We will not repeat the same mistakes

A/N: Hello! This is my first AU. I am not really used to write, and it is actually my first story ever.

Many things might feel weird when compared to the DBZ universe, but I wanted to give a small shot of regular teenage lives since Gohan is trying to act normal. He will be OOC but I felt it was normal, he was sent to battle since the age of 4 and I felt it's weird he didn't feel remorse after his father actually died protecting him. And well he is a teenager, and with all these buckled up feelings and Vegeta around him, he will have to be influenced. You will sense he is a bad person at the start, but then of course it will change when he will understand the difference between being harsh and assertive.

I am a big fan of the Gohan/Videl pairing so this will be a different storyline on how they got together however more emotional and maybe more relatable as a teenage couple each one with its own character. I do not wish to make Videl someone nosy a lot but she won't be really OOC except maybe for her tomboyish character and I already told you I changed Gohan's character because I hated how he turned out it was really bad. I hope this story will be to your expectations.

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Storyline: History have a weird way of repeating itself. Even though present Gohan didn't lose his arm in the battle against the androids, he is unable to fully use his left hand. And his father still died, even if it wasn't due to the heart virus. Affected by his father's death, Gohan decides to become stronger to protect the people he loves. However, his mother is afraid that his constant training and the constant presence of Vegeta in his life will affect him more and she decides to enroll him in high school, hoping to help him live a normal life. How will Gohan be able to adapt to these changes with his Saiyan genes starting to become fiercer. And how will all these affect him while an unknow threat is arriving to earth.

For the new reader, you can continue. If someone is re-reading the story, they might feel it is a bit different. I tried to arrange the chapters a little to make them go with the flow, and to arrange the narration's format. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1: New beginnings

"I am proud of you son! Take care of your mother." Gohan woke up harshly, haunted by these words. He quickly took a look around and felt safe once he noticed one of the familiar chambers of the Lookout. He tried to get up however felt a thick pain in his left shoulder. He tried to move it but sensed it was harmed and he noticed a large scar from his shoulder to his elbow. When he finally managed to get up, he stepped outside and found all his friends reunited and looking at him with excitement. He approached them and his mother got a grip of him, catching him in a tight embrace, pushing the air out of his lungs "Mom… you are suff…ocating me."
His mother released him and looked at him proudly "Oh my baby, you have no idea how proud I am of you. But hear me well mister, you are never getting out of my sight again you hear me!"
Her statement made the group laugh before Piccolo said "Come on Gohan, let's summon Shenron."

The dragon balls gathered and Shenron summoned, the Z-fighters stated their first wish, bringing all the people killed by Cell and the androids back to life. When they prepared themselves to wish for Goku's return, they were suddenly interrupted by the familiar voice of King Kai "Wait! You cannot bring Goku back to life yet!" This statement frightened the fighters, eager to see their friend at last. Before one of them could replicate, Goku's voice echoed "Guys hey. I am sorry I cannot come back yet. The Kais told me that they need me here for a secret training for at least five years and it has to be done in the Otherworld. They said that I am restricted to stay here because I caused the death of King Kai and the destruction of his planet. I am sorry guys; I will let you know when this will all be over." No one could understand what happened and Chi-Chi bended on her knees, screaming at her husband. Then she heard his voice come again "Hey Chi, I will always be with you, never forget that. Gohan is with you and I trust him to always protect you while I am gone. I will be back before you know it! Gohan my son, I want you to know that I will always be proud of you. Get strong and protect your loved ones while I am gone. Take care of your mother for me. I will never leave you my son, you can be sure that when you need me, I will be there. Until later my friends."And with that, Goku's voice faded.

Gohan could not believe it. His father was dead and punished because of him. Even if he could come back when the Kais found it okay, he will still miss time with his family, and it was all because of his stubbornness. Before he knew it, he flew out of the Lookout and headed to a random direction, ignoring his mother's cries. He couldn't stay with her, how can he look at her in her eyes after what he'd done. He needed time to gather his thoughts, to appease the pain he felt. And with that, he dashed randomly, not knowing where to go.

