We will not repeat the same mistakes

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Chapter 6: Party at CC

The trio of friends reached the familiar CC dome and the boys got tackled to the ground by their respective brothers as soon as they entered the building "Hey guys you're back. Can we play now please?"
"I'm sorry Goten not now. We have to find aunt Bulma. Do you know where she is?"
"I think my mother is in the living room with your mom."
"Thank you squirt. I promise we will play tonight." The teenagers entered the living room and saw Bulma and Chi-Chi talking "Hey guys. How was school?"
Mirai kissed his mother and replied "It was fine, the usual. Look mom, when did you think was a good idea to tell us about the party?"
"Well, if you two weren't busy training and actually spent time with us, you would have known a month ago. And before you say anything, no you cannot back off. If I was able to convince your father to be present, you will not run away. Both of you." The fighters looked at each other and sighed, knowing very well that it was impossible to discuss this with Bulma; they only wished they could understand how she liked social events so much.
Gohan looked at her and asked "Bulma. Why did you invite Hercules and Videl? Don't you hate the guy?"
"Yes sweetie, but I had to. Mr. Satan is loved all around the world, and Videl is a celebrity on her own in Satan City. The PR department had my head when I handed the guests list and didn't include them, even though I tried to emphasize that it was a restricted event. I did however manage to avoid giving him a plus one, you know I hate the idea of him coming over with a "lady friend", he disgusts me. I kept the plus one for Videl, I thought maybe she wanted someone to keep her company at these boring events. I didn't know back then she was your friend." The trio nodded, understanding the situation. Having Hercules in their house was not the best thing, but they couldn't let their personal matters interfere with the company. It was also needless to say that Gohan was the only one that saw Videl as an issue, but he remained quiet to avoid a scolding from his mother.
They were leaving to finish their homework before Lime remembered "Hey, do you know where we can find Vegeta? It's kind of important."
"My guess is the GR."

Mirai called his father and could hear yell at him to get lost before he opened to door deactivating the system, which sent Vegeta flying to the roof of the room, an event that made the trio laugh to the ground "What you want brat?"
"Thank you father, that's very kind of you. We actually have a question for you. Do you know why Gohan's cut is taking this long to heal? He is also saying that he feels pain in his body, do you know why?"
"Do I look like a freaking doctor to you. Stop wasting my time now." The Prince went to reactivate the machine before he heard Gohan grunt in pain and hold his stomach in his hands. They all waited, not knowing what to do and looked back at the full blooded Saiyan "Brat, is you stomach or back hurting?"
"It's on my lower back mostly why?"
"Well, my best guess is, you might have a nice surprise during the vacation." Vegeta couldn't stop laughing while the teenagers were looking at him "It looks like your body is reacting to your Saiyan hormones. My guess is that you might have your tail back. I don't understand why this is happening now and why only you, but it looks like your genes are reacting. It happened sometimes with teenage Saiyans who experienced a hormonal change. That might explain the pain. And if it is the case, your body is focusing on growing back your tail and slowing the healing process."
Mirai looked at him "Wait. Could this happen to me also? What's the trigger?"
"I don't know how you half-breeds work. For a full Saiyan, it took a hormonal change, caused by anger, fear or mating events. You will feel a sharp pain and the day your tail grows back; you usually lose balance and have difficulties standing on your feet. I don't know what triggered him since this brat is angry from before I can even remember. Now leave, before I smash you into the wall." The trio nodded and left, trying to understand what happened before reaching Gohan's room.
Lime broke the silence giggling "I'm gonna have so much fun when your tail grows back. Just you wait. You too Mirai, if yours grows back, you will not escape." Both Saiyans gulped and laughed before taking out their textbooks.

