[~0o ! o0~]

You slept well!

HP fully recovered

CP fully recovered

[~0o ! o0~]

'I guess it wasn't just a dream, then.' Sasuke rubbed at his eyes, dismissing the popup. Today was an off day, so Sasuke could experiment with this system as much as possible. The potential for it was almost unbelievable.

First, he should probably test his defence and stamina to see if they had actually changed. Then, he would learn more about the system and how he could use it to get stronger. He nodded to himself, getting himself ready for the morning.

He was staring a bit too deeply at his potted plant before a pinging sound played in his head.

[~0o ! o0~]

New skill!

[Observe] lvl-1

-While staring at something specific, think the word

'Observe', and you will get a brief description of

whatever you are staring at!

[~0o ! o0~]

'A skill? What does that mean?' Sasuke creased his brow. He decided to test it out.

Since he was already staring at his plant, he decided to try it on that first.


[~0o ! o0~]

[Normal potted Plant]

Perfect for anyone who won't be at home

for long enough to care for it!

[Status effects]

If eaten:

-Poison debuff: 30 seconds

-Stomach ache

If applied:

-Minor healing: 200 HP

[~0o ! o0~]

Most of those were self explanatory, except for the healing. The last time he checked, he had about 1300 HP, which he assumed was his vitality. 200 HP was about one sixth of his health, which was quite a bit, considering if his HP went to 0, he would probably die.

This was all so confusing. Sasuke rubbed his head.

He went through his customary walk of shame through the district before going to one of the Uchiha training grounds. The Uchiha clan had several.

First, to test his stamina. He had almost doubled it with the 'points' he got for leveling up. It felt strange to think about it. He stretched a little before starting his run around the training ground.

Before, he would be near the point of passing out around the 12 lap range. As Sasuke past that, only breathing slightly heavier, he felt astonished. He hadn't even done very much work to get this far, 'The Game' was absolutely amazing!

[~0o ! o0~]

+1 Stamina

Due to testing your capabilities,

you have upped your stamina!

Good Work!

[~0o ! o0~]

Sasuke blinked at the notification. So he could get stat boosts by training? That he could do. He ran around the training grounds a few more times, reaching 21 before he felt tired.

'That was almost double!' Sasuke's eyes widened. This was starting to feel more and more like a perfect way to get stronger.

Now, to learn more about how he can use it. He opened up his inventory again, pulling out the tutorial.

-Learning about the basic mechanics of The Game-

The game has many systems built in it. So far, you know of the [Profile], [Stats], and [Inventory], if you were paying attention. Now, there are a few more things other than that.

Your profile is unlocking them right as we speak. (Or read) These systems are [Backstory], [Quest Log], and [Reputation]. A few more may appear in the future if you do the correct things to unlock them.

[Backstory]- is an unbiased story about what has happened up to now. It dates back to the Warring States era, giving a vague description of everything

[Quest Log]- is a log showing what quests you have completed, what quests are coming up, and a way to get new quests.

[Reputation]- is a short description about what everyone important in the world thinks about you at the moment, warning the user of malice and bloodthirst.

Sasuke read and reread the page. That would be very helpful if it was accurate. He pulled up his profile, and just as the book said, there were 3 more tabs labeled after the things he just learned about.

Sasuke decided to look at the [Reputation] first, since that intrigued him.

[~0o ! o0~]


Important villages

Konohagakure- Sunagakure- Otogakure- Other-

[~0o ! o0~]

'Otogakure? I've never heard of that village.. Why is it important? Sasuke decided to check it first.

[~0o ! o0~]


[Overall reputation- Interested]

Orochimaru of the Sannin- Obsessed

Dosu Kinuta- Disinterested

Kin Tsuchi- Disinterested

Zaku Abumi- Disinterested

Kabuto Yakushi- Interested

[~0o ! o0~]

Sasuke cringed, he had heard of the sannin, but not much. Enough to know that one was a missing nin, and having him 'Obsessed' with him was not good. It seemed to show only the 'important people', which probably meant he'd be having a run in with them sooner or later.

Sasuke clenched his jaw, if a sannin was into him, he would need to train as hard as physically possible.

Now, to check Konoha.

[~0o ! o0~]


[Overall reputation- Respected]

Naruto Uzumaki- Rival

Sakura Haruno- Exalted

Kakashi Hatake- Sympathy

(x) Itachi Uchiha- Reason to Live

Shikamaru Nara- Annoyance

Chouji Akimichi- Disinterested

Ino Yamanaka- Obsessed

Hinata Hyuuga- Disinterested

Kiba Inuzuka- Rival

Shino Aburame- Respect

Hiruzen Sarutobi- Pity

[~0o ! o0~]

Sasuke sucked in a breath. 'No, it had to be lying.. There's no way!' Being Itachi's reason to live was a much higher reputation than he thought possible. He would have expected hatred or disinterest from him, but his reason to live? It made no sense! Why!?

