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The Aeldari woman felt the words more than she heard them. The massive Phantom Titan spun around, the wraithbone blade in its hands catching the spinning saw of the Gargant and knocking it aside. The massive yellow construct spun with the blow, and Aevira raised her arm within the mental landscape of the psychic matrix within the god-machine. Her Titan mirrored her actions, and the massive Distortion Cannon raised. Her gunner's will aligned with her own, and the fabric of reality bent and twisted. Light flared, and time and space fractured to allow the Warp to consume a bit of realspace.

Almost impossibly, the shot did nothing. The singularity met a sparking, green barrier, and Aevira swore. The spirits of the machine rose up behind her, and the pilot exercised her psychic superiority as she moved within her own mind, merged as she was with her machine. Her blade rose in a flash, sending sparks and bits of yellow hull flying. A few Greenskins roared at her from their now exposed gun decks, and Aevira roared back at them. Her warhorn blared and drowned out the cries of the alien brutes, even as she felt the spinning of the enemy machine's melee weapon tear into the wraithbone hull of her own.

The spirits within the Titan screamed in agony and rage at the injury, and Aevira reared back as a psychic echo of the wound hit her. She laughed as she pushed her cannon into the face of her foe, and the gunner fired. The head vanished in a burst of plasma, and her sword fell once more. The Gargant fell into two pieces, and Aevira roared her victory. Her warhorn blared into the sky, and pilot, crew, and spirits exulted in their victory.

A massive shell slammed into the head of the Titan suddenly. Aevira cried out in pain, the machine stumbling as the psychic shock of her communicator's death hit her. She could feel the breeze on her real body, but her mental vision was halved. The shot had taken her machine's eye, partially blinding it, and her by extension. Aevira's Navigator zeroed in on where the shot had come from, another Ork Titan halfway across the green-hued battlefield. She saw it aiming again when she broke into a sprint, pushing her Titan to it's limits. There was a flare from the Gargant, and another massive shot careened towards the Aeldari woman's Titan with a deafening boom. She leapt to the side, crying out as the shell missed its mark but claimed her gun arm instead. The massive Distortion Cannon crushed hundreds of the Orkz when it hit the ground, but Aevira had no time to slow her advance.


Aevira's stride stumbled. Another shot impacted her Titan in the chest, sending the Titan onto the backfoot, chunks of hull smashed into dust by the round. She gasped for air as she felt the Titan cry out in pain, felt as if her own chest had just been caved in. Her breaths came slow, and the pain she felt had her mind reeling.

The ground shook around them, and Aevira saw another Phantom step in front of her, twin Pulsars firing with precision shots. The Ork Gargant spun out of the way as Aevira heard her twin sister speak into her mind.

"I can't keep saving you every time we fight, sister."

Aevira huffed as she rebalanced her Titan and caught her breath. The pair advanced in unison, Aevira's massive blade dragging the ground to carve up the greenskins running to the Aeldari tank lines along their way.

"I'm still going to have more kills than you, Isara."

She felt her sister's disappointment through their psychic bond, but knew it couldn't be helped. Isara was the calmer of the two, often likened to a flowing river next to Aevira's fiery personality. Had the latter twin been born alone, she would have undoubtedly gone to become one of Khaine's warriors, rather than a Titan Pilot.

"It's not about kills, Aevira, it's abou-"

There was a psychic scream and Aevira felt something in her mind snap with such a suddenness that she almost didn't recognize it. The Phantom in front of her stopped moving, and Aevira's Titan slammed into its back, knocking it onto its chest. The head was missing, torn asunder by the Ork Machine's massive gun, and Aevira couldn't feel her sister's presence in her mind any longer.

The void in her heart caved to fury, and Aevira roared. The machine started forward in a dead sprint, crushing Orkz below its feet. Her giant blade rose sharply, bouncing back as it knocked a bullet aside. Aevira barely noticed, launching her Titan at the opposing one. Her blade pierced its hull just as it fired again, tearing apart half her machine's chest in a single, point blank shot. The infuriated woman barely noticed her gunner being thrown from his seat as the impact sent both Titans to the ground.