Back in Satan City, a certain blonde girl was having a hard time focusing on her calculus problem "Ugh I hate math. Why do we have to take this course? I would trade it for a thousand philosophy classes."
"Come on it's not that bad. It's way better than literature."
The blonde sighed again as she tried to understand the equations in front of her. Erasa never liked science classes, she was better at humanities; as opposed to her best friend who couldn't even write three sentences back-to-back. She noticed that since Videl entered the police, her analytical skills got better and she even managed to stay above average in her classes, even though she missed half the lectures "Vi, do you think you'll finish college before applying to the academy?"
The black-haired girl then got back on her bed next to her friend "I honestly don't know. Being a detective is my passion but I was thinking of studying it at university. I didn't decide yet I guess. You? Have you decided want you wanna do?"
"I was thinking psychology. I don't know it sounds appealing. And I could always help people, even if it's not in the traditional way like you."
"I think you will be the best psychologist in the country. It suits you."
Videl was ready to get back to her table, thinking the conversation was over before Erasa stopped her "Why don't you want to go to CC Vi?"
The crime fighter looked at her best friend before she sighed "I's not my thing and you know it. It's too formal I won't feel comfortable."
"Are you sure it's the only reason? Don't lie to me I know you like the back of my hand. You hate liars and I don't expect you to behave like one."
"You know what I change my statement. You will be a horrible psychologist."
Erasa laughed at the comment before looking into her friend's eyes. "Don't lie Vi. I can't help if you are not honest with me."
She could hear her mumble something before she yelled at her to speak up "I don't think I'll be welcomed there."
The blonde looked at her, waiting that she continues on her own "Come on. They obviously laugh at my father when we are not there. You remember how Gohan treated him of liar and buffoon and I even overheard that Vegeta guy treat him like this. Gohan cannot even stand me and I don't need to remind you that he doesn't even acknowledge my presence anymore. Mirai barely talks to me and smiles only to be polite. Don't forget Gohan's family, who I know will be present, who surely hates me because I am the reason he got hurt. Do you want me to continue the list or is it enough for you?"
Erasa looked at her, not knowing what to say, noticing the tear threatening to fall "Can I finish my calc problem? I want to train before I go to bed." She didn't have the time to finish her sentence, she saw her communicator blink and the chief called her for a bank robbery.
Erasa looked at her worriedly "I hope to Kami it's gonna be normal guys this time."
"Me too, I don't think a certain vigilante will show up. Wanna wait for me? I won't need to work out after this. Maybe we can grab diner afterwards. "
"Sure. Be careful." With that the crime fighter left.

The CC event was in ten days. Lime was more than excited, in opposition to the boys who were still finding a way to get out. On their way to school, they saw Videl and Erasa walking and the brunette called them over "Hey guys over here."
The girls went in their direction and the cheerful Erasa took over the conversation easily "Lime how are the preparations? I heard it was going to be spectacular."
"I don't want to spoil anything. You'll see for yourself." She winked at her and turned towards Mirai "Don't forget that you promised to go to the mall today. I need to get a dress. And you promised that I would choose your suit." The half-Saiyan sighed, remembering the torture he endured every time he passed an afternoon at the mall with Lime.
"That's really cute Lime. Don't forget to send me pictures since we won't get to see you there. This stubborn idiot over there still isn't agreeing to come."
Lime looked a Videl with a questioning glare "You have no excuses. Try to convince me why you won't come." The crime fighter barely got the time to respond that the brunette continued "See, no answer. I will find you after school so we can all go to the mall to choose our dresses."
The guys looked at her horrified "Say Lime, since you have company, can we go home? I promised the twins to play with them and I have to get to the Lookout."
"Yeah, you could make it a girls day out. And you keep the dresses as a surprise for the party." Lime looked at them and rolled her eyes before she nodded in agreement.
After school, the girls went to the mall before the boys made their way to the Lookout for their weekly training session.

