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Chapter 2: Who are Gohan Son and the Goldfighter?

The first period was nearly finished, and he was already bored as hell. The only thing that happened that was out of the ordinary was that a girl, shorter than him with black hair braided into two pigtails on her shoulders, entered class after him. He found it weird that the professor didn't question her absence and greeted her normally as she found her seat, just between his two neighbors. He saw her look at him with a questioning look on her face while getting seated, and he couldn't but notice the weird clothes she was wearing: a long white shirt and a bicycle short, with green boots and gym gloves. She had nice features, why would she wear something like this? She sat next to the blonde girl and he noticed she asked about him and his neighbor explained he was a new student. With that, he stopped listening to their conversation and tried to focus on the teacher, ignoring the girl's stares.

So far, his high school experience was bad. He sensed he won't be learning anything new as he had already learned all this stuff since he was eleven, and no one seemed to want to be friend with him except maybe for the girl sitting to his right. When the first three periods finished, he was surprised to see his neighbor turn to him to greet him "Hi I'm Erasa. These are my friends Videl and Sharpner." He was really happy and nodded back restating his name however he noticed that the guy barely responded, and the girl was not paying attention to him and played on her phone. When he felt it was useless, he sighed and got up, ready to change seats, but he got tackled by a brown-haired girl who jumped excitedly when seeing him "Gohan! Oh, my Kami I cannot believe you're here. I am so happy. Why didn't you tell me you were gonna enroll." He smiled and was over the moon. He was really happy and couldn't believe that Lime was in the same class as him and that he finally had someone to talk to.
"Lime you know this nerd?"
"Of course, and he is not a nerd, this is Gohan my childhood friend. You will be more than happy to meet him. He is amazing."
Gohan couldn't stop blushing and rubbed his hand behind his neck, an action which held the attention of a certain raven girl who couldn't stop staring at him. He noticed that she passed a long time watching him however, he didn't understand why and it started to irritate him. What he didn't know is that Videl was analyzing him, quickly noticing that his clothes matched the Goldfighter's and his spiky hair matched the description; however, she couldn't understand how he had tainted his hair blonde and changed his eyes' color. Her concentration was broken once the professor entered and she heard Lime excuse herself to get back to her seat and told Gohan that she will see him at lunch. The hours passed on faster now that Gohan was happy and couldn't wait for lunch and passed his time scribbling anything on his notebook. But on the other side of the table, a certain raven-haired girl didn't listen to any word said in class and passed her time observing him.

He did not expect at all that Lime could have so many friends; sure she was a social person, more than him that's for sure, and she went to school for a longer time, but this way more than what he would anticipate. However, he was not surprised to see that her friends wanted nothing to do with him and told him to get lost. He told her it was okay and he head towards a tree outside the cafeteria to eat by himself. Maybe it was for the best, and besides, he eat a lot which will be disturbing, and he did not want to embarrass Lime. With that he launched his capsule containing his lunch and started eating.

"Come one guys can't you see he's miserable? No one wants to sit with him, and he's all alone."
"Can it Erasa! Even Lime doesn't wanna sit with him. Can't you see he's a lost cause? The nerds will eventually find him, Mr. Perfect-Scores."
"Sharpner's right you know, even I find it weird that she's not meeting him. If they really are this close, why would she leave him alone? And why are you so preoccupied? I find him weird and I'm sure he's hiding something."
"You two heartless can say all you want but I'm not leaving him alone. He is new and never been to school before. His behavior is normal, you saw how shy he was in class." Erasa stood up and left her table to go meet with their knew classmate and she saw Lime running towards him. She thought at first to leave them alone but then smiled and headed in their direction I'm sure it would make him happy to see that he eat lunch with a new friend, not only Lime.

