Nagisa: Hello, everyone! My name's Nagisa!
Haruka: I'm Haruka.
Yuko: I'm Yuko.
Reika: I'm Reika.
Tsubomi: I'm Tsubomi.
Ako: I'm Ako.
Karen: I'm Karen.
The Wonder Prime: We are the Wonder Prime!
Ako: It's now summer, we can enjoy the sun.
Karen: You must be right, Ako.
Yuko: Well, I guess we'll try going to the other places as well, just like old times.
Ako: We never going anywhere. We're just stuck in Kanon Town. My other friends go to other town to study.
Yuko and Karen: Huh?!
Karen: Is that so, Ako?
Ako: Yeah.
Karen: *To Yuko* Poor Ako.
Yuko: You said it.

Scene 1

*One day in Karen's bedroom (in Karen's mansion)*
Yuko: It's so nice to hang out here.
Reika: You said it, Yuko.
Karen: Well, Jii-ya insist that I must gather you all here, and for most, Karin and Kazuki will fetch us here to go to the studio. They wanted us to enter the entertainment world.
Nagisa: I want to know why.
Ako: Same here. What's the reason why I have to enter the idol world?
Haruka: You can show off your singing skills, Ako. *laughs*
Ako: Haruka, stop it. It's not funny.
Haruka: You have to try singing. Just show your talent if you have to. I wanna sing with you.
Ako: Are you sure?
Haruka: Yes.
Tsubomi: If that's the case, I'm so happy for you two.
Chypre: It's so nice to see them like this, Tsubomi.
Tsubomi: Yeah.
Mepple: I'm so happy, too ~mepo.
*Kazuki and Karin arrive*
Kazuki: Hey, guys! Guess what? We'll take you to Prism Agency.
The Wonder Prime: Huh?!
Karen: Really?
Karin: Yes.
Nagisa: I can't wait to see it!
Reika: Same here.
Yuko: Well, once I try to become the best idol, I will be going to take the role of a idol singer. It is my second choice.
Karen: You want to be a chef, correct?
Yuko: Uh-huh!
Karin: It will all happen if you guys enter the agency.

Scene 2

*A few hours later in Prism Agency (located in the city based in Tokyo)*
Kazuki: *To the Wonder Prime* If you guys need anything, call us!
The Wonder Prime: Okay!
Karin: We'll list down your names and then we'll bring it to the office.
Reika: Is it required?
Karin: Yep.
Kazuki: We'll be back for a minute.
*Karin and Kazuki leave*
Ribbon: I'm so happy that you decided to come here.
Yuko: Same. I want to practice singing. Cooking all the time makes me bored, though, so I want to try something new.
Nagisa: Really, huh?
Yuko: Yeah!
Nagisa: *To Tsubomi* Tsubomi, why not you show off your sewing skills?
Tsubomi: I'll think about it, Nagisa.
Dodory: We all know that Tsubomi isn't a type of person who likes to show off ~dodo.
Ako: I agree, but I don't think Nagisa forced Tsubomi to do it.
Nagisa: That's right.
Chypre: I think Ako and I have the same idea.
Reika: *To Haruka* So, Haruka, are you trying to be a singer?
Haruka: Yes. You know, I watched a movie where princesses sing. I bet Miyuki likes it.
Reika: Likely, since Miyuki loves fairytales.
Nagisa: *To Karen* Karen, is their anything else you want to share?
Karen: Um, no. Anyways, I have to go now. Bye first! *leaves*
Tiry: Karen! *sighs*
Tsubomi: I think Karen needs a support.
Yuko: From who?
Haruka: You know who.
Aroma: Let's give Karen some time ~roma.

Scene 3

*A few minutes later in the cafe*
Karen: *To herself* I don't need to be in the agency to show off my violin skills. Why do I need to be the idol? What's the point?
*someone pokes Karen*
Karen: Ah! *looks at Yuko and Ribbon* You?!
Yuko: Why are you leaving without telling us where to go?
Ribbon: You're like Hime (Shirayuki), Karen. Running away without telling us why.
Karen: Even if I tell you everything, what's the point?
Yuko: *sits beside Karen* Karen, you have to be open to your friends. I know you're upset. How can I help you if I don't know what it is?
Karen: Promise not to tell this to anyone. You must only know this.
Yuko: Fine. I promise. What is it?
Karen: I'm not ready to be known by everyone. Joining the agency means there is a bigger chance that I will be popular.
Yuko: But there is a chance that your parents will return here for good because who knows? You will get a bigger salary once you were hired to be an actress, singer, or even musician. Don't you want your parents to return home?
Karen: Of course I want to.
Yuko: Whether your parents are here or not, at least they support you along the way.
Karen: Aren't you sad when your parents are away?
Yuko: Of course I am although my parents never work abroad.
Karen: Good for you because both of your parents never worked abroad.
Ribbon: Miss Yoko and Sir Takeo is a kind couple.
Karen: Who are they?
Ribbon: Yuko's parents.
Yuko: *To Karen* Feel free to consider my parents as your own while your parents are not around. They're super nice.
Karen: Thank you, Yu-yu!
Yuko: You're we- Wait! You called me "Yu-yu"?!
Karen: Yes. Why are you shocked? Don't you like it?
Yuko: Of course I like it, but it reminds me of Megumi (Aino) calling me "Yu-yu", that's why I get shocked, and it seems that you are the first person aside from Megumi who called me that.
Karen: If I called you "Yu-yu", what shall you call me as?
Yuko: I should call you "Ka-ka" or "Ren-ren".
Karen: "Ren-ren" is better for me.
*Yuko and Karen laugh*
Yuko: Okay, Ren-ren.

