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New Mobotropolis.

Amongst all the cities and major areas that the Freedom Fighters from across the entire globe all live and make their home bases at, not many can be as grand as the nanite composed city of New Mobotropolis.

Long ago the city was originally created by Eggman using a combination of Nanites, microscopic robots that can reshape themselves and matter into anything desirable. And a advanced A.I called A.D.A.M., who used to be the mad doctors son created by his own hands.

But after A.D.A.M. went Rogue and ended up getting destroyed, the nanite city went uninhabited for quite some time. That is until the day Eggman decided to end the Freedom Fighters once and for all and lead a full on invasion force on their first home Knothole.

Although Knothole was destroyed and almost all of its residents captured, Sonic and his remaining friends managed to successfully rescue everyone from the clutches of the tyrannical doctor.

And with the help of one of Sonic's closest friends in the Freedom Fighters, Nicole the Holo-Lynx, managed to obtain a new place to live thanks to the A.I. who created the city for everyone.

For most it was a safe heaven from Eggman and his forces, especially during the Phantom Ruby War, and the city which the Royal Acorn Family ruled.

But for many others, it was home.

And today was the day the people of New Mobotropolis were going to celebrate like there was no tomorrow.

Sonic, who after finding the mysterious gem, had finally arrived back to the nanite crafted city. Everywhere he looked as he ran he saw the citizens getting ready for a celebration that was long in the making.

You see, after a year without any word from Eggman everyone in the city had decided to throw a celebration for over a year of peace and the victory of the Phantom Ruby war.

Sure enough everyone was getting ready for the big party, and Sonic was happy he wasn't gonna miss it.

Right now though he needed to see a close friend though.

Moving at speeds that he was famous for Sonic dashed through the streets of New Mobotropolis and soon made his way to his destination slightly out of the boarders of the city.

Freedom Fighter HQ. The base of operations for the Freedom Fighters, heroes of Mobius.

Meanwhile at said headquarters we go now to the main entrance, where a certain individual was waiting. And it was none other than Sally herself.

Her full appearance was now shown She was a brown chipmunkwith dark auburn hair that connects to the stripe going down her back and ending on her tail. Her face has a lighter brown patch in which her large blue eyes are settled. Her clothes consist of black shorts with white rimming, dark blue boots with white outlines on the buckles, and white gloves with Rings around her wrists. She wears a closed blue vest with a black crop-top hidden underneath. And her tan-colored underbelly can be seen in the her midriff.

For the longest time, Sally had been the leader of the Freedom Fighters, as well as one of the only ones to help hold things together during the Phantom Ruby War. The princess acting as de-facto leader alongside Knuckles, Amy, and others who helped fight against the various forces that Eggman threw at them during the six months of Sonic's absence.

Needless to say her help and leadership was greatly appreciated by all during and after those hard times.

But right now though the princess and leader of the Freedom Fighters seemingly stood patiently at the entrance of FF HQ, arms crossed and tapping her foot on the ground as she waited patiently for a certain speedster to arrive.

And she didn't have to wait long as sure enough a blue blur suddenly dashed in front of her before coming to a sudden stop, kicking up dust in the process.

And when it cleared up, it revealed a grinning Sonic standing before here, "hey Sally, what's shaking?" He asked.

Sally though, in response, only said one thing to the blue blur, "you're late."

In response the hedgehog gave a mock hurt look, "me? Late? Oh Sally you wound me so!" Sonic said as he made a hurt look.

A brief moment of silence passed between the two. Before the two of them suddenly erupted into a fit of laughter.

"It's good to see you Sonic," Sally managed to get out.

"Same here Sal'" Sonic replied with a smile, "so how's everyone else holding up?"

"Oh they're fine. They're all back inside Freedom HQ right now, so I suggest we don't keep them waiting any longer," she said as she pointed a thumb to the base behind her.

"Then let's not keep them waiting," Sonic said as he and Sally began making their way to the entrance. However Sonic suddenly stopped when he realized something, "oh, wait a sec!"

Sally, stopping to look at him, asked "what is it?"

"Well here's the thing, I found this while coming back home" Sonic replied as he showed Sally the mysterious heart shaped Gem he discovered, "and I was wondering if we could have Nicole take a look at it."

Upon seeing the Gem, Sally couldn't help but feel a little mesmerized by the heart shaped gem in the hedgehogs hands. "Sonic this is beautiful, where did you find it?" She asked.

