"I have come to inform you that young Harry and Hermione are a wizard and witch, respectively," Albus stated and the room seemed to freeze. The two adults in the room other than himself looked between each other before hard glares came upon their faces. Albus sighed. Muggles never were easy to convince at first.

"Now hold on just a minute. I don't know who you are but you can't just break and enter and then—" The new father of Harry, Mr. Granger, began. Albus barely listened, instead musing on how odd it would be to have to learn to think of the man as such. "But you can't just come in and declare such nonsense. And to call our daughter a witch!?"

"Oh, but it's all true. I assure you," The oldest occupant of the room said calmly, ignoring the bewildered and skeptical looks of the adults, and merely smiled at the confused and curious faces of the children.

"I'm- we're magic?" Harry asked, very confused. Albus merely chuckled. 'Ah, youth.'

"No, there's a different explanation-" Mrs. Granger began until Albus pulled out his wand.

"Apologies but this will be quicker." The elderly wizard said as a way of explanation upon noticing the other adults jump before pointing the wand at the glass of water. "Evaporo!"

There was a sudden blue light that ripped out the tip of his wand hitting the glass and all eyes briefly turned to it, where they all saw the water evaporate suddenly.


And with another cry, the glass threw right towards the old headmaster who caught it with a smile. Several eyes went wide, causing Albus to chuckle. "Perhaps that has made it clear I speak the truth?"

"You're… that…" Harold Granger blinked in shock before suddenly dropping onto the couch, looking as if his entire world had been blown open in front of him. Joan Granger quickly brought her two children behind her protectively, still eyeing the man with worry but clearly, her own doubt was slipping. "Magic…"

"Now, let us try this again. As I said, my name is Albus Dumbledore. I am the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and I am here to inform you that both your children are a witch and a wizard. Unlike how it might appear to you, I do not mean to insult your daughter. In fact, it's quite the compliment." Albus smiled, silently waving his wand beneath him and conjuring a chair for him to sit down in. Then he pointed his wand at the glass again. "Aguamenti. Ah, lovely. Califictilem."

The glass filled with water, before suddenly shifting before their very eyes into a porcelain mug. Albus smiled and pointed his wand last time, speaking calmly "Calicemtee."

And suddenly the familiar scent of tea filled the room as hot caramel coloured liquid poured out of Albus' wand right into the cup, finishing after a moment as he looked up with a kind smile. "Dear me, I do apologize but I never was fond of accepting beverages prepared by another. I used to accept this delightful brew from an old friend of mind, Clover Kettlethorn. Lovely young lady, but she had enough eccentricities to make even me look like all my eggs were in one basket. Served me plenty of good brews, it wasn't until a good year later I realized she brewed them with dead rats inside she took out before serving. Rather put me off accepting Tea from others."

The rest of the room went green-faced at the story and Albus nodded, taking a sip of the tea before putting it down. "Enough about unfortunate beverage concoctions though, I am sure you have questions. Mr. Granger, perhaps you would like to begin?"

That certainly worked to snap Harold back into action and he narrowed his eyes as he took a deep breath. "Alright so…. I can still scarcely believe it but… Magic is real? And you are a wizard?"

"It is indeed, and indeed I am." The headmaster nodded with a smile. "A wizard is a male human who can perform magic, typically via the aid of a wand, and concoct certain… medicines muggles cannot, witches are merely the female variant."

"Muggles?" Joan spoke up next, raising a brow as her arm slowly dropped and Albus noted both young Harry and Hermione were leaning in, listening intently to the old man.

"Ah, of course, you won't know the term. You and your husband are what we magicals would call muggles, non-magic people." The silver-haired wizard's eyes drifted over to Hermione, her brown eyes wide as she seemed to be absorbing everything she heard much to his amusement. He could sense an inquisitive mind, perhaps she'd be one of the top students one day. One could only hope. "And your daughter, young miss Granger there, she is what is known as a muggleborn. It is rare but there are always a few born every year. Muggleborns are wizards or witches who have muggle parents, but they themselves are born with magic."

