We will not repeat the same mistakes

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Chapter 13: What is happening?

Videl woke up and noticed a white roof above her. She panicked and quickly got up before she felt someone stop her and recognized Lime "Calm down Videl. Don't worry, you're at the hospital." She looked at her and Lime explained everything that happened. They saw the door open and Erasa entered, sighing in relief when she saw her friend awake.
"So? What did the doctor say?"
"It's driving him crazy. They did a new scanner, CT Scan, even an X-ray and MRI and of course I didn't understand a word he said. He told me everything was perfect and they couldn't understand what happened. I was able to convince him to give me the results today and to discharge her. I thought maybe if we show them to Bulma, she could understand. I remember seeing a biology department when we were first touring, maybe there is a doctor there."
"Shouldn't she stay at least for the night? Maybe if something like this happened again they could directly perform an exam?"
"He said they already did that the first time she came and it was useless. They claim she should rest and it will be better. I guess we need to ask someone else since they are blaming everything on stress. If she was still arguing with Gohan I would have agreed with the doctors, but everything is fine at the moment so I think it's unlikely."
The brunette nodded and looked at her friend who smiled lightly. They helped her get dressed and they decided to go to CC.

Once they reached the gigantic dome, Lime directed them to the internal garden. They arrived and heard Bulma shout "WHERE IS THIS DUMB HUSBAND OF MINE? I SWEAR TO DENDE HE WILL SLEEP ON THE COUCH THE REST OF THE YEAR." She moved in back and forth while dialing on her phone before she noticed the girls and invited them "Sorry girls, I didn't see you. Come in. Oh hey Chi-Chi. Is Vegeta with Goku? What do you mean Goku and Gohan disappeared? I can't find neither Vegeta nor Trunks anywhere. No the older one. Okay, I'll wait for you. Yes bring the kids, it's safer. Try dialing Gohan maybe for once he thought of taking his phone with him. Why am I not surprised? I swear this kid will be the end of me. Trust me they will regret it when they come back. Okay I'll wait." The line cut and she looked at girls and excused herself. The trio sounded alarmed and asked about the situation before she told them not to worry and that the boys had this bad habit of disappearing for training without notice. Eventually, the Son family arrived and they all waited.

The girls were distracting the kids when they heard Trunks shout "Dad's here."
They followed him to the garden and saw the four Saiyans and Piccolo. Bulma lost no time glaring at her husband "Just what do you think you are doing mister? Since when do you disappear like this just for training? How many times do I have to tell you to stop doing this and let me know of your whereabouts. "
"Shut up, woman."
Goku quickly intervened and calmed them before things escalated and invited them back inside. He told them about Raditz and said they went to King Kai's planet to try and understand what was happening. He briefly explained that the Supreme Kai warned them about a new incoming threat, but he told them the bare minimum, just enough to appease their curiosity, but not enough to alarm them. Chi-Chi decided it would be safer to stay at CC for the moment and Goku agreed and he transported his family so they could bring their essentials from their house. Bulma invited the girls to stay the night, claiming it wasn't safe for them to return to their city at this late hour. They both agreed and were directed to their usual room.

It was already past midnight and Videl couldn't sleep. She had too many questions in her mind. She saw Erasa scrolling on her phone and called her "Can't sleep?"
"No. I have too many things in my head right now."
"Same. What do you think is happening?"
"I don't know Vi. We should ask Gohan. But from what I've noticed, they aren't gonna say anything. They barely explained the situation to their wives."
"Yeah. Do you think it's dangerous? They sounded alarmed by this Raditz guy."
"No clue. Where are you going?"
"I need answers tonight. I'll go see if Gohan's awake."
"Vi, it's the middle of the night. He had a long day, I'm sure he's sleeping. And besides, I'm sure he won't tell you anything."
"No. I know him. I bet he's thinking about the situation. He promised me to let me in on important things. And I think this situation is worth mentioning. Wait for me, I'll be right back."
"We'll see about that." She blushed at her friend and noticed her smirking. She quickly shot daggers at her and left the room.

She walked in the corridor and saw the adults sitting in the living room, clearly discussing the situation. She saw Chi-Chi stroking a sleeping Hina's hair and deduced the kids were afraid. She decided it was best to leave them alone and she made her way to Gohan's room. Once she reached the end of the corridor, she saw his door slightly open. He was freshly showered and wore a black shirt and jeans. She gently knocked and smiled at him "Why are you wearing clothes? Planning on going somewhere?"
"Actually yeah. I was thinking on going on a walk around the city, clear my head. Wanna come?"
"Sure. Let me change. I'll be right back."
She rushed to her room and Erasa noticed she was getting dressed "Back already? I told you he will be asleep. Um Vi? What are you doing? You do realize we usually sleep in pjs right? Not in jeans."
"Ha ha, I know. Gohan proposed we go for a walk, to clear our minds."
"O…kay. Be careful, it's past midnight. Will see what this walk will result in."
"ERASA! I swear you are perverted, Kami." Her friend smirked at her as she left the room.

She found Gohan waiting for her and he took her hand "You're fast. So when we went on our date, you were late on purpose?"
"No silly. Wearing a jeans and t-shirt is faster than a dress."
"How? You literally pass it on and it's done."
She rolled her eyes at him and laughed.

