A Match Made in Gotham

Note: We all have the fanfic author "The Clown King Of Chaos" to thank for making this chapter happen. This fanfic takes place in the 'Gotham's Saviors' fanfic universe written by "The Clown King Of Chaos."

Chapter 2: The Park

"Reminds me of New York," Alex commented as he followed her lead down the green scape. For some reason the hoodlums had left it alone. "Except no martial law or monsters."

"Oh, Alex. You forget, Gotham is filled with unsavory abominations," Ivy laughed as she settled on a spot shaded by several trees.

"Believe me," he lied down and rested his head in her lap, "New York was so much worse. Much, much worse. They smelt of death, screamed like rabid birds, and tore people to shreds."

"Are you sure you're not thinking about Croc?" she asked with a giggle.

Mercer cracked another smile.

She felt him relax into her. He was always so tense. Even while he slept, he was like a slab of granite.

"What was it like, in that quarantine?" Ivy asked.

"Horrid. Like a nightmare made true." Alex replied sadly.

"Well, it's over now," Ivy said as she ran her fingers through his hair. He didn't really wear his hood much anymore.

"Still it was rather... mind blowing when I found out I could run up buildings and jump thousands of feet into the air," Alex said with a smile on his face.

"It beats being weak," Ivy Replied

"I agree completely," Alex said while nodding. He rubbed his eyes and sighed. Alex said, "You would've hated it in there."

"Why so?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No green anywhere. Hell, even Central Park was half covered in Nests and Hives and..." He shuddered.

She couldn't but feel a slight disgust at that fact.

"Even Battery Park wasn't spared. Those damned baby killing mercenaries made it their base," Alex said with an angry sneer.

"Well, now I'm even happier you tore them limb from limb," Ivy said with a gentle smile.

Alex opened his eyes and smiled while he said "Oh it was incredibly fun. And rewarding. I would've never learned how to drive tanks and pilot choppers, and... well a lot of stuff if it weren't for them."

"You always find ways to entertain yourself, don't you?" Ivy replied while having a sly smile.

"Oh, you've no idea. Sneaking into their bases and blowing up all their shit. Most fun I ever had in my life!" These were memories Alex could look back on fondly.

Ivy paused for a moment, liking this side of him.

"Heh. Reminds me of that time I covered half of Arkham in vines when that Clown started a riot," Ivy said somewhat happily and gloomy.

"Yeah. He's a real piece of work," Alex stated sarcastically.