When I was coming back here after fighting sparky. It was sitting inside some ruins I found," Sonic answered, before he gave the Gem a look "weirdest thing though, it was like it was... calling to me for some reason."

"Calling you?"

"Yeah I don't really know how to explain it?" Sonic said shrugging, "so I just figured that maybe Nicole or Rotor or Tails could figure this thing out."

With that being said, Sally nodded and the two made their way into Freedom Fighter headquarters and walked through the hallways.

Eventually though, they finally made their way into the main headquarters room. And as Sonic looked around he could see many familiar faces all across the room.

Standing on one end of the room were Tails and Rotor. Tails is a mobianfoxwith the unique mutation giving him two tails instead of one. He has mostly orange fur with white fur around his muzzle, front torso, and the tip of his tails, and has blue eyes (sometimes depicted as dark brown in his younger years). Typically his attire consists simply of white gloves and red shoes with white toes. And Rotor is a mobianwalrusand is generally larger than most of the other members of the Freedom Fighters. He has violet fur with darker toes and fingers, peach skin on his front torso and muzzle, large tusks, and green eyes. He's also slimmer and noticeably taller than most of the other Freedom Fighters. For attire he wears black and white shoes and yellow socks; he sports yellow gloves; and he also has yellow goggles. He also wears his signature green tool-belt across his shoulder.

During the Phantom Ruby War Tails spent most of his time looks for Sonic Out of a guilt he developed by blaming himself for his capture during his first battle against Infinite. And while his friends constantly reminded and reassured the twin-tailed fox that it wasn't his fault, Tails still felt guilty and went off on his own for the longest time. Fortunately he did overcome his guilt eventually and returned help everyone out, and brought some help along with him in the form of another Sonic from another Zone.

Rotor during the War was chief of engineering and weapons development during the crisis. While originally against the idea of using his skills in making weapons due to an unfortunate accident in the past, Rotor understood that the war was desperate times and desperate measures needed to be taken. With some help he managed to create and design all sorts of useful tools in the crisis which are still used today to help keep the peace against Eggman's remaining forces. But the Walrus was happy it was all over all the same.

On another area of the room he could see Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie Rabbot together as usual. Antoine is a Mobian coyote about a meter tall. He has mainly brown fur with pale yellow fur on his front torso, muzzle and cheek turfs, blue eyes, and as well short and neatly combed blonde hair on his head. For attire, he wears red boots and arm cuffs, and two sword straps that connect on his chest, forming a "X"-shape. He also has a belt colored red and white, with a gray buckle connecting the straps, and white-colored gloves and leg cuffs. Bunnie is a mobian golden rabbit with pale yellow fur, a white muzzle, and vibrant emerald-green eyes. Her eyelids (as well as around the eyes themselves) are generally violet or pink and her right ear is often flopped, though this is not a constant feature. Her hair, starting off as a tuft of bangs on the back of her neck and forehead, which she grew from childhood into shoulder-length, and then down to her waist which she began tying back in a single ponytail. However the most pronounced feature are her cyborg limbs as a result of her roboticization, with her left arm and lower torso from the waist being cybernetic. Originally being more clunky and heavy in appearance, her robotic parts were eventually replaced with sleeker, more modern versions.

However one thing they both shared were a pair of wedding rings on each other's hands, indicating their marriage for each other.

For most of the time during the war, the two young lovers have been mostly fighting on the frontlines with the other forces of the Freedom Fighters. The two of them proving there metal and were excellent military field commanders during the various battles they had together. Needless to say their presence in the field was a great boon for any soldiers under their command.

Nearby, sitting on the edge of the main table in the center of the room, was the Holo-Lynx Nicole, and next to her was another Hedgehog, who was laughing a a joke the Lynx seemingly told her, named Amy Rose. Nicole's form was in actuality a simulated body that takes the form of a brown Mobianlynx; the ends of her ears are black, and her face features a stripe along the bridge of her nose as well as one under each eye. Her eyes are green and she has medium-long black hair with splits at the ends that she wears down. For attire, she wears a shoulder-less, sleeveless and purple dress with split tails, decorated with a small broach. She has black pants, black and white gloves, and shoes, the gloves featuring round purple cuffs while the shoes had silver cuffs and toes. Amy is a Mobian pink hedgehog with green eyes. Unlike many other hedgehog characters, her spines are not spiky in appearance (though they were when she was younger) but rather are curved and stylized, somewhat resembling a bob cut. And her clothes consist of a short red dress with white trim, tall red boots with a white cuff and stripe, a red hairband and gloves with gold cuffs.

