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The three soldiers that made up Delta Squad, the ones who had arrived less than 48 hours earlier and wreaked all manner of havoc in Dubai, most recently sided with the CIA-backed insurgents and destroyed the supply ofwater from Dubai, they reached the radio the time, Darden was masking his fear by joking that his protective team was being killed. .now that they were here it didn't look like they were going to kill him, Captain Walker just wanted to use the radio transmitter, something he was happy to please if it meant saving his skin.

"Hey guys" The Announcer swivels his chair while waving the little white flag and was ready to look at the three Deltas "As if that were real weapons"

"Time is running ..." Martin orders Lugo.

"There I go ... it's retouched but I don't think it will take long ..." Lugo began to check the radio machine.

"What is that sound?" Adam asks and approaches the Announcer threateningly. "Are they voices?"

"Easy, little soldier ..."Announcer said in a calm tone. "It's just a cloudy echo. We listen to that shit non-stop .."

"A what?" Lugo said puzzled. "There are signs that bounce off the storm ..."

"Well, it's a brood ..." The Announcer puts on a mocking expression.

"More about the book. It was you who created a station that reaches the whole city with individual pieces. That is impressive .." Lugo praised the creation of the radio machine that is all improved.

"ah well..you said it not me .."the Announcer was flattered.

"I see that you have simplified the transmitter but how far it really goes ..." Lugo asks the Announcer.

"To infinity and beyond!" Shout in chorus. "Or even the storm. It's the same ..."

"don't screw me ..."Lugo growls annoyed.

"Oh men of little faith ..."

Darden swiveled his chair toward the transmitter and began to act while SgtThen he was trying to get the thing to work and didn't believe him when he explained that the signal strength went all the way to the storm wall.

He pushed a few buttons and hit a toggle switch.

"You're live and on air, my good man, give it a try."

He pushed the microphone towards Lugo. Lugo stared at the microphone for a moment and stood up. Something about her manner seemed strange to Darden. all three soldiers were ragged and bloody, but Lugo had that distant look in his eyes that reminded Darden of some of the survivors of the failed evacuation.

"Wow. That was easier than I expected."

Lugo drew his pistol.

"Thank you."

And shot him in the face.

Darden didn't even have a chance to react, he was already in a place of darkness. He still had a kind of body, because he could still feel the stabbing pain in his head from being shot. He also felt a helpless rage at this Lugo. Why did Lugo shoot him? he had cooperated and given up, and that psycho bastard shot him in cold blood.

The Announcer was standing in the dark and there was a blonde haired woman with emerald eyes.

"Celestine Lucross?"The Announcer said naming the hentai character.

The beautiful lady looked at him with a neutral expression, as if she had not heard what he was saying. Darden continued.

"And what a really nice hair, tell me, does the carpet match the curtains, so to speak?"

He raised his eyebrows at his own joke. As if in response, the lady frowned and crossed her arms. When he spoke in a serious voice.

"If that was meant to be a romantic overture or a humor, then you failed at both; I have listened better to the better than you, Marion Robert Darden."

That bothered him with the full name. "Hey! It's just Robert! My name is RobertGod, I hated that name in elementary school. "She ignored his outburst and continued.

"As I was saying. I see that you have done many things in Dubai keeping order ... I saved you from the torment of pain that Lugo has done in your ugly face ..."the goddess explained.

"So why the hell did you save me ma'am? Just to give me a 'why you suck' speech? Okay yeah I got it, I'm a bad boy. What are you going to do, spank me?" Announcer made a lady smiled, but it was not friendly.

"Do you want me to send you a beautiful world where it exists?" Said The Goddess opening the portal where a great cannon could be seen.

"Hey Sarge!" Yells a Woman in purple armor.

"What's up Drama Queen!" Sarge yells.

"Your fat recruit and the dope thief took my money and I want it back now!" Yells the Drama Queen.

"Shut up. I'm not the father of those two bums!" Shouts Sarge

"Hey guys can you shut up and we all want to sleep!"yells a soldier in Cobalt armor.

"It's time for everyone to wake up for war!" Sarge yells raising his trumpet and begins to play with annoying and screeching noises.

Returning to the Announcer who was looking at the portal.

"Oh my god I don't want to live with these phenomena. They are so annoying that I would be able to commit suicide!" The Announcer yells, denying his other destiny.

"Will you listen to what I tell you?" Said the Goddess. The Announcer nodded.

