Scene 1

*One day in Honoka's house (located in the Garden of Rainbows)*
Honoka (Yukishiro): Hello, everyone! My name's Honoka Yukishiro. I can't believe that Nagisa (Misumi) and I became friends for about 6-7 years already! Well, speaking of school, I don't know which school I should study.
Sanae (Yukishiro): Honoka, are you okay?
Honoka: Yes, grandma. Well, I wonder if my friends will visit me.
Sanae: Did you contact Nagisa to go to school?
Honoka: Actually, she already find her school.
Sanae: Where?
Honoka: *sighs* University of Clover Town. Well, I'm gonna fix myself today. I must pick the best schools I can. *goes to her bedroom*
Sanae: Okay, Honoka.
*10 minutes later on the streets*
Honoka: Let's see. *sees the brochure* I must This is my dream since when I was little.
Kyoko (Mori): Honoka! Hello!
Honoka: Kyoko! Long time no see.
Kyoko: Let's go to Kibougahana University.
Honoka: Okay, if you say so. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Kyoko: I'm not exactly sure, but I want to be a chef.
Honoka: I see.
Kyoko: What about you, Honoka?
Honoka: Chemistry.

Scene 2

*2 hours later in Kibougahana University*
*The people prepares for the entrance exam*
Honoka: Wow!
Kyoko: There's so many people here to be honest. I wanted to go to Ichigozaka University.
Honoka: We should apply for the entrance exam.
Kyoko: Alright!
*Honoka and Kyoko go to the security guard*
Honoka: *To the guard* Where can we apply to the entrance exam?
The security guard: Fall in line over there! *points at the line*
Honoka: *To Kyoko* Are you going to take the exam.
Kyoko: Yes! I wanted to.
*Honoka and Kyoko falls in line*
*30 minutes later in the classroom*
The teacher: Okay, everyone. Good morning.
The 50 students(including Honoka): Good morning, teacher.
The teacher: Since you're going to take the exam today, I'm gonna tell you the details. The entrance exam tests your skills in Reading, Solving the Problems, Thinking, and so forth. The first test you're gonna do is the Verbal Reasoning. Are you ready, students?
The 50 students(including Honoka): Yes, teacher!
The teacher: Prepare your answer sheets, the booklet, and No. 2 Pencils. Let's begin now. The test will be answered until 1 hour. *rings the bell*
*The students starts answering their answer sheets*
Honoka: *From her mind* You can do this, Honoka. Hmm.

Scene 3

*Several hours later in the Kibougahana Train Station*
Kyoko: Bye, Honoka. I'll gonna go see my relatives in the village. *leaves*
Honoka: Bye! *sighs* Home, here we go.
*the train stops and opens its doors*
*Honoka enters the train*
*While in Dotsuko Zone*
Evil King: It's time! Ha, ha, ha!
Julius: What is it, Evil King?
Genie: Tell us. We'll follow you what to do.
Belle: Are we going to summon the Zakenna?
Evil King: Yes! You should summon it.
Genie: *To Julius and Belle* Julius, Belle, we can now go to the Garden of Rainbows and attack the world.
Belle: Indeed, Genie.
Julius: Well, we mustn't compare to our seniors. Our seniors are weaklings.
Genie and Belle: Yeah.
Belle: We must go there together, but who will summon the Zakenna?
Julius: Let me do it!
Genie: You're up to the challenge, Julius. Tomorrow, let's destroy the world.
Evil King: Excellent Choice. *laughs* Go and attack the Garden of Rainbows.
*2 hours later on the streets (located in the Garden of Rainbows)*
Honoka: Oh, I'm so tired now. I have to go to Nagisa's house to say "Hello". I missed her so much. *sees a text message from Nagisa that says "Sorry, Honoka, but I'm still in Pikarigaoka. Visit me tomorrow if you waant to."* Oh, Nagisa. By the way, I hope I will pass. I studied the test so hard.
Mipple: *while falling from the sky* Ahhhhhhh!
Honoka: Who's there? *looks above* Mipple? *catches Mipple* Phew!
Mipple: Honoka! Thank goodness you're safe ~mipo.
Honoka: Long time no see, Mipple.
Mipple: By the way, where's Nagisa ~mipo?
Honoka: She probably went to Pikarigaoka today.
Mipple: Darn it! I wasted my chance to see Mepple ~mipo. I came here after Mepple ~mipo.
Honoka: Let's try again tomorrow. Shall we? I'll bring you to my house.
Mipple: Okay!