"And how do you know all this?" Joan narrowed her eyes dangerously. "Have you been stalking us?"

"Stalking? Dear me no." Albus shook his head. "In fact, I would not have even known of your existence until miss Granger would have received her Hogwarts letter when she was eleven normally. The circumstances changed however when you adopted young Mr. Potter here."

"How do you know we're adopting him?" Harold demanded, shifting protectively as though ready to protect Harry in case Albus tried something. He wouldn't of course but it pleased the old wizard immensely to see he took his still-new role as father to the boy seriously. That was much better than the Dursleys already.

"All magical children, who are born to muggles or living with muggles, are assigned a magical guardian. Someone who has been in the magical world for a substantial length of time so that they may look out for them while they are still adjusting to the new world. Lily and James Potter assigned me as young Harry's magical guardian personally." The wizard explained, noticing young Harry's eyes go wide behind his glasses.

"You knew my birth parents?" He asked before he could stop himself or anyone else could ask anything, looking shocked.

"Oh yes, they were my students." Albus smiled sadly, letting out a wistful sigh. "James was quite good at transfiguration, always made for a good conversational partner on the subject as I used to be a teacher. Lily meanwhile, was undoubtedly the brightest young witch I had met in all her years at Hogwarts. She very occasionally even put me to shame in magical theory, and that was no small feat. Going back to what I was saying before, you Harry, are a half-blood. Your mother was a muggleborn like Miss Granger and your father was what is known as a pureblood; someone born to two pureblood parents who have always had magic."

"Hang on… you knew the boy's parents… you were assigned as his guardian?" Joan seemed to be putting the pieces together and her eyes flashed dangerously. "Did you know who he was put with?!"

Albus sighed sadly. "Unfortunately, I did. I must inform you before you react though I had no idea they would act as they did. If I did, I never would have left Harry with them."

"You're the one who put him in that house?!" Joan snarled as she stormed up to the old man who merely waited.

"I am afraid so—"


Albus' eyes went wide as he staggered somewhat, caught off guard by the slap to the face. Harold immediately jumped up and pulled his wife back, wincing a tad.

"Now honey, calm down. We can handle… that later. Let's not get aggressive before we know everything." His eyes hardened as he turned to the old man though. "But you better have a very good reason."

"Thank you… and I thought I did." The wizard sighed as he sat back down, ignoring his face and resisting the urge to smile as Harry and Hermione seemed to be struggling to keep themselves from laughing, leaning against one another for support. The smile died anyway though as he remembered what he had to say. "Harry's mother… She put a charm on her sister and her family. A special kind of protection, that would always be active as long as someone of her blood could call it home. So long as Harry lived with his aunt, those protections would continue to exist."

"Fat lot of good they did at protecting him." Joan hissed, making the older man wince lightly at the rightful anger in her voice.

"I'm afraid danger from the family never occurred to me, I was far too focused on his parent's murderer—"



Harry blinked slowly, ignoring the horrified eyes of his new parents and Hermione's sudden death grip on him. "Sir? Mister Dumbledore? My parents died in a car crash…"

Now that took the wind out of Albus' sails. He went wide-eyed, before looking down as a brief moment of horror overtook him before he schooled his features, looking up. "A… car crash?"

"Aunt Petunia always told me if I asked that they were drunk and got in a car crash…" Harry explained quietly, looking shy and confused. Albus felt his heart break.

"Then it is much worse than I feared… I had thought she would at least tell you the truth…"

"And what is the truth?!" Joan demanded, glaring at the man. "What do you know about him that he doesn't?"

"Unfortunately, a fair bit." Albus sighed, before looking up. "I understand you may not wish to trust me, but please allow me to speak. I had never intended to reveal this until Harry was of a more… suitable age but it seems it must be done. I believe the best place to start would be to find a good example in your muggle history to draw from… World War Two is the example I believe would be best."