The night was beautiful and they could feel the light June breeze. They were walking for around fifteen minutes before Videl asked about Raditz. Gohan looked at her and sighed "He's actually my uncle."
"You have an uncle? Why is it the first time I hear about him? And why were you all so alarmed by his presence?"
"The thing is, he's supposed to be dead. 13 years ago."
"WHAT? I have so many questions."
"When I was just a kid, we had a day out with my dad and he introduced me to his friends. Back then, it was only Krillin, Bulma and Master Roshi. We barely arrived, a weird looking guy with long hair arrived and he claimed he was my uncle. He wanted my dad to join him and his friend to battle since he knew dad loved to fight. Of course, my dad refused and to force him, he kidnapped me. To cut a long story short, my dad and him fought and Piccolo helped my dad. During the battle, I got so angry that my dad was beaten to death that I managed to kick my uncle. After his death, my dad was badly injured and we had to take him to a hospital. Piccolo used this time to kidnap me again while everyone was focusing on my dad. He claimed that due to my hidden potential, I will be useful once my uncle's friend, someone called Nappa, would come to avenge him. My parents couldn't find me for a whole year and I saw my dad once Nappa arrived."
"Who is the weirdo who would kidnap a kid for battle? He is insane."
"You should see what my mother thinks. But it's okay, my dad and Piccolo became friends after this event. We got a friend out of it and, even though I was useless during the battle, we still managed to stop Nappa. Now what's important is that he also doesn't escape."
She looked at him clearly worried "Useless during a battle? You were what five or six when it happened? Your friends clearly have a problem. Now I get why you are so deranged."
"I'm not deranged! And I was five and a half. But that's not the issue here."
"You know that I'm gonna ask a lot of follow up questions right? But Kami, it's bad. How was he able to come back from Hell like this. How can we be sure it's not gonna be dangerous?"
"Don't worry, nothing will happen."
"I would prefer that you explain a little bit, instead of keeping me in the dark."
"Trust me. I promise you, everything is under control."
"It's a big promise Gohan. I know you feel like you are earth's protector, but you also need to be careful. You can't be a protector if you're dead."
"I will be careful don't worry. The important is that you and the others are safe."
"Can you guarantee that whatever happens, you will come back? You have people here that need you, don't forget."
"I know."
"That doesn't answer my question"
He hugged her as she tried to understand his sudden action. She eventually tighten the hug and he then looked at her and faked a smile before deciding to come back to CC.

