Hello everybody, here with you now for the first time is my own Sonic The Hedgehog and Steven Universe crossover story. hope you all enjoy the first chapter. And i would like to point out that willing to collab with me for this story are welcomed to do so, just PM me first.

Also, this takes place in the Archie Comics Universe, but has the Sonic Games mixed into it as well. Just a heads up

Sonic The Hedgehog belongs to SEGA And Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network


The unpredictable element that resides within all of creation.

An element that no amount of planning or preparing can make you ready for.

However just as much as chaos can be a bad thing, it can also be a good thing.

It all depends on what kind of chaos you depict.

After all, how can you ever hope to have peace if there isn't any chaos to compare it to?

So really, it just depends on what kind of chaos is around you.

For example, as the kind of chaos that occurs only on the planet known as…


Planet Mobius is a world full of various wonders. From it's population of animals that take on humanoid form, to the reality warping power of the Chaos Emeralds, Mobius is packed full of vase and incredible wonders.

However it also comes with it's own unique set of dangers, too.

The biggest threat and danger to mobius, has always been a mad doctor by the name of Dr. Robotnik, however he is better known as Eggman. A man who has always wanted to conquer the planet for himself.

Eggman's attack on Mobius was swift and brutal, conquering much, including the Kingdom of Acorn, along with Mobotropolis, and turning his captured prisoners into his robotic slaves.

The world was at his mercy, however, from the depths of despair a group of heroes rose up and fought back.

A group known as the Freedom Fighters.

The Freedom Fighters were and are still led by Sally Acorn, and they fought back against Eggman and his forces.

They faced many loses, many failures, but they also had many victories.

All of this eventually led to The Phatnom Ruby war, a war that seems to have been Eggman's final failure, and potential end. All with the help of his longest rival and biggest thorn in his side, the blue blur, the fastest thing alive;

Sonic The Hedgehog.

All was quiet in a lush and green jungle, deep within -place-. Animals and birds alike all went about doing their natural business, as was their natural instincts.

That is until...


The ground quaked, and the trees of the jungle shook as the wildlife ran in a panic. Smoke and rubble had been kicked into the air by the explosion. The explosion had come from deep in the jungle, as a large robotic bird flew overhead, entirely made of metal, structured to resemble a red eagle. It was a fast and sturdy machine, and definitely looked the part.

The robotic bird rocketed through the sky and over the jungle at top speed, chasing something as it was firing it's built-in guns and rocket launchers wildly, letting loose a torrent of ballista fire as it was desperately trying to hit a singular target….

A target that was merely a blue blur, moving at incredible speeds.

As the blue blur was running off, any and all weapons- be them bullets, lasers, or even rockets- were all unable to catch up, always hitting the ground far behind him.

The robotic bird lets loose a hailstorm of missiles at it's target, triggering a massive concussive force of explosions much larger than the earlier one all at one, kicking up dirt and debris into the air.

The bird slowed down to a halt, hovering above the jungle to observe as the smoke cleared, revealing that it's target was nowhere in sight. A hatch opened on the robotic eagle's head, the pilot inside looking around wildly.

The pilot was a very small, very round, yellow-orange furred female chinchilla, with a brown nose, green eyes, and a short white muzzle. Her arms and legs were stubby, too small for her short round body. She had a pair of robotic cables on her head, connected to a ruby like object that was on her forehead, clearly some form of cybernetic enhancement. She also had cables connecting from the backs of her hands, around the a power generator on her back.

This small chinchilla was Thunderbolt, an Eggboss, part of a group of generals that worked under Eggman. Thunderbolt was also known to be Eggman's biggest fannatical loyalist.

However currently, she was looking around wildly from her position on top of the robotic eagle, looking for her missing target.

"Grrrrr, Where did he go?! He couldn't have gotten away from me!" Thunderbolt growled out as she scanned the jungle below. That is until…

A whistle from the within the trees caught her attention.

"Hey sparky, you lost something?"

At the sudden cry, Thunderbolt whipper herself around to look at where the whistle and call had come from, finding her target standing on a top branch on a particularly tall tree.

The target in question was a slim blue hedgehog, with peachy coloured arms and muzzle, and emerald green eyes.

He scuffed one of his feet along the branch he was standing on, wearing his hyper friction resistant red sneakers that sported a white strap, cuffs, and a golden buckle.

This was the fastest thing alive, Eggman's rival who had stopped each and every one of his evil schemes time and again.

This was of course, Sonic the hedgehog.

Sonic leaned casually leaned against the tree, as he was without a care in the world, and wearing his trademark cocky expression as he looked at the eggboss.