It has now been five hours since he flew out and guilt started to get to him. He started to understand the situation a little bit more. Then, it hit him. He had left his mother alone and broke his father's request to take care of her. Without thinking twice, he came back to his home faster than light to apologize. What kind of son was he if he let his mother grieve alone instead of staying by herself, reassuring her. To his surprise, she was calmer than he would expect and once he entered their house, she hugged him, hard. She looked into his eyes while ruffling his hair the same way his father used to, telling him that everything will be okay, and it was not his fault. She faked a smile at him and hugged him but he still sensed a lump in his throat when he felt her tears on his shoulder, even though she tried her best to stop them. He wanted to feel happy since he sensed both his parents had not held him responsible for what happened, however he couldn't stop feeling guilty. The same thought run through his head, his father was dead, and it was his fault.

A month after the events, life was slowly starting to come back to normal. The television was always praising this Satan buffoon who had stolen the Z-fighter's credits. Gohan didn't mind him and was rather happy since he really did not want the attention and had time to mourn in peace. Besides, the world needed a savior to look for, and surely a ten years old grieving his dead father won't do the trick. Satan was a guy used to publicity since he already won the WMAT and he surely enjoyed it. He always found ways to appear on the television and they sometimes noticed his wife and daughter next to him. However, the family didn't seem to appear all together much after but none of the Z-fighter actually knew if it were the case since no one actually payed attention to the world champion. He was so full of himself and always screaming and laughing loudly that none of the Z-fighters was able to watch his interviews till the end; but because of that, they also failed to hear the remarks sent to the group claiming that they were fake and used cheap tricks to gain publicity.

Two months later, the Son family was finally able to rejoice with the news of Chi-Chi's pregnancy which sent the mother and son duo over the moon. The Son and Briefs became really close during this period and Bulma was happy that Trunks could get a friend with Saiyan genes like him. Gohan always felt guilt knowing that his future sibling could not meet their father; however, every time he thought of that, he could hear his father's in his head, telling him that everything will be alright, and he will eventually be back. His father always promised him he will keep a close eye on them, protecting them from afar. With this, Gohan promised himself to continue to train in order to protect his family no matter what and that his sibling will always have the childhood he could not get.

Gohan was now 15. He got a growth spurt and his hair was straightening more, becoming more spiky and gravity defying. He continued his studies, just like his mother wanted, but continued to train every day and spared once a week with Vegeta and meditated daily with Piccolo. His Saiyan hormones were starting to get the best of him and he was now harsher and angrier than before, to the dislike of his mother who claimed that it was all because of Vegeta's bad influence that her kid was now a delinquent. She always asked him if everything was okay and he always nodded. The mother knew her son was still affected by his father's death and that he was bottling his feelings inside of him, but she was unable to break through his barrier and make him talk to her about it, and she knew that it was surely to avoid her having to worry about him in addition to his siblings.

His daily routine consisted now training almost every day and studying to keep his mother happy. And when he found it necessary, he trained in the Hyperbolic time chamber after he wished that people can spend more than two days in it. When he was not training, he played with his younger siblings, Goten and Hina, the twins. Goten was a copy of his late father and even inherited his big smile and energetic character, which at first seemed to trouble Gohan a lot. Hina on the other hand, was a combination of both her parents, even though she had it more from her father; she was more responsible than her brother but had the same innocence. They were his pride and joy and he made sure to spend as much time as possible with them, trying to raise them as his father would have wanted.

They passed most of their days playing together or with Trunks when the young Briefs came to visit. Bulma wanted the kids to become close since they were only a year apart and due to their Saiyan's heritage, she sensed it was best they could live with people that resemble them. During the weekend, Gohan went to visit his friend Lime. She was the girl he saved during the ten days before the Cell Games and they grew really fond of each other. They reconnected once after Gohan came back to her village to run errands, and she directly sensed the once happy teenager she met was different. They continued to spend time together while she tried to help him grieve properly, and after this, they started viewing each other as siblings. They used to spend all their time together before Lime started school and their daily reunion quickly turned to weekends. Lime remembered very well Gohan before the Cell Games, and noticed the changes is his character. She always tried to help him, but she felt it was still not enough, but she decided to never give up. However, she was afraid that when she left, it might affect him and get him to bottle up more. For this reason, before she started school, she made Gohan promise to always keep his innocence and contagious happiness. He accepted and they sealed his promise with a bracelet that none of them removed from their hand. She felt that, this way, he could always remember she was with him, hoping it would help him. He smiled at her, a smile she only saw when they were alone or with his siblings. She sometimes spotted him in his room alone and saw how sad he could get, but she decided to avoid pressuring him and that he would eventually open up to her.