Satan Mall was one of the biggest in the country with five different entrances. Each time Lime came here, she was more amazed at the size of the place and she claimed it was as big as her village. The girls visited around four different places, trying to find the perfect dress for the evening. After what seemed like an eternity for Videl, they finally left the last store they were in to get something to eat. On their way to the food court, Lime noticed that something was poking her on the leg. She looked down and squealed "Kami. Marron. How are you?"
"Marron, where are you?" The girls turned toward the feminine voice before they saw a young blond woman looking in their direction "Marron. How many times do I have to tell to stay with Daddy? Thank you Lime." Erasa couldn't help but notice how much the woman was beautiful and how big her eyes were.
"Hey 18. What are you doing here?"
A new voice joined the conversation "Making me carry all these bags." The girls noticed a very short man with black hair coming in their direction, holding around ten shopping bags. He dropped the bad and greeted the girls while holding Marron in his hands "Hello. I'm Krillin and this is my wife 18 and my little girl Marron. Hey Lime, it's been a while, how's it going?"
"Hey Krillin. Everything's good. I want you to meet my friends, Erasa and Videl. We are shopping for the CC party." The girls bowed at them and Videl started looking at Krillin, feeling he was familiar.
"You're coming too? That's nice. The whole gang will be reunited. We are actually here for the same reason. How is Gohan? I haven't seen him in forever."
"He's been good, I guess. Still the usual. He's actually at the Lookout with Mirai." The couple looked at her with a questioning glare and she waved towards a table "Yeah Mirai came back a while ago. It's a long story, I'll explain later. What do you wanna eat?"
The couple understood she wasn't able to talk in front of her friends and dropped the subject. After almost half an hour, the family excused themselves and left, saying that they will see them at the party. While the girls were busy playing with Marron before she left, 18 called Lime "What's happening?"
"Nothing really. Mirai Trunks came back. Bulma died in his time and he didn't wanna stay alone. We call him Mirai to avoid confusion with little Trunks."
"I see. What about this girl? Isn't she that buffoon' daughter? The one from the mercenary Tao's attack?"
"Yeah, the black haired one. She is different than her dad and it looks like she doesn't know the truth about the Cell Games. Don't mention Tao's attack to her or Gohan though. It's a long story."
The android nodded "Come on Marron. See you Lime."
The girls waited for the couple to leave and Videl's curiosity got the best of her "Who are they? They should be important since they are invited to CC."
"It's Krillin. Gohan and the twins' godfather. He's been friends with Gohan's dad in forever. Them and Bulma go way back. Come on, we still have a dress to find." Lime cut the subject short, afraid of Videl's next questions I don't want her to ask about Goku or 18's name. That's Gohan's issue.

Back at the Lookout, both half-Saiyans finished their training in the chamber and started to meditate with Piccolo. Almost ten days passed since the Tao events, and the namekian was finally able to get through his pupil "You are focusing better kid. Why the change?"
The fighter sighed before he looked at this former master "You were partially right. I was angry at myself. It took time for me to understand." His friends looked at him smiling while he continued "I was already angry when she left and then when I was late and she arrived before me. While I was analyzing, I didn't think she would need my help and I realized my mistake too late. All these affected my judgment."
Mirai looked at him smiling "Gohan, it's good that you realized that. It's not your fault she arrived before you and it's not your fault she attacked before you arrive. Your mistake was that you let anger get the best of you and didn't think."
"Yeah. I have to stop letting people get hurt because I was not fast or good enough. And don't get me started with my hand."
"I agree with the boy. Let's work on that. You'll get better kid. And continue working your left hand. It's a good thing you understood your problems. Now you have to work on them. I don't want to see have an anger burst again."
Gohan nodded and got back in his stance to continue to train before Mirai smirked at him "One last thing. You'll eventually have to talk to her; you cannot stay like this. Find a way."
"No way. Forget it." With that, the time traveler attacked him, not satisfied with his answer.

It was not a secret that every person on the planet dreamt of being invited to a CC event, and Bulma even won the title of the best host four years in a row in all the seasonal events she held. The reception hall of the company was the biggest in the country and was fully decorated with several Christmas ornaments and lights dangling from the roof, and a giant tree was set in the middle of the room, waiting to be illuminated. She attached small snowflakes replica from the roof and on the cocktail tables and had dark blue ceiling ribbons with small white dots set from the center to the borders of the room, holding in the middle the star above the tree. Since the weather was pleasant, the heiress even ordered that the balcony was decorated, and she smirked when she ordered the placement of several mistletoes in the room; Christmas was a magical season and she believed in that. Guests started to arrive and were greeted with a welcome drink before being directed to the room.