"There you are you blue pest!" Thunderbolt cried out, pointing a finger at Sonic. "If you thought you could get away from me then you're dead wrong, now, prepare yourself for destruction!" She threatened.

However Sonic didn't seem at all bothered by her in the slightest, in fact all he did in response was the yawn, which insulted Thunderbolt, making her more frustrated than before.

Sonic then waved a finger,"Heh, well if you're really gonna do that then You're welcome to try. Unfortunately you're twenty thousand years too slow to catch me Sparky," and he ended his remark with a wink.

"IT'S THUNDERBOLT YOU DAMNED PEST!" she cried out, her cybernetics crackling wilding with electricity.

"What's the difference? You're a glorified static shock either way." Sonic retorted as he gave the chinchilla a cocky smile.

If looks could kill, Sonic would be dead fifty times over by now from the angry glare Thunderbolt was giving him, "GRRR! Enough of this! Just tell me what I want to know or else I'll Blast your sorry carcass to kingdom come!" She shouted.

"Kinda hard to do that when I don't even know what it is you want me to tell you," Sonic replied, feigning ignorance, as he already knew exactly what Thunderbolt was blustering on about.

"Don't lie to me, I know you're holding our glorious leader Dr. Eggman! Now tell me where you're keeping him prisoner or else!" Thunderbolt shouted out.

Sonic let out a sigh, he's had this same conversation with Thunderbolt several times before, and just like each previous time, he knew just as much as Thunderbolt did.

You see some time ago after the Dark Gaia incident, Eggman, who had finally and officially had enough of constantly being defeated by Sonic and the Freedom Fighters and all their allies, had created his ultimate creation which he dubbed the Phantom Ruby.

The Phantom Ruby was essentially a powerful gemstone based weapon that takes control of people's visual and depth perception to feed false information to the brain, thus creating a new reality for them. Essentially being under its power and influence was like experiencing a dream so real, if you bump yourself in it, your sleeping self will bruise.

Needless to say it was definitely one of Eggman's most dangerous creations. Alongside its host and user, who was known only as Infinite. A powerful entity that could harness the power of the Phantom Ruby to it's full extent, which is exactly what Eggman had hoped for.

With the Phantom Ruby and Infinite, Eggman easily defeated Sonic and captured him, placing him in his flying space fortress the Death Egg for six long months. Which was more than enough time for Eggman's forces and Eggbosses to take over 60% of the planet and push the Freedom Fighters and their allies to the near brink of defeat.

All seemed lost until the Freedom Fighters managed to locate Sonic and free him from his imprisonment in the Death Egg. And once he managed to get back with his rescue party, he and his allies quickly began to take back Mobius from Eggman's forces at lightning speed. And sure enough it all came down to a climactic battle against the tyrannical doctor and his army.

It was a tough and ferocious battle with many close calls, but in end the Freedom Fighters and their allies managed to pull through. And Sonic, having defeated Infinite in a fierce battle between good and evil, had what was seemingly his final battle against the evil Dr. Eggman. Defeating the evil madman for what seemed to be once and for all.

After all of that the world seemed to slowly but surly recover from what many would call "The Phantom Ruby Wars". But despite everything going back to normalcy again, everyone was still tense as they expected Eggman to return in full force from his defeat. And possibly start a new form of terror for everyone all over again.

But it never came.

Indeed as time went on there was no sign of Eggman anywhere at all. But even so the people of Mobius waited for some kind of attack even so.

From there the wait went on for days, and weeks, and even months on end. Until finally an entire year had passed by before anybody knew it. And not one time did Eggman appear or attack anybody anywhere across the planet.

It was as if the madman had seemingly vanished from the very face of the planet.

Regardless, after going so long without any sign of the egg obsessed scientist the people of Mobius took a sigh of relief and actually began to enjoy the peaceful times for a change without living in fear of Eggman attacking them.

But even so the Freedom Fighters and their allies were still wary of the idea that Eggman could return at any given moment. So they came up with a plan in case such a event were to take place in this time of peace.

The Freedom Fighters decided to create a special team of separate groups of special teams specifically created for this.

Team Freedom, who would be groups of Freedom Fighters that would guard the areas where the different Freedom Fighter teams reside across the globe. And Team Fighters, who would be the team that would set out and look for Eggman wherever he may potentially be hiding and capture him, and fight his allies and renegade Badniks along the way while they were at it.