"Go on but his time is short. "

"Okay, okay, look, I know I talked a lot about wanting to help and things like that when I got to Dubaibut the truth is that I just wanted a big scoop, I was in danger of being replaced in the magazine by some young upstarts, and this concert was going to be my comeback. and I meant it, I wanted to improve morale with music, and I cared about Konrad, I mean, initially I didn't, but when I got to know him as a person rather than just another warlord, I cared, I did! hell, I tried to convince him to move away from the ledge when he said he was contemplating suicide, but he was already too far away at that point ..And then when Delta Squad showed up upstairs, he could have stopped me, at any moment he could have ordered 33 to stand down and let them leave Dubai. But I didn't, I was so mad at them that I wanted to see them pay ..it's' it's all my fault ... "

"Your arrogance cost the lives of hundreds and brought Captain Walker and the men under him into the hands of those who wanted to destroy you. And yet you don't seem to care."

"Fuck..."Radioman said with an almost sad tone and little humor. "It seems I didn't keep the promise ... no Konrad ... just wait for me and we'll drink something like we used to be ..." He said speaking in the dark. "But ... why am I talking to myself ... why am I still conscious?"he said when he realized it.

"It is because the two gods approved the request that you were approved to gain a new life ..." replied the goddess.

"It's true that there is new life after death. Great!"he shouts excited but a light shines on the side of the blonde goddess and there was a person. "Hey, who are you. You are my guardian angel. If you are, I want you to have a rich family or rather a stepsister to do, you know what ... "

"I'm a man Marion ..."said God with a body of light.

"Oh ... I told you to call me Robert or Announcer!" Announcer yells.

"I have made a deal with the being who calls himself the Weaver of the destiny of your world ... and like us who saw the future of our remnant world ... we decided to take those who died in war ... but strangely the goddess I chose you ... "

"That means you like me, Goddess Celestine" Said Announcer looking at the Blonde Goddess.

"I'm Asteria!" she yells naming her name. "The goddess of wisdom, how could I choose you just like thatthat fate weaver left me in charge of gathering the chosen ones ... "

"Then don't tell me I'll be part of the crew like those anime cliches do in defeating demon king?" The Announcer commented to the two gods.

"Something like that..."the two gods said at the same time.

"Then you can choose three gifts: a team in favor of your personality, an inventory that can enliven your own spirit and a personal object .."said the God of Light and snaps his fingers where two Showcases with different weapons appear. "Choose wisely which one you want take?"

"I choose these ..." The Announcer chose that the gods were shocked. The team in favor of personality. a portable radio along with a microphone and headphones. The inventory to animate one's spirit. About 50 cassettes of music from different bands from the 80s and 70s. A personal object is a Walkman.

"Is he for sure the man that the Weaver of fate recommended to you?" Said the God of Light asking Asteria, which she answered by shrugging her shoulders.

"Well ... Marion Robert Darden ..." God of light said in a serious voice.

"I told you to call me Robert!" The Announcer yells angrily.

"Robert ... I will leave you a mission where it is for the good of my Remnant planet which is to gather your own battalion and seek your leader and also gather the young heroes of the Remnant otherwise you fulfill this mission. The future will fail where your death will be painful, there is no mercy ... "The god of light explained the mission.

"Hey, wouldn't it be better if you sent someone else?" Said the announcer asking.

"Like the Weaver of Destiny gave me a task which is to rejuvenate you at 18 ..." The goddess Asteria makes a click where the Announcer's body is suddenly chosen. Asteria looks at the ground where there is a baby surrounded by fallen clothes.

"Damn it. You turned me into a baby!"

"You look ugly when you were born .." Goddess Asteria said smiling.

"If it doesn't make me normal. I'll poop in this holy place!" The Baby Announcer yells threatening the Asteria. "This time it will be you to clean up the mess!"

"Okay ..." Goddess Asteria said, snapping between her fingers again. Where finally the Announcer grew up at 18 years old.

"Nothing bad..."The Announcer said smiling and combing his hair"This time I will be the destroyer of hearts ..."

"The only one who will fall before a woman will be you ..." God of Light said smiling.

"What?"Announcer said looking at God of Light that he responds by snapping his finger where Announcer Robert disappears out of nowhere.

"I hope they rescue everyone ..." The God of Light said.

"That will decide the Tapestry of fate ..."Asteria said seriously.

The emerald forest. The light shines brightly.

"Ahhhhh!" Yells the young voice. "Damn it. That angel was a man. Disappointment is a fucking bitch!" He yells in an annoyed tone

The young man turned out to be wearing a Hawaiian shirt and cargo pants and headphones, but he had bad hair. That man turns out to be Robert Darden as a known Radioman or Announcer.

"God ... what is this place?"he said looking at his surroundings.

"God ... at least that fucking god of light or whatever should have transported me in a city ... not a forest full of liana and trees!" The Announcer yells, kicking the grass and decided to walk up.