Mirai and Gohan were already there, along with the demonic trio. The younger Saiyans were wearing pants with suspenders, a shirt and a red bow tie. Hina was wearing a red skirt and a white shirt and held her hair in a ponytail. The older Saiyans were both wearing tuxedos. Mirai wore beige pants and a white shirt and jacket with a green tie, supposedly to match Lime's dress; and Gohan was wearing a black one with a red tie. They both laughed, claiming that it would give it a Christmas spirit. They were joined by Yamcha followed by Krillin, his family and Chi-Chi. The boys quickly looked at 18, wearing a long blue dress reflecting her eyes with a high cut on the left and thin sleeves, and Marron wore a matching color. Chi-Chi was wearing a white short dress, having a second layer holding the sleeves down till her elbows and wore her hair in a bun, leaving two strands on the loose and adding a pearl necklace as the finishing touch. No need to say that everyone had outdone themselves for the event. The group was chatting and catching up, happy to finally see themselves after all these years. Yamcha and Krillin lost no time teasing the teenagers about their love life and laughed at their blushing while 18 was asking Chi-Chi how she was dealing with the two energized kids. The room went quiet after a moment at the entry of the CC heiress and her husband. Vegeta wore a black tuxedo and tie, clearly tailored specially to show his muscles. Bulma was more than stunning, as her usual; she wore a long black veil with a tight short underneath, displaying perfectly her curves. The top was made of dentelle and was barely covering her stomach and the ensemble was completed with a diamond set. No need to say that all eyes were on her "Good evening everyone and merry Christmas. If you need anything, make sure to notify the servers and always pay attention to the mistletoes. I hope you will all enjoy your evening and welcome again at CC."
Everyone applauded as the heiress joined her group of friends "Hey guys. I hope you will have fun, I know you don't like these events. Kids if you need to fill your bottomless stomachs, go to the kitchen and leave the food here for the adults and have fun." The kids didn't need to be told twice as they ran to the kitchen before Bulma excused herself and took a grumpy Vegeta to go find her guests.
Mirai told Gohan to follow him to the balcony to avoid the crowd "The girls are surely taking their time. I wonder what they will wear."
"Lime told me the dresses were amazing so I'm curious myself. She only told me hers was green so I can match my tie."
Gohan laughed at him "Well, it really suits you to be in love. Pay attention to the mistletoes."
Gohan smirked at him watching him blush "Ha ha very funny. Wait till you fall in love so I can have my share of fun."
Gohan looked at him shocked "You know that this will not happen. I don't need another person in my life that I can lose. I prefer keeping these feelings for other people. I worry enough as it is."
"Look, I know how you feel. I don't need to remind you of the hell of a future I came from. I'm always afraid someone I care about will get hurt, and that's why I was reluctant when I first met Lime. But I can assure you that it is not as bad as you think. I was like you in the beginning but with Lime, I assure I've never felt more alive and it's the best thing that happened to me. Wait and see. You will lower your guard sooner or later. There must be a girl at school that caught your attention. Some of them are dying to have you laid eyes on them."
"None of them interest me. Each one of them have something missing."
"Like what? Come on Akari isn't bad. Her eyes are gorgeous."
"Too girly. I feel she would scream if she got dirt on her hands. Can't work with me."
"Yui? She is in the cheerleader team. Surely she's your type, she's athletic."
"Too sensitive. She can cry over anything."
"Himari? Top if her class and captain of the volley-ball team. Smart and athletic."
"Way to self-centered. Have you tried talking to her? She always found a way to revolve the conversation around herself."
"Dende, you check them all out. Just was exactly is your type?"
Gohan blushed at him "I didn't check them out. It was obvious. I guess I would like someone who is feisty and strong. A girl who can defend herself but at the same time, not too pushy. She obviously needs to be smart and resourceful. Not to girly, but enough when needed. And understand me and accept me without being judgmental."
"In a world, Videl."
"HELL NO! What would you think that?"
"The obvious blush on your face is proving my point. You are describing her perfectly. You literally matched her personality."
"There's no way I'd be attracted to Videl. Physically she doesn't care for her appearance, and she's just nosy."
"That's where you're wrong. Her body is perfect for you and she is strong enough to hold on to your crazy adventures. Maybe she has a reason to wear these baggy shirts, they are useful to fight crime. And mentally she's perfect. She is curious and that's what someone like you need."
"What do you mean someone like me?"
"Calm down. You aren't used to social interactions. Her curiosity can help discover new things. And she's hell smart if the police accepts her help, and she always found solution to problems. Sounds to me she is the perfect candidate to hold your heart."
"There's no way in hell I'd see her that way. Anyways, I'm not thinking about this for the moment. I have other things on my mind."
Gohan sighed and looked at the stars. Maybe when dad comes back and everything will be normal again, I can start thinking about that.
You cannot decide these timings my son, you will know then the moment is right on your own.
Gohan smiled at his father before turning towards his best friend. The teenagers continued their chitchat, but they didn't have the time to complete their conversation as they heard someone scream in the room "Looks like the buffoon is here." They decide to enter to find their friends when they noticed three figures behind Hercules.

