Chapter 1: Introduction

It's a usual day in Magnolia as in any and all loud noise is being caused by the famous guild Fairy Tail.

The doors to the guild open up as a beautiful young woman with silver hair wearing a black dress enters the guild hall. Mirajane places the package down onto the table as her younger sister approaches her.

"Sis, what's that?" Lisanna asks while pointing towards the package. Mirajane smiles, "I don't know, I just found it outside of the guild. Maybe it's a gift to us!" Her eyes shine in excitement.

Lisanna sweat drops at her sister's excitement. "Maybe, we should open it and find out?" Lisanna inquires. Mira agrees before tearing open the package to see what's inside of it. Mira's eyes widened a bit, "It's a viewing lacrama!" Lisanna spoke aloud. Next to the lacrama was a note. Mira picks it up and reads it out loud.

"This lacrama holds a viewing of entertainment for Fairy Tail. As an appreciation for all that you've done for us, please enjoy and have fun."

"There's no name written on the note" The oldest says. Lisanna stares apprehensively at the lacrama, "Are you sure we should listen to the note? What if this is a trick by a dark guild or something?" Mira ponders that question before instantly dismissing her sister's worries. "It'll be fine, now let's go gather everyone!" Mira tells her sister with a bright smile on her face.

Lisanna could only sweat drop again at her sister's eagerness.


"Alright is everyone ready?" Mira asks as she enlarges the lacrama for everyone to see.

"I still don't understand why I have to be here?" Gajeel asks in irritation. Levy looked at him, "Because you need to learn how to have fun." Gajeel pouts and mutters something which causes Levy to smack his arm.

"I hope it's got fighting or dragons in it!" Natsu shouts in excitement. "Ooohhh! And maybe some fish too, right Natsu?" Happy the little blue cat asks his partner. Lucy could sigh in exasperation at the two next to her. "Only you two would focus on things like that" Lucy points out.

"Maybe it's a guide to romance that will allow me to charm my darling Gray!" Juvia the water mage exclaimed in pure bliss. Gray scoots away a bit from Juiva's antics. "Let's just hope it's nothing that weird?" Gray basically pleads.

"Gray your clothes" Cana points out from the table next to them with a barrel full of beer.

"HUH!?" The naked ice mage shouts surprised and begins looking for his clothes.

"Are you looking forward to this Carla?" Wendy asks her small companion. The small white cat huffs, "I think we could all be spending this time doing something more productive, but if you want Wendy then its ok." Wendy laughs a bit at Carla's usual attitude.

Erza takes a small bite of her strawberry cake. "Whatever this viewing is about, I'm sure that it has Fairy Tail's best interest in mind" The knight explained to everyone. Makarov nodded his head to Erza's point.

The small guild master jumped off the stage. "We already tested the lacrama for traps, and nothing came up," Makarov explained to the guild as he went to sit down in the front. Both Mira and Levy nodded their heads, having been there themselves to test it.

"If nobody else has anything else to say, then let's start!" Mira pumps her fist up.

"AYE SIR!" The loud members shouted.