Scene 1

*One day in the hills*
*All 64 Precures fight Black Hole*
Black Hole: Ha, Precures! You may have defeated me but it won't stop me from taking over the world!
64 Precures: *while firing their attacks* Haaaa!
Black Hole: When I go back, expect no mercy from m- *vanishes*
*About 4-5 years later in Nagisa's house (located in the Garden of Rainbows)*
Nagisa (Misumi): I am Nagisa Misumi. In off-class, I usually play games with all of my friends. Well, Honoka (Yukishiro) and I always hang out even if we have nothing in common. School will be in somewhat 1 week away? Ahhh! Unbelievable, it is!
Ryouta (Misumi): Big sis! Big sis Nagisa!
Nagisa: *wakes up* Ryouta?
Ryouta: You have to fix yourself. You must go and find the school you want.
Nagisa: What? Really? *quickly gets up of the bed and finds a clothes*
Ryouta: *To himself* As expected from Big sis.
Nagisa: Ryouta, tell Mama and Papa that I must leave.
Ryouta: Okay!
*10 minutes later in the Garden of Rainbows Train Station*
*Nagisa looks at the Brochure*
Nagisa: Which school I shall go? Pikarigaoka College School? University of Kanon Town? Kibougahana University?
Shougo (Fujimura): Nagisa!
Nagisa: Shougo. Can you help me choose which school I should go?
Shougo: Eh, I dunno for sure. I will enroll to Pikarigaoka College School. Well, try enrolling to Nanairo University or University of Clover Town.
Nagisa: I shall go and try there. Okay. First stop: Nanairo University!

Scene 2

*About an hour later in Nanairo University*
*Nagisa sees people falling in line*
Nagisa: There's so many applicants here.
*Hime (Shirayuki) and Erika (Kurumi) make a scene*
Erika: Hey, Nagisa!
Nagisa: Hime, Erika, what are you doing here?
Hime: We're going to enroll here. *To Erika* Right, Erika?
Erika: Yes. Tsubomi decided to study in Sukoyaka University in of course, Sukoyaka City.
Hime: And Megumi decided to study in Pikarigaoka College School? Who knows.
Nagisa: Ugh! I think this school doesn't fit me well. Bye, bye! *leaves*
Erika: What's got in to Nagisa?
Hime: I don't know for sure, Erika.
*About an hour later in Pikarigaoka College School*
Nagisa: Ugh! This school is boring.
Megumi (Aino): Why? This school is amazing. You haven't even tour around here, do you?
Nagisa: No, but still. I don't wanna study here.
Megumi: Is that so? Well, I have another options on where to study, Nagisa.
Nagisa: I have one already. Thanks for trying to help me.
*A few hours later in Nagisa's house (located in the Garden of Rainbows)*
Nagisa: It's been around a year since Hikari, you and I give up on our Precure powers.
Honoka (Yukishiro): Yeah.
Nagisa: Have you decided where to study?
Honoka: Actually, I don't know.
Nagisa: Darn it! So, so unbelievable!
Honoka: Shall I call Hikari (Kujou) for you, Nagisa?
Nagisa: No thanks.
Honoka: I'll leave you here first. My grandma needs me. Bye! *leaves*
*Nagisa lies on the bed*
Nagisa: *holds her head* Ahhh! Which school shall I go to?

Scene 3

*The next day in the castle (located in Hope Kingdom)*
Aroma: I wonder why we're here ~roma.
Pafu: I wondered that, too ~pafu.
Aroma: Eh, maybe Prince Kanata wants something from us ~roma.
Pafu: I thought the same, Big bro. I'm excited ~pafu.
*Prince Kanata arrives*
Prince Kanata: Aroma, Pafu, thank goodness you're here.
Aroma: Prince Kanata, why did you call us here?
Prince Kanata: I heard the news yesterday that the Zetsuborg will attack the Human World again.
Aroma and Pafu: Oh, no!
Prince Kanata: That's why I called you here to find Haruka (Haruno), Minami (Kaido), and Kirara (Amanogawa). I handed you the Princess Perfume and the Dress Up Key. I'll call my sister, Towa (Akagi), afterwards.
Aroma and Pafu: Okay!
*Prince Kanata hands the box that contains the Princess Perfume and the Dress Up Key to Aroma and Pafu*
Prince Kanata: Good luck!
*While in Nagisa's house (located in the Garden of Rainbows)*
Rie (Misumi): Nagisa, are you alright?
Nagisa: No, Mama. In fact, I was in trouble finding the nice school.
Ryouta: Big sis, You always been like that. What about you will go to the school you've never been before?
Nagisa: That's it! Thanks, Ryouta! *To Rie* Mama, I'm going to Kibougahana today. *goes upstairs*
Rie: Okay, Nagisa.
Ryouta: Am I going to study in Verone Academy, just like Big sis Nagisa?
Rie: Yes, Ryouta. You must study there.
Ryouta: Aw. Mama.
*Nagisa spy on Ryouta and Rie*
Nagisa: *To herself* They're at it again. *sighs* Ryouta going to Verone Academy in Middle School? So unbelievable.

