When Rainbow Dash gets her revenge on Rarity for making her wear make up

chapter 1

I was in the library with Applejack, plotting how to get revenge on Rarity.

"I've got it!" whispered Applejack. "We make her play football when it's wet and muddy. She'd hate that!"

I snorted. "Excellent, AJ! First to 5 wins! I'm gonna CRUSH her!"

Rarity waited on the field. "Okay!" shouted Twilight. "Rainbow vs Rarity! First to 5 wins!"

I glared at Rarity. "We'll see." I smirked.

I kicked the ball to Soarin' who passed to Applejack who passed back to me. I shot a goal.

"1-0 to Rainbow!" called Sunset.

"Rainbow Dash!" cheered Pinkie Pie. "Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash!"

Rarity hurried towards me with the ball, but I swiped it off her and kicked it backwards into her goal.

"2-0!" shouted Pinkie Pie.

"Here, Rarity!" shouted Fancy Pants. Rarity passed the ball to him. But I intercepted.

"3!" cried Pinkie Pie.

Rarity slipped on a patch of mud. "Urgh!" cried Rarity, mud all over her blue skirt. "That's disgusting!"

She tried to wipe the mud off her skirt. Applejack and I smirked at each other.

Rarity, with a rather grumpy look, ran towards Applejack. She(AJ) intercepted the ball and passed to me and then I passed to Soarin' who scored a goal.


Rarity had the ball again as she passed to Fancy Pants. She got closer but I flicked the ball away with a foot and it landed in her goal.


Applejack and I hugged each other and cheered as Soarin', Applejack and I went around the pitch doing a victory dance.

Sunset took Rarity's arm as they went up to the girls' bathroom together.