They entered using Gohan's window to avoid raising suspicions. She looked at his bedroom and saw the clock "Kami, it's already 3? How much did we spend walking?"
"A lot?"
"Very funny."
She looked around and saw the similarities between his two rooms, both of them without a sense of life, as if he was afraid to show his emotions by adding personal touches. She made a mental note to ask him later and noticed several Gis hanging in his closet "You always keep clothes here or you brought them with you?"
"I kept them here. We had our quarters for a long time now. I sometimes spent night here after school or if I stayed late to help Bulma in the lab."
"It looks like blue is your thing? Half your Gis have this color."
"Yeah I guess. It used to be purple when I was training under Piccolo. Then I continued on my own and changed it. My dad trained me once before Cell but I don't know why I never wore his colors."
"I guess it's by fear that you aren't worthy enough. I know you enough to think you might feel this way."
"Maybe. Same with your dad?"
"Yeah mainly, before I started helping the police. But that's a story for another time. Speaking of police, I still have your hoodie with me, from when you saved me."
"I'd like that back, thank you very much. I thought you threw it away."
"I don't know why I didn't. Always thought maybe the Goldfighter wants it back, it's not mine anyways. But no I won't give it back."
"We'll see about that."
She laughed and continued to look around as her eyes caught the library shelf "How many books did you read? Kami you really are a nerd."
"Well, you are going out with this nerd so… My mom always wanted me to be a scholar. I actually enjoy reading things about space and engineering stuff. I guess being this close to Bulma had its benefices."
"Space is nice. Always dreamt of going there."
"It's really amazing."
"That's true. I remember you went once to train. Why? Is planet earth not big enough for you?"
"I actually went more than once. But that's a story for another time. I needed a change of scenery and a new training environment. I felt like I was too distracted here."
"You? Distracted? What could possibly have distracted you? You were a wall. It was a miracle you even talked to Lime."
He blushed and muttered something and she rose an eyebrow at him. He gave up and looked at her "It was you."
"Me? How? We barely even talked back then. I remember the glares you used to send me."
"It was after new year's. I told Lime something and she claimed I liked you. She got in my head so I decided to train in space. It was like hitting two birds with one stone. I could adapt to new environments and could be far from you. But while I was there I noticed that she was right."
"Wait, so you liked me since then? Why you didn't say anything? More importantly why did you keep treating me like you did?"
"Seriously? After everything I told you, still asking? And what do you mean how I treated you? I wasn't that bad after Christmas come on."
"That's discussable. But damn all this time? What made you say something?"
"I didn't want to but Lime insisted. And after I lost a bet to Mirai, they used it and had me take you to diner on Valentine's."
"So you asked me out just because you lost a bet?"
"Don't get me wrong I didn't take you out just because they told me, it just gave me the courage to do it. And well… you know the rest."
She smiled at him and held his hand "Thank you for telling me. I should really thank Lime. She was teasing me ever since we went clubbing and you stepped to that drunk man. She told me I might get surprised. But I never imagined that."
"Kami, she didn't let it go, trust me. I guess she got it from Erasa or something but she is more curious than before, I can attest to that."
She laughed at him before looking into his eyes "It's nice that you are opening up to me. I feel like I was able to gain your trust more."
"Well what kind of guy would I be if I didn't let the girl I like feel trusted. I don't want people thinking I'm a bad person. That's only for you to know."
He felt her tightened her grip on his hand "Did you notice it's actually the first time you openly said you liked me?"
"Yeah, you never told it openly before. I always assumed it but it's nice to hear it out loud, makes me happy."
"You really are easy to please."
She punched him on his shoulder and he laughed at her "Well if it makes you happy to hear it, I like you. A lot actually. I never thought I would get attached to someone after all that happened. Thank you for trusting me again and helping me lower my walls. If it weren't for you, I would still be the stupid jerk I was before."
"You still kind of are but it's not a problem. Turns out, I have a thing for bad boys who would have thought."
"I feel you are making fun of me and I'm not liking it."
"What makes you feel that? I just stated the truth."
He rose an eyebrow at her and pinned her to the wall "You might want to adjust that sentence of yours if you want me to release you."
"Not a chance. I have all night. You'll eventually get tired."
He laughed and released his grip and she set her hands behind his head "I told you you'll get tired. I guess I should get going, something tells me it's gonna be a long day tomorrow."
"Can't you stay a little longer. I feel like we didn't spend time together in a long time."
"Look at you Gohan Son. Aren't you feeling a little sentimental? But sure I guess it won't kill me if I stayed a little."
He smiled and lowered his head to kiss her. He looked into her eyes and felt a weird attraction to her left shoulder. He remembered his father's words and backed up "Gohan? Everything okay?"
"Yeah. I'm sorry. Don't get me wrong it's just that…"
She shushed him with her finger "Don't worry Gohan. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter." She then got on her tiptoes and approached him "I trust you" and kissed him. She felt him smile and kiss back. She quickly found a way to slip her tongue to meet with his and she passed her hands behind his neck, caressing his hair. He quickly carried her and she wrapped her legs around his waist, never parting their lips except to get some air. He felt something touching his chest and noticed she was unbuttoning his shirt. He looked at her confused and she smiled at him, whispering in his ear "Like I said, I trust you." He released her to grab her tightly as she cupped his head with her hands and kissed him passionately. She then started moving, never parting their lips, as he directed them to his bed.


Their tongues kept on waltzing, following the beat of their racing hearts. Gohan's hands sneaked underneath Videl's t-shirt, tenderly caressing every inch of her skin. His movements were slow and gentle, as if he was afraid to break her. She continued unbuttoning his shirt until she couldn't take it anymore and teared the fabric, making all the buttons pop. She looked again at his godly body before reaching for his lips once more. The kisses were more passionate, the attraction was electric and the sexual tension between them started to be too much to handle. The half-Saiyan started trailing wet kisses on her neck before reaching her shirt and he slowly started to remove it, looking avidly at her body. He continued his trail of kisses while wrapping his hands behind her, unclipping her bra. He kissed her gently again before cupping one of her breasts with his hand and he lowered his lips till he reached the second nipple and started sucking it, which made Videl throw her head back in pleasure. He switched breasts and continued to caress her before he decided to pinch her nipple, making her moan.

She quickly got a hold of his head and planted her lips on his fiercely, and wrapped her legs around his waist, clearly feeling the bulge inside his pants on her tights. He moaned inside her mouth while she started caressing his torso, making him shiver. She lowered her hand till his waist and started to unbuckle his belt while he restarted kissing her neck, trying to control his Saiyan urges to avoid biting her. Then with a quick motion, they switch places and she was now on top of him, deciding that his jeans and boxer needed to be gone. She removed them with one motion, letting his erection spring free. She blushed at her actions and looked back at Gohan who smiled at her, waiting for her next move. He slowly approached his head and kissed her passionately, making her moan, and she held his organ into her hand. He threw his head back at her action, groaning in pleasure, as she was starting to set a pace, stroking him. He muffled a sound when he sensed something wet and saw Videl's tongue caressing him. She continued her pace, rolling her tongue around his length, making him shiver. He then looked at her and smirked before he stopped her and switched again, positioning her at the end of his bed and him on the floor, sensing he would be more comfortable like this. She saw him smirk as he got up slightly to meet her; he then faked a kiss to tease her and lowered his head towards her neck.

