When Rainbow Dash gets her revenge on Rarity for making her wear make up


"Rainbow Dash!" cried Flash. "What have you done to yourself?"


"You look so sexy!" sang Sandalwood


Rainbow Dash ran to a mirror and screamed.

"RARITY! I WILL KILL YOU!" she yelled.

Applejack came around the corner.

"Rainbow, what the hay are you- oh."

"Have you seen what she did to me?" screamed Rainbow Dash.

"Don't worry about that," said Applejack. "I'll sort the clothes out, promise."

"Thanks, AJ," replied Rainbow Dash. "I will kill you, Rarity!"

"This is just like Camp Everfree, righ'?"

"Yeah, she made us do that stupid fashion show! I look like a right laugh! How can I play the guitar or do soccer in THIS?!"