Nicole and Amy showed to be a big help during the war in a big way. Amy actually proving her skill by acting as another commander for the various forces spread throughout the world during the war and helped give orders and come up with useful strategies. Amy mainly did this to help take some of the load for Sally, something the princes was greatly appreciative of. And Nicole did her part by attacking the robotic forces of Eggman's armies by using her talents and prowess as the most advanced A.I. by hacking into the various machines to either make them self-destruct or attack each other. She also made sure none of the equipment that the Freedom Fighters Forces used were corrupted by any viruses or hacking done by whatever Eggman threw at them.

And off to another area of the room, the speedster could see none other than the Chaotix. The Chaotix were at the time during the war one of the best commando units in the conflict.

The first two members of this team were Knuckles and Julie-Su the Echidnas.

Knuckles is a mobianechidna with red fur that covers most of his body, peach skin on his muzzle, a white crescent-shaped patch of fur on his chest, and purple eyes. He also has seven dreadlock-like spines on his head and a medium-sized, tri-crooked tail. For attire, Knuckles wears red and yellow shoes, each with green cuffs and a grey, sextuple-bolted plate on top. He also wears large, white, mitten-like gloves with sock-like cuffs and two spiked knuckles on each hand. Julie-Su is a pink mobian echidna with violet eyes and purple-tipped bangs. As a former Dark Legionnaire, she bears cybernetic details; her left foremost dreadlock is fully robotic, and the others sport various metallic plates, rings and wires. Her gloves are mitt-like with the first finger on each separated. She wears a black tank top with teal padding on the left side, a yellow-orange belt and large, mechanical-looking teal boots. Her left arm is fully covered in metal rings; her right arm is often depicted as having similar rings on the forearm or lacking them entirely.

Being the leaders of this time of misfits, it was only natural that the two Echidnas take charge of things during operations. For most of the war Knuckles also at times took the role as one of the major leaders of the resistance forces alongside Sally and Amy. But even if he proved to be a great tactical asset, he mainly preferred to fight alongside the other Chaotix for the most part, which nobody held against him. Julie-Su mainly helped out because of two reasons, one: because it wouldn't sit right with her to leave her soul-bounded (knuckles) and the rest of her friends hanging, and two: because of the Dark Legion. The Dark Legion was a band of Echidnas led by their zealot leader Lien-Da, who is Julie-Su's sister, the Dark Legion mainly believed that the best way to improve themselves and others was the use of cybernetic enhancements, which they attach onto themselves and others regardless of whether they want to or not. Simply put, Julie-Su couldn't sit back while this was going on, especially since they worked for Eggman during the war as well, and fortunately Knuckles and the others were happy to help out during whatever skirmishes involving them.

Amongst the Choatix were the infamous detective trio of this colorful group Vector, Espio, and Charmy, And Sonic could also make out Charmy's closet friend (and lover) Saffron hovering with him. Vector is a large, green-skinned crocodile with spiky red scales down his tail and goldenrod-colored eyes. Vector sports a thick body that resembles that of an S-shape, with a broad upper body starts including his long arms, getting slimmer towards his tail and legs. His belly, snout and arms are light green, while the rest of his body is dark green. He wears small, black shoulder pads, white gloves with black-and-orange cuffs, embellished with gold buckles as well as black shoes figured with white and orange colors. Vector also wears a gold chain around his neck, serving as his trademark accessory alongside his pair of black-and-grey wireless headphones, and the crocodile is rarely seen without one or the other. With the exception of his chain, Vector's complete attire is frequently shown to be made out of leather. Espio is a purple chameleon with a yellow horn between his gold eyes and a ridge of three black scales down his spine and a coiled tail. He wears dark purple and black shoes with elaborate cuffs, white gloves with a purple back, and studded bands around his wrists and ankles. Charmy Bee is an anthropomorphic black-and-yellow striped bee with yellow-and-black striped antennae and golden eyes. He wears an orange vest with a bee emblem on the left, white and orange shoes, white gloves cuffed with black rings, a black pilot's helmet with a dark pink rim and flight goggles. Saffron is a yellow mobianbee with blond hair (the front lifted into a high, curled bang) and blue eyes; she wears a brown bomber jacket with pale yellow cuffs, a short pink dress (with flowers on the hem), pink shoes (with yellow cuffs and pompoms) and gloves similar to those worn by Charmy. She was also given a necklace or choker adorned with a bee emblem just like that on Charmy's vest.