Scene 4

*While in the Dotsuku Zone*
The Evil King: So, Dark Crew, are you now ready to do your job to steal the Prism Stone?
Belle: We will be, Evil King.
Julius: Prism Stones are just in the human world, so...
Genie: The question is how can we steal the Prism Stones?
Evil King: Simple. Find that keeper of the Prism Stones. I know that they are one of the Precures' closest ally.
Julius: How can we find them?
Genie: Yes. The Precures have many friends.
Evil King: Well, we have to keep an eye on those Precures in case they talked to the keeper.
The Dark Crew: Got it!
*5 minutes later on the streets*
*Yuko and Karen take a walk*
Yuko: *To Karen* So, are you ready to go back to the agency?
Karen: I think so, Yu-yu.
Yuko: Don't you know what I do to cheer my friends up?
Karen: What is it?
Yuko: I give them the honey candy I made.
Karen: Now I know why you call yourself as "Cure Honey".
Yuko: Yes! Honey is my favorite food. Karen: I haven't noticed that Ribbon left.
Yuko: Same here. Do you know where she is?
Karen: No, but while we're at the cafe earlier, she said that she'll be going to visit either Hime or Megumi.
*The Harmonic Team makes a scene*
Komachi (Akimoto): *To Karen* Karen!
Iona (Hikawa): Yuko!
*Yuko and Karen look at the Harmonic Team*
Karen: Komachi?
Yuko: Iona?
Ichika (Usami): I haven't seen you two getting close now.
Kirara (Amanogawa): Same here. So, how's Haruka by the way?
Karen: She's good.
Mirai (Asahina): I heard that you guys will go to the agency to be idols?
Yuko: We'll try on becoming one, Mirai.
Setsuna (Higashi): In that case, good luck!
Yuni: You have to take it seriously when becoming one. That's what Kirara told me.
Kirara: I did?
Yuni: Yes, you did.
Komachi: *To Karen* Karen, is Yuko gonna be your new Best Friend?
Karen: I think so.
Iona: If Yuko is your Best Friend, take care of her, okay? *To Yuko* Yuko, if Karen's gonna be your best friend, don't let her down.
Yuko: Um, okay, Iona.
Mirai: Well, we have to go to Iona's place right after this. Bye, bye!
Komachi: *To Karen* Stay safe!
*The Harmonic Team leaves*
Karen: Bye, Komachi!
Yuko: Well, Ren-ren, do you think you're going to consider me as your Best Friend?
Karen: Maybe, since we always talk to each other more often. Plus, if you're going to be my best friend, will Komachi be happy for me?
Yuko: Let's wait and see, but I'm sure she'll be happy for both of us. Why did you ask?
Karen: Komachi is my first best friend if you didn't know.
Yuko: Really?!
Karen: Yeah.