Erasa and Lime shared the passion of shopping, and the whole day trying dresses in all the stores of the mall paid them well. Erasa was the first to enter. She was wearing a long coral dress, cut from the side till just under her waist and the low-cut accentuate her developed chest and she had her hair in a waterfall braid. Lime was standing next to her and was wearing a green two pieces that went just above her stomach. The upper part was made of dentelle and went around her neck and the whole was covered with pearls, present on the collar and the belt of the lower half. She had her hair in a half-up half-down on the side, accentuated with a small pin and wore ear climber earrings. Finally, in the back, they noticed Videl who was wearing a dark blue dress, stretched in the middle, accentuating her curves. The top was made of several designs that met till her neck, leaving her shoulders free. The left side of the design was darker and became lighter as it approached the right side, before focusing on a small pin in the form of the tree life. She wore earrings close to Lime's and had the hair in a high ponytail. All eyes were on the trio of girls as they entered, making everyone forget the presence of the "savior of the world". They found their way to their classmates who were astonished by their looks. Mirai was the first to regain his posture as he looked at his girlfriend "You find a way to be even more gorgeous every day. You look remarkable."
Lime blushed at the comment before she heard Erasa giggle "There is a mistletoe above you. Just saying." Mirai lost no time holding her by the waist in a tight embrace as she placed her hands behind his neck for support as their lips met. Everyone was smiling at the happy couple before Gohan spoke "You have outdone yourselves tonight. What do you say we go eat something?" Everyone nodded and made their way to the buffet to find the rest of the group. The girls smiled at Chi-Chi and Krillin and his family and were amazed by the presence of the famous baseball player Yamcha. Mirai and Gohan surely knew a lot of famous people.