Both adults in the room immediately shuddered, going wide-eyed and looking horrified merely from the mention of the war. Albus sighed, he could hardly blame them.

"You see, there is a whole society of magical people hidden from the muggles of Britain, but while we may have some obvious differences, there are some sad aspects that connect us all. Violence, discrimination. In our world, we very recently only just ended our worst conflict in years. It was only six years ago that Lord Voldemort was defeated."

"Voldemort?" Harold raised a brow incredulously. "That's an… odd name."

"He did fashion it for himself and he was an… odd one to be sure, even as a child." Albus hummed before sighing. "He, along with several extremists in our world, believed that purebloods were superior to every other wizard or witch and that muggles like yourself were… pests, to put it nicely."

"Oh great, so he was magical Hitler?" Joan realized, feeling sick that someone like that could have existed only a few years ago.

"That would be the best example for you to understand the terribleness of him, yes. He had reigned terror on our world for quite some time, most people to this day are sadly still too afraid to speak his name. Many official publications only referred to him as 'You-Know-Who' or 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named'. It's rather a shame really, someday we'll have no idea who we were even talking about."

"That's… they won't even say his name?" Harold repeated, sounding dumbstruck and yet sick at the same time, and with good reason. Albus could see the sensible question swimming in his eyes. 'What kind of things did he do that made people afraid to just speak his name?'

"I cannot repeat a great many of his crimes with children present. Were it my choice I would not repeat any… but Harry deserves to know what truly happened to his birth parents." Albus said firmly, making it clear there would be no room for argument. Fortunately, it seemed the adults wanted to know as well. "You see, of course, whenever someone rises like that, there are the brave who will fight back. I myself once helped lead those fighting him and then… we found out he had targeted Lily and James Potter for reasons unknown to most people. Harry was only a one-year-old when Lily and James had already gone into hiding, but sadly… Voldemort was a powerful man, and there was an unfortunate oversight in security. The charm we were using fell prey to one unforeseen issue. There had been a traitor among us and one who James and Lily trusted blindly at that. They trusted him enough that they refused to allow me to be the one who dealt with the spell keeping them safe, and so the traitor ran off to inform his master. Voldemort appeared in Godric's Hollow where the Potters were hiding that Halloween. I will spare you the grisly details but…"

"My mum and dad were killed…" Harry said quietly, yet the weight of the words brought everyone in the room down as it settled in with them all. There was a sniffle and suddenly Hermione was holding her brother by the neck, hugging him as tightly as possible. Harry hugged her back slowly, seemingly lost as he processed that.

"Yes… I'm sorry my boy." The old wizard sighed, before looking up. "But, the story does not end there. Something immensely curious happened that night, you see. No one is entirely sure how, but… well there are several types of magic in this world. One of them is an incredibly powerful variant known as love magic." Albus explained, able to sense it radiating off of Harry even if he didn't show it. "From what I've been able to gather, your mother made a desperate move Harry. To ensure your survival, she sacrificed herself for a spell. A spell that would bind the very essence of said love magic to you, to protect you."

All eyes looked up at that, curious of the implications. Harry's eyes widened, and he seemed to be putting the pieces together in his mind. Albus was not yet done though. "Voldemort was a monster. He had turned his sight onto Harry and thus, he was determined to kill Harry. That he was only an infant made no difference to him. Yet Lily's spell, it did its part. When Voldemort tried to kill Harry, the spell I assume was shielded or somehow otherwise deflected back onto Voldemort, destroying him and the house in the process. Mind you, at least a part of it must have grazed Harry when it happened, as that is where his unique scar came from."

"So he's dead?" Joan asked, sighing in relief. The idea that there was a maniac out there that wanted to kill her soon clearly hadn't done much good for her life expectancy.