Scene 5

*A few minutes later in Prism Agency*
Haruka: *To Yuko and Karen* What took you guys so long?
Karen: Long story, Haruka.
Yuko: Guess what? We saw Iona and her comrades.
Nagisa, Haruka, Reika, Tsubomi, and Ako: Huh?!
Haruka: Really?!
Karen: Yes!
Haruka: Did Kirara say "Hi" to you two?
Yuko: Yes!
Karen: I hesitated to join this agency at first, but thanks to Yu-yu, I feel like I wanted to.
Nagisa, Haruka, Reika, Tsubomi, and Ako: Yu-yu?!
Reika: Who's that?
Yuko: It's me! Yu-yu is my nickname!
Tsubomi: Who gave you that?
Yuko and Karen: Uh?!
Karen: Me, although I didn't know that I called Yu-yu the way Megumi did.
Reika: Did Komachi and the others have a group name like we did?
Karen: Maybe.
Yuko: Oh! I know their group name! Harmomic Team is their group name. Iona told me.
Tsubomi: What a nice name they have.
Mepple: You said it ~mepo.
Ako: Well, thank Haruka because she named our group.
*Haruka blushes*
Nagisa: I was still wondering why our group name is Wonder Prime. Shall we changed our group name into, um, "Yes, Precure 7"?
Haruka, Yuko, Reika, Tsubomi, and Ako: No!
Ako: That is a lame name, Nagisa. You really wanted to name after Karen's own group, do you?
Nagisa: Well, to be honest, I'm not good at naming.
Ako: *holds her face* Oh, Nagisa.
Tsubomi: Well, I think Wonder Prime is a good name.
Dodory: Agree ~dodo.
Karen: *To Nagisa, Haruka, Yuko, Reika, Tsubomi, and Ako* Wait up! Jii-ya wanted me to go to the cafe because he's going to give me allowance to buy food. I'll bring the food all the way here.
Yuko: Which cafe? The one where we went recently?
Karen: Yes.
Yuko: I'm coming with you.
Karen: That's okay, Yu-yu. I can handle this. You stay here. Bye, bye! *walks away*
Chypre: Be careful, okay?
Karen: I will! *leaves the agency*
Aroma: Well, it seems that Karen can handle all the things by herself ~roma.
Yuko: Well, Ren-ren told me that she used to be the Student Council President during her time in L'École des Cinq Lumières. She helped others a lot.
Mepple, Dory, Tiry, Chypre, Aroma, Nagisa, Haruka, Reika, Tsubomi, and Ako: Eh?!
Mepple: Seriously ~mepo?
Yuko: Yes.
Nagisa: Is "Ren-ren" Karen if you don't mind me asking?
Yuko: Yes.

Scene 6

*Several minutes later in the cafe*
*The 3 boxes of pizza and the other 7 packs of foods are on the table*
Jii-ya: *To Karen* Are you sure you're going to carry the food all by yourself?
Karen: Yes. I can handle this!
Jii-ya: Why don't you seek help from one of your friends?
Karen: Oh, yes! Why not you call Yu-yu and the others?
Jii-ya: Yu-yu? Who's that?
Karen: Yuko. She even performed with me during the Music Contest last time, remember?
*the townspeople scream outside*
?: Zakenna!
Karen: *gasps* Zakenna! *To Jii-ya* Jii-ya, better call Yu-yu now. I'm going outside. *quickly leaves the cafe*
Jii-ya: Milady, wait! *sighs*
*While on the streets*
Zakenna (Pizza): Zakenna! *fires multiple cheese at the townspeople*
*the people screams*
Genie: Well, I can't wait for the keeper of Prism Stones to show up.
Julous: Unless that person shows up, we will still continue to wreck havoc the whole town.
Karen: Not a chance!
*The Dark Crew and the Pizza Zakenna look at Karen*
The Dark Crew: Huh?!
Julius: It's you! You're a girl who transformed in front of us last time, that is?! You even get to transform with another girl with you!
Karen: Um, yes.
Genie: I ask you one question! Where is the person who watched over the Prism Stone?
Karen: I don't know, but if I know, I won't tell. I won't forgive you if anything happens to the town! *takes out her transformation item*
Karen: Pretty Cure *presses the three buttons* Metamorphose!
*Her CureMo's screen sparkles and blue light surrounds her body*
*Karen's Transformation Sequence*
Cure Aqua (Karen): The blue spring of intelligence, Cure Aqua! (Chisei no aoki izumi, Kyua Akua!) *poses*
*While in the agency*
Yuko: *while holding a phone* Hello?
Jii-ya (from the phone): Miss Yuko! Karen needs your help! You should rally your other friends to carry the food!
Yuko: Really?
Jii-ya (from the phone): Yes, but the problem is that Karen went out to check on something, but we hear people screaming near here, like they need any help?
Yuko: What?! *turns off her phone*
Tsubomi: What is it, Yuko?
Yuko: We should leave this agency right now. Maybe there's a monster attack or something.
Nagisa, Haruka, Yuko, Reika, Tsubomi, and Ako: Okay!
Reika: Lead us the way, Yuko.
Yuko: Okay!
Chypre: Oh, dear!

