"Oh sweet darling, my sweet little darling,

Don't you go worrying about far off things~

Oh darling, my sweet little darling,

Don't you worry about those daft old things~

No matter where you go, no matter where,

No, it doesn't matter, you're still my lil bear~

No matter where you go, no matter where,

All that matters to me is that you care~

Care for others, like I will teach you,

Care for others, and love will meet you~

Don't you worry about those far off things

Future houses and school and Quidditch rings~

In Gryffindor? then you'll be

My brave little lion, see?~

A Hufflepuff? That is quite alright,

With pride, my heart will be set alight~

And well my young, Ravenclaw?

I love smarts, and knowledge raw~

And maybe, just maybe, you're Slytherin?

I'll love you all the same, my cunning kin~

So don't you cry or fret,

Mummy always loves you…

No matter which house you get~"

The soft, dulcet tones of Lily Potter carried through the small cottage house belonging to the red headed woman and her dark haired bespectacled husband James Potter, who was staring slack-jawed alongside an equally stunned black haired Sirius Black at the woman as she bounced her young infant child, Harry James Potter, in her arms to calm him down.

The baby, who shared the black hair of his father but the piercing green eyes of his mother, was laid back down in his crib as Lily quietly cooed over him for a moment, tickling his stomach gently while he happily gurgled away.

He had been crying loudly just moments prior, due to a spat that James and Sirius had gotten into over a prank. A prank where Sirius had pretended he'd been hit by a divination dream and foreseen Harry being sorted into Slytherin. (Lily suspected it was revenge for James making his pants fade away in front of the director of the DMLE.)

Either way, James had not taken kindly to the prank due to an earlier confrontation with Severus Snape of all people, who'd appeared drunk before him in an Alley and demanded to see Lily.

It was a good thing James was the one he found and Snape should count himself lucky he never came across her really, due to the man having had no choice but to leave so he could find supplies for Harry that were running out. Unlike James, who had respected that legally Snape had yet to be found to have done anything illegal and thus couldn't be detained beyond a restraining order (which was hard to enforce when the only one they had was a muggle one), her husband had been remarkably patient in only hexing Snape to throw up and disorient him so the man couldn't follow James when he apparated home.

Had it been Lily, she was half certain she'd use have knocked the man on his backside and used Deprimo, the Pressure charm, on his unmentionables until he was screaming out a promise to never come near her or her family again.

And that was if she was without Harry at the time and being nice. If Harry had of been there…

Well, best not to think about It really. It wasn't what was important right now. What was important was her son below her, who had begun bawling at the argument of his father and godfather, upset at them fighting and, James claimed, ever being associated with Slytherin.

Lily had hit both men over the head gentle as she'd burst into the room, having overheard the argument, and rushed to comfort Harry with her singing. She'd thrown a meaningful look at James during the part about the houses and he had the decency to look ashamed as he picked up what his wife was putting down.

"That was incredible." Sirius finally spoke up quietly, bringing the ginger woman's gaze over to the two men. Both immediately went from amazement to fear in an instant as they realized they'd just drawn the attention of the beast to them that was an irate mother.

She turned her glare onto her husband.

"Couch. Now." She commanded simply and her husband followed. Sirius, the good natured idiot that he was, couldn't resist the urge to speak up without thinking.

"Oooh, someone's in the dog house." He chuckled, only to freeze as Lily's glare snapped to him.

"Two people." She corrected and he paled as he realized he was in for just as much punishment as James was for making Harry cry. "Get."

The scruffy wizard nodded immediately and bolted to follow his best friend while Lily turned her attention to her son as her gaze softened, meeting his curious expression.

"Don't worry, sweetie. Mummy is just gonna teach Daddy and Paddy how to behave around you."

A tiny giggle escaped her son, making her coo as she absent-mindedly put her hand over his chest gently and he grabbed on with his big wide eyes shining happily.

Without even needing to say it, she chuckled as she understood what he wanted. "You're a little pest, mister."

Harry gurgled innocently in response. Lily rolled her eyes with a fond smile, taking her wand out the holster she had sewn into every single sleeve of any outfit she owned.

"Wingardium Leviosa." The mother muttered happily, pointing her wand at a stack of building blocks and making them float above and around Harry. Her son cooed happily all the while, seemingly trying to make his tiny hands clap together as he watched them happily.

It was his favourite spell, always enthralling the little baby and usually helping relax him enough to put him to sleep. Then he suddenly gurgled and began throwing his hands frantically towards her with a frown, before repeating.

Lily just giggled as she understood what he wanted. "Accio building blocks!"

And all three blocks rushed towards Lily who caught them with a practiced ease. James often joked she would be a better seeker than him by now.

Harry gurgled happily, satisfied as he clapped his tiny baby hands together. Lily just smiled softly at him. "There, Harry, is that what you wanted."

She could swear she saw his little head tilt slightly into a nod, making her giggle at his adorableness. Then it happened, out of nowhere, his lips began to move and her eyes went wide.