He started kissing her neck and found her sweet spot, making her shiver in pleasure at his continuous ministrations. He then continued his trail and reached her nipples again, deciding to bite it lightly, making the raven girl moan his name. He started going lower, kissing her stomach while removing her pants and started kissing her tights. He looked at the woman with a smirk before removing her undies with his teeth. He started to tease her and kissed the inside of her thighs and around her waist, and he clearly smelled her arousal and decided to continue his actions. He sensed she was turned on and couldn't take it anymore and he looked in her eyes, smirking. Then something primal struck in him when he heard her beg him to stop and give in and, in the flash of an instant, he abided her request and started kissing her in between her legs, giving her pleasure. Videl screamed at his action and unconsciously grabbed his hair with one hand, making him lick her more intensely and faster, while the other held to the bed sheets. She could feel his tongue going in circles and felt she was barely holding; she then sensed something caressing her and saw Gohan's fingers, exploring her. He smirked at her and entered one of them inside her, making her scream. He kept a steady pace fingering her before he decided to enter a second finger while continuing to lick her as he held her breast with his free hand. He found her spot as she muffled a scream of ecstasy with his pillow and he ravished at her sound and continued his actions until she couldn't take it anymore and shouted his name, hitting climax for the first time.

She was panting and looked down at Gohan who was smiling at her. She held herself with her hands and lowered to meet him, she then cupped his face in her hands and kissed him eagerly. Gohan smiled at her and set his head on her forehead "You are beautiful. I can never say it enough." She smiled at him and kissed him again with the same ferocity as before while she looked into his eyes "I want you Gohan. I want all of you. I can't wait any longer." He wasn't expecting that and smiled at her. She nodded again in approval as she couldn't wait anymore and re-started to kiss him eagerly, slipping her tongue in his mouth. A battle of dominance soon started while she directed the half-Saiyan from the floor onto the bed. He looked into her eyes gently as he was positioning himself. "It might hurt a little. You ready?" She nodded in agreement and he slowly entered his tip inside her. He kept looking at her before he started to get deeper. He saw a tear forming in her eyes as she frowned and quickly took her lips with his before thrusting in one motion, stopping her scream. He waited for her to get accustomed to his length as he was being marveled by the new sensation. When he saw her smile at him, he started thrusting faster, keeping a steady in and out motion. The pain quickly turned to pleasure and she moaned and asked him to go faster. He buried his face in her neck fastening his pace, each thrust becoming harder, while he continued to kiss her sweet spot. He could feel her tightened and sensed she will soon reach climax again but he tried to hold back as much as possible. He felt her tightening around him while her body trembled, hitting climax, making it hard for him to hold on anymore. He quickly pulled out and spilled over her stomach.

They were both panting before Videl noticed Gohan was still hard. She smirked at him and quickly changed their position. She placed his back on the bed and started to lick him again and he quickly hardened back. He moaned at her sucking and he turned her, positioning her entrance near his mouth as he started licking her again. He continued to lick her before he found a way to slip his tongue inside her. She moaned in pleasure at his action and stopped hers while she was growing in pleasure. She was able to focus again and continued her stroking and decided it was her turn to tease him. She started to lick him slowly and sent him shiver at her touch before she eventually fasten her pace and took him in her mouth, bobbing back and forth. She then stopped and started to lick his head then his sides, starting at a low rhythm and she could feel him shiver. They continued like this before Videl felt she couldn't take it anymore and stopped them. He looked at her, quickly annoyed by her decision but she looked at him and smirked. She then whispered into his ear and positioned herself before lowering all the way, riding him.

She started thrusting and placed her hands on his chest for leverage. He quickly followed her pace, holding her by her waist to help her ride him, as they completely lost themselves in the passion. Gohan looked at his lover before he sat and kissed her deeply. She replied and they stayed like this, marveled by the other's touch, never stopping their make out session. He quickly dominated them and started to bite her lips lightly, delighted at the sound of her moaning, while she tried her best to not lose the warmth of his kisses. She eventually stopped them and whispered to him again and he smirked while positioning her, her back facing his face. He placed himself and entered her again, accelerating his pace, benefiting from their new position to enter her deeply. She soon felt she couldn't take it anymore and he felt her tightened again around him while she hid her face with a pillow, muffling her screams of pleasure.

She turned around and started to tease him by caressing his torso and pinching his nipple while he started to lick her neck and torso again. He then smirked and approached her, holding her legs on his shoulders; he entered her once more and started thrusting faster, making her moan harder. He could hear the sound of the flesh banging at each other as he deepened more, which added more to his pleasure while she had to place a hand on her mouth to muffle her screams. He felt that they were both at their limits but he tried to hold up more. She eventually cried his name and he benefited from this instant to slip his tongue in her mouth, letting go of her legs and pining her down by holding her hand, intertwining their fingers. He then hold her hands above her head as he fastened his pace and played with her breast with his free hand, determined to make her orgasm last longer. She sensed he will soon hit his climax as she escaped from his grip to she wrapped her legs on his waist, making him go deeper and he could feel her nails digging into his back while she held tightly to him. Eventually, he sensed he couldn't last much longer and looked at her in the eyes; she smiled at him and held his head to kiss him passionately while keeping her legs around his waist and she felt him unload inside her.


