Honoka: Hello, guys! I'm Honoka!
Madoka: I'm Madoka.
Hinata: I'm Hinata.
Miyuki: I'm Miyuki.
Ciel: I'm Ciel.
Rikka: I'm Rikka.
Nozomi: I'm Nozomi.
Wonder Beauty: We are the Wonder Beauty!
Hinata: Yes! Summer is here!
Ciel: That means that I'm free to be with Rio whenever I liked.
Madoka: We can accompany you if you like, Ciel.
Ciel: Thanks a lot.
Honoka: Anyways, we can still talk about the other Precure Teams! Cutie Girls Squad, Harmonic Team, Joyful Girls Squad, and...
Hinata: Wonder Prime!
Honoka, Madoka, and Ciel: Heh!
Hinata: Anyways, we have to...uh...spend time together as a team.

Scene 1

*A few minutes later in the Yotsuba Enterprises (in Oogai Town)*
Hinata: *To Rikka* Why here, Rikkachi?
Rikka: Well, Alice (Yotsuba) insisted that we must be here to seek help in how to go to the Entertainment world. Anyways, that's what Kurumi (Uchida) and Hikaru (Kanzaki) tell us.
Miyuki: No matter what this is, I'm still ultra happy!
Madoka: You always said that.
Mipple: I was enjoyed every time Miyuki says "ultra happy" ~mipo.
Ciel: By the way, Miyuki...
Miyuki: What is it, Ciel?
Ciel: Would that be okay if I stay with Nozomi for good? Nozomi wants me to stay with her.
Miyuki: Um...Of course, but don't forget to visit me, okay?
Ciel: Okay!
Honoka: I guess we're all excited, huh?
Hinata: Of course I am, Honokachi!
*Kurumi (Uchida) and Hikaru (Kanzaki) arrive*
Raquel: *sees Kurumi and Hikaru from afar* Speaking of Kurumi and Hikaru, they're here now!
Kurumi: *To the Wonder Beauty* Hey, girls! I know which agency we'll go.
The Wonder Beauty: Huh?!
Nozomi: Really?
Hikaru: Yes! Actually, we are not here to sign a contract. We have to move to somewhere else.
Hinata: Where is it, Hikaru?
Hikaru: In the Happy Rainbow Agency. Well, I bet your friends are going to be in Prism Agency, correct?
Hinata: Yeah. Yukochi and Nagisachi told us that yesterday.
Kurumi: I see.
Nozomi: I can't wait to see the Prism Agency!
Miyuki: Me, too!
Ciel: I'm excited, too!
Hinata: I know right, Cielchi!
Hinata, Miyuki, Ciel, and Nozomi: *while leaping in joy* Wohoo! *laughs*
*Honoka, Madoka, and Rikka look at each other*
Madoka: Guess they're excited, huh?!
Rikka: Yeah!
Hinata: Hey-ey-oh!
*Honoka, Madoka, and Rikka look at Hinata, Miyuki, Ciel, and Nozomi*

Scene 2

*A few hours later in Happy Rainbow Agency*
The Wonder Beauty: Wow!
Hinata: Here?
Kurumi: Yes. Here!
Nozomi: Wow! It really is nice here.
Kurumi: Anyways, I will leave you guys here first.
The Wonder Beauty: Okay!
*Kurumi leaves*
Hinata: This is it!
Madoka: What is it, Hinata?
Hinata: We can finally be idols. Well, to the little inspect.
Miyuki: Well, if that's the case, I'm...
Miyuki and Nozomi: Ultra happy!
Nozomi: I know what you're going to say, Miyuki.
Raquel: By the way, guys, are you ready to be known by people ~quel?
Hinata: Uh, yes!
Rikka: I don't even seem to mind.
Ciel: Me either.
Miyuki: I wanna be known by people!
Nozomi: Same here!
Honoka: I'm happy to be in the entertainment world. I bet my classmates will like my experiment.
Hinata: I hope your classmates do, Honokachi.
Madoka: I can do things freely. I can bake, dance, play sports, and so on.
Honoka: I'm glad your Father respects your decision, Madoka.
Ciel: Same here. Well, if you have doubts, we're here for you.
Madoka: Thanks a lot, Ciel.
Mipple: Good luck for that ~mipo.
Nyatoran: Let's support the girls along the way ~nya.
Hinata: *To Honoka, Madoka, Miyuki, Ciel, Rikka, and Nozomi* Well, after this, I have to go to Big Sis Mei to help her. She sells now in Oogai Town.
Rikka: She did, Hinata?!
Hinata: Yes. She will sell near Pig Tail. Is Pig Tail the name of Mana (Aida)'s restaurant?
Rikka: Yes!
Hinata: The problem is where my sister will stay. She must stay there until tomorrow.
Rikka: Well, she can sleep in my house. I will be alone in like a few days since my Mother went abroad to visit Father.
Raquel: You let Mei sleep in your house, Rikka?!
Rikka: Yes. *To Hinata* Hinata, you can sleep inside my house to accompany your Big SIs.
Hinata: Huh?! Really?!
Rikka: Yes!