4 hours later

Due to those hours. The Announcer did not find a single city or town. He was walking in the forest and falls to the ground. "This sucks. I don't understand why that guy with the light and that bitch sent me to this place I can not find water or anything I only found an abandoned temple that had chess pieces. Even if I took gold that looked valuable ... "Said the Announcer taking out the gold chess pieces.

Some shots are heard in the distance as if something came from the sky

"Hmm?" He said looking up. "Shooting ... don't tell me there are shootings nearby. I'm not training in this ... I'm just a simple announcer and journalists ..."the Announcer thought mentally and proceeded to run from where the noises came

A sound of some branches breaking behind him and heavy footsteps were felt

"Who's there!" Shouts the Announcer with fighting poses. "I know how to fight and don't make me smash my fists in your face!" He yells threateningly.

A large black bear with white spikes hovers over the announcer growling and drooling

Announcer's eyes pop open and he begins to sweat bullets when he sees that it is a bear. "Holy shit!" He yells, jumping back and falling down.

The bear starts to smell it a little but ignores it

and continue on your way

"Hmmmm ..."The Announcer swallows his saliva and looks at his pants. "I almost got on top ..." He sighs in relief.

More shots are felt but these were more serious and also voices of young people

"God ... why I'm always curious ... who the shots will be ..."The Announcer reluctantly got up and proceeded to follow the noises of the gunshots

A blue projectile passes through the side of his face and ends in a tree that freezes

"..." The Announcer freezes like a statue. "A sniper?" He mentally said the only thing he could do was move his eyes looking for where he shot

"There are too many Beowulfs, we must look for a better position" said a somewhat serious male voice.

"Understood" said another voice in acceptance

said that steps were heard that were going in the direction of the announcer

"... they are soldiers ... I hope they are from my homeland or rather English, I would rather not be guerrillas or terrorists ..."The Announcer thought while waiting where the steps came from since he was very petrified and did not want to move a single thumb since he was afraid that there is a hidden sniper or a stray bullet receives him.

After a few seconds two young men come out, one large, metal chest armor, with reddish hair and a large medieval mace, and the other looked like a punk but with green tips in his hair

"Hey silly! Run!" Shouts the elder

"Ah ... they are more like cosplayers ... what a relief ..." The Announcer sighs in relief .. "You are not so big to dress up as superheroes ..." He said commenting on the clothes.

"What are you saying, idiot! A herd of Beowulfs is coming!" Said the youngest . in that seven tall creatures appear behind them

"That herd?" Said Announcer pointing to the Beowulfs. "What kind of wolves are they?" Looking at the appearance of the Beowulfs

"Leave him! If he wants to die, let him die!" Yelled the elder and they both continued

the seven creatures stand in front of the announcer, these beings look like a werewolf, the beings look at him curiously but without doing anything

"Remember what the military told you ..." The Announcer said mentally looking at the Beowolfs. "...nothing..." He was thinking for a moment.

The beings smell it only a little, all looking at it but continue on their way to the other two

the Announcer was confused looking back where they went and smelling his armpit. "I don't smell so bad!" Yells the Announcer. "What the heck is going on here!"

"Umm ... A little help please ..." Said a voice over the announcer. Announcer looks up to find the owner of the voice

"hi ... can you help me down?" Said a young man with some armor parts, blond hair and some casual clothes

"Oh another weird ..." The Announcer said looking at the blonde. "Why are you you playing medieval knights and weapon a guy who will ambush the weirdos that they left me? "He commented indifferently as his left eyebrow raised.

"ehh ... I don't know what you mean by playing ...I just want to go down "said the blonde

"Hmm, is there a ladder at the nearby hardware store?" Said the Announcer asking the blonde.

"emmm I don't think there is a nearby hardware store ...but you could climb the tree and get this out of me "said the blond pointing at the spear that was nailing his chest

"Hey hey, what do you take me ... I'm too old to climb a tree so that I can break my spine and besides, it's not my business to help you in what concerns me ..." The Announcer makes a gesture of denial, denying.

"Please yes, I think I've been here for half an hour ..." said the blonde pleading. A few steps were felt behind the announcer

"If I help you then what will my prize be? If it is money we could talk about an account but if it is to give me a favor for the future maybe I can help you but if this favor is worth it ... or rather introduce me to a lady who has some buffers and some Average height with an hourglass body, you know I mean kid ... "The Announcer spoke with the blond without looking back at what was coming on his back.

A young woman with whitish gray hair and gray clothes enters the scene, looks only a few seconds at the two of them and turns around to go back where she came from.