Aevira felt the voice roar in her mind, and for the first time in her life, she felt no fear at hearing it. Her worries at any potential insanity were gone, swept away by the maddening shock of losing her twin sister so suddenly. Rage flooded her veins, pounding like war drums in her ears, deafening her to the pain and cries for caution of the spirits inside the wraithbone matrices of the construct. She snarled, snapping herself forward. The helmet connecting her to the titan came free with a wail of agony that pushed her further over the edge. Cords and cables tethered to her bodysuit tore loose, taking chunks of the synthetic clothing with them as she slammed her fist against the clear crystal panes of the chamber keeping her contained. Her knuckles cracked, but the pain only served to infuriate her further. Her psychic powers gathered in her flesh, pushing her muscles to and beyond their physical limitations, and the young Aeldari felt the attention of other beings falling onto her as she thrust her hand against the crystal again.

A gnawing hunger grew in the corners of her mind as the crystal chamber shattered, but Aevira paid it no mind. The moment she was free, she was falling towards the Ork Titan. Her fist cocked back as she fell, issuing a challenging roar. The yellow hull was swarming with greenskins before the enraged pilot even made impact. Her landing was somewhat cushioned by one of them, and Aevira pried the axe it held from its dying hands before she stomped on its head. Her psychic power flooded her entire body, and the Orkz around her screamed with enough force to shatter her sensitive eardrums. Aevira screamed back, a psychic shockwave erupting from her and barreling into the sky as she leapt into combat.

She'd never been a true Warrior, never learned the art of the blade from the ancient Warriors as others on the Path of the Warrior did. By all rights, she was intending to die with her sister upon this gods-forsaken backwater world, taking as many of these beasts with her as she could, but deep in her mind, at the edges of her soul, elder beings had other ideas. Red clouded her vision, the massive axe she had claimed from her first personal kill swinging with a precise fury that spoke of aid from beyond.

In the Great Ocean's reflection of her soul, a crimson beast fought one colored lavender. With every swing of her axe, every time it bit into green flesh and drank deeply of the life-giving vitae within the fungal foe she furiously fought, the crimson beast grew larger, became more clear. The mark of Khaine sat on its brow, a shattered remnant of the ancient God of Murder and Warfare fighting to defend one of its own. But every moment Aevira used her psychic powers, the lavender beast grew larger and darker, and the mark of She-Who-Thirsts grew more and more defined on its own brow. The two fought in a vicious parody of Slaanesh's birth, fighting for the rights to Aevira's soul. Neither beast expected what happened next.

Aevira met the massive Ork Pilot in melee combat. The greenskin was nearly three times her own size and wore a blue Astartes pauldron, with an Ork skull crudely painted over the inverted omega sigil. Where she wielded a crude axe of Orkish design, only slightly bigger than herself, the pilot held an Imperial Chainsword that was almost a shortsword in its enourmous hand. The Ork was hideous, scarred beyond belief and clearly unhappy.


His chainsword met her axe and carved through the haft with ease. The finely crafted ceramite teeth devoured the crudely fashioned wood and grotskin with ease, and Aevira only narrowly avoided being torn shoulder to waist by the roaring blades. As it was, she was still cut by the blade.

The beasts in the Warp had to pause their fight and take notice as a third beast appeared over the two, a snarl on its canid lips and an unknown sigil burning on its brow. It had been part of the young woman since birth, the remains of a third sibling devoured so she would live. As it rose to its full height, the crimson, leathery skin was pulled taut by rippling cables of muscle, and when it roared, so did Aevira. It spoke with the force of a thousand rampaging Juggernauts, its words rippling through the warp-space of her soul.



The Ork Warboss gave the slightly Eldar a puzzled look as she shouted. She launched herself at him again, ducking under his swing and leaping up to plant her fist under his chin. The Ork was sent reeling, a tooth falling out of his face, but he only laughed as he threw down his chainsword. A massive green fist slammed into her side, and Aevira felt her ribs crack despite their psychic reinforcement. She was thrown to the side, laughing as she crawled back to her feet.



The beasts in the Warp stared in awe as the canine-like draconic beast howled, the sigil on its head becoming an inferno in the shape of the Blood God's Mark. The howl sent both of the lesser beasts flying, and the Beast of Khorne crushed the Beast of Slaanesh beneath a massive foot. Aevira belonged solely to Khorne, as she had before and would forevermore.



The Eldar girl howled and rushed the Ork again, the eyes of the Blood God now fully upon her. Strength flooded her veins, and her fists began to hit the muscled fungus before her with the force of a crimson Trukk at full speed. The Ork laughed, even as it began to be pushed back.