Scene 4

*Several minutes later on the streets*
Nagisa: *while running* I have to go to Kibougahana University to try enrolling there.
Mepple: *while falling from the sky* Ahhhhhhh!
Nagisa: Who's that? *looks above* Mepple?
*Nagisa and Mepple bump at each other*
Nagisa and Mepple: Ouch!
Nagisa: Mepple, get off of me! I can't see. *falls into the ground*
Mepple: Sorry ~mepo.
*Nagisa holds Mepple*
Mepple: Nagisa? Thank goodness you're here ~mepo!
Nagisa: Yes! Ha, ha! How can you turn into your fairy form without Mipple? Wait! Where are Lulun, Pollun, and Mipple?
Mepple: They're in the Garden of Light ~mepo! I can turn into my animal form without tiring and without Mipple's help when the Queen of the Garden of Light gives us blessings to turn from phone form to animal form whenever we like ~mepo.
Nagisa: That's great.
Mepple: I brought cards for you to transform into a Pretty Cure ~mepo.
Nagisa: *takes the card* Cool!
Nagisa: Eh, how can I transform if Honoka is not around?
Mepple: Honestly, I dunno for sure. If only Mipple and Honoka are here ~mepo.
Nagisa: I have to go to the Train Station now. *stands up and runs*
Mepple: Well, if only we didn't revert back to the Card Communes. We're back to zero. *sighs* Heartful Communes is way more powerful ~mepo.
Nagisa: No worries. It's fine by the way. Maybe that's the result of me, Honoka, and Hikari giving up our duty as Precures.

Scene 5

*About several minutes later on the Garden of Rainbows Train Station*
*The Three Musketeers wander around the station*
Close: I can't believed that Dyspear turned us evil again.
Lock: So do I. Well, we should make people in Despair. We have to find someone who has a great dream.
Close and Shut: Right!
*The three Musketeers see the girl holding a Comic Book*
The girl: Well, when I grow up, I wanted to be a Comic Artist!
Close: Let me close her dream.
Lock and Shut: Okay.
Close: *To the girl* Can you please show me your dream? *takes a look inside the girl*
The girl: I finally gained popularity once I launch my Comic Books!
Close: I will throw your dream in the cage of Despair! Close your dream! *summons a lock* Come, Zetsuborg!
*The girl was locked in the Cage of Despair, thus forming a Zetsuborg(Comic Book)*
Zetsuborg: Zetsuborg!
*the townspeople runs away*
*Aroma and Pafu arrive*
Aroma and Pafu: Oh, no!
Aroma: Here comes the Zetsuborg again ~roma.
Pafu: Yeah ~pafu.
Aroma: What shall we do here ~roma?
Pafu: I've never seen this place before ~pafu. How can we even find Haruka and the others?
*Aroma and Pafu see the girl getting trapped in the Cage of Despair*
Aroma and Pafu: Oh, no!
Pafu: Close, Shut, and Lock became evil again ~pafu.
Aroma: I wonder why ~roma.