"Hey, can I sit with you?" He was more than surprised to say the least when he saw Erasa and didn't know what to respond. Shyly he nodded with his head and got back to Lime "I'm serious Lime, get back to your friends I'm fine. I don't want to cause you troubles."
"Non-sense and you listen to me mister, you are my brother and I won't leave you alone. These guys are jerks and if they don't wanna give you a chance to become their friend and see how amazing you are, I do not feel the need to hang out with them."
Erasa smiled when she heard Lime defend her friend and she was surprised to see Gohan smile for the first time today, a big genuine smile. She thought he was cute and couldn't help but reciprocate He really has a contagious smile. She was pleased that she decided to join him, and she could feel that Gohan Son will be someone amazing.

They were chatting and she tried to learn more about her classmate, and she was surprised to see how shy he was. She knew it was a common character to nerd people, but she could sense he was different.
"You didn't tell me what finally made you come to school?"
"You're gonna have to ask my mother."
"Why do I feel like you've done something, again."
"I… euh… never mind that. You should have seen the look on her face when she told me I had to take the exam to start today. I really thought she was gonna kill me."
"Yeah I can imagine. When did she tell you?"
"Friday evening."
"Wait so you had one night to prepare for the exams? That's new turn of actions coming from Chi-Chi."
Erasa was shocked at their conversation; she remembered when they took the high school exam three years prior and she remembered how hard they were and surely the senior exam must have been harder. Just how smart was he? But nothing was more surprising then the fact that her two friends decided to join them. "Hey can we join?" Gohan was really surprised to see Videl and Sharpner come in their direction. He could sense that Erasa was also shocked but he saw her smile and looked towards him, waiting for his approval. He nodded and they sat next to the blonde girl. Lime excused herself, claiming she forgot her launch at the table, but Gohan stopped her and told her to eat with him, which she happily accepted since no one could say no to Chi-Chi's cuisine. However, he did not expect the look on the newcomers' faces when they saw how much he eat, and he instantly blushed and stopped. Lime laughed and told them he had a fast metabolism and it was normal and he continued his lunch, trying to keep a human eating pace.

They continued eating in silence however, he felt really uncomfortable with the constant staring of Videl and he kept asking himself What is her problem? She's been watching me since the start of the classes. Is there something wrong with my face? He didn't understand how but he remembered asking her what was bothering her and she yelled "I know where I've seen you from. You're that creepy guy who collided with me earlier today." Gohan was shocked and then remembered this morning's events and he noticed her eyes, remembering her and how uncomfortable both of them were in their earlier position. His ideas where stopped when Sharpner laughed "You surely are lucky Videl Satan or her father didn't beat you up after that nerd."
He looked at him surprised as he didn't understand why it was this big of a deal and who her father was and when Sharpner noticed his surprised look, he said "You know, Mr. Satan, savior of the earth and defeater of Cell. How can you not know that Videl is the big guy's daughter? He's a living legend. Where do you live?" It took Gohan a few seconds to remember who the guy was and he recalled the buffoon he used to see on television and he suppressed a laugh. As if this guy or his daughter could ever lend a punch on him. But he was surprised that he found himself face to face with the girl of the buffoon who stole his credit Damn, she doesn't look like him at all, she's lucky she must have gotten it from her mother. He tried to suppress his laugh as he was thinking and didn't notice the questioning looks everyone gave him. And he clearly didn't expect at all Sharpner's next remark "What is your problem man? Why are you this surprised and why are laughing? How can you forget who the guy is? Is it even possible to forget that Hercules beat Cell with a single punch?"
"Yeah bro, wake up. Don't you remember? After all his tricks and bombs were finished, Mr. Satan showed the world how much Cell and these so-called fighters that came and staged the fights with him were fraud. Seriously man where do you live? Or do you pass all your time studying that you don't even watch TV?"
He couldn't believe what he heard. He looked at Lime who reciprocated his shock. Neither of them was aware of that specific part of the story.