Scene 4

*Several minutes later in Honoka's house*
Honoka: So, uh, why did Mepple left you behind?
Mipple: Long story ~mipo.
Honoka: By the way. I was wondering. How can you transform from phone mode to animal mode without tiring out and also without Mepple with you?
Mipple: The Queen gave me and Mepple a blessing to switch forms whenever we like ~mipo. Also, I brought a card here ~mipo.
Honoka: Okay!
Mipple: Sorry if we revert back to Card Communes ~mipo.
Honoka: That's fine. If only Nagisa and I don't give up on becoming Precures. If we don't give up, maybe you're in Heartful Communes until now.
Mipple: Don't blame yourself, Honoka ~mipo. Past is past ~mipo.
Honoka: Okay, then. By the way, *holds a card* how can I use this card? I can't transform into a Precure alone. I have to be with Nagisa in order to do so.
Mipple: That's right ~mipo! I probably came here for nothing ~mipo?
Honoka: You might came here for one reason. You're here for Mepple, right?
Mipple: Yeah.
Honoka: I have to watch television first. I have nothing to do today.
Mipple: Go ahead ~mipo.
*Honoka turns on the TV*
Honoka: By the way, Mipple, what shall we watch?
Mipple: No idea ~mipo. The choice is yours ~mipo.
Honoka: Okay, if you say so.

Scene 5

*30 minutes later in the amusement park (located in the Garden of Rainbows)*
Julius: Well, well, well. This is where I begin to do chaos. Let's see. Which object shall I possess? *sees a rabbit statue* Aha! Zakenna! Heart of darkness, make them understand the horror of the Dark Power!
*The Zakenna makes a scene*
The townspeople: *gasps*
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Julius: Go, Zakenna!
*The Zakenna possess a Rabbit Statue, thus creating a Rabbit Statue Zakenna*
Zakenna (Rabbit Statue): Zakenna! *wrecks the food stand*
*The townspeople flee while screaming*
Julius: Very good, Zakanna. Do your job!
Zakenna: Zakenna! *wrecks another food stand*
*While in Honoka's house (located in the Garden of Rainbows)*
Sanae: Honoka, I cooked the ramen for you. Eat while it's fresh.
Honoka: Okay, grandma.
Sanae: Well, shall I leave you now? I have many stuff to do.
Honoka: Okay, grandma.
Sanae: Enjoy! *leaves*
Honoka: *To Mipple* The Drama Show is so great. Time for commercial break.
Mipple: Indeed ~mipo.
The woman (from the TV): Attention, everyone. There's a monster in the amusement park. Until someone defeats that monster, never ever go to the amusement park because it's dangerous.
Zakenna (from the TV): Zakenna!
Honoka: Oh, no! A Zakenna. We have to go to the amusement park.
Mipple: But, Honoka, we have to wait for Nagisa. You can't transform into a Precure alone, remember?
Honoka: What if Nagisa was on her way there? We should go now.
*Several minutes later in the amusement park*
Honoka: Oh, no!
Mipple: This is so scary ~mipo.
Honoka: How can I transform into a Precure then? Nagisa isn't here with me.
Mipple: You're right, Honoka. What's the use of coming here? We're doomed ~mipo.

Scene 6

Julius: Finally! You're here to be killed, huh?
Honoka: Oh, no!
Julius: I just heard from someone that you can't transform alone. You can't transform without a partner, correct?
Mipple: *To Honoka* What shall we do now ~mipo?
Honoka: I don't know, but...
Mipple: What ~mipo?
*Honoka takes out the Queen Card*
Honoka: What if I'll try swiping the card?
Mipple: Well, even if you swipe the card, you can't transform int-
*Honoka slash the card through the slot*
*the white light is released*
*Julius and the Zakenna close their eyes*
Zakenna (Rabbit Statue): Zakenna?
Honoka: What happened?
Mipple: I never expect this to happen ~mipo!
Honoka: Same here.
Mipple: Honoka, say the phrase now ~mipo! Try it!
Honoka: Dual Aurora Wave!
*Honoka's transformation sequence*
Cure White (Honoka): Emissary of light, Cure White! I am Pretty Cure! *while pointing at the Zakenna and Julius* Servants of the Dark Power, return to the darkness from which you came! (Hikari no shisha, Kyua Howaito! Watashi wa Purikyua! Yami no chikara no shimobetachi yo, tottoto ouchi ni kaerinasai!)
Julius: What?
Cure White: No way! I transformed without Nagisa? Amazing, but how?
Mipple: I don't know, but I assumed that once Mipple and I gained a blessing to transform into our normal forms whenever we liked, you can transform on your own ~mipo.
Cure White: Then, we must tell Nagisa right away once we see her again.
Mipple: Okay ~mipo. I will tell Mepple immedietely, too ~mipo.
Julius: Ugh! I'm tired of hearing this boring conversation. *To the Zakenna (Rabbit Statue)* Zakenna, finish the *refering to White* Precure this instant!
Zakenna: Zaken- *comes towards White* Na! *about to smash White*
*White quickly dodge the attack by jumping*
Julius: What?
Cure White: Oh my! What did I do? I jump this high up again.
Mipple: Yeah ~mipo, in case you forgot ~mipo.
*White lands on the Merry-go-round roof*