"Why everyone always asks for something ..." Said the blonde discouraged. Out of nowhere a red-haired woman in Spartan armor appears in a tree near them

"Which one do you prefer ... money ... favor for the future or a friend ..."the Announcer insisted to the blond without looking back. "I don't have all day..at any moment more strange beasts will appear ..."The redhead greets the young blonde

"Oh ..." Said the blond surprised

"Hello" said the redhead touching the announcer's shoulder

"Hello ..." Said the Announcer looking back for a second and then looking at the blonde. "As I was saying.."The Announcer realized something and immediately looked back quickly to see the Spartan woman. "Hello ..." He said in a friendly tone and gives her a smile. "Nice costume ... you're going to a hallowen party ..." He said with a smile.

"emm ...I don't know it's a Halloween party, but it's not a costume, it's my armor, now you allow me "said the redhead and takes a great leap from branch to branch to then take out the spear and catch the blonde like a princess

"Thank you... again "said the blonde uncomfortably

"You're welcome ..." Said the Announcer and looks at the redhead. "Good juggling trick, you're from some circus ..." Said the Announcer applauding the girl.

"You speak very strange" said the redhead "but my name is Phyrra Nikos and you?"

"I'm Robert ... but everyone calls me Radioman or for short you can call me Announcer .." The Announcer introduces himself. "My status is Single ..." He said winking at Pyrra

"okay... It seems you have a piece of equipment, but I don't see your partner "said Pyrra looking at him but saw that he was only wearing common clothes" announcer, are you a civilian? "

"Nah ... I'm a Military Announcer ... let's say I'm part of the battalion ... partner ... no ... I don't have it..I work alone..but in which part of the continent are we? Russia and France... "Said the Announcer looking at the forest.

"oh you're the one who reports this" said the blond "by the way I'm Jaune di Arc, but ... No, we're in Vale, besides, where are Russia and France? I never heard those names"

"Hmm or the United States. You don't know me ...I'm Robert Darden the Morning Announcer ... "The Announcer said smiling but inside he was a bit nervous.

"The morning announcer?" They both said confused

"Doesn't *the Announcer even have coffee with the comedian*?" Said The Announcer.

the two just look at him in silence and with more confusion.

"Ah ... at least we are on planet earth!" Shouts the Announcer

"Planet earth? We are in remmant ... Don't you want us to guide you to Beacon?" Jaune asked worried

"..."The announcer was shocked. "Wow ... it's a strange world ... strangers who wear cosplayers ... wolves and a bear who ignores me ... this is crazy ... I guess the spear and the sword are not real. .. "The Announcer chuckles softly.

the group of creatures was returning and already spotted all three

"Ah ... Pyrra ... I think we have problems" said Jaune unfolding a shield from his sword scabbard

"True" stated Pyrra and transforms her spear into a firearm

"Wait wait it wouldn't be better if we stay still ... they ignored me ..." The Announcer said who wanted to stay still.

"If we stay still they will eat us" said Pyrra

"It's true, the announcer stayed still and they ignored him" Jaune said somewhat scared and stays still "they may only see things that move"

one of the creatures lunges at Jaune but is stopped by a shot from Pyrra's weapon and the creature begins to disappear into ashes

"Oh shit!" Yells the Announcer and looks at the Beowulf. "Puppy ... Puppy calm down ... I'm not healthy for your stomach. I'm not tasty ..." He said with a nervous smile ..

The Beowulfs pass the announcer and focus more on attacking others but are easily defeated by Pyrra

"How did they not eat you?" Pyrra asks "Does your semblance allow you to hide yourself?"

"Semblance what?" Said The Announcer confused.

"are you kidding?" Pyrra asked seriously

"Look look I know it sounds crazy ... I'm not from this world honestly ..." The Announcer wanted to break the ice. The two were silent and looked at him strangely

"Hello ... I know I told you something strange ... my country is in the United States ... and my planet is Earth ... and my nationality is Texan and my job is to joke or report the weather or news states Like, good morning everyone of Dubai, this is Announcer Darden Today we have a rare couple who recently killed the zoo dogs and rescued a handsome man who claims to be that he is from somewhere else and is not from a remnant ... "The Announcer began to speak aloud as if he were in the radio.

"And if we better get back to you? Better take a break or something ..." Jaune said very concerned. Out of nowhere a kind of aircraft approaches where they are

"What the fuck ... it's a spaceship!" The Announcer yells in shock.

the ship lands and a few seconds later the doors open to reveal an older blonde haired woman

"What is a civilian doing here?" Said the woman

"Emm we don't know but he's delusional" said Jaune

"Hey, I'm not having delusions!"shouts the offended Announcer. "I'm telling you the truth. Why don't you believe me!"