The night went by smoothly, and everyone was happy. Bulma had illuminated the tree and the whole ambiance changed, leaving smiles on every face. Lime noticed that Gohan had ignored Videl all night and she sighed, hopping that tonight would clear things up. Erasa noticed her expression and went to her before she explained the situation and the blonde looked at her smirking and whispered something to her ear, making Lime smile in a way that would make Vegeta proud. Around the middle of the soirée, everyone started to dance together and to laugh, before the DJ decided to change the atmosphere into something more peaceful. Erasa had stationed herself next to Yamcha all night, and she smiled deviously when he invited her to dance and she joined Lime and Mirai on the dance floor. Chi-Chi found her oldest son "You know it's rude to stand like this instead of inviting a girl to dance."
"You know she is the last person I would enjoy the company. I would gladly dance with you if you want. Bulma did pay for these expensive classes."
"I know how you feel but I raised you better than this. You forget about the past events and invite her to dance before I become angry. Now go or I will make sure the GR is not repaired next time."
Gohan didn't have the time to replicate before his mother glared at him and he sighed before he made his way towards the crime fighter. "Would you like to dance?"
Videl turned to see who was talking to her and was more than surprised when she saw who it was "No thank you. I don't dance and I don't think you enjoy my company either. I don't want you to be polite with me."
"I insist, you can't stay here alone. I can tolerate you for two minutes. And it will be a good publicity if people saw us together."
Videl wanted to scream at him to get lost but remembered where she was and agreed, following him to the dance floor. He grabbed her by her waist in one hand and hold her hand with the other, while she placed her free hand on his shoulder. They tried to avoid looking at each other, making things more awkward and failed to notice everyone looking at them with a devilish look on their face, as they waited for them to notice the mistletoes above them.
After about a minute of silence, Videl spoke "I'm sorry. I never got to tell you that. I really am and I understand you don't want to talk to me. I just needed to tell you that."
"I don't need your apologies. I am only doing this so Lime won't scold me later. There is no need for you to say anything."
Videl broke the dancing stance and looked at him "Thank you, but I don't need your pity." With that she left.
His friends looked at him before Lime took him to the side to talk to him "I don't care what happened and I don't want to hear it. What I care about is that my friend is sad because my best friend was insensitive. So, you will put your shitty character away for the night, find her, apologize and make sure she has a good time. I am going back to my boyfriend and you better come back with her before Dende help me I lose my patience. And don't think this conversation is over." Gohan didn't have the time to riposte before she waved towards the balcony and left, hearing him curse under his breath. With that, he made his way towards his classmate.

It was the first time during the whole night that he actually saw her clearly. He couldn't but notice at her body which was more accentuated in this dress, opposing the baggy shirts she always wore. Her body is amazing, she looks gorgeous tonight. Wait what am I saying? He tried to reach his dad but he only heard him laugh, telling him he was on his own this time, and he sighed before calling her "Videl?"
She turned and looked at him, clearly angry "What do you want now? Is there something else you forgot to tell me?"
"Wow, it is possible for you to be more annoying. That's new."
She turned and prepared herself to leave before he called her again "How about a truce? At least for the night. I don't want anyone having a bad time because of me."
"Well hard luck, there is already someone who feels like that. And in what universe do you think I would accept a truce. I wasn't at fault here; you are the one being a dick."
"Well, this was smooth. I don't need to remind you why I cannot stand you. In case you forgot, it involves a certain mercenary and a building with my silhouette through the floors."
"I already excused myself. What more do you want from me? I told you it was my fault and I recognized it. You, on the other hand, always think that you are superior than the others, like you're never at wrong."
"I don't need a life lesson right now. All I want is that you come back inside and have fun with the others, so we could resume our separate lives as soon as possible."
"You really are the biggest jerk I have ever seen. I can't understand how Lime can support you all the time."
"Well, she is more tolerable than you, that's for starters."
They didn't get the time to finish their argument as Erasa rushed in their direction "Come Vi, Lime is waiting for us inside."
"I think I should head home. It's getting late."
"Oh no you won't. Lime prepared us a room and we are sleeping here. Now come on, the party is just starting."
They left before the blonde stopped and return to her classmate "Try to put your differences aside just for tonight, this way we could all have a good time. Please Gohan, let's have fun, it's Christmas." Gohan sighed and nodded before she hugged him and went to find her friends. He lifted his head to the stars. Dad, how can I support this girl? She is stubborn, annoying, and don't forget her buffoon of a father.
Well, my son you are also being stubborn that's for sure. I think she is a nice girl. One thing's for sure, she is stubborn like your mother. But she seems really smart and sweet. You should stop associating her with her father and maybe things will get easier. Don't forget she knows who you are, I'm sure she will find the truth soon enough. Trust me being angry will do no good, you already noticed that on your own. Now, go and have fun and kiss your mother for me.
Sure dad. And yeah, she is pretty intuitive. Will see what happens. I will try to be friendlier, see where this goes.
He smiled again and entered the room to find his friends; he noticed her from afar and sighed lightly and for the time since the beginning of the school year, they all saw him smile a little at Videl. He approached her and smiled lightly as he invited her to dance, which this time, she accepted.