"Ah Kee oh, Muh me! Ak Kee oh!"

Her heart stopped as her mouth went dry and her eyes lit up with happiness. His first words! Harry's first words!

She picked him up without hesitating, smiling one of the widest smiles of her life as her song cooed happily in her arms as she bolted down the stairs.


It was a day of immense happiness for the household. Her heart only melted further when Sirius had ended up having an epiphany that Harry had realized things were brought to people when they said Accio and he had wanted his 'Mummy.' James of course was upset he missed the boy's first words, but Lily had assured him Harry would speak many more words in future.

And while that wasn't wrong, the presumption they'd be around to hear them was. It was only a month later, to the very day, that Lily and James breathed their final breath's protecting their son from Lord Voldemort.

Albus Dumbledore stared at what remained of the Potter cottage with his mouth agape in horror. It was rare for the silver haired, aging and bearded wizard to show his untampered emotions to something but even to him the death of James and Lily had been a shock.

Of course he knew Tom Riddle was resourceful, cunning and insane enough to possibly find a way past a fidelius but nonetheless the old wizard had thought he'd had time to arrange a new situation. Time to ensure Voldemort would never find the Potter's as long as he lived.

Time to save his students… and his friends. That ached in the old wizard's heart more than anything. James and Lily Potter were his friends, and their death was a blow even he in his old age couldn't take without a great deal of pain settling upon his heart.

The young didn't deserve to die that way. With shaky steps Albus stepped into the ruined cottage, sensing the battered and scattered remains of Tom's energy all around him.

'Well…' Albus thought, with a mix of relief, confusion and just a hint of annoyance that he hadn't been the cause. 'The feeling was true. Tom has been defeated for now…"

Which begged the question of 'how did that happen?'

The old wizard didn't dare let himself hope as he walked into the living room, heaving a heavy sigh as he found that was the right decision as he saw the lifeless body of James Potter on the ground, wand in hand and clearly having been in a fight to defend his family.

Albus could only crouch down, doing the minimum of closing the man's eyes to allow him to rest. He choked back his personal emotions, as his voice came out heavy but calm. "Rest my friend. You did well."

Suddenly, a wailing sound like an infant cried out and Albus stood up as his eyes widened a fraction in shock. He hurried his pace, moving up to the house's nursery.

His frown deepened as he could already see Lily Potter had suffered the same fate as her husband, her body sprawled out on the ground. The silver haired wizard took out his wand as a precaution, though he did not need it, and settled down above the woman to do the same for her as he had done for James.

Then he stood up, coming face to face with the young Harry Potter, his eyes wet as he cried and screamed for his dead parents.

"I am sorry, little one." Was all Albus could think to mutter in that moment, though he knew the child would be very unlikely to understand him.

And the sorry was not just for the parents but for what laid upon the child's head. A scar like a lightning bolt. A scar of a curse, one that radiated energy that could only stun the old wizard as he realized what spell caused it. "Oh, my boy…"

A scar, that Albus could feel Tom… feel Voldemort was part of, his soul attached. With quiet non-verbal waves of his wand the wizard set to work determining all he could about the scene he had stumbled upon, finally pointing it at Harry who wailed louder in fear which tore at the old man's heart in a way not even losing his friends in the Order would.

He could put together a picture of what had occurred already, with little doubt in his mind. Tom had decided to take stock in a prophecy he had heard, one that made Albus's heart falter. Voldemort had tried to kill Harry as expected and in doing so, it would seem he had marked the young boy as his equal.

It begged the question of 'How?' once again. Did Tom transfer his power to young Harry? Did he destroy his own Power and force himself into a similar state as the infant wizard perhaps?

The sad fact was, Albus was fairly certain he had a good idea of how. It was a sad thought indeed, yet he needed to check if it was true…

When he read the diagnostics from his scan, he could only sigh at his wand. Voldemort's soul had attached to the young wizard. A deeply buried, dark part of Albus whispered in his ear.

Whispered to him that he had a chance to finish the remains of Voldemort. That he just had to step forward and take it…

The old man shook his head, frowning deeper as he realized Tom's influence was still abound. He'd have to rid young Harry of it immediately but safely, and he knew just how to do it.

He pointed his wand at the child once more and ignored it's wails of fear. "Liga Magne."

A hazel bolt of magic tore from his wand and hit the child, making them glow for a moment, golden ethereal chains wrapping around the boy. A bind upon his magic, a bind that would lock most of it away.

Harry would have to live with being a weak wizard, to ensure he would not suffer the curses of-

Albus's musings were interrupted as the chains suddenly started to break away, shocking the older wizard. He'd never seen a bind he'd place fail before, especially one upon an infant. Was this Tom's magic?

No… this magic, it was dark but its aura was familiar, an emerald green glow ripped through the cracks in Albus's magic and through Harry's scar.

"Lily…" The bearded wizard muttered in awe, as he realized Lily had set some kind of protection in place even Albus had been unaware of. It shared qualities of dark magic, Albus could sense the familiar tingle of blood magic in the air.