He felt anger boil in him. No, it was more than anger, it was rage. He was furious. How could that half brained clown called his father and friends frauds and tricksters. It was something he could not accept at all. He felt he could punch whatever was in front of him and demolish anything. Lime was surprised at this reaction even though she was expecting it. She knew about Gohan's anger issues and his guilt for his father's death; but she also knew that he delt with his anger issues with his sparring sessions with Vegeta and he was affected by the prince's character. She expected him to react but not this much since they were in a public place. She needed him to calm him down; there was no one for him to release his anger on and it could be dangerous. She started talking to him, hoping he would calm down, and most importantly, stop him from transforming. When she sensed it was in vain, she remembered their shared bracelet and the promise it held. She stared whispering in his ear while stroking his back in an appeasing way "Gohan, please calm down. Don't make a mistake you're gonna regret later on. Look Gohan, I'm still wearing the bracelet. Look at it and remember what you promised me. You are Gohan, not this angry person who is trying to control you. Please Gohan, hear me and try to calm down."
She continued to rub his back and she felt he was calming down at the sound of her voice. She sighed in relief when he saw the bracelet on his hand and after around a minute, he finally regained his senses and was aware of where he was. He looked around and saw his new "friends", if he could call them that, look at him with a scared look on their face but he sensed they were relieved when they saw him calm down. He then looked at Videl with a dark look that made her shiver as he said "You and your buffoon of a father better not come near me. And if I were you, I would stop lying or trust me Kami, no one will be here to stop me next time." He then got up and entered back inside.

The trio was horrified and looked at Lime "I'm really sorry, it's not like him to behave like this. He is usually very sweet and calm, I don't know what got into him. The Cell Games are a sensitive subject for him, he doesn't like to speak about them. I am really sorry guys about that, and I hope you could give him another chance and get to know him."
Erasa looked at her anxiously "Shouldn't you go after him and check if he's okay?"
"I prefer not, he usually likes to be alone when he gets angry, I've seen him before."
Sharpner looked at the brunette "How can you still be friends with him? I mean the guy is a psycho, he shouldn't be her. You've seen the look on his face. I swear I thought he was gonna kill Videl."
"Trust me he's not like this. I've known him in forever. And I apologize to you Videl. I'm really sorry he said these things to you."
The said latter had not said a single word since his explosion of anger and was staring aimlessly at the ground. Lime, who started to get worried, tried talking to her without reaction. They waited for her to speak, hoping she would say something, but then the bell rang, and they all sighed and headed to their next class. For once, Lime was happy they had gym, at least Gohan won't sit next to Videl and make a scene.

During gym class, Lime excused herself and went to stay with Gohan, claiming she didn't want him to stay alone. They had to play soccer, so it was not a problem for Gohan to hide his strength. Since he was labeled the school nerd, he was of course the last one to get picked and automatically got into Videl's team, much to Sharpner's delight. Gohan was placed as the goalkeeper but, little did the class know that he had amazing reflexes and could see the ball like it was nothing, even when it was Sharpner shooting. The class ended really fast with Videl's team taken the lead 6-0, having her in the offense and Gohan in defense. After class, Erasa tried to catch Gohan to see if he wanted to hang out with them; she thought that this way she could ensure him that everything was forgiving. She searched for him in the courtyard only to see him with Lime who was clearly reprimanding him and waving her hand in front of him, showing the bracelet she had on her hand. She approached them to eavesdrop and noticed the same bracelet on Gohan's wrist. She tried to hear what she was saying, praying that Lime won't yell at him too hardly but to her horror, the brunette was pretty angry at her friend's outburst "Was has gotten into you Gohan? Why are becoming like this? I swear one day I won't be able to recognize you."
The latter couldn't look at her in the eyes as he spoke "Do you want me to stay silent while they are saying these things? I can't let them badmouth the others like this."
"I know it's not right but still, we have to find a solution to this anger problem of yours. And Dende help me, BECOMING ANGRY AND ALMOST KILLING THE GIRL IS NOT THE SOLUTION HERE."
"No buts mister. Either you find a way to calm yourself or I will. But I won't tolerate this behavior from you. Where is the Gohan I met?"
Erasa asked herself who Dende was, then thought maybe it was his father, she then noticed the conversation took a more personal turn and she felt it was best to leave them alone. She went in the exit's direction and found Videl waiting for her. Erasa asked her if she could come to her place to "study" and the latter nodded in agreement. The blonde girl was relieved this old excuse still worked and she could spend the day with her friend, making sure she was okay.