They were all dancing together, chatting about anything. Their friends were happy seeing them getting closer, and the crime fighting duo was even able to hold a conversation without screaming at one another. Erasa looked at them dancing really close and she got ready to annoy them by pointing at the mistletoe, but she couldn't continue with her plan before they heard a man screaming "Hey you! You remove your filthy hands of my daughter you hear me. No one is allowed to touch her." Gohan didn't even had to hear the rest of the sentence for him to break the embrace to cover his ears and turned to the man talking. Hercules wasn't a very tall man but had bulky muscles. It was not new that he was overprotective of his daughter, a very known fact since he publicly declared that no one was allowed to date her if they couldn't beat him in a fight. No one dared to do it, claiming he was the world champion and defeater of Cell. The thing that Gohan despised about the man, in addition to his attitude and screams, was his ego. The man felt like a god and lived the lies everyone was now believing. And the worse part was that it wasn't enough for him to be rich and famous, he decided to undermine all the Z-fighters, talking trash about them and claiming they were tricksters, just so he could feel better about himself. What he ignored was that the Z-fighter made a bet on which one will finally snap and punch him, and all the bets were on Vegeta, Gohan and surprisingly Mirai, who hated that someone talked like this about his father and friends; and to the public's ignorance, himself. Everyone thought that today the bet would be finally be set but Bulma rushed to the scene "Mr. Satan. I think there was a misunderstanding. You see, I know this young boy and he is a classmate to your daughter. I can assure you he wouldn't harm her."
"Like he can. HAHA my daughter is the strongest is the world after me."
"I am sure your daughter is very strong. Can I please offer you a glass of champagne?"
"HAHA everyone wants some quality time with the champ. And you kid, you better not touch my girl again before I send you to the ground HAHA."
Gohan's eyes flashed teal at the champ's comment and Bulma's disgusted look and he followed him with his eyes to make sure he wouldn't try anything funny, before seeing Vegeta glare at him from afar. Everyone noticed him and Lime quickly whispered to him "Gohan calm down. He is not worth it. Let's avoid making a scene here."
To her pleasure, he looked at her and nodded before his eyes regain their black color and he went on the balcony to breath. Videl followed him shortly "Hey. Everything all right?"
"Yeah. Just needed to breathe, it's crowded in there."
"Yeah. I'm sorry for my dad. He is overprotective of me regarding boys. I didn't have the best experiences with them, so he took it personally."
"I don't care. He can say all he wants. It's not like I was hitting on you anyway."
"Yeah, I know. Just thought I'd come and tell you. Good night."
She left to find Erasa before they left for their room and Gohan called for his father. Hey Dad. I need your help with something.
Hey Gohan. Yeah, sure tell me.
I think you were right. She is a nice girl, but her father is a problem. What do I do to stop myself from sending him through a wall?
Sorry son, girls are not my best area. You'll have to ask your mother about that one. All I can say is ignore him, I don't need you to be the one settling the bet the others have going.
Guess you knew about that. Sure dad thanks.
With that, he entered to find Mirai and waited for the party to calm down before they went to their rooms "So? I think you have some explaining to do?"
"What do you mean?"
"Come on, don't play dumb with me. You were checking Videl out all night. You clearly have a thing for her."
"No I wasn't. I was just surprised to see her dressed like this."
"You can fool yourself all you want. But I'd recognize this sight anywhere. You can spend your days denying it, but I know you find her attractive, and it's only a matter of days before you figure it out on your own."
"Yeah yeah right. Look the Takahashi's. Their daughter's been checking you all night. Let me have my share of fun since Lime isn't here."
"You wouldn't?" Mirai looked in horror at Gohan's smirking and he sighed I brought that one on myself I guess. I'll get back on him soon enough.

On the girl's side, they were all talking in Lime's room about what happened at the party. Lime asked Videl about her father and she promised to explain later. She then looked at them and sighed before Erasa spoke "What's going on Vi? Your father always say that, what's the issue?"
The raven-girl blushed before looking at them "If I tell, you won't tell anyone? And for Kami's sake don't scream."
Her friends nodded and waited for her "I think I'm starting to like Gohan."

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