Scene 7

*While on the streets*
Cure Aqua: Haaa! *about to punch the Zakenna*
*The Pizza Zakenna dodge*
Cure Aqua: *pants* That monster is so strong.
*The Dark Crew laughs*
Genie: *To Aqua* You have to try harder than that, Precure!
Zakenna (Pizza): Zaken-
Cure Aqua: *jumps towards the Zakenna* Yaaaa!
Zakenna: *fires a cheese at Aqua* Na!
Cure Aqua: Huh?!
*Aqua takes a hit and falls into the ground*
Belle: I suppose you can't beat the monster by yourself, Cure Aqua.
Julius: Good luck if your friends will find you.
*The Dark Crew laughs*
Belle: Zakenna, you better have to get rid of that *referring to Aqua* Cure!
*Zakenna (Pizza) jumps and lands near Aqua*
Cure Aqua: Huh?!
Zakenna: *about to smack Aqua* Zaken-
*Aqua covers her eyes using her hands*
Cure Honey: *goes in front of Aqua* Honey Ribbon Heart Wall! *draws a heart using a ribbon to create a shield*
*the shield blocks the Zakenna's attack*
Cure Aqua: *opens her eyes* Honey?
Cure Blossom: Blossom Butt Punch! *punches the Zakenna using her butt*
Black and Flora: Haaa! *kicks the Pizza Zakenna on the head*
*the Zakenna knocks down*
Belle: What is going on here?
*Beauty and Muse remove the cheese from Aqua's body*
Cure Beauty: *To Aqua* Sorry to be late, Aqua.
Cure Honey: Are you okay?
Cure Aqua: I'm fine.
*The Seven Precures regroup*
Cure Black: Thank goodness that someone informed us about your whereabouts.
Cure Muse: Now's not the time to talk about it. We have an enemy to face.
Chypre: That's right!
Aroma: You guys have to do something ~roma!
Cure Flora: Great.
*The Pizza Zakenna is about to stands up*
Cure Beauty: *To Muse* Muse, let's knock the monster down.
Cure Muse: Okay!
Beauty and Muse: *go towards the Zakenna and takes its arm on the opposite side* Take that! *throws the Zakenna (Pizza) away*
Zakenna (Pizza): *while being flung* Zakenna! *crashes into the building*
Cure Honey: *To Aqua* Aqua, don't waste this chance!
Cure Aqua: Alright then!
*Aqua first makes fists with both hands and crosses on them in front of her chest, causing the butterfly-shaped emblem to glow in blue color*
*Tiny droplets of water then begin to swirl around Aqua*
Cure Aqua: Pretty Cure Sapphire *creates the archery arrow* Arrow! *fires her attack at the Zakenna (Pizza)*
Pizza Zakenna: Zakennaaaaa!
*The small star-shaped Zakenna was expelled from the Pizza*
Small Star-shaped Zakenna: *while running away* I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Belle: I guess I'm lost then.
Genie: We'll be back for you, Precures!
*The Dark Crew leaves*
Dodory: We did it ~dodo!
Tiry: Now, we have to go to the Cafe ~titi.
Cure Honey: What if we'll eat in the Agency instead?
Cure Flora: I liked that!

Scene 8

*20 minutes later in the lobby (in Prism Agency)*
*The mascots, the Wonder Prime, Karin, and Kazuki eat pizza*
Haruka: Thanks to you, Karen. We have a lot of food today.
Karen: It's no problem.
Nagisa: Well, why not we'll go to the riverside in Pikarigaoka tomorrow? We have to take a morning walk or even jogging.
Yuko: I think the same, too, Nagisa!
Tsubomi: It's a great idea.
Dodory: I like it ~dodo.
Mepple: Same ~mepo.
Karin: Good luck with that!
Reika: Feel free to join us tomorrow.
Kazuki: Okay, then!
Ako: I miss going outdoors in the morning.
Haruka: No worries because we're going to do it tomorrow!
*The next day in the place near the river (in Pikarigaoka)*
*The Wonder Prime take a jog*
Tsubomi: This is fun!
Haruka: I know right, Tsubomi.
Reika: We shouldn't force ourselves if we're tired.
*Karen trips*
Yuko: *stops jogging and goes towards Karen**To Karen* Ren-ren, are you okay?
Karen: I'm fine.
Yuko: *sees Karen's right shoe being untied* Guess your shoes are untied, huh?
Karen: Really?! * also sees what Yuko saw* Oh! I see. That may be the reason why I tripped.
Yuko: Let me help you. *ties Karen's shoelace and helps Karen to stand up*
Karen: Thanks! I know who my Best friend is in our group.
Yuko: Who?
Karen: You, of course!
Yuko: Really?! That's great! Well, I admit. Ever since yesterday, I already consider you as my Best Friend, too.
Karen: Same here. Wait. I think we have to catch the others up, Yu-yu.
Yuko: Alright, then!
*Yuko and Karen continue jogging*

-To be continued-

My OC characters:
-Julius (ジュリアス, Juriasu)(He looks like Adam Weishaupt from Symphogear)
-Genie (ジェニー, Jenī)(She looks like Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
-Belle (ベル, Beru)(She looks like Bibury from Kirakira Precure Ala Mode, except that her hair is pink and her color scheme is red
-Kazuki Uchida (内田かずき, Uchida Kazuki)(check the Main Character list on wattpad to see what he looks like)
-Karin Tachibana (橘かりん, Tachibana Karin)(check the Main Character list on wattpad to see what she looks like)