"As far as anyone knows, yes. I would not rule out the possibility his followers might try to somehow resurrect him, but the likelihood of success is minimal, as most are caught or otherwise in bad positions to act upon their old ideals." Albus said cautiously. He figured it would be best not to worry the Grangers with just what positions the Death Eaters were actually in nowadays, they had enough to process. "As for Harry himself, however, Lily's spell caused a few… interesting side effects. Before I get to that though, I would like to turn my attention to young Hermione."

The little girl blinked in surprise as she looked over, tilting her head confused and making her bushy hair bounce as she did so. "Me, sir?"

"Yes. I must ask, have you ever done anything… strange? Something happened around you that might seem impossible?" He asked and her eyes widened.

"Oh! Oh! Sometimes when I really want a book I'll find it on my bed." Hermione said. "And uh… the lights always turn on when I'm scared in the dark…"

"And there was that time she had a water balloon fight with the old neighbours and the balloon exploded with far more water than should have been in it." Joan realized suddenly, her jaw dropping open, which was quickly followed by Harold who had his own realization.

"There was that time she started when the clown program came on when she was a toddler and the TV turned off on its own."

"Accidental magic." Albus declared with a small smile. "And quite the healthy amount too for a loving household. It sounds like miss Granger will be a talented witch when she comes of age to learn at Hogwarts. That, however, is what is normal for a magic child. You see, these incidents of accidental magic aside, a witch or wizard never uses magic until they are old enough to purchase a wand and begin learning. Let's say it was Miss Granger, the first thing she'd do, assuming she didn't try any spells before reaching Hogwarts of course, would be learning how to make different coloured sparks fly off her wand. It's the most basic spell used to teach children how wand magic works and how intent affects the results. Ah, but I'm rambling. I'm sure you've noticed by now; young Harry doesn't follow this rule."

Assuming that was his cue, Harry raised a pencil on the table with a hand. "You mean this, sir?"

"I do indeed." Albus nodded, eyes twinkling as he watched the display. "You see, there are several curious aspects to this, not least of all the fact you are performing wandless and non-verbal magic at your age."

"And what aspects are those?" Harold spoke, suddenly trying to regain control. It was clear with a quick look in his eyes that he was worried. Albus was pleased to note it was worry for his son and not because of his son though.

"Well, it seems to be a combination of the levitation charm, Wingardium Leviosa, which is a simple first year charm, and the more advanced fourth year summoning charm, Accio." Albus summarized, displaying both spells non-verbally with his wand on a second pencil on the table. "This gives the impression Mr. Potter is telekinetic, it would appear. It is nothing I have ever seen before, but it is quite the useful ability to possess. What is even more interesting, is that the magical signature that is registered when it's used isn't his own."

"It's not?" Harry questioned, tilting his head. "Whose is it then, sir?"

"Most curiously, it would appear to be Lily's," Albus explained, sighing. "It would appear, her spell imparted some of her own magic into you. This means that the Ministry of Magic, that is our government, cannot trace your magic correctly. It registers as adult magic."

"What does that mean, then?" Joan asked, confused. Albus chuckled.

"It means that even when Harry one day attends Hogwarts, so long as the magic he uses is only his natural abilities at home, he cannot get in trouble for it as it will not register as him breaking the decree against underage magic. That is a long time off though. Now… I believe there's another ability you have that has yet to be seen."

"Sir?" The boy asked, confused.

"Is there anything else you can't explain that you do often, Harry?" Albus prompted and the boy stopped, looking confused as he began thinking until his eyes suddenly lit up with understanding.

"I uh... heal really fast sir."


"Yeah. I uh… w-whenever I get a cut it always fixes itself once I feel safe again and my bruises always fade super fast. All my injuries in the hospital healed overnight…"

"Extraordinary," Albus muttered, more to himself than anything, before standing up. "It would appear the protection your mother truly laid upon you is that then. Wizards and witches can heal much faster than muggles, it is why we have a life expectancy that always goes above a hundred so long as we do not suffer any accidents. I wonder if it only applies to yourself? Ah, but all that is for another day. Now I can reach the true point of my visit."

