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These strange dreams I am having... I feel myself tossing around where I am sleeping, my vision as I slumber, giving off some sort of images that I haven't seen before. Screaming? ...There's a fiery shadow hanging high above in the sky but I cannot tell what it is... A girl that looks to be around my age but whose face I cannot see... she's reaching for my hand... I struggle on that cliff to reach for her hand... there is a flashing image of what looking like a glowing white and green materia...

The loud banging on what sounds like metal stirs me awake from such a deep slumber... I feel like I have... did I sleep all day today? After that hard work yesterday and that all-nighter, I can imagine why I was tired... but that dream... what was that about? Why was I seeing a shadow in the sky coming down at the slowest rate towards the planet? Who was that girl...?

I got up from the soft bedsheets and walk over towards the sink, paying no mind to the sound of the loud banging of metal, which happened by chance to be my front door. I turn on the tap, throwing the cool feeling of liquid onto my face, hoping that would cool me down. I felt like I was practically sweating after waking up...

"Open up!" That familiar voice calls to me from behind the front door.

I groan a little bit, putting my right hand on my own forehead. If it wasn't the usual voice of the one who acted in charge, it would feel like I was just having a normal headache. It isn't though, as whenever he banged on my front door, it was usually another job that would be done for the team I am on.

My team... AVALANCHE...

I remember the first time I was going into Seventh Heaven that day to join the organization. Walking into the bar, seeing the face of my childhood friend Wedge who I remember as one who was picked on a lot. I was bullied as well with him, but me and him practically stuck together - minus the differences in our personalities.

He introduced me to the other members in AVALANCHE, Jessie and Biggs who I kind of remember in childhood as well, but barely. I was usually keeping to myself a lot, as Wedge would always be the one to approach me and ask to help stop the taunting the bullies were doing to him...

Then there was the two who ended up running the show, Barret and the bar's owner, Tifa. I remember the first time going to join, a pissed off Barret practically ripping into someone who had dared to look at his daughter Marlene, who was helping out with Tifa at the bar or just spending father-daughter time. While he paid no attention to me, I was introduced to Tifa who looked quite happy to see another recruitment come in.

Before even meeting her, I only remember seeing her when Wedge had to leave for more missions. It was only glimpses of her just waving my best friend over to join them. I would be left alone again, just to let my daydreaming loose again, just staring up at the iron circle above all of Sector 7. Midgar...

You're probably wondering... what's my name?

For all my life since the now fuzzy memories way back, I remember being told my name from my parents... "Arian". It's been my name since the moment I was born, and I've stuck with that ever since. It is quite an interesting choice for my own name. By the time I grew out black hair, I was already in school...

...At least until the Shinra came in... but I will leave that story for another time...

I walk over towards my front door, opening it up to the sounds of the people in the sector walking about and talking in conversation along with the sound of the gentle wind blowing in the distance. ...There's Barret with cool looking sunglasses shielding his eyes standing there in front of the door, his arms crossed and almost looking impatient as he was waiting for me supposedly.

Seeing the tired expression on my face, his face does soften a little bit, but he keeps a firm tone in his voice as he speaks to me. "Bad dreams again?"

"...Yeah. A little bit..." I said, yawning and stretching.

Barret brings me back to date on why he was here. "We've got ourselves a mission. One that's definitely going to get Shinra's attention on why they shouldn't mess with AVALANCHE... us!" He says to me, a smile on his mouth appears that looks rather devious... but that's Barret for you. He hates Shinra just as much as I do, or anyone else in the organization.

I turn around with an inaudible sigh, moving to the other side of my room and grabbing my weapon that my mother passed down to me. It was a blade of steel with the grip wrapped in a velvet red and the pommel made in iron gone dull. The blade however, is left sharp from the repairs that I've had to take it to. I sheathe the blade, a family heirloom which was called "Honor", practically putting it away to my side as I walk back to the front door, with Barret watching my every move.

"You ready to go?" He asked me.

"Yeah..." I said to him, moving outside of my room, shutting the door behind me and joining along with him.

"This mission, we managed to get someone who is going to help us out. Tifa told us herself that he's an expert at this kind of crap." Barret tells me.

Someone is joining us on this mission? ...Alright Arian, keep it together... remember how you felt joining AVALANCHE for the first time... just treat as any other normal mission in which you were messing with the Shinra. But the way Barret decided to announce this mission, it sounds much bigger than I thought... probably because he makes it sound big.

"We're heading to the station, the rest of AVALANCHE will meet us there. The blonde boy joining us for this claims to be an ex-SOLDIER," He continued. "He better not be some double-crossing asshole looking to leave us hangin' for dead. That's why I'm goin' with him to make sure that he doesn't pull anything funny."

Of course you would Barret, you practically don't trust anyone outside of AVALANCHE or Sector 7...

Going down the steps to the dirt ground of which we walk, I turn my head to the side of the apartment building I just came out of. Marle wasn't out and about like usual to check up on us probably due to the time, but I remember the first time she met me.

Meeting Marle for the first time, I was practically already a nervous wreck when going into my own place. Tifa was the one who brought me there, showing me where to sleep as the new recruit for AVALANCHE. By morning, Marle was outside and that's when she introduced herself. I did say hello, though I sounded nervous. She expressed that she trusted me because I was the new recruit, and she had a great amount of support for AVALANCHE.

I walked with Barret out to the station in Sector 7, practically ignoring those two guards hired by Shinra whom were guarding the gated off area. Wedge was there, along with Jessie and Biggs who were waiting for me and Barret to arrive. My best friend smiles when he turns and sees me coming in, I am happy to see him as well, pulling on a small, yet tired smile.

"You must not have slept well again." Wedge commented when I approached everyone else.

"Not exactly..." I said to him.

My eyes were taken off of the group, seeing a lone figure standing there near us, but at a bit of distance. It is the blonde boy that Barret mentioned, who looks to be about 21 years old, standing at about 5'7. Just slightly a little taller than I was, as I was 5'6. He carries a giant sword on his back, and has blue eyes.

"Then this mission will wake you up," Barret says to me. "You're not going to be lazying about like you have done the last few times."

"For the last time Barret, I wasn't dozing off," I said to him. "I was keeping a close eye on everything while you went off to start trouble with the Shinra..."

"And look at that!" Barret interrupted, pointing behind me onto the train tracks. I turn my head to see one of the armored trains that the Shinra owned to bring to their Mako reactors in Midgar, speeding on to get to its destination. I turn around and take a look at Barret who looks at me again. "There's our opportunity to get to where we're going! Now come on all of you, it's time to create havoc and show those Shinra what for!"

Wedge, Jessie and Biggs do their usual 'hoorah!' and wait for the right moment to hop onto the train, as do I and the blonde boy who stands between me and Barret. He turns to glance at me for a moment before waiting and jumping forward as soon as the speeding train cars got in front of us.

I hop forward, grabbing onto one of the iron handles and climbing up to the top of the train car, while my best friend and the others were positioning themselves on each part of the train, Jessie between the train cars, Biggs at the top of the puller, unnoticed by the staff and Wedge on top of the car like I was. Barret positioned below the train car where I was, and behind me, I could see the blonde boy behind me, keeping focus on what was coming up ahead when we got there.

I kept my eyes ahead as the train continued forward, knowing to myself that this was just another start to another mission, watching the Shinra building come into view along during the ride. My eyes kept on ahead, ready for necessary action should any force of Shinra come swaying our way.

Little did I know, that this was only the start, and the beginning of something that I would have to witness and live through...

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