"Better come with me ... Now" the woman said threateningly

"Ah ... well ... look at a Black Bear!" The Announcer yells pointing behind his back.

they all turned in a defensive position but saw nothing

"Because you said Black B.. "said the woman but the announcer was no longer there. The announcer ran so fast

But a violet light covered the announcer and did not let him move

"Listen to me civil ...I'd better take you to the Beacon academy and then you'll go to town "Said the woman

"Leave me alone!" The Announcer yells out loud where the violet light breaks like glass. "I don't want to get in trouble!" Yells the Announcer. "So leave me alone ... I'll find my way ..."

"Eh!?" The woman was surprised by what she saw

Five minutes later in an abandoned castle class

"Where are the other relics?"Said the black-haired woman with a bow, looking at the temple that there were some chess pieces that are only black. And the others there was nothing.

"Duh they took them ..." Said another girl with long blond hair "but why only the white ones ..."

back to the announcer

"Well let's take into account that we don't know each other ..." The Announcer tried not to antagonize the blonde woman. "Look, I'm not an enemy ... I'm just a 32-year-old man who has trouble accidentally joking around with people ..."

"That's not the problem ... The problem is that you are in a danger zone and on private property ...although I am surprised that you survive "said the woman but she looks closely at the announcer and sees that he has the golden chips" and also of trespassing ... "

"Hey, they're mine. I found them. I need them to survive!"The Announcer defends himself and hides the golden chess pieces in his chess pieces fly out of his pocket and end up in the woman's hands

"they are owned by the Beacon academy and you just stopped a large part of our selection" said the woman "so I'm afraid I'll have to stop you andtake him to the academy, where he will have to speak to the principal "

"Selection ... don't tell me you're a magician's teacher ... if you're a magician, I want you to give me a soda drink and an Arab-style sandwich ..." The Announcer said. "I haven't eaten anything for four hours ..."

"ahg ... Just follow me please ..."said the woman tiredly. And again the aircraft is heard close

"Ehh .for you sure ... look, I'm not a spy for the enemy nation." The Announcer clarified, doubting

"but... you are a civilian, so you will come with us and we will take you to the city ... And you will also have to pay for the theft of the relics in some way "said the woman with a serious voice.

"Hmm ... well ..."said the Announcer, taking out his wallet and giving 100 dollars to the teacher. "Keep the rest of the change and I'll give you 50 dollars to forget what happened today ..." He said smiling.

"Do you think ... that with a few simple trinket papers ... are you going to buy me?" said the woman and takes him by the ear and leads him to the aircraft

"Hey, they're very valuable. I'm not your child, I'm older than yours, old blonde!" Shouts the Announcer, moaning in pain.

the woman lets go to grab his hair and stares at him without saying anything

"Hey, I'm going to bald sadic!" Announcer yells screaming in pain.

the woman throws him against the aircraft and closes the door, then sits on the passenger seat

"That is an abuse of power I will complain about human rights!" The Announcer shouts almost angrily

the aircraft climbs towards a large structure that looked like an empire

"Is this in Paris?" Said Announcer looking at the structure. No one answered him, they just continued

"Hmmm god ... I'm a hero ... along with heroes ... bah ... I'm not good at fighting ..."Announcer said thinking while looking at the window of the aircraft. "And above all who the heck is Really enemy,. demon king or name of that anime character ..." He said thinking as he looked at the teacher who had an annoyed expression

when they arrive the entrance looks like a palace but also a university

"Are we Hogwart?" Said Announcer looking at the place. "I want to meet the magic director!" He yells almost excited.

"Beacon [English game]Is it cooking school ... is he dedicating himself to cooking breakfast with bacon? "Said Announcer

"No ... It is the academy that trains future hunters" said the woman

"Ahh ... they are training to kill pigs ..." Announcer said

"no... They hunt Grimms, defenders of humanity "said the woman

"Are they like avengers?" Said The Announcer and looks around. "Where is Thor and the group of heroes there and I want to meet the black widow .."


"I'm sorry Mommy ..." The Announcer lowers his shoulders. "If you need punishment ... you can punish me I've been a bad boy ... hehe ..." The Announcer said jokingly and looked at the crop. "Surely you use that whip to hit your partner who likes to be hit hard that will definitely make you scream ..."

The woman turns and gives him a death glare

"Ahh ... I didn't say anything pretty miss ..."said the Announcer smiling nervous. "My job is to inform the soldiers of the 33rd I can't help but joke around me ... but I didn't say anything personal about your Whip ... you surely use it to discipline your loved ones students. That is if he is good at being a disciplinary teacher ... "He said trying to cool the teacher's anger

The woman only turned around with a slight blush

"Haha naive ..." The Announcer mutters under his breath

"Now ... let's continue ..."said the woman and gets off the aircraft to walk towards the entrance of the place

"Okie dokie ..." The Announcer said lowering the aircraft but he bumps into someone

"Auch ... sorry" said a young woman with brown hair and bunny ears

"What?"said the Announcer looking at the ears. "Are they real?" He asked, surprised.