They were panting and stayed in their position to regain their senses, smiling at each other. Soon enough, they let go and Gohan smiled at Videl "I'm sorry I should have been careful."
"Don't worry. I think we're good. Besides, it's partially my fault."
He laughed while she got up from the bed towards his closet to get one of his shirts "I'm gonna borrow this. I can't sleep in jeans." She smirked at him as he laughed and nodded while he reached his boxers.
"You can go fetch your pjs from your room if you want. I'm sure Erasa won't mind." She glared at his smirking before she threw his shirt towards him. He laughed and got up to hug her while she smiled and kissed him. She wore his shirt and he held her hand, reaching his bed; he then passed it around her in a protective manner. She cuddled up around him, the same safety feeling overtaking her as she drifted off. He smiled at her and whispered into her ear "I'll always protect you." And he soon followed her.

The next morning, Gohan woke up and saw Videl sleeping next to him. He smiled at her but quickly looked at her neck. He was relieved when he noticed the absence of a biting mark and decided to wake her. He kissed her on her temple and she opened her eyes "Hey you. Slept well?"
"Yeah, you?"
She nodded in agreement and lowered his head to kiss him. He passed his hand around her, pinning her as he deepened the kiss, while his hand started caressing her. She laughed at him and pulled back "Gohan, we have to get ready or your family will come and get us. I don't know what can be worst, your family catching us like this, or you skipping breakfast."

He gulped at both ideas and laughed, releasing her from his hand's grip. She tried to get up but sensed she was still being held "Umm Gohan. Do you mind?"
She giggled and he noticed his tail wrapping her. He blushed and untied it, making her laugh "It behave well last night. I thought you said it has a mind of its own?"
"What can I say, I'm full of surprises."
"I can attest to that."
They laughed and quickly went to shower to get ready for their day. They found their way to the living room to eat their breakfast and noticed everyone already seated. Videl ignored Erasa's smirking and sat next to her, whispering "Not a word." She rolled her eyes at her friend's giggling and fixed her plate.

They barely got the time to finish, they all felt like a gust of wind and sensed a weird presence. Goku quickly frowned and got up "Supreme Kai?"

They all turned to the new figure appearing in front of them as he spoke "We need to monitor more closely. King Kai is watching from afar, and we will be watching from here. Raditz was able to escape due to a small opening in the realms. He happened to be a the right place at the right time, it could have been anybody. That means that Hela is powering up enough to create holes between the dimensions, but they aren't precise yet to let her escape. We have to be careful, we still don't know what they are capable of." He glared at all the fighters at the table but focused mainly on Gohan "This means. No more distractions from now on. Piccolo and Krillin are on their way as we speak. We need to find the missing fighter as soon as possible and avoid any contact with him."
Mirai looked at him confused "Why do we need to find this fighter since we don't want to be present in the same room with him. It's better we ignore him. Maybe he died again of natural causes and it will be useless."
"Yes. But it's better we know who he is, to avoid any surprises. As you earthlings say 'better safe than sorry'. Once Piccolo arrive, we will discuss our next move."
They all nodded in agreement and waited for their friends to arrive.

The Namekian eventually reached the dome and was followed by Krillin. Goku sent the kids to play and ask the girls to keep an eye on them. Chi-Chi and Bulma insisted on staying, claiming they didn't want to be the last people to know what is happening and no one noticed Videl eavesdropping; for once, she was happy Gohan taught her how to suppress her Ki. Piccolo looked at the Supreme Kai "So, if I understand correctly. This Hela persona is now powerful enough to open small interdimensional openings and she might get powerful enough to get out. And we still haven't found who the missing resurrected fighter might be?"
"Yes. If you recall, when normal people are brought back to life, it emphasizes her powers. But when it's a fighter, it gives her a boost like no other. If all the fighters who were wished back to life are present in the same place at the same time, she will gather enough of her missing energy to unlock her potential. She already has enough power, she is just missing an ignition factor and this is what we must prevent."
"There is no way we can find this fighter, he could be anywhere. Even King Yemma couldn't find him in his registers. Right know, I guess we should tell Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha was is happening, so they can stay on alert. We don't know if someone else might escape due to a new opening."
"Yes. I don't know if it is safe enough for you to all be gathered at the same place. But since you said it already happened once and she didn't escape, I think it's better we can all stay on alert together. I propose the Saiyans focus on their training while the others find a way to communicate with the missing members and bring them here. I don't need to repeat myself again, no distractions. Whatever they can be."
Krillin looked at the others "I'll go get Master Roshi and my family. It's safer they stay here. Piccolo, can you search for Tien and Chiaotzu? Bulma can easily contact Yamcha."
They all nodded in agreement and went their separate ways. The Saiyans looked at each other and decided to discuss what their next move will be. Goku looked at them "I propose we wait until everyone is here. Once we make sure we are all on the page, we divide ourselves to train and prepare for anything." They nodded and each went his way to prepare for the afternoon.
Gohan noticed Videl and raised an eyebrow at her "Shouldn't you be with the kids?"
She jumped when she saw him and started to mutter "I… um… sorry. I just couldn't wait. And I know you won't tell me what's going on. Please Gohan it sounds dangerous. Do you really have to go?"
He smiled lightly at her "Yes. If I don't fight, we can't know what might happen. I might be useless but I also might do a difference. All I know is that I need to fight to make sure all of you are okay. My siblings, mother, friends, you. I need to protect you all."
"I feel like I don't have a saying in this. I thought we agreed to discuss the important decisions together. Maybe I don't want you to go and get killed during the fight. We can at least discuss it together."
"I'm sorry but this isn't something we can discuss. It's the whole planet's fate that's at stake."
"I know. Can you at least explain to me who all these people are? You are refering to many weird names. They are even calling you a Saiyan. Can't you tell me what's this about?"
"You're gonna hate me but, you need to trust me this time. I can't tell you yet. I promise once everything is done, I will answer all your questions. Can you wait a little?"
"You and I are gonna have a long discussion. And this time, you can't find excuses to escape me. Just remember you promised to be careful."
He smiled at her and hugged her before he went to his room to change into his Gi. On his way back, he found his father talking with the Supreme Kai "Goku, we still have the time to train your kids. They have Saiyan genes after all and might help us."
"NO! I won't repeat the same mistake I made. I already sent one of my kids to a battle to death. I still feel responsible for the way he turned. I won't send my kids again. I don't need another child to experience a near death experience, one is more than enough."
Gohan smiled at his father, noticing the changes in his character and went to join them. They eventually sensed Piccolo come with Tien and Chiaotzu and saw Yamcha arriving. They explained everything and waited for Krillin to come back.