For as long as most could remember, at some point in time Vector had decided to open up a detective agency, and asked Espio, Charmy, and Saffron if they would like to join in on it. At first the three weren't sure about the decision but they agreed on it none the less, and the four actually proved to be rather good at the job and got into all sorts of misadventures together. One thing was for certain though, their unique skill set proved rather useful for covert operations during the war, especially since it was their own detective skills that helped in finally finding Sonic on the Death-Egg. Something the blue speedster was still thankful for them in helping him get out of that retched place.

Finally their was Mighty and Ray. Mighty is a black-and-peach armadillo with a red shell. He has a black nose that is somewhat longer and more pointed than Sonic's and he has light blue eyes. For attire, he wears large black, red, and brown boots, red socks, black, fingerless gloves with red lining the finger holes and buckled brown cuffs, with bandages wrapped around his lower arms. Ray is a yellow-furred flying squirrel with a tan muzzle and circular patch on his chest, similar to Sonic. He has a bushy yellow tail and patagium, or flight flaps, that he can extend from his chest to his arms. His wardrobe consists of a light blue scarf, flight goggles, white gloves with blue cuffs, and blue shoes with white cuffs/socks.

Mighty and Ray had been together since the very beginning for as long as anyone who knew the two could even remember. Mighty often served as the team's extra muscle due to his ridiculous strength, which has saved him and his friends more than once, and Ray's ability to fly was also an extra boon for the Chaotix. Though recently Mighty had been taken under the tutelage of a wise Mobian Sloth named Moss, the reason for that is simple. Mighty in the past had been known to have anger issues due to his past, granted he never snapped at anybody he cared about, but even Mighty agreed that it was still an issue. The biggest clincher was when during a battle in the past, Mighty's sister Matilda got hurt during a battle with the Sandblasters' some time in the past and the armadillo completely lost it and attacked them wildly. And he didn't come out of his rage until Ray and the others finally managed calm him down. After this, Mighty decided to go off on his own for the time being with Ray, who refused to let him go by himself, and eventually met Moss. Who of which helped Mighty find himself and some much needed inner peace. Something of which both of Ray, Matilda, and everyone else was happy for him.

Sonic can could back on everything that everyone in this room has been through together and could keep doing it for hours on end.

Every single person in this room has been through good times and bad times, but in the end they were all his friends and he wouldn't trade that for anything, they were that important to him.

At that moment though, Amy finally took notice of him and Sally and immediately perked up. "Oh! Sonic, Sally, welcome back!" She said, getting everyone else's attention, and sure enough everyone gathered around the two.

And the first thing they all said to the blue speedster was...

"You're late."

Sonic practically face-planted right then and there.

Getting back to his feet Sonic gave everyone a certain look, "so. You guys think I'm late too huh?"

"Can you blame us?" Said knuckles, the Echidna giving him a sorta sly smile, "the ceremony starts in half and hour, and you were off sightseeing."

"For the record knux', I was on my way here beforehand. But i ended fighting for my life against old spark plug" the blue speedster retorted while crossing his arms together.

"Thunderbolt attacked you again?" Asked Tails?

"Yeah, but it was nothing I couldn't handle." Sonic replied with a grin and a thumbs up.

"Zut alors," Sighed Antoine, the coyote putting a glove hand to his face in exasperation. "You would think after a whole year, zat Little nuisance would get ze hint."

"Tell me about. I'm still counting score on how many times she's came after us," said Rotor.

"We really need to do something about her" Said Espio, "she's just going to keep coming after us until we do."

"Eh, we'll get that at some point" Sonic replied. But then he thought of something, "hey speaking of which, how are you guys doing on finding old eggface?"

Vector let out a huff at that, crossing his arms all the while. "Well so far we checked most of the more likely places where the doc' could be hiding. But we still got zilch on anything on the the guy."

"And he's clearly not at any of the Eggboss bases. Otherwise Thunderbolt wouldn't be coming after us all the time." Saffron reasoned.

"Nor would there be distortion in his ranks either" said Sally, bringing up a valid point as well. Then she realized something, "speaking of which, any word from Clover or Nephthys as of late?"

"They're doing fine." Replied Nicole, the AI pulling up an image for everyone to see. "So far they're sectors are reporting no signs of hostile activity. Other than the occasional rouge Badnik."

"Well then there's that." Said Sally.

For clarity's sake, a little backstory is in order.