"ehmm yes ..." Said the young woman shyly "please don't ask me to touch her"

"What?" Said The Announcer looking at the face of the young rabbit. "Wow ... an angel ..." The Announcer said speaking aloud while admiring the girl's face.

"emm ...Sir? what's wrong? "Asked the young woman.

"Nothing ... tell me your name ... I'm Robert. But you can call me Announcer or any alias you can think. cute ears or rabbit girl .." Said the Announcer smiling as he shook hands quickly. "It's a pleasure to meet the first stranger in this crazy world ..."

"Velvet ..." Said the young woman confused

"Nice name ... you want us to have a cup of coffee to talk and get to know each other a little better so you are going to explain to me a little about school ..."The Announcer proposed with Velvet ignoring the teacher

"Ahem ..." The woman coughed to get the announcer's attention

"Not now woman ... then I'll talk to your boss ..." The Announcer said ignoring the woman with the whip

"AHEM!" The woman shouts and raises the whip

"Later we talk Velvet..I have to deal with an issue that that blonde got involved with me. It was a pleasure to meet you .. see you ...

"Could you stop flirting with the students" said the woman "and will you refer to me as Teacher Glynda ... Understood"

"Alright Gylnda Witch ..." Announcer said giving nickname adding Witch after the name.

"I'm Glynda Goodwicht! For you" Glynda said in an angry voice and took him by the wrist to take him away

"Hey we haven't reached the second phase yet ... at least invite me a dinner ..." The Announcer jokes a bit

Glynda looks at him and lifts her crop to punch him in the mouth

"Au..Jesus..it was just a joke, take it easy woman ..." The Announcer rubs his cheek

"and you stop being a dirty mouth" said Glynda

"Party pooper ..." said Announcer mutters.

Coco approaches Velvet while looking where that person who is following teacher Goodwitch "Hey what's up. Did you run into another idiot? Did he do something to you?"ask her friend

"No ... Everything is fine ..." Velvet said

"Who is weird. And why is he getting hit by Goodwitch?"Coco said looking where that weird is being hit by the teacher with the whip "If he did something strange to you ... I will crush him ..." Coco said with a threatening tone

"I don't know ... But his name is Robert" said Velvet looking at him "n-no, he didn't do anything to me"

"With that Robert ... badly dressed ... shirt and headphones on and bad hairstyle ... that guy is not for your league ..." Coco said little disappointed and qualifying Robert's appearance.

"What !? What do you mean" said Velvet

"Nothing ... what did he tell you?" Said Coco looking at Velvet "Did he tell you something weird?"

"He said his name was Robert or announcer, but he is from another world" said Velvet

"Another world?", Said Coco lowering the glass black. "It's weirder ... you better not join a weird man ... with that appearance he would come from a beach ..."

"hahaha ok" said Velvet

"Needs a couple of fashion fixes ... the beach shirt at least adds a few fashion points ..."Coco said giving a little compliment to the stranger

"Really? But he said he's an announcer ... Did he want to interview the students?" Velvet asks seeing how the announcer is leaving

"Announcer ... hmm is where he speaks on the radio with boring and pure racist comments from the fauns ... I ignore that from the radio ..." Coco growls between teeth "but this guy treats you well or treats you with fear like others?"

"No ... I treat myself with kindness and I speak very well with me ... and also. He asked me out at some point ..." Velvet said somewhat puzzled "Is it some announcer who was hired for the academy?

"Oh I see..."Coco said but for a moment of silence she heard something from # Out# and looked at Velvet widening. "He asked you out. A simple human like me. He ask you out just like Date!?" shee yells in shock as grabs her on both shoulders

"Waahh ! Yes! That!" Velvet said surprised

"What the hell. A human inviting a fauns on a date ... it's very cliche of the fictional novel you are currently reading ..." Coco adjusts her glasses while wiping her sweat in bewilderment.

"h-hey It's not so bad ... "Velvet said looking at her

"God ... now he comes out in real life ... what kind of human is he ... where are the discriminators but it is strange that you spend a day that is normal a strange person invites you being fauns ... well, you had a hasty fishing that a fish came to you alone ... "Coco said laughing

"What do you mean?" Velvet said confused by what was said

"Slow..."Coco murmurs little disappointed in how innocent Velvet is

"Why are you calling me slow?" Velvet asked

"Let's go to the cafeteria ..." Coco ignores Velvet

"But what do you mean slow?" Velvet said following Coco

Returning with Announcer and Master.

