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[Jutsus, Techniques, and Spells]

"[Chapter 1: Madara's Daily Life: Part 1]"

Half a year passed by since Madara had reincarnated into this world. Listening to his parents' conversations during this last half-year, he had started to understand things bit by bit.

By that time, he and his little twin sister; Emilia, were able to crawl. Being able to move was such a wonderful sensation to his body. He had never felt such gratefulness for being able to move.

By some weird coincidence, he was named Madara again.

Madara wished he didn't remember his rebirth. It was a traumatic experience. He still felt rather squeamish about it. And who wouldn't? Being pushed out of a woman's vagina did that to a man. He shuddered at the mere thought.

The mother of this body wasn't that bad looking, black hair, golden eyes, a well "polished" figure and an adorable face that made her seem like she was still in her teenage years.

Their mother was a good parent, if a bit frantic and she worried constantly, the body he and his sister formerly inhabited was so obviously her first children and quite hard on the eyes.

His current father on the other hand was quite... the enigma. Usually he was a klutz, an air-head, an idiot and a moron, but Madara could feel something about the man. And sometimes, when the man held himself differently, his stupidly happy face melted into a serious business face and Madara couldn't put his finger on it... but it was there.

The feeling. The inner strength. It was there or it used to be, at least. Because Madara could spot fighters from a mile away and this man used to be a fighter. He was well built, a bit too bulky for a ninja who needed to be stealthy and quiet, but still a fighter.

As for his little sister; Emilia, she took that adorable face from her mother, and her eye and hair color from her father, while he had his mother's pitch black hair, and his father amethyst eye color.

"He'll run somewhere else when I move my eyes away from him.

His mother started the same conversation they had almost every day over and over again.

"Isn't it good that he's active? I was so worried when he didn't cry at all when he was born.

"Even now, he doesn't cry.

His parents had this discussion when they saw him crawling everywhere. He was not at an age when he would cry loudly when hungry, after all, unlike his sister; who would cry and scream at top of her lungs to only be calmed down by Madara and no one else.

Even though he could only crawl, he was able to gather a lot of information about this world and his whereabouts because of his parents conversations.

First of all, this family was relatively well off. The building was a two-story house built inside a 30 meter tall tree, and there were over five rooms, a living room, and a kitchen.

The place where he lived was a small village inside a vast forest located in north east of the Kingdom off Lugnica, south west from the mining city of Ganaks and the Gina mountain range, and was home to unnatural mana storms and many Mabeasts. A large amount of pyroxene stones grows in certain areas in the forest thanks to abundance of mana from mana streams littered throughout the woodland.

"I know that I need to gather more information, but first I need to grow up, my current memory can't keep that much information in store and honestly those headaches that I have been getting lately are really painful... Even through I hate to admit it—

—Suddenly being dragged out of his thoughts by Emilia's small hand who had grabbed his hair, Madara attention turned at his cute baby little sister, her beautiful amethyst eyes screaming; "Why aren't you paying attention to me?" as small droplets of tears started dropping from her eyes.

"I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention to you, Emilia. I was just thinking, please don't cry.

Madara placed his hand on top of Emilia's head and as if she understand his apology, her tears came to a halt immediately as a cute smile that made Madara's heart jump in happiness appeared on her lips.

Their mother and father watched the scene with happiness and approached the two babies on the wooden floor, hugging them.

"Ahh, my baby, such a kind and loving brother! I'm happy that I gave birth too you two; my wonderful babies, it's truly my wish that this happiness will continue till the end of times.

Madara eyes widened and small droplets of tears started forming around the corners of his eyes.

"Hehe. Listen to that Hashirama — they said that they were happy that I'm born. They said that they were happy that I'm born. They said that they were happy that I'm born. I really can't believe what my ears are hearing. Someone is happy that I was brought into this world, why didn't I get born into this world in the first place? What kind of joke is this? No, this isn't a joke, this is reality, and I will live this life to its fullest. I'm going to use this chance until there is nothing left to use and this time around I will allow people to stand behind me; for that, I promise. I will start over in this world from zero.

The tears came down his cheeks and he finally let go.

Their parents turned around to hear the foreign cry, but the only one on that room that was crying was Madara.

"Whheeeeeeee! Wheeeeeeee! Wheeeeeeee! Whheeeeeeee! Wheeeeeeee! Wheeeeeeee!"

They couldn't believe their ears, Madara finally cried, after six months of being born he finally cried for the very first time. They weren't tears of sadness, but those of happiness.

"Look honey. A miracle! A miracle! He finally cried! He finally cried! I am so happy, so happy, so happy, so happy, so happy, so happy!

"Yes, yes, I see that, thanks the Divine Dragon.

"Yes, thanks the Divine Dragon.

Madara crooked his face into his mother's neck and fell asleep slowly and peacefully.

Well, that's a really short chapter...

Yeah, It's short because this is only a way for me to show Madara's thought on the current situation he is in, and how he will develop as an character, but there is one more reason for that: I honestly hate time–skips in one chapter, so I will split them into short chapter until I get to the canon timeline.

Anyway, before I forget...

This fic will be a multiple pairing!

In my reading experience, usually harem stories:

1. Enter one heroine.

2. Problem appears concerning her that somehow only MC can solve.

3. MC solve it, heroine said "Oh, he cares about me!". Harem1 get.

4. Back to step 1 with different heroine. Rinse and Repeat.

In other words, standar LN/WN crap.

So yeah, this fic will be a multiple pairing, but it will not be instant ("Hey I just met you, I think I'm in love! You want to give birth to my child? Awesome!"). Madara will meet obstacle along the way such as hormones, drama, jealousy and other realistic crap. Oh, and Trauma, never forget Trauma... It is Re:zero after all.

It derails from canon plot? From the moment character from Naruto came into Re:zero world, it was already moving off the Canon 'track'. Where does it go? Well, I'll keep it as a surprise.

So, That's all I can say, I'm sorry if It is longer than the real content. I just want to give clarification here so readers don't get angry if they feel their time wasted because they don't agree with the content of this fic. I promise next chapter the real content will be longer than Author Notes.

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