She felt the light before she could see it. It came from far away, but it was getting closer, warmer and brighter. She turned her weightless body towards it, letting go of the soft hand she was holding, fingers brushing against the scales as she went. She tried to shield her eyes, the light getting more intense by the second, but her arms were numb. The light enveloped everything now, but her body was getting colder. She felt herself choking on something.

Sylvari spluttered out the water in her lungs, feeling it fill her mouth and nose as she did. She tried to sit up, but did not seem to be able to muster the strength for it, settling instead for opening her eyes.

She did not get to see much before she was hoisted up into someone's arms. "Oh, thank the Goddess. You're alive," she heard her mother say, and moments later felt her kiss her face, cradling it in her hands. She returned the embrace, and closed her eyes again.

Sylvari sighed as the tea warmed her insides, snuggled up in a corner of Lorlathil's inn, Shal'nor sleeping at her feet, warming them as well.

"I must say, you did get us quite worried then," Kalendil said, slicing an apple for herself.

The druid shrugged. "I wish I could say this was an uncommon occurrence, Kali. But these past few years I've brushed elbows with death more times than I should have, I fear."

Her friend frowned. "It sounds like this… Hand of Cenarius doesn't do a very good job of protecting its own," she said, eating a slice of the apple.

"They do… in a way. Sometimes I think we're among the last to remember Teldrassil, and the atrocities of the Horde," Sylvari said.

"Is it that bad? Have our people forgotten so easily?"

"There are not many of us left to remember, Kali."

"I suppose you're right." Her friend's ears drooped, and she tilted her head. "I missed you, Sylv."

"I missed you too." She looked up at her mother, arriving with a plate of food. "The Lunar Festival is coming up. I would love it if we could meet in Moonglade. If you have the time."

Mythralis sat down, sighing. "I… will try."

"Hm. I'll try to make it as well, Sylv. It will be nice to see you again. And I have not attended it in what feels like forever," Kalendil said.

"It's a plan then." Sylvari said, and started filling her belly, a content smile on her face.