Was bullshit.

Sekijiro let out a grunt and pushed his laptop to the side before he slammed his head into the wooden desk of the conference room he and the rest of the teachers were currently holed up in as they planned this semester's final exam. Out of nowhere, Nezu had come up with the brilliant idea of scrapping the giant robot exam that they normally did, and was instead going to have the teachers fight the students, and as much as Sekijiro wanted to shove Neito's foot into the kid's ever-moving mouth, he needed to be practical about this.

But there was just one small problem.

Izumi Midoriya wasn't practical!

"Woah there big guy," Midnight purred, her hands already going towards his keyboard as she just completely commandeered his laptop, "What's got you acting like Eraserhead when he has to actually put in effort?"

His fellow homeroom teacher gave a light growl and barely looked up from his own laptop. Chances are Eraserhead was going through the same problems that he was. At least he didn't have Izumi.

"I'm trying to figure out what exactly I can do with Izumi." He swatted Midnight's hands off of his laptop and pulled up the absolutely glowing report that Ryukyu had given Izumi's performance. All two sentences of it. "Honestly, what am I supposed to do with that?"

"Let's see." Midnight adjusted her glasses and tilted her head to the side before resting her elbow on Sekijiro's shoulder. "Ahem, 'If I could give Izumi her license I would. Please, send her back to me for work study the moment she's able to.'" Midnight pursed her lips and looked around the table. "Well that's a glowing review, but how's that stopping you from coming up with a test for her? Just have her go up against All Might."

"Huh?" tThe gaunt blonde man that was All Might looked up from his own papers and blinked. "Go up against who?"


"Oh, the witch girl?" All Might leaned back in his chair and folded his hands over his lap. "I could, but I don't think she'd learn anything from fighting against me., f From what I saw in the sports festival, I'd either end up knocking her out too quickly, or she'd just evade me all day. She's smart enough to keep her distance when needed."

'The Witch Girl'. She was his student too!

"Ahh," All Might snapped his fingers. "Aizawa, why don't—"

"No." Aizawa let out a low groan and glared at basically everything. "While I could stop her from actually using her quirk, I can't cancel effects that are already in place. Her spells are like the ice Shoto makes; I'd have to spend the entire time focusing on her and she'd capitalize on the moment I broke eye contact with her." He paused and looked at his scarf. "I could ambush her and capture her before she casts a spell, but this test isn't about beating the students, it's about helping them learn and overcome their weaknesses."

"Alright." Sekijiro placed his hands on the table and let out a long breath. "What exactly is the weakness of a long-range combatant that has flight capabilities, enough firepower to take down a zero pointer in a single blast, capturing abilities that are nearly perfect, defenses that most of us can't get through, a toolbox of random spells, and a goddamn broom?"

"Isn't she like, really competitive? She looked really upset that she didn't win the sports festival." Midnight tapped on his shoulder again and continued to rummage through his computer like it was public property. "Is there some way that we can use that? Who's her biggest rival in your class?"

"My entire class." Sekijiro grunted and pulled his laptop back. "And you're not understanding Izumi if you think she's overly competitive. The girl just constantly seeks to better herself for the sake of bettering herself, and she's dragging the rest of my class along with her. Besides, her biggest rivals are in Aizawa's class."

Eraserhead looked up from his computer for a moment and shook his head no. "My class is filled with a bunch of hyper-competitive assholes as it is. I don't need Izumi infecting them any further."


"Oh dear me," Nezu jumped up onto the table and clapped his paws. "It would appear to me that you're in quite a pickle with this Vlad! Having worked with Izumi to increase her arsenal, I can see why; however, I believe that you are missing something important."

"Which is?"

Nezu gave a vicious smile and winked. "We don't need to limit ourselves to just teachers, do we?"

Sekijiro blinked, shrugged, and started to work on the rest of his class. He just needed to figure out what poor sap he was going to stick with Izumi.


The moment her internship had ended, andt he moment that Nejire had waved her goodbye, was the moment that all of the nervous energy that Izumi thought she had gotten over came crashing down onto her mind. It was the weekend, which meant that she was probably just going to go to Momo's house and stay the night, like she pretty much did every single weekend since they had become friends. It was just the normal thing for them to do.

Would her mom still be okay with it if she knew that her and Momo were ever so slightly very gay?

Questions for later.

Or she could just never tell her mom about it, and she and Momo could live together as very good friends. That's what all the historical lesbians did.

Izumi bit her lip and passed through the large metal gate that led towards Momo's home. It was a long and lengthy path that she had walked many times, most often in the company of Momo. There was a fluttering in her chest as all of those long walks, random talks, and unstoppable giggles began to mean something more. Those memories meant the world to her, and now she wanted to make new ones.

There, waiting for her at the top of the hill, was Momo. She was wearing a simple sundress, her hair was straight, and she was clutching her phone tight against her chest. She looked like someone's girlfriend. She looked like her girlfriend!

