Based on a description from the show Once Upon A Time (2011) i brought to you, my first story on Anastasia (1997)

The story, its a tragic version of the end of the movie, with a bittersweet end to the story itself, starting when Dimitri prepared himself to leave Paris.

Hope you like.

Nice Reading.

For those who ask, i don´t have a beta reader and i won´t going to look for one, as i don´t trust beta readers, so don´t insist.


Dimitri Tevye wait in the line, to buy the ticket that was going to take him back to Russia, in his heart, he knew he needed to stay, his emotions were telling him that he needed to stay close, still, the rational part of him, keep telling him that princesses shouldn't merry kitchen boys, so he needed to go.

Taking a deep breath, Dimitri reach to his pocket, to get the money for the ticket, when instead of the money, he found a dead rose, it was the rose Anya had give to him, when they gone shopping around Paris with Sophie and Vladimir. His heart skip a bit, despite of been dead, the rose still had a faint but sweet perfume.


Back at the palace, Anya, the Grand-Duchess Anastasia, couldn't be happier, she had found a home, her family and her past and despite of the tinge of sadness about Dimitri´s betrayal and departure, she decided to move on and enjoy her new life, together with her grandmother, who she loved dearly.

Suddenly however, as Anya was about to join her grandmother at the Ballroom, her dog Pooka rush to the yards and Anya rush to him, calling for the dog, but the little animal just keep running, like he was in trance.

''Pooka, come back here!'' Anya exclaimed and before she knows, both her and the dog were on a bridge, she had no idea how she got there, something tells her she shouldn't be there, but in the same way Anya couldn't help but feel tuck in that bridge, like something had frozen her feet.

''Anastasia…'' Anya jumped at the voice and turning around, she came face to face with a skinny, yellow-eyed man in a robe ''Anastasia, your Imperial Highness….'' He smiled wickedly'' Look what ten years has done to us… You, a beautiful young flower. And me... A rotting corpse.''

'' That face…'' Anya´s eyes widened with the image

''Last seen at a party like this one…'' Rasputin continued

''A curse….''

''Followed by a tragic night on the ice, remember!'' Rasputin fires a stream of crackling smoke from his Reliquary! It ices over the bridge and everything around it! The stone cherubs face twist horribly, they grow fangs, ears are pointed, they become devilish imps!

Anya is thrown to the ground by the blast. She picks herself up. Now she remembers. "Rasputin!''

"Rasputin! Oh, you remember! I was destroyed by your despicable family! But what goes around comes around…'' He bursts out in laughter as he raises the Reliquary. Anya stands frozen in terror, unsure of what comes next. Smoke billows out.

Minions take shape from the smoke! They swarm towards Anya like a pack of locusts they taunt her, poke her, tear her dress, steal her crown! Spinning in circles.

''Stop no, get away. No, no…'' The princess screamed

'' Say your prayers, Anastasia! No one can save you!'' the monk laughed


Back at the ballroom, the party was going on, people were dancing, unaware of what was happening outside, when suddenly, an young man coming running inside, bumping and pushing people out of the way, till she reach the main area, where an older man talk to other men.

''Vlad!'' exclaimed Dimitri, the man in question. ''Where´s Anya?''

''Dimitri?'' Sir Vladmir Vanya asked confused looking toward his young friend ''I thought you were…''

''Its no time to explain Vlad, where´s Anya?''

''We thought she had gone with you!'' Empress Maria came behind Dimitri ''Young man, what made you come back?''

''Your Majesty, it's a complicated story'' the young man bowed ''But think Anastasia is in danger'' he said and in response, the Empress frowned.

''What you mean, in danger?'' the old woman asked.

''I don't know exactly, Your Majesty, but I couldn't left without making sure Anya… I mean, Your Highness, Anastasia is alright.'' Dimitri confessed.

For a second, the old Empress just looked at him, a bit confused, but worry at the same time, than, she pointed to the velvet curtains behind the high chairs.

''I told Anastasia, you hadn't accept the money and then, she left, I suppose she went for a walk in the gardens'' she said ''Young man, I know my granddaughter loves you, go look for her and make sure she´s safe''

''Thank you, your Majesty'' Dimitri smiled ''Vlad, you come with me'' he grab the older man´s arm and they rushed away.


Back in the bridge, Rasputin was having quite a good time watching his demoniac minions hurt Anya and as she was growing weak, more fun the madman was having.

''Please, stop!'' Anya pledge, making him laugh.

''ANYA!'' suddenly, a male voice distracted Rasputin from his fun, still, upon seeing Dimitri and Vladimir rushing to him and Anya, the mad monk got an idea and grabbing Anya by her hair, he made her look at them.

''Oh, look who´s here!'' he yelled '' Your knight in shining armor came to rescue you Anastasia!''


''Lets show your heart to him!'' Rasputin laughed ad before Anya could even react, the mad monk reaches his bony fingers to her chest and ripped her heart out from her chest in a single bow.

''NO!'' Dimitri screamed in horror and Vlad felt like throwing up. And at the palace, the Dowager Empress felt a strong pain on her chest, so she set down to rest, telling everyone that she was alright.

With the heart on his hands, Rasputin almost leap in joy, he tossed an unconscious Anya on the ground and stared at the glowing organ, like a child staring at a new toy.

''The heart of the last Romanov!'' he exclaimed ''Now my curse will be fulfilled!'' he yelled, crashing the heart with his fingers, making Anya´s eyes open wide and she screamed in pain.

''Let go of her!'' Dimitri snaped out of his shock and rushed to Anya, kneeling beside Anya and taking her on his arms.

''Too late lover boy, she´s gone!'' said Rasputin squeezing the heart once again.

''D-Dimitri I…'' Anya gasped.

''Hold on, I won´t let you go!'' he asked caressing her face ''Vlad, take care of her!'' Dimitri called his friend who keeled down next to them as Dimitri place Anya´s body on his lap and rush to the mad monk, who was laughing over his victory.

Devastated over the loss of Anya, Dimitri, fights Rasputin, revenge pumping through his veins, failing to notice however, when Rasputin crushed the heart into ashes.

''Its useless to fight now boy, she´s gone, my curse is complete!'' Rasputin yelled ''Finally the death of the last Romanov!''

''Want to bet?'' as he celebrated the victory, Rasputin failed to notice when Dimitri steeled his reliquary and smashed it on the ground.

''What are you doing you fool!?'' the villain barked ''Give it back!'' he yelled but the young man didn't give attention and hoping for a miracle, he smashed the reliquary in the ground again, breaking it into pieces and with that, destroying Rasputin, who vanished with a green smoke.

Once Rasputin vanished, Dimitri rushed back to where Anya lied, he kneeled beside her and gentle took her in his arms ''Anya?'' he called stroking her face, which was already getting cold.

''I´m so sorry Dimitri'' Vladimir patted his shoulder. ''She´s gone''

''No, no, she can't be…'' Dimitri sobbed. ''She can´t leave me!'' he cried, rocking her back and forth.

''I regret to say that the Grand-Duchess Anastasia left this world'' the old man try to comfort his friend ''She´s resting now, Dmitri, finally reunited with the rest of her family'' he said.

With a shaken breath them, Dimitri cradled Anya in his arms and they made their way back to the palace, preparing themselves, for what they will tell the Dowager Empress.


Unbeknown to them, as Anastasia take her last breath, two figures appear on the bridge, they were Nicholas and Alexandra, Anastasia´s parents as well as her sisters and little brother have come to escort her home. Of course, at the first minute, Anya didn't realize she had left her body, still, when both Nicholas and Alexandra reached to her, Anya didn't think twice on following them finally back home, when they would be together for all eternity.