The girls tried their best to keep the kids distracted but in vain. Videl's mind was working like crazy, trying to process everything King Yemma, Supreme Kai, King Kai and this Dende guy. Who are all these people? And why if he referring to Gohan as a Saiyan? What does it mean? I can't wait for everything to be over. Kami I have a bad feeling. Her trail got cut when Gohan reached their room and the kids all run to him, asking questions. He looked at everyone with a serious face and his siblings backed up; they knew this face and they knew it meant trouble "Listen, we need you all to stay here. Kids, Mom and Bulma will stay here with you. Don't worry nothing will happen, we will make sure of it. Some of the older fighters will be here as well in case anything happens. But I need you to stay with them and protect the others while we're gone. I know you can do it, I'm counting on you squirts." They all jumped excitedly at the new responsibility before Gohan hugged them all. He then looked at his friends and nodded.
They followed him to the corridor "Can I count on you to make sure they stay safe? They are strong enough to protect you but they are still kids and they will need someone to tell them everything will be okay and direct them. My mom and Bulma will surely be preoccupied elsewhere but don't worry, they are stronger than the fighters who will stay here. We don't know what might happen and I need you to stay here with them, so I can be sure you are safe."
Erasa looked at him anxious "Why are you talking like this? I feel like you're not coming back."
"Don't worry. It's not the first time something like this happens. I just want to clear my mind and make sure this is something I won't need to worry about."
He hugged his friends and looked at Lime "Don't say it. I promise."
She started to cry and hugged him with all her force "Be careful."
He looked at Videl again and smiled at her "Can I count on you to make sure these two can handle the pressure? You are the best one to handle these situations."
"Don't worry. I'll make sure everything's fine here. Nothing will happen. You can trust me."
"I know." He looked in her eyes and kissed her gently. She hugged him tight and whispered "I have a bad feeling about this Gohan. Promise me you'll come back." She noticed his silence and buried her head in his chest, inhaling deeply to stop her tears from falling. When they let go, he wiped her tears with his hand and smiled lightly. He then excused himself to find the others who were still waiting for Krillin. They all stayed on alert and traced his Ki before Goku sensed its spike and transported to his location.

Krillin was on his way to Kame Island. He arrived and saw his old master sitting in his usual chair watching with a suspiciously close eye his daughter playing next to him "Why the serious face old man? I feel like you are worried something might happen to her in the middle of nowhere. Come on, we need to get to Bulma's. Hey sweetie, where's mommy?"
"She left with uncle 17. He came and said he saw a cell."
"WHAT? Master?"
The Turtle Master looked at his student and frowned "I have no clue. 17 came rushing, claiming Cell was here and they both left. I can't sense them but I know they went in this direction."
"Stay here and prepare for leaving."
Krillin left in the direction his master pointed and dashed. He looked on the islands and tried to locate Cell's energy Great. First Raditz and now Cell. Who's next? He searched continuously in vain. He deduced that he masked his presence and stopped to think. He tried to concentrate and noticed a faint power near him. He went in this direction and saw Cell standing next to 17 and 18, who were clearly beaten up by the green monster. His Ki spiked when he saw his wife and attacked Cell from behind. He knew he wasn't strong enough but he wasn't going to let him kill his family.

Cell got up and saw Krillin before smirking at him and attacked. Krillin blocked it but felt his hand get sore and decided to dodge his next assault. He jumped in front of his wife and brother-in-law and took a defensive stance when Cell attacked again, and then felt Goku's presence and he saw him in front them, blocking Cell. The green monster smiled at the fighter "Took you long enough to find me, Goku."
"How did you escape Cell?"
"You won't need this information since I'll kill you."
Goku attacked quickly and sent Cell to a pile of rocks and waited for him. He didn't give him the time to get up and he sent an energy attack to pin him down "I won't ask again. What is happening?"
"Something big is happening. You'll sense this power yourself once I'll send you to Hell."
Cell jumped and attacked Goku who easily dodged. Just like Raditz, his opponent was stronger than before and it must have been related to the disturbances. The former Turtle School student realized he won't get any more information from his opponent and decided to finish him off. He attacked him and pinned him down before he prepared his signature Kamehameha attack and decimated him.