Gohan and Lime arrived at CC, and found the Son family already there, drinking coffee. The half-Saiyan did not lose a second to go and find Vegeta in the GR and he started to fight him. He needed to blow off steam, and he needed it fast. Chi-Chi sighed and looked sadly at her son and asked what happened and Lime explained the situation to her
"I swear I thought he was going to attack her. You should have seen the look on his face, I've never seen him this angry before. It was so dark even I was afraid of him."
"Right now, I'm more concerned about the girl, Gohan can wait. Is she alright? He didn't touch her, did he?"
"Yeah, I managed to calm him before he did something reckless. I've known the girl since I started school, and I can assure you that I never saw her afraid, even when the police calls her for help. I don't think I can forget the look on her face."
Bulma looked at them and sighed "Vegeta had the same reaction the first time he heard Satan talk like that on TV. I thought he was gonna go and kill the man on the spot. I can imagine Gohan's reaction. This is going to be a hard situation. And here we thought sending Gohan to school would help. From all the students there, how on earth did he happen to befriend Satan's daughter's best friend? Dende, let's hope things won't get out of hand."
"Why exactly did you send him? I remember talking to Chi-Chi many times and she didn't accept."
"We discussed it and thought maybe it could still help. Maybe if he met new people, he could see that there is a life outside training. We disguised it as a punishment because he destroyed the GR and I told him Bulma wants him to have a diploma to work for her. He directly bought it. We never thought this would happen. It was supposed to help him calm his anger, not have an outburst like this."
"I see. Now what?"
"Let's pray to Dende he doesn't kill the girl. I say we give it more time, it's still his first day. I guess when he'll make new friends, it will eventually calm him down."
"I hope you are right. He was shy at school, you know like when he was a kid. He had a hard time today because the teacher said he aced the exams. I'm afraid he will be labelled a nerd. Erasa tried to incorporate him into her group of friends, but I hope they will still give him a chance."
Their conversation was cut short by Trunks and Goten's voices, arguing over the motionless body of the Saiyans, trying to see who should be the first one in the regeneration tank. Vegeta won this one and got to heal properly, whereas Gohan got less time and still hard some bruises that he decided to let heal naturally. Everyone agreed to avoid talking about the situation right now, especially in front of Gohan and they asked the kids to avoid asking him about school. They directly accepted, afraid of angering him.

At Videl's house, the situation was not better. She refused to talk to her best friend and was constantly in deep thinking. After what seemed an eternity, Erasa finally snapped and yelled at her "For Kami' sake can you talk? You've been silent since the lunch break and it's driving me crazy. I know you are angry at the guy for what he said but please talk to me and let me help you. Being silent will not help and if you dare tell me that you are alright or a training session at the gym will help you, Kami help me you will not hear the end of it."
Videl didn't say anything and looked at Erasa, and after what seemed an eternity, she finally spoke "I am not angry at him. I am angry at myself and before you start talking let me finish. I know it's not like me to say this, but fuck it I got scared when he started shouting; and for a second, I was terrified and thought he was gonna attack me. For a second I saw my life in front of my eyes Erasa. I was afraid he would attack and I couldn't defend myself. You didn't see the look he gave me and I can't begin to explain what I felt." Erasa looked at her and nodded in understanding. She remembered the look Gohan gave her but she also remembered Lime's words and how she was yelling at him. She was sure it was a misunderstanding and things will eventually get better; surely Lime could help him calm down, no? She thought it was best to keep what she heard to herself now and avoid mentioning the subject, preventing an unnecessary problem. But she knew something had to be done and fast, to avoid having these two fight each other.