Scene 6

*Nagisa noticed that the people runs away from the Train Station*
Nagisa: What happened here?
Mepple: Zakenna! They're here again ~mepo.
?: Zetsuborg!
Nagisa and Mepple: Zetsuborg?
Nagisa: We have to go there! Zakenna is back! *goes in the Train Station*
Mepple: Wait, what ~mepo? Zakenna talked in a different word ~mepo?
Nagisa and Mepple: Unbelievable!
*Nagisa and Mepple arrives in the Train Station*
Nagisa: Zakenna? That doesn't look like Zakenna to me, Mepple.
Mepple: I never saw that *referring to Zetsuborg* monster before ~mepo.
Aroma: That is a Zetsuborg, you dumb ~roma.
Pafu: They were created when people locked in the Cage of Despair to lock away their dreams ~pafu.
Nagisa and Mepple: Huh?
Close: Yes! Me and my fellow comrades will put the world into despair again.
Close: I am Close!
Lock: I'm Lock!
Shut: I'm Shut!
The Three Musketeers: We are the Three Musketeers!
Close: *To the Zetsuborg(Comic Book)* Zetsuborg! *comes towards Mepple, Aroma, Pafu, and Nagisa*
Nagisa: Oh, no! I can't transform into a Precure without Honoka. How can I fight the monster and save the world?
Mepple: *switches to phone mode* Try swiping the card ~mepo. Let's see if it works ~mepo!
Nagisa: *picks the Queen Card* This, right?
Mepple: Yes! Go, now!
*Nagisa slash the card through the slot*
*the white light is released*
*The Three Musketeers, Aroma, Pafu, and the Zetsuborg close their eyes*
Zetsuborg: Zetsu?
Pafu: What happened?
Nagisa: This is unbelievabbbbbbbble!
Mepple: Say the phrase now!
Nagisa: Dual Aurora Wave!
*Nagisa's transformation sequence*
Cure Black (Nagisa): Emissary of light, Cure Black! I am Pretty Cure! *while pointing at the Zetsuborg and the Three Musketeers* Servants of the Dark Power, return to the darkness from which you came! (Hikari no shisha, Kyua Burakku! Watashi wa Purikyua! Yami no chikara no shimobetachi yo, tottoto ouchi ni kaerinasai!)
Aroma and Pafu: Wow!
The Three Musketeers: Huh?
Cure Black: No way! I transformed without Honoka? This is so awesome, but how?
Mepple: I don't know, but maybe this is a miracle ~mepo!

Scene 7

Close: Ugh! I don't know what to say this but, *To the Zetsuborg (Comic Book)* Zetsuborg, crush the lone Precure now!
Zetsuborg: Zetsuborg! *comes towards Black*
*Black jumps*
Cure Black: Oh, no! What am I doing? I'm gonna fall!
Mepple: You just jump high up ~mepo.
Cure Black: *while falling* Ahhhh!
Aroma: *To Black* Black, kick the Zetsuborg now!
Cure Black: Okay! *steps on the Zetsuborg*
Zetsuborg: *while losing its balance* Zetsuborg!
Cure Black: You're not getting away with this! Haaaa! *kicks the Zetsuborg*
Zetsuborg: *while being flung* Zetsuborg! *crashes into the ground*
Aroma: *To Black* Black, try purifying the monster.
Cure Black: I don't know what to say this, but I'll try!
Mepple: Go for it ~mepo!
Cure Black: *While raising her hands* Black thunder!
*The Black Lighting shoots unto Black's palms*
Cure Black: Our beautiful souls shall crush your evil heart! Pretty Cure Marble Screw! *fires her attack at the Zetsuborg(Comic Book)*
*the Zetsuborg takes a hit*
Zetsuborg: *while closing its eyes* Dreaming! *vanishes*
Close: Oh, no! The Zetsuborg was defeated by the non-Princess Precure?
The Three Musketeers: Unbelievable!
Shut: *To Black* Well, then. Be prepared when we returned. See you soon!
Lock: We'll make sure that all of humans' dreams will be locked away.
*The Three Musketeers leave*
Cure Black: I did it!
Aroma: It's not over yet ~roma! *gives the Dress-up key to Black* Open the Cage of Despair using the key ~roma!
Cure Black: Got it! Open! *puts the key against the lock* The door to your dream! *turns the key, thus opening the Cage of Despair and frees the girl*
The girl: *wakes up* Where am I?
Cure Black: You're in the train station!
*The townspeople gives around of applause to Black*

Scene 8

*1 hour later on the streets (located in the Garden of Rainbows)*
Aroma: Nagisa, do you know where Haruka lived ~roma?
Nagisa: I guess so. She said that Yumegahama is her hometown.
Pafu: Can you bring us to her today ~pafu?
Aroma and Pafu: Please?
Nagisa: Oh my gosh! Today? I'm so stressful.
Mepple: Aroma, Pafu, why not we'll go to Yumegahama tomorrow ~mepo? It's almost afternoon ~mepo. Plus, Nagisa still needs to find her school to study ~mepo.
Pafu: Yeah, right ~pafu.
Nagisa: In case we didn't go to Yumegahama, you guys can stay in my house. Is that okay with you?
Aroma: If you have a valid reason, it's fine by me ~roma.
Pafu: Same here ~pafu.
Nagisa: Okay then!

-To be continued-