He turned his attention to Krillin and helped him carry the androids. They went to find their master and they all made their way back to CC. Once they arrived, they quickly sent the androids to the infirmary unit and they explained the situation. While they were all together, Gohan sensed a spike in Videl's Ki and rushed to her. Bulma and his mother followed him and he saw her scream in pain, holding her head while she mumbled something. He asked his friends about it and they said they had no idea what to do and explained the situation. They told him they were talking and she started screaming without notice. Bulma tried to help her and approached, noticing a weird change in her eyes color. After around two minutes, Videl regained her posture, panting. Bulma told her she needed to get checked urgently and the girls gave her the results of her tests and told her they forgot to ask her yesterday with everything that happened. They explained the doctor's diagnosis while Bulma looked at the test, surprised. The genius clearly didn't believe a word said and started to analyze the situation, clearly focusing on the weird change in the color of her eyes.

Since everyone was now present, the Saiyans decided to leave them and go train. They divided themselves into father and son groups and each went their separate way. Vegeta and Mirai decided to go to a big valley while Goku and Gohan went to a deserted plain.

While the Saiyan Prince and his son were training, he sensed a weird headache taken over him and started to scream. Mirai heard him mumble something under his breath and tried to help him. He heard his father scream and tell him to attack him to which he complied. He quickly sent a punch in his direction, sending him into a mountain. He approached him and saw him pant. He asked about it and his father told him he felt like someone was talking to him, giving him commands in a language he didn't understand. They looked at each other and decided to head back to CC to explain what happened to Shin and Piccolo.

On the other side, Goku and Gohan were sparring, as their usual. They quickly warmed up and prepared themselves for the attack.
"So dad. What do you think is happening?"
"I don't know son. But we must be careful." He sent a punch in his direction "What happened with Videl?"
His son dodged and sent an energy attack "I don't know. It happened once in front of me, once during a school day and she missed classes to go the hospital, and Lime and Erasa claimed it happened again yesterday."
Goku sent the energy attack away and tried to uppercut his son "I have a weird feeling about it. Something's not right."
"I don't know dad. I guess she's just tired from everything."
His father was clearly unconvinced and looked at his son "We have to stay careful Gohan. I know how much you care for her but the whole planet's fate is at stake here. We have to be careful if we don't want to be put in an impossible situation or have to take rough decision. We also need to discuss this anger issue of yours. Whatever happens son, you cannot let it control you. You understand?"
"Don't worry dad. I've got it under control."
"Gohan. Overconfidence is not always a good trait. I know you worked on your anger. And I'm sorry, I know it was mainly because of me. But this time, we will fight together son. I won't let us repeat the same mistakes we made in the past. For this reason, I need you to trust me and control yourself. Anger gives you a power boost and is what makes us Super Saiyans. Don't let it control you, you have to be its master."
"I understand dad. Now let's continue. I need you to check my left side. I wanna make sure there are no weak spots anymore."
The duo nodded at each other before getting back in their stance. They froze at one another when they felt a weird wind around them "Dad! What's happening?"
"I don't know son. But I'm not liking this."
They quickly switched to a defensive stance before Gohan was sent flying to a mountain. "GOHAN!" Goku looked around by found nothing; he then closed his eyes and tried to concentrate and find the source of the attack but in vain. When he opened his eyes, he saw a weird figure in front in him. It was big and white but he couldn't discern the face. He saw this figure smile at him and heard him say something he didn't understand before it stepped aside and saw a smaller figure attack him. He tried to block the attack but in vain and he got pinned to the ground. He opened his eyes and got a better look to the figure in front of him, she had a feminine silhouette and white hair. Goku recognized the description Shin made but couldn't understand how she got out. He tried to get up but she didn't give him the time before she kicked him again and sent him into the river, unconscious. Gohan got up and saw his father fly before he decided to attack again. His opponent easily dodged and flew. He barely noticed her motion as she dived at him and sent him fifteen meters into the ground. They saw his motionless body in the ground and, content with their attack, the two fizzled figures disappeared.

In CC, everyone stayed on alert as soon as they sensed Vegeta's Ki. They tried to locate him but then noticed it went back to normal and sensed it coming in their direction. Krillin then froze when he sensed his friend's Ki spike and noticed Gohan's lowered. Vegeta and Mirai Trunks arrived and they asked about Shin's whereabouts before Krillin screamed "GUYS. KEEP YOUR FOCUS ON GOKU AND GOHAN." The girls came alarmed by the screaming and saw everyone focusing. Less than two minutes passed and they saw Mirai's face turn blank. They asked about it but no one responded. Eventually Bulma snapped and screamed at them "FOR DENDE'S SAKE YOU BETTER SPEAK NOW. WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?"
Yamcha looked at her and tried to speak "It's… Goku and Gohan… their Ki. It disappeared. We can't sense them."
Chi-Chi froze and glared at the baseball player "WHAT DO YOU MEAN DISAPPEARED? FIND THEM AND FAST."
"We can't. It spiked suddenly then both of them vanished. It took less than two minutes. They're gone."
Everyone in the room froze before Tien quickly reacted and held Chi-Chi who was fainting. The girls heard the conversation and couldn't understand what happened. Eventually Lime approached the group and found Piccolo "Piccolo… what happened… is Gohan? Can you find him? He's okay?"
"I'm sorry kiddo. If we can't sense him, it means he's not here anymore."
"Wha… maybe they went to space to train. He did that once. Maybe you can locate them."
Piccolo lowered his eyes and looked at the brunette "I'm sorry Lime. They're dead."
The high schoolers felt their legs giving up and tried to keep their posture. Erasa tried to stop her tears and muffled a scream. She got up and noticed Videl still standing on her feet and decided to hold Lime and comfort her before she saw Videl run and fly away "VIDEL! WAIT! WHERE ARE YOU GOING? IT COULD BE DANGEROUS! VIDEL!" The latter didn't stop and escaped. Erasa sighed and looked back in forth at Lime and the window. She then helped Lime regain her posture when Bulma told her to leave Videl alone for a while and she will send Mirai to get her shortly.