She was thinking and didn't understand how her best friend jumped from the bed to her desk and opened her laptop. She approached and looked her type "Gohan Son" in the search bar and she looked at her angrily "Videl, this is an invasion of privacy."
Videl eyed her "You can leave and have nothing to do with that. I have the right to know who was the maniac who nearly attacked me. He is talking trash about my dad and me, claiming we are lying about something. So I think I have the right to know more about him. If he is as dangerous as he appears to be, we might have to do something."
Erasa sighed and, after what seemed like an eternity, a search page opened. They saw the picture of an old man holding a small boy and Videl started reading "Gohan Son is one of the oldest known martial arts student of the Turtle school. It is said he studied under the Turtle Hermit along with the Ox-King. After a long and successful career, he retired and retreated in the mountain and soon disappeared from the world. It was later on discovered he died of old age and it is believed that he was the legitimate guardian of Goku Son, former martial artist and champion of the 23rd WMAT." She looked intrigued and searched more on this Goku Son as a search page opened and showed a picture of the fighter in the traditional orange Turtle Gi. They noticed the big resemblance between Goku and their classmate and they starting reading "Goku Son is the last known Turtle School of Martial Arts students and studied along a fellow fighter named Krillin. He won the title of champion during the 23th WMAT at the surprising age of 18, making him the youngest winner in the history of the competition. He is also renown for winning his first victory after reaching the finals of the 21st and 22nd at the age of 12 and 15 where he lost against Jackie Chun and Tien Shinhan respectively. He also surprised everyone after he proposed to his quarter-finals opponent "Anonymous" who was later on discovered to hold the name of Chi-Chi and it is believed that they married soon after the end of the tournament and retrieved in the mountains. In addition to his WMAT accomplishments, he is renowned for the use of incredible techniques during his fights, which lead to the destruction of the WMAT ring more than once. He is also responsible for the defeat of the Red Ribon Army and King Piccolo."

They were more than surprised at what they read and Erasa sat back on the bed and faced her friend "Do you think that he's Gohan's father?"
"Maybe, the name Son rings a bell and it is not common one, at least not in this area. I don't know in other regions. They also look a lot like one another."
"You're right. Except for the hair, they could be mistaken for twins."
"But I don't understand why he disappeared all of the sudden after the tournament. He tried to gain the title three times. Why didn't he come back to defend it, it looked like it mattered a lot to him."
"I don't know. Maybe he only wanted to be with his family. By the way, I wanted to ask you something about that. Doesn't the name Chi-Chi ring a bell? Could she be the daughter of the Ox-King? I remember they have the same name."
"Do you think? Could that mean that Gohan is the heir of the Ox-kingdom? I guess that explains how he lives in the mountains. The east mountains around the 439 area are under the restriction of the fire King and it is hard to get a living license there."
"Yeah maybe. Can you imagine? Our classmate is a prince. That's amazing. He feels so down to earth on top of that. I think I'm in love."
"That's hardly the issue here. I still think he is hiding something big from us and I don't like that. I will make sure to he tells us everything."
"Why are so hell bent on making him talk?"
"I think I have the right the right to know after the way he treated me today. I also can't understand how he got this shitty character. Goku Son was known to have a goofy smile even for his opponents. I don't think he agrees on his son's character, that if he's his son. He doesn't look very athletic."
"What do you mean not athletic? Didn't you see his body today? I bet if he removed his shirt, he will be ripped. And don't forget he stopped all the balls today during the soccer game."
"People can build muscles just for showoff. And he looks like the kind of guy who would do that."
Erasa looked at her and sighed, this girl was impossible, and it looked like it was going to be a hard year.

The second day, Gohan came to school with many cuts and bruises which alarmed the blonde girl. Lime told her he felt of his bike during their afternoon stroll and she sighed in content when she thought Erasa believed her. Aside this small matter, the rest of the week passed without disturbances, except that Gohan kept sending death glares at Videl who was not stopping her staring from her side. He decided to eat lunch on his own, and even sometimes managed to escape from Lime, who started to get annoyed at his behavior. He found high school more than boring since he already knew all the material and passed his time drawing, which her raven neighbor noticed and archived at the back of her head. She was also surprised when Gohan could respond easily to any question even when not paying attention at all to the teacher and aced all the quizzes, even though he started school while the term already debuted more than a month ago. In the end, Lime snapped and switched her seat to be near him, claiming that it will be easier for him to adapt due to his shy personality, which didn't get by Erasa who understood that it was to keep a close eye on him and control his anger bursts.

