Despite the cheerful attitude of his newly discovered grandfather and the fact that he had a rather generous cut of steak in front of him, Harry felt nothing but unease as he watched the unfolding family drama.

It wasn't due to the shark-faced asshole that had apparently dated both of his parents, though his oily attempts to try and spark connections with both him and his parents was something he found to be extremely irritating.

But rather it was because he could tell that Crimson's friendly demeanor was a mask for something that reminded him of two people that had long since suffered their 'final' death.

Before his relocation to Hell, he had occasionally been forced to make public appearances when the Dursleys were unable to pretend that he wasn't living under their roof. Which meant that his fat walrus of an uncle had to hide just what he thought of his 'unfortunate' nephew behind a mask that too many people believed to be genuine.

The other one of course had been the Overlord that had tried to turn him into a child soldier by threatening his family. But despite having infinitely more power than Vernon, his ability to hide what he truly was even less developed than the Dursley patriarch.

Still, he would have to watch what he said.

Even if he was confident that he could take Crimson out if he made a move, the problem was that he wasn't sure if he could move fast enough to protect his family and Blitzo.

Especially since his dad was acting like he always did whenever Vernon was looking for an excuse to beat him.

"Soo Moxxie. Why don't you tell us how you're enjoying life outside of the family? Acting as a contract killer for strangers is… a bit of a disappointment considering what you used to do. But I suppose I should be grateful that you haven't let the skills I've taught you go to waste. And it is somewhat heartening to see that you have no problem involving your…family in your new line of work."

Though his dad nodded his head in a manner that could only be called submissive, Harry was pleased to see that his mom had no problem being her usual energetic self.

"Well, we're a package deal. He handles the guns, I handle the knives."

"And axes. And swords. And clubs. And practically any weapon that requires a bit of muscle behind it to properly kill a target. But I have to agree with Mills that Mox does make an adequate gunslinger."

Shoot Blitzo a look that made it plain that he should stay out of what was a 'family' conversation, Harry sadly was unable to get his point across as his Crimson drew his attention.

"And what about you kiddo? You prefer killing people from a distance? Or getting up close and personal?"

Eyes narrowing at the slight mocking tone of his 'grandfather', the black-haired eleven-year-old allowed a hint of irritation to enter his tone as he answered the question.

"Honesty, it doesn't really matter. Whatever helps our team the most at any given time really."

And as expected, his attitude caused Crimson's mask to briefly drop.

However, while the anger was to be expected, the brief flash of greed in his eyes was not.

Something that managed to grow even after his mom's boasting caused the older Imp to return to his fake charming self.

"And you've always done a fantastic job sweetie. Honestly, there are times when I can't even recall all the times you've helped us out of a tight spot. Though I have to say the first time you went all flamethrower on us is perhaps my favorite."

While he was happy that his parents appreciated his help, Harry nevertheless would have preferred to keep his more magical abilities on the down low.

For while he didn't exactly hide what he could do, one of the first lessons that both his mom and Loona had drilled into him was that it was always best to downplay just how lethal he could be.

Last thing he wanted was to repeat what he had briefly experienced with a certain moth-type Overlord.

But, perhaps he had a way to get out of this.

He didn't really want to play the 'Goetia' card since Stolas was still stressing over his divorce, specifically how it was affecting Via, and Stella wasn't exactly in the most approachable of moods at the moment. Let alone her arrogant ass of a brother.

But since crime lords only really backed off when it became obvious that they were messing with things above their weight class, Harry was confident that he could…..

"Weellllll as much fun as its been catching up, I do believe I'm gonna turn in. Big day tomorrow after all, and I don't wanna ruin it by sleeping in."

Shooting the sleezy shark like Demon a look of annoyance, for it always bugged him to have his train of though interrupted, Harry's expression turned into one of concern as his so-called grandfather ended the 'family meeting' in a subtly menacing way.