And both teams did just that, and yet even still there was no sign or Eggman anywhere across the globe. Regardless though they remained vigilant regardless

And so the search and wait for the docs return and the peace that came from his disappearance went on ever since.

No sign of the doctor has appeared anywhere around the globe, which has lead to this confrontation, one in a long of confrontations from Thunderbolt, about the doctor's absence.

Sonic slapped his palm to his face. "Look. For the millionth time, I. Don't. Know. Where Egghead is okay," Sonic stressed out with an exasperated groan, even though he knew this answer would not satisfy Thunderbolt, eggman's biggest fangirl.

"LIES! I know you're keeping him hostage at this very moment, as you've always had been for an entire year!" Thunderbolt shouted out, which only made the blue speedster sweat-drop in response.

"You've believed that we've had him for a WHOLE YEAR and haven't, even ONCE, thought that maybe, we just don't have him?" He pointed out, giving the chinchilla a deadpan expression.

If Thunderbolt heard what he said, she clearly wasn't listening. "I suppose it doesn't matter whether you tell me or not you blue rat," Thunderbolt remarket, the weapons on the robotic bird all pointing directly at sonic, the targeting systems starting to lock onto him. "No, it's fine really. If I kill you here I can just rip the information out of one of youre friend's instead!"

Sonic's face suddenly turned serious at that remark. "You can try," he said seriously, clearly not messing around anymore. He adjusted himself into position as the weapons finished locking on, ready to take off.

"THEN DIE!" Thunderbolt cried out as she fired away at the blue speedster once again! But Sonic proved that he wasn't an easy target, for as soon as the robot began its assault, he was already gone, having jumped down from the tree and taken off along the jungle floor.

As the blue blur dodged shot after shot he suddenly made his way over to the robotic bird and dashed upward and performed his infamous spin dash. Slamming into the robot with incredible force and tearing some of its armor off in the process.

With another spin dash, the bot was knocked off balance, before being hit with another spin dash, and then another, and another. Until he was literally running circles around the machine and hitting it from every angle, inflicting damage to it left and right.

Thunderbolt was being knocked around inside her cockpit, bouncing around from hit after hit, until the robot stopped rocking around, coming to a halt, no longer being struck.

Getting her bearings back, the electrical chinchilla quickly looked around on her scanner. Trying to figure out where Sonic had disappeared to this time.

Though she didn't have to look for very long though.

She heard a tapping from above her. "Yoo-hoo!"

Eyes widening in surprise, Thunderbolt twisted around to see none other than Sonic himself crouching down to look at her through the other side of her cockpit.

She stared at him with surprise written all over her face, before her expression changed back into a more furious one again when the hedgehog stuck his tongue out at her And pulled down an eyelid.

Furious, Thunderbolt grabbed the controls-stick of her robot and violently twisted it and slammed her foot on the accelerator causing the robot to fly forward and spin violently, all in order to make the machine shake the blue speedster off.

Sonic however was quick enough to react and maneuver his way around the robot as it shot forward and began to spin in place as it went. Before he made his way to one of the robots engines and Spin Dashed his way straight through it.

With the loss of one of it's engines the robot soon spiraled Out of control, and even with Thunderbolt's best attempts to get it to straighten out she couldn't stop it from falling out of control until...

With a loud, deafening sound, the robotic bird crashed directly into the jungle floor below.

When the smoke cleared up all that was left of the Robot was a pile of parts. The robotic bird was completely broken, lying in pieces, due to the extreme force from its crash into the jungle.

Sitting in the remains of her cockpit was a seared yet relatively unharmed Thunderbolt, who didn't seem to move from her seat as she gripped the detach control stick in her hands. But then ever so slightly did her eye start to twitch and her body tremble, until she suddenly jumped to her feet and screamed to the top of her lungs!

"IIIIIIII HHHHAAAAAAATTTTEEEEEEE TTTHHHHAAATTTT HHHHEEEEDDDGGGEEHOOOOOOOOOOOOOG!" She shrieked Out as she angrily tossed the broken stick in her hands down to the ground and furiously started jumping up and down, Sparks shooting out of her cybernetics like crazy, "I hate him! I! HATE! HIM!"

"Yeah, what else is new?" Sonic said smugly, making Thunderbolt twist around to glare at him with hatred in her eyes.

The hedgehog was leaning against the remains of the robots tail fin as he gave the furious chinchilla a somewhat smug look, "well it's been fun Spark-plug. But I gotta juice, places to go and people to see. But it's been fun kicking your tail again though!"

