She could see all of Tokyo.

From the bay to the mountains to every single building in between, she could see them all; her old middle school was somewhere in all of that mess, the park where she practiced her magic, the shrine that she found herself drawn to, and if she had enough time, she might even be able to find her apartment.

There was just one problem.

As happy as she was that her newest spell could be considered a success, it was also a failure. A failure in that it wasn't so much a spell that let her fly, but, rather, one that just pushed her in one direction really really far, and that direction she chose just so happened to be up. Once again, Izumi was reminded that gravity was not her friend.

The view of Tokyo was breathtaking right up until the panic set in and she was sent plummeting towards the U.A. campus. Her teacher, classmates, and others were all scrambling around like ants down on the field they had been testing in. She couldn't believe it; after all that work, after all that training, after nearly getting crushed by a giant robot, this was how she was going to die: by going splat on her second day at U.A.

This was a bit on the anti-climatic side, all things considered.

"Okay, think, there has to be something you can do to not go splat uhh!" That was what she wanted to say.

She wanted to pretend that she was currently attempting to handle this situation in a level-headed manner.

Instead, what she really said was, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I don't wanna die! I don't wanna! Help!"

All while flailing her arms and tumbling through the air as the ground got closer and closer with a dazzling amount of speed.

"I got you!"


Izumi Midoriya; age 7

Glowing Fingers. That was what her quirk was called. Whenever she brought her pointer and uhh, index? No, the one next to the pointer, the middle one that her mom said was bad to show people, together it would create a light, and then she could draw with that light. Her quirk wasn't too bright, less bright than the nightlight that was in the bathroom, and maybe as bright as a star, but it was warm and comfortable, like a fire light, that lingered in the air like a ribbon.

When she was six, she discovered that she could use her quirk when she held onto a stick, or a pen. She could use anything that was long and slender to draw with her quirk. She could even use it with a spatula, but her mom got mad when she did that when she was helping her mom cook. Mostly because of the mess.

Izumi loved her quirk, she loved to try and draw things in the air before the light started to fade and to make her mom smile with it. All of her friends thought it was a neat quirk. All of them except for one. He said her quirk was useless.

And Izumi knew he was right.

"Stupid Kacchan." She pawed at her eyes, trying to push the tears to the side just long enough so she could see where she was going. She really didn't know where, she had just ran away from Kacchan deeper into the park where they were playing. She was way out of the area that her mom said she could play. "He doesn't know what he's talking about."

She wanted to be a hero.

And she was going to be a hero!

Even if all her quirk did was look pretty.

They had played hero enough for Izumi to know that when it came to doing anything useful, her quirk didn't provide any options. Even if someone touched the light, nothing would happen; it was solid, it didn't burn, it wasn't even warm, it was just light.

There had been plenty of heroes that had quirks that were light based. Dr. Light could blind people and even make people glow with a touch, Lux could trap people in her light, and Laser Face shot lasers out of her face! But all of them had light that was actually light, or was special light. Dr. Light had regular light, he just had a lot of it, and could even make lasers if he wanted too, Lux had solid light, and Laser Face had lasers!

But Izumi's quirk was just a glow. She tried to make it brighter, she tried to make it solid, she tried to make it last long, but all it did was look pretty.

"It's not fair!" She whined before she tripped on a branch and tumbled forward a bit. The scrape she got on her knee didn't hurt that much because she was already crying. She wasn't a crybaby either! "Kacchan's a mean, stupid, jerkface!"

She grabbed a stick from the ground, her quirk activating and the glow flowed from the tip. "Stupid!" Swish, "Stupid!" Swoosh, "Stupid!" Swoop, "Stupid!" Shaaa, "Stupid!"


Izumi opened her eyes, dropping the stick just in time for a nearby tree branch to fall to the ground with a loud snap. A sudden bout of tiredness hit her hard, making it feel like she hadn't eaten anything all day. Her head was spinning, and her limbs felt weak, but the shock of what just happened kept her from fainting.