Yet something far lighter mixed with it, a power that manifested itself so often in the wizard world but never for a specific witch or wizard, only for when the moment was right.

The power of love swirled through the air and wrapped around Young Harry, a pink glow joining the green glow as Albus's bind was destroyed… yet it did not end there, as the aura's surrounding the child grew brighter.

A dark shadow appeared in the air, emanating energy that screamed its allegiance to Voldemort only for the aura's of magic to lift off Harry and both attack, wrestling with the shadow to force it into submission.

Albus could only watch in amazement as the fragment of Voldemort's very being was torn apart by the unexpected and unstoppable force of the two magical energies.

And then they finished their assault and repelled the fragment, the shadow dispersing into the air with a terrible scream. Albus absent-mindedly stepped towards Harry…

And the Aura's reacted, the green aura of Lily Potter's magic wrapping around her child protectively as the pink magic of love formed a vaguely humanoid shape as it had small tendrils shot off it towards Lily's body.

Albus barely registered as his stunned state finally subsided that the energy refused to let him towards Harry. It glowed and a moment of comprehension dawned on the old wizard.

"You're bound to him…"

"In a sense." Lily's voice nearly made the old wizard jump as he turned to see Lily standing up, a pink glow around her body. Her eyes were a pure pink glow as she walked calmly past Albus and stood over the child beneath her, placing a hand upon his head and putting him to sleep as she hushed like a concerned mother.


"You aren't…"

"Lily Potter. No, I am not." The body said, gesturing towards the green aura in the air. "She is Lily potter, and she has consented to my use of her body to ward you off. I am merely the spirit of love magic. If you must have a name, you may refer to me as Lady."

"Ward me off?" Albus questioned, admittedly perturbed and confused by these turns of events. The Lady of Love turned to him, her eyes somehow showing off a fierce protectiveness despite the lack of detail.

"I was sworn to defend Harry Potter by his mother when she gave her own life out of love to ensure her son would always be protected and cared for." Lady explained, her glare cutting through Albus. "I am bound to the blood of Harry Potter now."

"She used dark magic…" Albus muttered, only to get a violent head shake from Lady.

"She used magic." Lady corrected, stunning the wizard as he felt her imposing nature match up to his own power without faltering. It was stunning, breath taking to see it this way. "Dark and Light are the specifications wizards decided for themselves, but there is no true Light or Dark magic. Just magic and that is why I did not hesitate to answer to the demands of Lily Potter when she bound me to Harry's blood. For her own demands were made out of exactly that, love. And now I will carry out my duty as I have been commanded until the day upon which there is nothing left of Harry Potter to protect, protect him from harm of all."

Her eyes flashes dangerously and the next thing Albus knew they were in his office, the headmaster's office within Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She stood before him either unknowing or unrepentant of the hundreds of years of work and wards she must have torn apart to move them into the school so easily.

"Protect him from harm to mind, harm to body, harm to safety…. And harm to magic." The next thing Albus knew, he was forced into his chair with Lady standing above him ominously. "I promised Lily Potter not to kill anyone unless explicitly told otherwise by her son or in grave emergencies to fulfil the promise to protect Harry. Know this though, Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore, I am capable of ending a life if I deem it necessary, and I do not discriminate between Light and Dark like your kind do. You are a friend to Lily Potter and so, I shall allow your transgression of attempting to bind my charge's magic to pass. Know now though another such incident and you will not be met with the same mercy."

Shock ran through every vein in his body as he realized the error he had made. With a snap of her fingers, Lily's body disappeared and only the Aura of Love remained in the air, a letter dropping on his desk.

"You will not return to do anything to Harry Potter this day unless you wish to invoke my ire. You will find a new home for him and take him there, and with Lily Potter's Protections watching over him, Harry Potter will thrive. You will ensure his safety and care and do no more until it is time with your duty as a teacher, to do more."

There were a million ways this could go, but Albus was no fool, despite Tom's claims. He knew power, and he knew when and when not to trifle with it.

And now was most certainly not the time to trifle with the power of love, with her mission stated clearly just the same as her anger at his actions. If there were Lily's wishes, he could not deny them.

"I understand."

With a nod, Lady disappeared into nothing, the pink aura gone, where it would return to young Harry to envelope him in her warmth, wrapping around him along with what remained of Lily Potter who had chosen to bound her essence to Lady's to ensure her own desire for the protection of her son would always shine through Lady Love's actions. Harry, who all around him without even meaning to was causing a whirlwind of chaos as his magic acted up, performing his favourite charm with the help of Lady to try and calm him.

Meanwhile, Dumbledore would set to work, finding Harry a new home to meet Lady Love's demands. He was certain he was doing the right thing, that he was right to say he understood.

Yet he picked up a folder and looked for Petunia Dursley, the aunt of Harry Potter, Lily's sister. He assumed there would be more protections that must be to do with blood wards if Lily had used Blood Magic, the girl having always been the type to have back up plans.

He told Lady Love he understood. He told himself he understood.

He did not.