Gohan was now almost 18 years old. It has been seven years since the events of Cell and even thought the world still hasn't forgot about it, courtesy of Mr. Satan, the Son family lived her life happily. Goku was not granted to come back yet, claiming he still had unfinished business for the Kais, much to Gohan's dislike who was now harsher and angrier with more developed Saiyan characters. Even though on the outside he appeared shy and restricted, just like when he was a child, his family knew he had buckled up feelings, but in vain, he didn't talk to anyone about it, and it started to worry them. They sensed it won't be long before he explode, and they were afraid of the consequences. In addition, he wasn't able to accept new friends after he met Lime and always had his defenses up. His mother knew it was due to his fear to lose someone again, and she tried as much as she could to help him, in vain. And even though he didn't let it appear much, Lime knew he had changed a lot and she tried, in vain, to help him open up. She and his mother eventually gave up and hoped that, one day, someone will break through his walls. To his ignorance, Lime discussed many times the idea of sending Gohan to high school to help him live a normal life; but every time Chi-Chi discarded the idea and claimed he won't be comfortable and it might affect him negatively.

His life had a daily routine consisting of training, studying and passing time with his family and friends. He was always reminded of the Cell Games events due to his left hand which was not fully operational and he had a big scar from his shoulder to his elbow. This scar reminded him of his mistake, and he did not want Shenron to fully heal it and said he had to adapt to it, a claim that made him earn Vegeta's respect more. The Saiyan prince always respected his rival's son and he knew he was an amazing fighter with still undeveloped potential. He also noticed his change in character but didn't bother. He was Kakarot's offspring and his mother could take care of him. All that mattered to him was to have a sparring partner he found worthy.

Gohan was finally happy with his life, having siblings that saw him as a father's figure and an idol, and an amazing best friend. Everything couldn't be better and all that was missing was his father, who promised him that he will come back no matter what. Everything was perfect until…




"Funny you mentioned the brat woman, since he was with me in the room and is also responsible for the destruction." He said with a smirk.

"I can assure you that both of you will not hear the end of it. Saiyans, ughh."

"I AM GOING WHERE?" He shouted at the top of his lungs. He was not happy at all; okay he had destroyed the GR by mistake, but it was not worth this punishment.
"You heard me mister. Bulma was very clear, and I wanted to give you a punishment worth it. Besides, you will need a diploma to enter university and Bulma said she will need you to get a degree so you can work full time at CC. I already talked with her and she pulled strings to have you enter Orange Star High School in Satan City starting Monday. You will go with her tomorrow to take the entrance exam and you better not fail on purpose or I assure you mister, you will get a bigger punishment and never see daylight again."
"But why? What does that have to do with me breaking the GR?"
"It will help you control yourself more since you cannot show your real strength in public. Bulma proposed it and I felt it was worth a shot. Now, no more whining and go prepare for the tests."
"But mom…" She didn't let him finish his sentence and glared at him. He sighed and left towards his room. He was doomed, he could never support high school, it will be a nightmare; but he was nevertheless content that her mother only shouted at him and didn't use her mystical frying pan on his head. He never understood how it always appeared in her hand or how it was able to hurt him this much.

He sighed again on his way to Bulma's. But then again, high school might not this bad Lime seems to enjoy it and maybe I could make new friends my age besides her and Dende. But damn, he always thought that if he will enter school, he will do it on consent, not go like that. It's not that he was afraid of high school, he faced bigger dangers; however, no amount of training could prepare his social awkwardness and what surprises he will face in this new unfamiliarity.