You see, after half a year of Eggman's absence after his defeat by our heroes during the Phantom Ruby War, it became apparent that distortion in his ranks was inevitable.

The various Eggbosses ended up fighting each other after they got the hint that Eggman wasn't coming back soon. This in turn lead to a power struggle between his loyalists and those who were only interested in their own goals that they had.

In the end, they ended up splitting into separate divisions and went to do their own thing across the globe. Fortunately without eggman to boss them around, they were at least more manageable to deal with.

And in a surprising twist, one day our heroes got a shocking surprise.

One day Nicole informed everyone that she got a call from two of Eggman's Eggbosses. Nephthys, who was Boss of the Shamar region, and Clove and her sister Cassia, who were bosses of the American region. And all three of them wanted to have a meeting with the Freedom Fighters.

Naturally Sonic and the others didn't know were not exactly sure if they could trust them or not. But the bosses managed to convince them to at least let them pick the meeting spot.

So with this in mind, Sally suggested New Mobotropolis. The reason for that being that if the Eggbosses tried anything, Nicole would use the nanites that the city was made out of to retaliate. So with that said the time was set and the Freedom Fighters simply waited for the Eggbosses to arrive.

Though they didn't have to wait for very long, as the Eggbosses soon arrived within a matter of hours.

Along with practically all their soldiers as well.

As you would expect, everyone got ready for a fight. But it turned out their hostility was unnecessary. As the Eggbosses quickly waved the white flag and said that they truly didn't come for a fight.

Still, the Freedom Fighters still remained tense as they let the bosses explain themselves.

Much to everyone's surprise, The three of them actually asked if they could join the Freedom Fighters. When asked why they explained that now that Eggman is seemingly gone, they could get out of his iron grip and be free of him.

Unfortunately though there was a slight problem with that. As it turned out, the Eggbosses revealed the reason they didn't leave Eggman's empire before was because of a shutoff code he put into all their cybernetics. So if they rebelled against him or tried to leave, he would activate the code and they would be completely paralyzed until he decided to free them.

Even worse, they're cybernetics also had bombs planted in them. So if Eggman didn't activate the code, he'd just blow them up instead.

And as they all knew by now Eggman wasn't one for mercy or forgiveness.

So that's why they came to the Freedom Fighters with all their soldiers. To see if they could be released from Eggman's hold forever and actually do some good for a change without working for the mad doctor and without the risk of their bodies locking into place.

So with this in mind Sonic and the others agreed to help them.

With a little help from Nicole, Tails, and Rotor, they were able to delete the shutdown code and remove/deactivate the bombs inside their mechanical body parts. And also did so for all of their troops as well.

In the end, the Eggbosses thanked them for helping them went with their agreement on joining the Freedom Fighters.

Which was a pretty handy thing as the three gave them vital information on what was going on in the empire as of late.

In due time however their decision to defect also seemed to have sparked something in many different Legionized members of the Eggman empire across different points of the globe.

Now that those different individuals realized that they truly didn't have to worry about Eggman hounding them anymore, any and all willing enough actually went turncoat and headed to our heroes for the express purpose of being freed from Eggman's grip permanently. Bunnie And Mighty were especially happy when their own family members Beauregard and Matilda from the sandblast region came over for removal of the programs and bombs as well. Bunnies uncle and his men decided to run the region as a better Freedom Fighters regiment there and Matilda decided to stay with her brother, mostly on angel island or with Moss for more personal reasons.

So in the end the not so good doctors disappearance worked out for everyone in the end.

Which brings us back to now.

However at that moment, Tails took notice of the heart shaped item in Sonic's hand.

"Hey Sonic what's that you have there?" He asked.

At the mention of it, Sonic perked up. "Oh right, I found this after my little showdown with Sparky earlier."

At that Sonic showed the gem that he found to everyone in the room. And even though it wasn't glowing like it was before when he found it, everyone was still was still rather amazed by it's beauty.

"Oh my God, Sonic it's beautiful," Amy said as she had stars in her eyes.

Knuckles whistled at the sight of it. As a treasure hunter himself, knew quality when he saw it and boy was this gem quality. "Man a rock like that is a real keeper. Where'd you find it anyway?" He asked.

"It was in some ruins I was passing by after Sally called me," He replied. "Funny thing is though, it felt like it was somehow calling out to me for some reason."

"It called you? Suga'hog I'm sorry but how is that possible, it's just a gemstone?" Bunnie asked what was basically the question on everyone's minds.