Everyone perked up at that.

"Normally, we do not inform muggle parents of the wizarding world until their children and charges are ready to enter school but I had to make an exception for Harry for his special ability. You see, there is a thing known as the statute of secrecy. The burnings, while ineffective, did make us think it would be best to withdraw from muggles and hide. It is considered a felony to violate the statute unless it is absolutely necessary."

"So I have to hide my magic?" Harry asked, catching on and frowning. "So I am a f-"

"Harry! You are not a freak!" Joan immediately reprimanded, walking over and hugging him. The twinkle left Albus' eyes as he remembered why it was the Grangers he was talking with and not the Dursleys.

"She is right. You are merely a more powerful than average wizard." He assured the child before sighing. "Of course, I had wanted to leave you out of this for as long as possible so you did not have to suffer knowing this but… you are also quite possibly the most famous person in the entire wizarding world."

The entire room went quiet at that. Joan raised to her feet again.


"I'm afraid… Many believe Harry himself was somehow responsible for deflecting the curse, through some combination of trauma, fear, and accidental magic, causing it to rebound and kill Voldemort. Sadly, this is an unfortunate yet common belief that places him as the hero of the story and due to that… Undoubtedly if and when Harry joins the wizarding world he will be a celebrity. Halloween is now also known by many as Harry Potter day in the wizarding world."

"That's… that's sick," Harold said after a moment, looking green. Albus nodded his head.

"Sadly, I can do nothing about it. I understand if this and the revelation about Voldemort makes you cautious about our world but I would implore you to wait on a decision about sending your own daughter until the official Hogwarts letter comes through. I am merely here as Harry's magical guardian today, to officially recognize you as his guardians and warn you about the things you needed to know regarding his… unique attributes. I will tell you this though, suppressing any witch or wizard's magic is a very bad idea. It could even kill them if it was too suppressed. Harry was unfortunate enough to be tied up with some bad apples in our world by bad luck but remember we are no more than people, and for Hogwarts, all we want is to teach them how to safely use their abilities. You have already seen what just a few bits of magic are capable of, and I assure you there are hundreds more things they could learn. You will still look after Harry?"

"He's our son." Joan declared fiercely, glaring into the headmaster's eyes. "Nothing is changing that, we already told him we'd look after him."

Albus smiled.

"I am glad to hear it. In that case, I, Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore, do hereby recognize you, Joan Granger, and you, Harold Granger, as Harry's guardians."

Suddenly, the room felt a lot warmer to them all and the old wizard smiled.

"Nothing to be alarmed about, I merely have recognized you as his guardians in the magical world. You may still be in the process of adopting in your muggle society but you are now, in the eyes of magic and its world, family. I truly hope you have a happy and prosperous future. I give you all my best."

"Wait!" Harry cried out suddenly, stopping Albus. He raised a brow as he met the young boy's eyes.

"Is something the matter, Harry?"

"...You keep calling me Potter… but I'm a Potter-Granger now!" He said simply but stubbornly. Albus smiled though at the implications of the boy saying so.

"Of course, my mistake. I will ensure it is noted as so when I return to hogwarts, Mr. Potter-Granger, though I warn you most of the world will likely always know you as Harry Potter. Still, I will make sure you are officially known by the name you wish to be. Now, I must be off. Best wishes to you all."

And suddenly, with a crack, the old wizard disapparated, appearing in his office. He smiled as he sat down on his desk.

It may not have been his original plan but Harry was with people who clearly cared for him. He was with a good family.

He could accept this. He'd keep an eye on them for another year and then, hopefully, he could move on until it was time for the young man to come to Hogwarts.

Though he didn't know it for sure, he had a feeling the Lady of Love would commend him if she could see him at the moment, for making things right.

He was right.