The weeks were going by pretty much uneventfully. Videl continuously got police calls and left. Lime explained to Gohan her community service, in attempt to awake in him his justice side, but he didn't really bother and ignored her. One day, as usual, he ignored the annoying beeping of Videl's watch and continued to draw in his notebook; however, when lunch break came and Videl did not come back, Lime begged him to go after her and check if she was alright. Gohan hated how she used his inherited passion for justice from his father against him and had to agree to calm his best friend and left to find the girl he despised. While on his way, he heard his father talking to him "Gohan, pay attention I can sense her opponents' Ki, I'm afraid it's not going to end well. They are as strong as Krillin when he used to battle Cell. She will get hurt, you must hurry." With that, Gohan transformed and double his pace to find her.

When he reached to crime scene, it didn't look well. The policemen were frightened, and he overheard them talking about calling the SWAT team to go help Videl who was held hostage inside. He didn't think twice when he saw the building take flame and he entered from an opened window. His senses spiked as he entered the building and he relied on his Ki recognition to find his classmate, even though he didn't really bothered before to remember it. Sure he despised the girl, but he surely didn't want her to die, specially not this way. After what felt like an eternity, he heard a laugh coming from a room and run towards it. He saw two large men holding guns at Videl who was attached on the floor, many bruises shown on her body and most notably a broken shoulder. He noticed his father was right and they were surprisingly strong for humans; however, that didn't stop him from attacking. He quickly punched the first one and tossed it on the second before he had the time to react and use his gun, and then he lunched a Ki attack on them and jump to knock them from behind. He attacked the bottom one with his feet and sent him flying and he followed up his attack to finish him off. He then looked at the second and reacted fast when he noticed that he was pointing his gun at Videl and jumped in front of her, shielding her. She started screaming when she heard the gunshots but didn't understand how was she still alive. She looked up and saw a large figure covering her and she was horrified when she understood what happened. She then heard the thug laugh "Ha serves ya right ya punk. That'll teach ya to attack us. What the fuck? Is he bulletproof? How can you get up?" She saw the figure standing up angrily and struck the attacker, knocking him out. He then came to her and cut the cords holding her but they heard another explosion. She closed her eyes, waiting for the building to collapse, but then felt herself held. She saw the guy who protected her carrying her and jumped of the window just as the building collapsed. In day light, she was able to see her savior clearly and recognized the profile of the Goldfighter everyone was talking about. He was tall, around 180 cm, had golden glowing hair and teal eyes, and she could feel large well defined muscles under his clothes. To her surprise, he landed on the floor gracefully, as if he were flying, and handed her to the paramedics, telling them to pay attention to her shoulder while examining her. He removed his hoodie and told her to use it to cover herself since her clothes were fairly torn due to the bruises and fire and he flew. She didn't have the time to stop him, nor understand how he was able to fly like this, that she felt a big pain take over her and she noticed that her shoulder was indeed dislocated and she let the paramedics handle her.

Gohan barely came back to school at the end of lunch break. Damn it if he was late he will not hear the end of it from his mother. Lime asked him if everything was okay and he nodded. It took almost one hour for Videl to come back, shoulder patched up. Lime smiled at Gohan when she saw his hoodie around her, clearly concealing her torn clothes, but he made as if he didn't see her. Videl didn't say a word as she head back to her place and sat. At the end of class, everyone asked her if she was okay and she nodded and she answered all the questions Erasa had about the Goldfighter. Gohan overheard everything and panicked as she described his clothes and she looked at him like they matched. He noticed that she sensed his clothes were missing something but Erasa couldn't let her think due to all her squealing, claiming it was really romantic of him to give her his hoodie; a comment that earned her a glare from both teens. Gohan sighed and thought quickly of a find a way to disguise himself before someone recognized him. He sent a note to Lime telling her he was going to CC after class and she responded that she will gladly accompany him. He needed a genius idea and he knew exactly the blue-haired woman who could help him.

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