"He's got a point. Why don't you all follow his example and hit the hay. Except you Moxxie. It's been so long since I've last seen you, I trust you wouldn't mind spending another 5 minutes with your old man?"

Opening his mouth to say something when his dad offered up what could only be a fearful nod, the young dragon Demon sadly had the choice taken away from him.

"Great idea. We gotta get back to the office tomorrow. So the sooner we hit the hay, the sooner we can leave. Mills, kid, lets go."


Shooting his employer a look of betrayal, though that quickly morphed into one of reassurance as his wife and son wordlessly asked him if he would be alright, Moxxie waited until his family, and Blitzo, were out of the room before speaking.

"I…I know your probably still mad about not coming home sir. But if you could just give me a moment to exp…"

"Come here Moxxie."

Gulping in understandable fear, the younger Imp hesitantly approached his glaring parent before once again trying to make his case.

"As…as I was saying, if you could give me a moment to explain, I…"

"Explain what? How you botched what was supposed to be a simple cash grab? How you chose to go into business with an outsider? Or perhaps how you decided to shack up with some bucktoothed dame from the boonies? Honestly, the only thing you MIGHT have done right was to adopt a loyal attack dog rather than try and make one yourself. Something I might have considered doing if your mother hadn't gotten knocked up as quickly as she had."

Though he knew it wouldn't do any good, Moxxie nevertheless tried to defend his actions.

"Sir, I…"

"DON'T talk back to me Moxxie. The only reason why I've decided to put up with your disloyalty is because I need you alive and…relatively healthy for tomorrow."

Allowing his curiosity to get the better of him, the younger Imp managed to find the necessary courage to risk his father's temper by indulging in said curiosity.

"Wh…what do you mean? I'm not exactly an…active member of the 'family' anymore, so I don't see why I need there to be for Chaz's ceremony."

Which still confused the heck out of him since as far as he knew, his former boyfriend had done nothing to cause his promotion from associate to 'family member'.

And even if he did, Crimson wasn't exactly the generous type when it came to 'rewards' for good service.

Partly because he was an abusive prick. But also because he knew that his 'management' style was based on fear rather than genuine loyalty.

Which meant that any truly competent underling would be fitted for a pair of concrete shoes if Crimson ever believed that they had plans to supplant him.

However, Moxxie's confusion was soon cleared up as his father proceeded to spell out just what was expected of him.

"Cause you're the only way that sharp-toothed moron can be inducted into this family. Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that the asshole is swimming in dough, I would have already given him a pair of cement shoes. But since this family needs his 'dowry', your gonna be at the alter tomorrow morning. No matter what."

For a moment, Moxxie merely nodded his head at his father's words. If only because it was perhaps the only reason why Chaz was still breathing since he wasn't exactly what one would call 'competent'.

However, that moment quickly passed as he processed what he had just been told.

"Yo…you cant be serious! I'm not marrying Chaz just so you can make a quick buck! Millie is my wi.."


Despite the fact that it had been years since his father had last laid hands on him, Moxxie nevertheless knew full well what he had to do in order to have a chance to escape further punishment.

Say nothing, and do nothing.

Even if he really wanted to.

"It seems all those years playing around with that 'beard' of yours has made you forget your place Moxxie. So let me make it easy for you. If you don't secure this family's financial future by marrying that fin faced fuck wad, then not only am I gonna put your dame in the ground, I'm gonna take that little stray of yours on a little 'fishing trip'. You understand me Moxxie?"

Though he hated to do it, the younger Imp nodded his head to show that he would obey his father's wishes.

Even if this merely prompted Crimson to continue proving that he was nothing but a bigoted asshole.

"Good. Would be a shame to have all my efforts to make the house more to your liking go to waste."

Feeling his eyes twitch in annoyance as dildo's suddenly sprang from nearly every surface of the room, Moxxie felt some of his courage return as his dad seemed genuinely confused by his reaction.

"Whats the matter? I thought you gays liked this kinda thing."