"Are we there yet?"Announcer said following the teacher

"No ... not yet" Glynda replied

"Well ..." Announcer said walking while looking at the corridors "Are we there yet...?" Announcer said asking again.

"no ... not yet" Glynda replied again

"Are we there yet?the announcer asks again

"no ..." Glynda replied with some anger

"Are we there yet?" The announcer said moaning with boredom


"Are we there yet?" Said the Announcer looking at the women walking by.

"For the last time! No!" Yells Glynda angrily

"God ... we have walked for hours ... that school is very big for the city ..." Announcer said bored.

"Now yes ... we arrived" said Glynda reaching an elevator

"Good thing there are no stairs to climb the tower of the hunchback of Notre Dame ..." Announcer said but looked at the elevator buttons. "A floor in a single tall tower. It is outside the building logic who was the worst architect to build a high tower on one floor that was a waste of money and material. "The Announcer complains little about the tower. Glynda ignores him and enters the elevator

The Announcer enters the elevator ..The announcer hears the song of the elevator and he begins to whistle with the sound of music and while dancing slowly Glynda glances at him and is a bit surprised by his behavior

"I should put some pop music in the elevator ... that music now is very old-fashioned. I have some cassettes that the god of heaven gave me as a weapon and I chose it to liven up the atmosphere .." The Announcer said while danced slowly.

"God of heaven?" Glynda asked confused "and cassettes?"

"Yes ... listen to that song baby ..." Said the Announcer taking out the Walkman and taking out a Casette and placing it inside and playing it out loud

OST SONG: Guardian of the Galaxy Song)Hey now Hey now (Whats the Matter?)

Glynda stops having a serious face and starts listening to music

"What scroll is that?" Glynda asks curiously but without thinking she followed the rhythm with her foot

"Hey yeah ..." The Announcer said dancing. "Move the beat oh yeah baby"

Glynda only followed the rhythm with her foot but without realizing it she also followed it with her hips

"And where did you get it from? ... Why it looks interesting" asks Glynda somewhat distracted.

"It's from my world ... although God gave me three giftsone an elemental weapon. I chose Walkman. Second a few bullets and I chose known songs and the latest inventories: a pair of headphones and portable radio to communicate ... "The Announcer answered while he continued dancing and gave a turn

"what? What about your world? ... Why do you talk like that? "Glynda asked puzzled and stopped following the rhythm.

"I'm direct and I'm telling the truth as I said about your two students ... I'm from the other side madam ..." The Announcer continued dancing as he spoke. ."Hey, what's wrong, you stopped feeling the rhythm, move the boat there, you will break many hearts to men" Said the Announcer while moving his waist .Glynda fell silent and the elevator stopped

"Well now you're going to talk to the director" Glynda said seriously

"Okay ... oh yeah ..."The Announcer does the michael jackson moonwalk "He he he he ..."

"you can behave!" Glynda demandsthe doors open and it shows a large room with a table at the end and a person with white hair was watching some videos of young people waiting in the temple

"Unbelievable room ... what do you like clocks with?said the Announcer looking up at the ceiling where he was moving the long needles.

"So you're the one who interrupted the team selection ... What's your name?" Ask the man

"Robert Darden. Announcer from Dubai. Announcer of the 33rd ... everyone calls me a radioman, Announcer, Handsome Darden, El Simpatic Robert, Co-Leader of the 33rd ... "The Announcer introduced himself together with his seunimos.

"Very good Robert ...I am Ozpin director of the Beacon academy, you can call me Oz, can I ask you something important and will you answer me honestly? "Asks the recognized as Ozpin

"Okay ... You spoke to my witness who is called the Ginda Wotch who proves that I am not a scammer or liar ..." Said The Announcer pointing to Master Goodwitch who mispronounced the name.

"It's a lie ... He took the selection relics ..."Glynda said with anger in her voice "and my name is Glynda Goodwicht"

Ozpin chuckled softly "well ... but why did you take them?"