Every blow it landed was less effective than the last. Soon, the Ork began to notice that no amount of strength could budge the little woman anymore. They broke apart for a moment, and Aevira spat out several teeth, grinning savagely. Her nose had been shattered, and her face was bruising magnificently. At least half of her ribs were powder now, and she doubted she'd be able to eat solid food for a month, but the Ork wasn't much better.

He'd lost several of his own teeth, his left eye was swollen shut, and his nose was just as shattered as hers. In some spots, his green flesh had bruised and darkened, though some of the spots were already in the process of healing. The Ork was smiling just as happily as Aevira was, but unlike her, he knew it was time to end the fight. That such a small Aeldari could fight him like this... It was almost worth losing his Gargant. He laughed again, rolling his gigantic shoulders as Aevira paced on the other side of the circle that a number of Nobz had cleared for the Boss and the Eldar to have their duel.


Aevira howled as she charged, and the Blood God smiled as her fist caught the Ork in the throat. The Ork roared angrily as he stumbled, but Aevira dug her fingers into the greenskin's meaty throat and held on. Where her teeth had been, jagged spikes had already grown, and she bit into the Ork's neck. A chunk of foul tasting flesh slid down her gullet, and blood rushed into her face and mouth as she tore through a vein. The greenskin's hands grabbed her, the Ork doing his best to pull the woman off his neck, but she jabbed him in his good eye with her free hand. Sharp nails of blackened iron dug into the soft tissue and shredded the Ork's eye from within. The sheer pain in its roar had some of the Nobz around the fighters share uncomfortable glances. A headbutt to the Boss' face cracked his cheekbone and fractured her own brow, but Aevira used the leverage his stumbling provided her to jam her arm to the elbow in his brain. With a scream of exertion, she flexed her arm, holding on as she braced her legs and pulled.

The Ork's head came off with a sickening squelch, and Aevira landed on her back as it suddenly came free. The Nobz stared in a mix of shock and awe as she stood, lifting the skull that was still on her arm to the sky.


Inside her soul, the Beast of Khorne howled the same cry as her. The skull vanished from her arm, leaving only a crimson stain as the sky darkened. The clouds churned above the battlefield, and the Orkz and Eldar paused to stare as flaming chunks of wraithbone began to fall from the sky. Their Craftworld fell to the planet, followed closely by crimson and brass pods so similar to the Astartes drop pods of the Imperium. The Blood God, watching from his Skull Throne in the Brass Citadel, smiled and clapped his hands in approval as the Warband he had sent to gather his new follower finally made their grand entrance.

A pod slammed into the ground near the Gargant, prompting the Orkz nearby to turn. Within a moment, more pods began to land, smashing with reckless abandon into the middle of the green ocean. The doors began to burst off their hinges, spewing a horde of brass-trimmed blood red armored transhumans. There was a sudden cry as the tide of the battle shifted, and Aevira laughed.

One of the Nobz turned to her, only for her to tear the choppa out of its hands and gut it. The battle around her resumed, the young Aeldari pilot wielding the large blade with both hands as she spun and carved her way through the Boyz and Nobz around her. Every wild swing of her blade claimed a life, her original boon of martial skill finally wearing off as she fought, dodging the giddy swings from the Orkz. A blade raked across her back, and Aevira spun to cleave through her attacker's throat, only for a sword to meet her borrowed weapon.

The owner was a massive man, clearly an Astartes of some sort, but the white Terminator armor he wore was long since stained by blood and bore the brass trimming of a follower of Khorne. He smiled down at her with a savage grin.

"Can you even speak, little one?"

Aevira only answered him with a snarl, swinging the blade at him again. The fallen Astartes merely nodded as the blade glanced off his armor, and an armored fist slammed into her head, sending her stumbling to the side. He caught her as she stumbled, disarming her nearly and slinging her over his shoulders.

A squad of similarly colored Traitor Marines carved their way to their Lord, who simply nodded at them as Aevira snarled and beat her fists on his battleplate.

"Burn this world. Bring all me the spirit stones you recover, and have the sorceror brought to my chambers."

A shuttle swept down onto the battlefield, landing in a clearing the Berzerkers had made. The moment the Chaos Lord boarded the vessel and threw Aevira into a seat, the door shut, and the stolen Valkyrie took off.