"Ok first off, I'm bisexual."

"That's what I said. Gay."

Knowing that it would be pointless to point out the very real differences between those who were sexually attracted to members of their own gender and those who were sexually attracted to more than one gender, Moxxie decided to concentrate on the ridiculous décor.

"Secondly, no one in their right mind would like these. And even if they did, they'd have to be pretty depraved to voice that thought."

And as usual, the universe just loved proving him wrong.

"HA! Look at all these dicks everywhere. Oh I am so not letting Moxxie forget this."

He wasn't sure what was worse.

The fact that he now would have to put up with more teasing from his employer.

Or the fact that his father was sending him a look that he couldn't tell if it was more amusement or disgust.

"Looks like your so called boss gets it. Now run along Moxxie. You got a big day tomorrow afterall."

Nodding his head in compliance, the younger white-haired Imp could only flinch as his father couldn't help but get in one final warning.

"Oh and Moxx. Speak back to me again, and I'll be telling the boys to dig a holel for three. Capeesh?"

"Ye….yes sir."


Though she was fully capable of defending herself if her father in-law, or her asshole of an ex, decided to take what only Moxxie had a right to receive, Millie was nevertheless touched by the lengths her son was going to ensure that no one was getting through the door to her room without a fight.

The door had been magically reinforced to the point where it could shrug off an armor-piercing round. Though Harry had warned that the spell wasn't designed to withstand multiple blows.

The window had been boobytrapped with a mixture of focused poison gas and a pop-up dagger. Which, upon her suggestion, had been modified to stab any would-be intruder in the stomach rather than her son's choice to go for the groin.

And perhaps the most amusing defense of all was the sight of her son, crouching behind a knocked-over dresser with his pistols locked and ready to fire.

It warmed her heart to see how defensive he was of his mama.

However, it nevertheless brought a concerned frown to her face since it reminded her of the cause for Harry's defensiveness.

She knew that something must have happened between her husband and Crimson.

But since the 'boss of the house' had been rather strict about their sleeping arrangements, she couldn't figure out what exactly had been said between father and son.

Which meant that she would have to wait until morning until she could get the fully story from her beloved Moxxie.

Knock Knock

Her worried expression morphing into a smile since she had a pretty good idea on who it was, Millie turned to her son with a slightly questioning look in her eyes.

Thankfully, her son knew her well enough to understand what she was asking.

"The trap only activates if you open the door from the other side. This side of the door, you should be good."

Nodding her head in thanks, Millie swung open the door with a smile.

Only to immediately sport a frown as it was revealed that the man who had knocked on her door wasn't her husband.

"Hey Mills. I was just thinking, since its been some time since we've last slept under the same roof, why don't you and me make up for lost time by sleeping under the same shee…"


Her frown morphing into a proud smirk at her son's shooting skills, even if she was slightly disappointed by the fact that the bullet had merely knocked Chaz's hat off instead of blowing his brains out, Millie wasted no time in telling her slime ball of an ex just how lucky he was.

"Next time Chaz, my boy's not gonna give you a warning. And you know why?"

Not waiting to hear his reply, the female Imp told him.

"Because next time, I'm going to tell him to put a bullet right between your eyes. And being the good son that he is, he will gladly follow his mama's orders. So get your fish-scaled ass out of my sight or I'm gonna turn you into sushi."

Surprisingly, Chaz possessed enough brain power to tell that she was being serious.

And was already out of sight by the time she closed her door.

She was confident that she had made her point.

But just to be on the safe side….

"Harry sweetie. Any chance you can add some sort of fire, or lightning spell hickey on the door?"

Any being the thoughtful and dutiful son that he was, Harry did as she asked.

It was annoying to go to all this trouble just so they could get a decent night's sleep before they left in the morning.

But since Crimson was giving off the type of vibe that they had occasionally experienced when dealing with targets that were fated to wind up in Hell anyway, it never hurt to be prudent.


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