With a laugh, Sonic suddenly speeded off in another direction, and in the process dodged a lightning bolt curtesy of Thunderbolt, that hit the spot where he once was. Leaving a still angry as all get out chinchilla to scream her frustrations out.

"I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS! I WILL! I WILL! I WILL!" Sonic heard Thunderbolt cursed out as he took off, until finally her angry yelling faded into the distance.

As Sonic got more and more distance from the temperamental Eggboss he couldn't help but chuckle at the chinchillas antics. Remembering times when he was younger and his old enemy Eggman would react in the exact same way.

However as he got about an hour and covering several miles after his battle with Thunderbolt, he heard a ringing sound coming from a communicator on his wrist.

Coming to a stop, he pressed a button on its side causing it to open up and reveal a screen which instantly lit up to reveal who was on the other side.

From what could be made out on the other end of the screen was a female Mobian Chipmunk, though the only part of her that could be seen was her head which had red hair. And her eyes were crystal blue in color well.

This was Sally Acorn. Princess of the Acorn Royal Family, Leader of the Freedom Fighters, and one of Sonic's closest friends.

"Sonic, can you hear me?" Sally said over the communicator.

"Loud and clear Sal, what'd ya need?" Sonic replied.

"Good, and where are you right now? If you don't make it back in time the celebration is gonna start without you," Sally said.

"Ah just had a run in with ol' sparkbag is all. Nothing I couldn't handle" he replied.

"She still looking for Eggman?"

"What else is new?"

Sally let out a sigh. "Yeah, that figures," she pinched the bridge of her nose, "Well, since you've dealt with her already you might as well hurry on back now," she said.

"You got it!" Sonic said as he turned off the communicator, and made sure to check the time on it. "Okay got about an hour before the opening ceremony starts and I'm on another continent... heh, I'll be there in five minutes."

And like that Sonic took off running at top speed once more. However, just as he got a mile in...

"?!" He suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.

Sonic came to an abrupt stop and whirled his head around, something had caught his attention, something in the distance that he couldn't see but he could just, sense.

For some reason Sonic could only look at the direction of whatever he felt was, and if by some form of impulse, he dashed in the direction to investigate it.

Zipping through the trees as he ran, it didn't take Sonic long to reach the place of whatever it was that was seemingly drawing him too.

The sight that laid before the blue hedgehog was in a word, ancient, as everywhere he looked he saw the ruins of a seemingly long forgotten civilization laid before him. Brick and mortar falling apart to the ravages of time and plant life from the jungle seemingly trying to absorb it into the ever growth.

"What is this place?" Sonic muttered as he walked through the ancient ruins and looked around. He couldn't help but wonder what and who this city belonged to, or how long it has been here.

However before he could question anymore about his discovery, the same mysterious feeling he got from before came back in full force. Now really suspicious, Sonic looked around before he set his sights on where the source of whatever he was feeling was.

Quickly making his way through the ruins he eventually reached a larger structure that resembled some form of temple of some kind. Making his way up the steps Sonic made his way into what seemed to be the main entrance and began to look around.

The inside of the temple looked no different than the outside, but it did seem Less corroded in comparison. As the hedgehog looked around he could make out various drawings painted on the walls.

The images resembled what Sonic could make out to be Echidnas and other types of ancient Mobians, and some form of comet crashing down from the sky that was oddly shaped like a heart.

"Okay this is just getting weirder and weirder by the second," Sonic muttered as he continued to make his way further and further into the temple. But then at that moment he finally found something.

Down at the end of the corridor was a bright light, curious to find out what it was, Sonic made his way over to the source, and when he finally reached it he saw what had been drawing him here.

There, sitting on a pedestal in a sunlit room, was a heart shaped gem, that seemingly glowed in a rainbow of beautiful and enticing colors as it gave a soft glow of light that shined like an aurora.

Sonic couldn't help but feel mesmerized by the beautiful Gem before him, and he started walking towards it, as though it was somehow calling out to him.

As he eventually reached the Gem, as if in a trance, he slowly reached out and caressed the Gem into his hands. Oddly though the moment he touched the Gem it instantly stopped glowing all together, making the hedgehog raise a quizzical brow in response.

"What gives, you stop your little light-show when somebody's touching you?" He said as he examined the Gem in his hand. "Well either way Sally's gonna wanna get a look at you that's for sure."

And with that Sonic made sure he had the Gem firmly grasped in his hand before he took off running again at full speed.

His destination, New Mobotropolis.

Little did he know though, is that what he just discovered was going to have a massive impact on the entire world of Mobius.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen! again, I hoped you all enjoyed this, more chapters coming up soon so stayed tune