Despite of the Frozen reference title, here is my first Tangled story.

Its takes place a week after the events from the 2010 movie and before the series and the shot film.

Also, i will give you a surprise in the end, that might stuck, in case i write more stories.

Hope you enjoy,

Nice reading.


When the lost princess finally gone back home, the kingdom was rejoiced, the King and Queen celebrated their daughter´s return and for some time, everything seemed happily ever after.

Still, Rapunzel, the lost princess felt like something was missing. Sure, she was more than happy to be reunited with her real parents; she and Eugene had officially become a couple and just to think that she wasn´t a prisoner anymore, makes her breath in relief every morning.

This way, one night, a week after her return, Rapunzel, finding out what was bothering her, decided to seek Eugene´s help, to set up a plan to ease her heart.

''You What?'' the man asked confused.

''Eugene, you would take me to the tower once again?'' she repeat blushing after tell him her plan.

''Of course, but… Sunshine…''

''I know what you think Eugene… '' she smiled ''But, despite everything, that tower was my home for the last eighteen years and… well, I think… I think what I really need, is to say goodbye to there, before moving on'' she explain.

For a minute, Eugene stayed silent and Rapunzel thought he would tell her parents she was gone mad, however, the former thief just smiled and took her hand in his.

''Of course, sweetie, I will take you there by the morning, if its so important to you'' he said and in response she kissed him lightly.

''Thanks Eugene, you are the best.'' She smiled a radiant smile. ''Good Night.''

''Good night, Blondie, see you tomorrow'' they kissed again, and she left to her room.


Next day early in the morning, the two of them took their horses and left for the tower, in the way, Eugene and Rapunzel recalled the trails and troubles that brought then together and little by little, Rapunzel realized she had already start to let go of her past.

When they arrived there, nearly in the afternoon, they climbed in the tower by the secret entrance and stood side by side when they finally got inside the large room.

''So many memories of here…'' Rapunzel whispered, looking around at her things, still exactly the way she had left, including a broken mirror.

''Indeed'' Eugene agreed.

''When first time I met Pascal…''

''When you hit me with the frying pan…''

''Every night on my birthday I loved to watch the lanterns by the window…'' she said again. ''Oh… and there was when I broke my finger… Mother was furious.

''There inside that wardrobe is where you locked me first…''

''There is where I used to practice guitar…''

''There was where I died…''

''Eugene!'' Rapunzel called him, taking his hands in hers.

''What, Sunshine?'' he blushed.

''This tower have indeed so many memories, but you know what is the best one?'' she asked,

''No, What is the best one, sweetie?''

''The time when I first met you!'' she exclaimed, and he smiled.

''Yeah, mine too'' he said kissing her ''Ready to go?''

''Yeah, I think I'm ready to let it go'' Rapunzel agreed, and they made their back to the horses. However, when they were about to hide back home, Rapunzel blushed and turn to her love. ''Eugene?'' she asked ''What you think of the name Cordelia?''

''Cordelia? i… well, why are you asking?'' he asked confused.

''I was hanging out with my parents and they told me that my given name supposed to be Cordelia'' she blushed ''Rapunzel was the name Mother Gothel give to me'' the girl blushed ''What you think? Should I start being called by Cordelia, or Rapunzel?''

For a second Eugene was silent, but then, he smiled at her and stated ''I think Cordelia is a lovely name, I think I liked it best.'' he said and they ride back home, finally letting go of the last and ready for a future happily ever after.