"Three reasons ..." The Announcer said raising his three fingers. "One: I was lost in the woods the only thing I had of value was about 150 dollars that I won the poker bets with the soldiers of the 33rd and I thought that the relics with gold would be expensive to sell some moneytwo I did it to survive and in my case there are survival laws like the video game takes something that is necessary to survive. Three I had no idea where I am ... "The Announcer explained the three reasons

"Well ... I understand ... First ...I don't know it will be dollars ... But it will be like a local currency, but I understand about gold ... Second ... As I understand you do not have a house and money ... And third you are in voucher, the Beacon academy, but it does not seem that you are from this town "said Ozpin

"Oh finally!" The Announcer yells almost relieved. "A person who understands me than the other idiots. A blonde. A Spartan and a blonde with four eyes who do not believe me!" He yells naming those he met today

Glynda has an angry vein on her forehead

"Very good Robert ... Do you have a place to go or where do you come from?" Ozpin asks and under the table he takes out another cup of coffee and passes it to him

"Well I know it sounds crazy ... I come from another world ..."The Announcer answered, grabbing the cup and taking a sip."Well ... I suppose that a certain god gave me an opportunity to continue my mission, which is: to seek my own battalion and the heroes of the remnant to confront the forces of evil that threaten peace ..."The Announcer said sincerely "That sounds like the crusade the Templars do hehehe ..."

Ozpin was silent for a few seconds and smiled "Glynda you can retire, this is not a serious problem, tomorrow we will do the selection"Glynda nods and goes to the elevator

"Very good Robert ... Would you describe what that god is like?" Asked Ozpin

"Hmm well he has a shiny body and has some gold decorations ... but he looked so shiny and I was disappointed that he was male I wanted a female angel to be my guide ... "The Announcer answered, describing the appearance of God.

"The brother of light ... What did he tell you? Something other than that ... From a person ... Called ... Salem?" Ozpin asks in a calm voice

"Well ... he said not to say too much since I have a task to find my own battalion and my own leader and gather the heroes of Remnant"Said the Announcer but hides Salem's name." That name never said that specifically. He only said defeat the evil forces. Are those who call themselves the beasts with black fur? "Asks the Announcer

"Grimms ...Evil creatures, these feed on bad feelings ... But as I saw they didn't do anything to you, it's as if you didn't have ... Well how to put it ...Soul"said Ozpin" but hey ... Seeing how the things... it doesn't seem like you can go anywhere "

"Soul?" Said Announcer confused. "Are you telling me I'm dead?", He asked, and touched his pulse. "I still have a pulse Wizard Oz ... and answering the second question: I have nothing to stay ..." he answered almost sighing.

"good... you can stay here for a while and work to cover collateral damage "offered Ozpin" or you can go to the city and settle there "

"Hmm, staying here with the students and that will give me an advantagebeautiful women, beautiful teachers, free food, warm bed. Someone to bother and someone to speak freely that would be you Wizard Oz ... "The Announcer said explaining the advantage in staying from school." And being in the city. that will bring me to a disadvantage. Staying in the city that I don't know will make it very difficult for me. I don't know anything about the current situation and I don't have strong contacts to back me up in case they get me into trouble. I do not have a name in the personal files of civil identification. I have strong points which is speaking on the radio and doing comedies with black and white humor. That will make me popular but if someone hurts me I will lose the money of the city and I will become like the joker who caused a riot in the burning city and everyone will remember my name. Robert Darden The Joker Announcer hahaha ... "he said explaining the disadvantage in staying in town

"Well ... But are you an announcer? Then you could work to inform the students" said Ozpin "also if ... You would have a room for yourself"

"With television?"said the announcer asking

"Yes" Ozpin replied with a small smile

"Will I have a small kitchen?" Said Announcer asking

"Could be" replied Ozpin looking out

"Will I have a refrigerator?" Said The Announcer

"Yes," answered Ozpin, laughing softly.

"will i have a internet?"Said the Announcer.

"they all have it" Ozpin remove the doubt.

"I can flirt with a student ... but is it legal to go out?" Announcer said asking more "and can I invite her to my room?"

"Well ... There will be restrictions ...you can flirt ... But please don't be indecent and not in the rooms "said Ozpin something serious

"I can bring alcohol ..." Announcer said asking more

"No ... Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden in this establishment" said Ozpin "do you have any more questions or is that all?

"Hmm last question: can I lightly joke to the Students over the radio It is my trade, Wizard Oz ... "Said The Announcer asking for the last time

"Well yeah, but don't over do it please" said Ozpin

"Ah before that ... sorry about this ... would you let me meet the students since my mission is to gather the heroes and find my own battalion and find a new leader and will I have permission to leave the school freely?"

"hmm okay but it will be a lot of paperwork" said Ozpin

"Well enough of questions ..." Said The Announcer finishing the section of questions to Oz.

Elsewhere outside of Vale.




those rumbling with watery noise as if someone were hitting an animal or a person. There was a person in a military outfit but he was young and he was hitting with the rock, brutally killing a person who was dressed as a thief.

"They looked for it ..." Said the young man and got up and grabbed something that was inside the thief's pockets. Liens and a Scroll. The young man begins to run, leaving the place that was an aggravated homicide. but the collar plate shook as he ran where the thief's blood seeped over the name that's called.

Martin Walker.

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