"Yeah and so are the Chaos Emeralds, yet look what they can do in the right or wrong hands" Sally pointed out to everyone.

"Exactly, which is why I brought it back. Nicole you think you can scan it over and see if there's anything special about it?" The blue speedster asked the Holo-Lynx. Making the ai think it over for a moment.

"Well I can try," and with that Sonic held the gem out to the AI for her to scan it. Sure enough Nicole scanned the gem from top to bottom, checking for anything unique about it as the best she could to her ability.

And when she was done, everyone took notice to her look of deep thought.

"So what's the verdict?" Asked Rotor. Anxious as much as everyone else to know what she found out.

After a moment of silence though, Nicole took a breath and sighed before speaking. "I'm sorry everyone. But I do not believe I can give you a proper answer."

At that, everyone looked at the AI in surprise. Nicole was the most advanced and unique Artificial Intelligence on the entire planet, who runs the entire city of New Mobotropolis and everything it was made out of all at once with very little effort. And was naturally one of the smartest people they knew as well.

So the fact that she couldn't give a answer on what made this rock so special was, again, very surprising to them.

"Whoa, hold up! You can't get a read on this thing?" Sonic said with a look of surprise written all over his face. Something that was mirrored by everyone else.

Nicole could only nod in confirmation at that, "yes. I tried to get a proper reading on it, but whatever this gem you found is Sonic it doesn't seem to register on anything for some reason."

"Well why the heck not, it's just a fancy looking rock isn't it?" Vector asked as he gave the gem in Sonic's hands another look over.

"I don't know, but what I do know is that it is for some reason giving off a faint energy signature. But it's so unique I can't identify what kind it is, for all we know it could be something unrecorded entirely," she explained.

With this in mind everyone looked at the Gem again. But this time it was more out of suspicion and a curiosity of what the mystery behind it is.

"So... what do we do with it then?" Tails asked.

With a sign Sally spoke up "well for now I suggest we put it somewhere safe for the time being until we figure out more about it." She then looked over to Sonic, "in the meantime Sonic I'll take it off your hands for now."

"Sure Sal, been getting tired of carrying this thing anyway," he said as he extended it out to her.

With that, Sally moved over and reached out to grab the Gem in Sonic's hand. But just as she made contact with the heart shaped rock in question however...


Without any warning the Gem suddenly emitted a bright, colorful, and absolutely blinding light that engulfed the entire room and everyone in it. Causing the Mobians to recoil from its intensity.


"I can't see!"

"What's going on?!"

"Who turned on the lights!?"

"Help! I'm blind!"

The light show went on for another moment or two. Until surprisingly, just as suddenly as it happened, it was over.

When the light died down everyone was stumbling about and rubbing their eyes as their vision slowly returned. Sure enough though when the spots finally cleared up everyone looked at the heart shaped gem, that had fallen on the floor, apprehensively.

"What the heck was that!?" Amy cried out as she cleared the last of the spots out of her eyes.

"Anyone catch the number of that flash bang?" Said Charmy, Who was being held by Saffron when she noticed he was still recovering his vision.

"I don't know," Said Sally, "Nicole, was whatever that was part of your analysis?"

"N-no. I don't know what that was?" Said AI Said while giving the rock a look, and then she checked on everyone else with her scanners. "However it doesn't seem like anything is out of the ordinary, perhaps that light was some kind of chemical reaction of some kind."

"Who cares as long as it's over and done with," Sonic piped in and walked over and picked up the gem. He then walked over and placed it on the only table in the room, "Nicole can you use your nanites to put this thing in a container for now? After that light show I don't want to take any chances for whatever this thing is."

Nodding, Nicole moved he hands up and a glass container soon began to form around the Gem. Until the whole rock was placed inside a airtight and fortified container.

"Thanks Nicole" Sonic said as the Holo-Lynx smiled in return.

"Right, now that's taken care of I suggest we all go the ceremony now" Sally said to everyone.

"And what about the Gem?" Asked Julie-Su.

"We'll worry about what to do with it later. For now though it's secure and that should be fine for now. Now let's head out everyone" Sally replied.

"Way ahead of ya Sally" Sonic said as he dashed out the room. And sure enough everyone else quickly began to follow him soon after, all of them heading back to New Mobotropolis.

But just as everyone left the room, the mysterious heart shaped gem began to glow again after the last member of the group left it alone.

And little did any of them realize, was that the Gem did actually do something to them with that light.

As they were going to find out soon enough.