He tugged at his hair in annoyance. It didn't make sense!

He heard a ping above him and his emotions dulled down slightly. He looked up at it in confusion.

[~0o ! o0~]

New Skill!

[Emotion Control] lvl- 1

When getting increasingly emotional, this skill,

while active will dull your emotions enough to

think clearly!

[~0o ! o0~]

Sasuke breathed heavily. That was a useful skill. His mind was thinking clearly now. The most logical thing to do would be to look into the 'Backstory' to see if he could learn more. He wiped at the confused tears that had formed in distaste.

He had sworn not to cry after that night. Maybe he would learn the truth. Because of the Emotion Control skill, for the first time, he didn't feel the flash of rage whenever he thought about the massacre. The rage that was dulling his memories and painting Itachi in the worst light possible.

Maybe there was a reason. Maybe Itachi didn't do it to 'test his potential'. Maybe he didn't have a choice. It wasn't like the brother he knew to do that.

But Itachi had said, his katana over his parents bodies, that he was faking it.

But why?

Sasuke clenched his teeth, his emotions still dulled. His sharingan was spinning from when he accidentally activated it.

He brought up his profile and the backstory.

[~0o ! o0~]


The world was full of war. Children aged 3 and up were fighting each other to the death. It was the warring clans era. Hashirama Senju, and Madara Uchiha, of rival clans rose in power. They were childhood friends, bonded over skipping of rocks. Now, they were clan heads, fighting to the death.

After Madara's brother was killed by Hashirama's brother, they decided to make peace, and they formed Konohagakure No Sato. Things were going fine before the child of a goddess manipulated Madara into leaving. Hashirama and Madara fought to the death, Hashirama leaving Madara to die.

Madara activated the Rinnegan and lived.

He lived to a very old age, living off of cells he had stolen from Hashirama, and manipulated an Uchiha named Obito.

After Madara passed away, Obito started impersonating him, and controlled the Kyuubi into attacking Konoha. The Fourth Hokage, his own sensei, fought him, eventually sealing the Kyuubi into his own son.

Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto grew up in a life of scorn.

Another boy, the opposite of him, grew up in the warmth of a clan, having it all taken away from him at 8 years old.

The Uchiha clan started planning a coup, angry at the mistreatment due to suspicion from the Kyuubi attack

The heir, Itachi Uchiha slaughtered them all on an order by a member of the council, Danzo Shimura.

Itachi told his brother to hate him, hoping to make him avenge the clan, and never bring their unsavory past into light.

Now, Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki are on the same team, fate pulling them together.

[~0o ! o0~]

Sasuke heaved a breath. He never knew the game would give him so much information. If it really was true, it would explain so much. Now that Sasuke was thinking back, the clan was acting very secretive. He remembered the glares random civilians would give him. He remembered seeing Itachi looking stressed out of his mind when he thought he was alone.

Sasuke sucked in a breath as his sharingan gained another tomoe.


[~0o ! o0~]

[Skill Upgrade]

Sharingan- 2 tomoe form

Due to a large amount of emotional stress,

your sharingan have upgraded from 1 tomoe to 2


-Better eyesight

-Copy Ability

-Faster processing

[~0o ! o0~]

Sasuke disregarded the notification, focusing on figuring out everything. So many things were uncovered. The Madara part worried him. Having a 'child of a goddess' manipulating people would not be good.

What are the rinnegan anyways?

Sasuke had many questions. He didn't even want to dig into the Kyuubi part. Though, it made Naruto's rapid progression make more sense. It almost comforted him.

Then there was Danzo. Sasuke knew that council members couldn't make that kind of order, and he knew his brother would too. So why? It was making his head hurt. He wanted to demand Itachi to answer his questions.

He knew Itachi wasn't that stupid! 'Ugh' There was so much to think about, he was almost overwhelmed. Training always helped him clear his mind, so he may as well do that.

Sasuke pulled out the 3 shuriken he got from the mission out of his inventory. The high quality metal gleamed in the sunlight. 'So the inventory is some kind of pocket dimension? I wonder if I can store living things there..' Sasuke threw the three shuriken at the same time, hitting bullseyes on each target.

He allowed himself a smirk of triumph before going to collect them. One cut into his finger.

-3 HP

Sasuke's eyebrows rose. So that's how he could tell how much health he has left. He absentmindedly sucked on his thumb, gathering the rest of the shuriken.

He had stored the information back in his brain for later, he just had to train now.

After the training session, Sasuke had gained 2 points in Dexterity and leveled up once.

[~0o ! o0~]

Sasuke Uchiha- LVL 14

HP- 1397/1400

CP- 600/600

XP- 130/500


Strength- 11 [+]

Stamina- 16 [+]

Agility- 12 [+]

Defence- 6 [+]

Dexterity- 11 [+]

CC- 60%

Points- 5

[~0o ! o0~]