On Goku and Gohan's side, both of them were barely holding up. After a while, they both sensed their senses come back and felt their energy restored. They opened their eyes and saw a weird scenery before them. The place was very similar to earth but they saw many moons in a light purple sky and pink water. They regained their posture and saw Shin and Kibito. They motioned at them to sit down to explain the situation "We found you both beaten up and were merely alive. We brought you to our home to heal you. Can you explain what happened?"
Goku held his head and tried to recall what happened "It's fuzzy. I remember a big white weird posture smiling at me. He said something I couldn't understand and then stepped away. I then saw a weird figure and I don't remember a thing after this."
Gohan looked at his father and nodded "I barely got the time to see them the second time they attacked me. They were too fast."
"I remember the smaller figure. It was like a feminine body and white long hair. Like the description you gave."
Shin looked at them "They escaped. How? Did you see someone outside your usual group?"
"No. We left as soon as Krillin came back."
"It's odd. We have to understand what happened. But it looks like they haven't got their corporal bodies yet, since you said they were blurry figures even when not in movement. We might still have time. Until we understand what happened, you will stay here and train more. Kibito will explain everything. I will go back to earth to monitor. It's better no one knows you're here. With Goku's absence, the resurrected group of fighters will be incomplete."
The two fighters nodded and looked at Kibito, waiting for their instructions.

Back on earth, Videl flew to her spot with Gohan. She stand there and looked at the scenery, her tears falling. She tried to keep her posture before she screamed "YOU PROMISED! YOU LIAR! YOU TOLD ME YOU'LL BE CAREFUL." She tried to stop her tears but in vain. She removed the pearl necklace and looked at it, before her legs gave up. She held it firmly on her heart and looked at it, tears falling "You can't leave me now. It's still too early. Please come back Gohan, I need you." She looked back at the necklace and decided to wear it back, afraid of losing it. She watched again the scenery, as if she was waiting for him to come and find her. She lowered her eyes and closed her hands in a fist, tears still falling. She then held her hand near her heart "I love you Gohan, please come back to me."

After a while, she thought it was best she got back to CC. She regained her posture, preparing herself to fly back before she felt a new headache overtaking her. She held her head and screamed and started to mumble. "Get out of my head. Arghhh." She heard someone talking to her but didn't understand a word "I can't understand. Leave me alone." She waved her head from left to right and tried to stop the headache but in vain and it grew stronger. She then noticed another voice talking and could understand what was said. She tried to ignore everything and focused on getting these voices out of her head. After around three minutes, her eyes went black and she regained her posture. She held her head up and smiled as her eyes' color turned green then regained their usual blue. She looked around her and smirked, noticing Goku and Gohan standing in front of her. She heard a voice in her head talk to her and she nodded 'Keep these two with the group as much as possible. The older one especially.' She then saw the two figures in front of her fly and they motioned at her to follow her. She complied and they reached a clearing where a clear sign of battle was present and she saw them attack one another. After they had both beaten one another to mere death and went unconscious, she called Mirai on his phone "Mirai. I found Goku and Gohan. Come fast, it looks like they are still breathing."

Mirai and Vegeta arrived quickly and observed the scenery in front of them, a clear sign of battle present; they then carried both fighter back to CC and set them in regeneration tanks. Everyone was glad they were still alive and they asked Videl how she found them. She told them she remembered where she last felt Gohan's Ki and went to see for herself since she didn't believe they were dead. They all went to the living room to discuss their plan before they saw Shin, waiting for them. He asked what happened and he was surprised when Krillin told him Goku and Gohan were in the regeneration tanks. He decided for the moment to stay quiet about both fighters, hoping to get more information on the subject, and claimed they had to understand how Hela and Loki were able to escape. He sensed a weird presence but couldn't locate it, and started discussing with the others what the possibilities were.

Back on the Supreme Kai's planet, Kibito received a message from his master and called Goku and Gohan. He used his telepathic powers to get in contact with Shin and let the fighters hear the discussion so they could be updated. The fighters then froze when they heard Krillin mention they were in the regeneration tank before Goku looked at his son "Something's not right." Gohan nodded back as they tried to hear to conversation on earth.

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