Scene 7

Julius: Darn it!
Mipple: You did it, White. If you can transform alone, maybe Nagisa can transform alone, too ~mipo.
Cure White: Eh, what shall I do now?
Mipple: Fight the monster and purify it ~mipo.
Cure White: Oh, right. Sorry. *jumps* Haaaaa! *kicks the Zakenna*
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Cure White: *while punching the Zakenna many times* I'm not afraid of you. Ruining the carnival is unforgivable. *throws the Zakenna away*
Zakenna: *while being flung* Zakenna! *crashes into the ground*
Cure White: I did it.
Mipple: What are you waiting for, White? Purify the Zakenna now!
Cure White: Okay!
Cure White: *While raising her hands* White thunder!
*The White Lighting shoots unto White's palms*
Cure White: Our beautiful souls shall crush your evil heart! Pretty Cure Marble Screw! *fires her attack at the Zakenna (Rabbit Statue)*
*the Rabbit Statue Zakenna takes a hit*
*The small star-shaped Zakenna was expelled from the Rabbit Statue*
Small Star-shaped Zakenna: *while running away* I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Julius: Darn it! My Zakenna was defeated by the lone Precure? Ugh! *To White* Cure White, huh. Know my name, for I am Julius. I'm one of the new servants of Evil King.
Cure White: I knew it.
Julius: Well, then. Bye, bye for now! I'll be back. You'll see. *leaves*
Mipple: Yes ~mipo! Congratulations on your first solo fight ~mipo.
Cure White: Thanks, Mipple.
Mipple: So, what are you waiting for? Let's tell Nagisa and Mepple about this ~mipo.
Cure White: Okay!

Scene 8

*A few hours later in Honoka's house*
Nagisa: *To Honoka* Really, Honoka? You can transform alone?
Honoka: Yes.
Nagisa: That's awesome! You're not the only one who can do that, because...I can do that, too. I can transform on my own.
Honoka: Really?
Nagisa: Yes! Unbelievable, right?
Honoka: Sort of.
Mepple: *To Mipple* I can't believe that we can shift to our animal forms whenever we like ~mepo.
Mipple: I know right ~mipo.
Nagisa and Honoka: Heh!
*The next day*
Honoka: I must fix the living room first.
Mipple: Go for it, Honoka!
*Sanae makes a scene*
Sanae: Honoka?
*Mipple shifts into the phone mode*
Honoka: Yes, grandma?
Sanae: I have something for you. I saw this in the mail box earlier. *gives the letter to Honoka*
Honoka: What is this?
Sanae: Open it, dear.
Honoka: *opens the letter and takes a look* Wow! I passed the entrance exam?! This is a dream come true.
Sanae: You passed?
Honoka: Yes, Grandma.
Sanae: Congratulations, Honoka!
Honoka: Thanks, Grandma.
Sanae: Are you sure that you'll study in Kibougahana University? Kibougahana is far away.
Honoka: I am sure. I will try my very best to come there early.
Sanae: Okay!
Mipple: *From her mind* Finally! Honoka can go to school now ~mipo!

-To be continued-

My OC characters:

-Julius (ジュリアス, Juriasu)(He looks like Adam Weishaupt from Symphogear)
-Genie (ジェニー, Jenī)(She looks like Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
-Belle (ベル, Beru)(She looks like Bibury from Kirakira Precure Ala Mode, except that her hair is pink and her color scheme is red)