It was Monday morning, and before he knew it, he sensed a lightweight jump on him and started to scream "Big brother, big brother. Come on wake up, it's time to play." He then sent the energy ball straight to the wall and to his surprise, despite this everyday routine, his brother was happy and started to laugh; Kami how did he enjoyed being tossed at the wall like that every morning without complains. He looked outside and noticed the sun was barely up and he went downstairs for his usual routine. He played with Goten and Hina for almost an hour and then went to shower and eat his abnormal breakfast. However, today was different. He wore regular clothes instead of his usual blue Gi and prepared himself to endure his first day of high school; little did he know that this experience will later on affect the seven years of peace of the earth.

He went outside and called nimbus at the top of his lungs and hopped on the golden cloud after wishing his family a good day and promising his siblings to play with them once he came back, if they behaved. Before leaving, his mother reminded him that they were going to CC for the evening and Gohan flew to the next chapter of his life.

It took him around fifteen minutes to reach the gates of the city and he descended of Nimbus and continued on foot, trying to act normal. But then, he heard gunshots and it triggered him. He rushed towards the sound and saw a group of armed robbers in front of a bank, holding six hostages and shooting at the police, unable to do anything. He decided to intervene and removed his jacket and bag. He then transformed into a Super Saiyan to avoid being recognized and attacked the robbers immediately. He easily knocked out three robbers but the last two decided to shoot from their car and started firing bullets from their automatics. To their horror, the mystery fighter caught all the bullets and he looked at them smirking, dropping all the bullets from his hand onto the floor. No one understood then how a strange wind caused the car to reverse on its back and the police was able to stop the thieves. They did not have the time to see who the mysterious vigilante that he already disappeared.

Gohan powered down fast and went to the alley to recover his stuff and started running towards the school but he failed to notice someone running in his direction and before he could react, he bumped into this person. When he opened his eyes, he noticed deep azure eyes staring at him angrily, yelling "Get of me you creep what are you waiting for". He then noticed the position they were in and blushed, quickly jumping off and apologized with the classical Son grin, a hand behind his neck; he then escaped fast, running in the school's direction. The girl saw how weird the guy was but she didn't have to think further about who he was as someone called her "Videl hey. Excuse us we did not have the time to call you back. Everything got under control."
"Huh? What do you mean? How?"
"You are never gonna believe it but a Goldfighter appeared out of nowhere and stopped the robbers in a matter of seconds. Can you imagine? He reversed their truck with a struck of wind and caught bullets with his hands."
"Are you joking? You know that's impossible."
"I assure you. I saw it with my own eyes."
"What was he wearing? Can't we identify him?"
"He was wearing a blue jeans and red t-shirt. It could have been anybody. However, we noticed the same OSHS badge that you wear so maybe you can know who it is. His hair was very spiky and blond, almost like gold, and he had blue or green eyes."
"Huh… Okay. I'll check and let you know."

He had no idea where to go. This building was huge. When he came with Bulma, someone was waiting for them, claiming they didn't want the Bulma Briefs to wait; it had its benefits being this influential. When he finally spotted the administration door, he was relieved and entered. A middle-aged woman smiled at him while he gave her his name. After filling the never ending pile of paperwork, the woman helped him reached his classroom, 12C. She knocked gently at the door and was greeted by a middle-aged professor who spoke with her and nodded. The professor then motioned at Gohan to enter the class as he spoke "Okay class, today we will be welcoming a new student. His name is Gohan Son and you could all learn a thing or two from him since he aced the entrance exams with a perfect score. Introduce yourself my boy."
"Right uhh… Hello, my name is Gohan Son, and I actually never been to high school before but I am happy to be here with you today."
He didn't have time to finish that he already heard the words "nerd, brain, creepy" being shushed and he started to think that this was going to be a bad experience in the end. He tried to find a place to sit only to see a blonde girl shyly pointing at an empty seat next to her. He went to get placed and greeted said girl thanking her but he could hear the teacher asking for order to resume the class. He managed to overhear his neighbor talk to her friend, telling him to introduce themselves to him but he heared the boy respond "Forget it, he's a nerd. What you do you want with him anyways?"

He sighed and tried to focus on the lesson given by the teacher. This was gonna be a long day.

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