from Blackspore? It's all dark and scary there anyway." Ire backed up a bit. Worried, she looked left and right to see if anyone was watching.

"Woah check this out!" Suddenly, she showed the object to Ire. Eyes widening, the object seemed to show some type of screen inside it.

Inside the screen there was a picture of what seemed to be Sacred Grove. The home of Arabella and Ire.

For some reason though, it was weird in a way. In some unexplainable way, it was hard to tell since it was so foreign for the two of them. The best way to explain it is that it seems like a... computer?


The object fell onto the floor, shattering into pieces.

Silence. Much to dismay, only wind and the soft auburn green leaves blowing in the air.

Arabella was the one to break the silence. Coughing, it was obvious she saw it too.

"Yeah uh.. That was one weird object. Hey uhm.. want to head back?" Her awkward laughter filled into the awkward space between both pixies.

Ire slowly nodded in confusion. Blinking, she started to fly back. Gripping her bag with just a couple candies in it which was supposed to be filled with them, she sweated a bit.

"So.. what do you think that was?" Arabella broke the awkwardness.

"Honestly I don't have much of a clue. It seemed to be our home Sacred Grove." Ire responded, confused as much as she was.

"Yeah but it was weird.. It seemed to be out of a map in front of what seemed to be a computer screen." She answered back, trying to piece together what they had both saw.

"You know maybe it wasn't that important.. I'm sorry for sensing something so dumb." Ire frowned, stopping in her tracks.

"Hey it's okay. Don't worry about it. Let's just head back, okay?" Arabella smiled in reassurance.


Honestly looking back then, I should've trusted my gut. That.. shard they called it. It was the key.. The reason. It was the breakthrough of The Kings. The Kings of who shared our home.. The Kings who destroyed our home. They were the cause of our Sunset.

Professor told us not blame them or be filled with hatred. He told us an important reason why.. But that reason he told us.. was unbelievable. Our history was endless. It could go back millions of years and keep going and there would still be traces of our home. Were The Kings Immortal? Did they have some power that us would never be able to comprehend? Nobody could tell because.. They had the power. The power to plug our universe from the wall and commence our Sunset.

Even now, we are still asleep. Waiting for the day before all of us awaken again. Until now, I write in this notebook until my slumber has ended. Till we have our Sunrise again. Then I can see Arabella's face again.

Professor if you can read this, I understand now. The Kings you told us before we fell; before we succumb to slumber. I will never forget those words you spoke upon us once. The words of which opened my eyes. The words of.. a Sunrise.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Here's a question! Why would someone want to end the world that they created? That's the question in my head while writing this. Well thanks for reading! ^.^