"Momo!" Izumi hopped onto her broom and sped towards Momo. She dropped her bag and suitcase and hit the ground running before being snapped into a powerful, full-bodied hug by Momo that had both of them laughing and falling onto the ground.

That nervousness might as well have never existed.

"Momo!" She shouted again, holding onto Momo for all that she was worth and pressed her face against Momo's chest all the more. Pure happiness coursed through them as they rolled over onto the neatly-cut grass of Momo's front yard. After a few long hugs and a few more laughs, they separated, if only for a moment.

Momo loomed over her, her long black hair forming a curtain between them and the rest of the world for a few seconds. The smoldering look in Momo's eyes, her wide, hungry smile, and just the pure look she was being given sent a powerful shiver down Izumi's entire body.

"I missed you," Momo said, her entire body seemed to light up with those words. "I missed you so much, Izumi."

Izumi bit her own lip and tried to ignore the sensation that was Momo saying her name, before she embraced it. "Me too," she smiled and then frowned. "But don't ever do that again! It sucks not being able to even text you, especially when you do something like that right before! Do you have any idea how tortuous that is? It sucked! I couldn't talk to you! I couldn't even send you cute pics! And I had a lot of cute pics to send!"

Momo broke down laughing and fell on top of Izumi into another hug. "Sorry Izumi, I was just so nervous about your response! But don't worry, Nejire sent me everything, and you were adorable as always."

"Adorable!" Izumi flailed her arms and pouted. "I'm your girlfriend now right! You better say I'm sexy too."

"Girlfriend?" Momo pushed up off Izumi again, her eyes going wide with surprise before she gave a calm smile again. "That means you feel the same, right?"

Izumi nodded and turned to look away from Momo for just a moment, though she kept stealing glances at her. "Didn't Nejire tell you?"

"Nejire says a lot of things." Momo hummed and cupped Izumi's cheek ever so slightly and forced her to make eye contact again. "It's almost hard to keep track of what she's talking about. You talk a lot too, but I hear every word you say. So, what do you say?"

"Are you trying to get me to confess?"

"I'm mad that you kissed Nejire before me."

"Didn't we kiss with the pocky game before?"

"Do you want that to count as our first kiss?" Momo asked. Her head was growing closer. The sensation was familiar. The tension in the air, the brief flashes of desires, the tingling on her lips: all of it was so much like how Nejire had first kissed her.

But, at the same time, it was completely different.

"I—" Izumi felt her mind run wild in her mind. Did she? Was it? She remembered that moment clearly but it had meant nothing for the longest time. "I don't know."

"Well," Momo placed her soft lips onto Izumi's neck. An instantaneous shock ran through her body. It was like the first breath of air after seeing how long she could stay under water. "What do you want for our first kiss, girlfriend?"

"I get to choose?" Izumi asked. Her hands had somehow made their way to Momo's hips.

Momo leaned back again and gave a small shrug. "I'm open to ideas, though, here on the ground wouldn't be too bad, would it?"

"Umm…" Izumi bit her lip and closed her eyes, trying desperately to try and think of the best place for Momo to kiss her. "Tonight."


"Tonight. After the bath. When we're both clean. In our pajamas. On your couch. And with a movie we're not going to watch."

Momo gave a wide lopsided smile, with one eyebrow raised far more than it should be. "So, you want me to wait until tonight, and you want me to wait until after a bath before we can have our first kiss?"

Izumi nodded. "And then we can cuddle all night?"

"You're making me wish my quirk was time control, but fine." Momo stood and grabbed Izumi's hand. "Why don't you tell me about your time as an intern, and how you ended up being a model with Nejire?"

"Oh!" She bounded on her heels and smiled. "Well, the spokesperson for the restaurant saw me and said 'That's the kind of girl that I want to serve me meat buns! Have her model.' I asked why me, and he said 'Because you look like a stuffed meatbun.' I was mad, but then Nejire told me that he was just saying I was thicc with two c's, and that's the best kind of thick, so I went along, plus I looked super duper cute in that! Oh! Ryukyu said I'll get a check in the mail for that! So let me take you out on a super duper awesome date when that happens, okay?"

Momo grabbed her hand, their fingers entwining before she leaned down and kissed Izumi on the cheek. "I'm looking forward to that, but, you should know something about me, Izumi."


"It's a deep, dark, terrible secret that I've been keeping a secret from you for years."

"What? That you're gay? Because you already told me that."

"No, not that."

"Then what?"

Momo leaned in and whispered into Izumi's ear. "I really love dressing you up. Can I put you in a bunny costume tonight?"

"That's weird, but sure?"

What Izumi thought that meant, and what Momo actually meant, were two different things. And she liked Momo's version a lot more.

AN: Momo, patron saint of simping. (Who you think Izumi's going to have to go up against for their final?)