Floating in the air for a second was her quirk. A symbol that looked like a jagged arrow was floating there in blue light that was different from her usual soft pale yellow light. Instead of fading bit by bit like her quirk normally did, this symbol faded all at once.

"Umm," She looked around for someone, anyone around her that might have caused this, but she was alone. Pushing herself off the ground with shaking hands, Izumi moved towards the branch that had fallen. The branch looked old, and not exactly healthy compared to the other branches of the tree; there were a few green leaves towards the edges of the branch though, so it might not be dead.

But it was the side of the branch that was supposed to be attached to the tree that caught Izumi's eye.

The bottom part looked like it had been torn by its own weight, but the top part looked like it had just exploded or something.

Did she do that?

Was that her quirk? Was her quirk drawing stuff and then making stuff explode?

That was amazing!

"How'd I do that? Can I do it again? I want to see it this time! Wait! The stick!" Izumi ran all of three steps before the fatigue hit her again, but she ignored it and continued over to the stick she had grabbed. She took it in her hand again and watched as her quirk worked with it once more, a pale white light coming from its tip. "Okay, how did, woah~" She swayed for a second before she stood, her feet firmly planted on the ground. "How did it work? Do I just point at something?"

Could she make Kacchan's stupid face explode?

Wait, that was what villains do.

Exploding someone's face was probably a terrible idea.

And she didn't want to hurt the trees either.


Oh! There was some water! Could she explode water? Did water explode?

She watched All Might punch a tidal wave once and that water exploded.

So yes.

Water exploded.

Making her way down to the small creek that ran through this part of the park, Izumi took her glowing stick and began to wave it around, her quirk leaving a trail of light in the air that lingered. Nothing happened. She tried again, drawing something else. More nothing. "Why isn't it working now?"

"Work!" She flailed her arm around drawing wide circles.

Nothing happened.


Just like always.

Izumi pouted and stared at the stick for a few seconds, was this even the right stick? Why did her quirk need a stick to work?

Did other quirks need sticks to work?

Did someone have a stick quirk?

"Focus!" She slapped her cheeks like her dad did whenever he was trying to work from home, and looked at the stick again, it was just a stick, there wasn't anything special about it. So, why didn't her quirk make the water explode again?

What if it was her drawing?

How did it look again?

It was kind of like an arrow, but, not really, and a bit more jagged, and, like, lightning bolt-y. Maybe if she just tried to draw that again?

Izumi took a breath, holding the stick out in front of her again and started to slash at the air like she had when she was screaming at Kacchan in her head. The result was completely different from the drawing she saw. She tried again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

She even tried to get really really mad at Kacchan again while she drew but still nothing happened.

"Izumi!" She heard her mom call through the park. She sounded worried. Which meant that when she found her she was going to be mad again. She might even get grounded again.

One last chance.

It had to be the drawing.

She just had to do it right.

With a careful hand, Izumi held the stick out in front of her. She tried to picture the drawing as clear as she could and closed her eyes. A swish, a swoosh, a swoop, and a shaa. Izumi opened her eyes and felt her entire body grow numb. The drawing was blue this time.

And this time she saw it.

A blast of stuff shot out from the drawing and flew down into the water, causing it to splash like that time she and Kacchan managed to push a big rock off a ledge into the water!

That was awesome! That was so awesome!

And why was she falling down?

It felt like she couldn't even stand, her legs stopped working and her head just felt like it was floating on nothing. It was just like before, but even more weird.

She didn't like this feeling.

She started to fall and then stopped.

"Izumi!" Her mom had her by the shoulders now, and was holding her up. "Oh, thank goodness you're okay, what were you doing out here? What was that noise? Oh my goodness, you look like you're about to faint! What happened?"

Izumi could only smile as she pointed with her stick towards the water. "I can be a hero, mom."

She was vaguely aware of her mom carrying her out of the park, the words her mom were saying, and the numbness of her body. It didn't matter why her body felt like this. Right now she was just happy. Nothing but happy.

She could be a hero.

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