Scene 3

*While in the Nightmare*
Despairaia: *To the Nightmares* How many times I told you to never ever fail your mission?
Kabuto: More like six or seven?
Despairaia: Ugh! Darn it!
Kaeru: We looked everywhere for Dream Collet, and we didn't find any.
Hachina: I think the Precures already found the Dream Collet but they decided to hide it.
Despairaia: Well, I think you're right, Hachina. So, until the Pretty Cures admit that they found the Dream Collet, you guys should wreck havoc the town. Do you understand?
The Nightmares: Okay, Master Despairaia.
Despairaia: Good!
*While in the outside of the TV station*
Mei: Hmm. Where is Hinata? *checks on the phone*
*Hinata and Rikka arrive*
Rikka: Hi, Big sis Mei!
Mei: Oh! Hinata, Rikka you guys are here!
Hinata: Yes, we are!
Mei: Anyways, I checked every hotel in Oogai Town but I didn't find any. Most of them are expensive. Plus, I only stay there for a night. I have to save money to expand my business.
Rikka: Big Sis Mei, I hope you don't mind but you can stay in my house.
Mei: Really?!
Rikka: Yes!
Mei: But did your parents allow you to allow guests to sleep in your house?
Rikka: Um. Yes. I once let Ira slept in my house while he's in amnesia. My parents already knew that.
Hinata: That's great, then! What if we rally Miyukichi and the others?
Rikka: That would work, too, Hinata.
Hinata: And tomorrow, let's take a morning jog if all of us get into a sleepover inside your house.
Rikka: Well, yes!
Mei: That's a good idea, though, to strenghten your bonds as a group. Also, why did you guys call yourselves as "Wonder Beauty"?
Hinata: Well, because we'! Heh!

Scene 4

*An hours later in the Happy Rainbow Agency (TV station)*
Honoka, Madoka, Miyuki, Ciel, and Nozomi: *To Hinata and Rikka* Huh?!
Miyuki: You want us to sleep in your house, Rikka?
Rikka: Yes! You guys have to pack your bags! Also, ask permission to your parents first.
Honoka, Madoka, Miyuki, Ciel, and Nozomi: Okay!
Nozomi: I'm happy to sleep in another house again!
Madoka: Well, I haven't go to sleepovers for years already, so...
Raquel: Well, I got to hang out with Mipple and Nyatoran even more ~quel! Wait up!
Mipple: What is it ~mipo?
Raquel: I can change into a human ~quel! *turns into a human*
Honoka, Madoka, Hinata, Miyuki, Ciel, and Nozomi: *sees Raquel in his human form* Huh?!
Hinata: Is that you, Raquel?
Raquel: Yes!
Nyatoran: No fair! I wish I can be in my human form, too ~nya.
Mipple: Same here ~mipo.
Honoka: Well, maybe next time.
*Hikaru (Kanzaki) and Kurumi (Uchida)*
Kurumi: And what did we just heard, huh?!
Ciel: Well, Rikka invited us to a sleepover.
Rikka: You two are invited.
Hikaru: Really?!
Madoka: Yes, Hikaru. Hinata's Big Sister will stay there for a night, so...
Miyuki: That's why Rikka decided to bring us all to the sleepovers in order to be fair.
Kurumi: Whatever it is, I'm so excited! My mom allowed me to go in any sleepovers.
Nozomi: Really? That's great!
Hinata: Also! Tomorrow, we'll go outdoors and take a jog for a while!
Nyatoran: That's a spirit, Hinata!
Ciel: In case we will be chosen to do several idol jobs...
Miyuki: We will be happy for sure!
Madoka: Let's hope for the easier jobs. Speaking of which?
Hikaru: Well, be grateful what you have, Madoka. At least you received any.
Hinata: So, I think you guys have to go home now and ask permission.

Scene 5

*Several hours later in Rikka's bedroom (in Oogai Town)*
*The Wonder Beauty, Mipple, Nyatoran, and Raquel eat snacks*
Hinata: Well, Rikkachi, are you alone always, aren't you?
Rikka: Well, yes! My Mama is always in overtime, so...
Raquel: Don't forget about me ~quel! I always accompany Rikka ~quel.
Hinata: Right. Sorry!
Ciel: Well, what's our plan?
Madoka: I think we have to play some games?
Nozomi: Nice idea, Madoka.
Miyuki: What about pillow fight?
Nozomi: Oh! Nice idea, Miyuki! *picks a pillow and smacks Miyuki*
*Miyuki also gets a pillow and smacks Nozomi*
Madoka: I wanna join!
Ciel: Me, too!
Honoka: I'm coming!
Hinata: I bet this is fun!
*Honoka, Madoka, Hinata, and Ciel get their own pillows*
Hinata: *To Rikka* Rikkachi, join us!
Rikka: If you insist! *gets her own pillow*
*The Wonder Beauty laughs as they do a pillow fight*
Mipple: *To Nyatoran* It was fun, isn't it ~mipo?
Nyatoran: Yeah ~nya.
*Mei enters the bedroom*
Mei: *To the Wonder Beauty* Girls!
The Wonder Beauty: *stops doing a pillow fight* Huh?!
Hinata: Big Sis Mei. What brings you here?
Mei: I just wanted to say good night!
Nozomi: Join us, Big Sis! It would be fun!
Mei: You want me to join the pillow fight?
Honoka: Well, yes!
Mei: Sorry, but why not you guys enjoy instead? That's your moment.
Hinata: If you insist. *To Honoka, Madoka, Miyuki, Ciel, Rikka, and Nozomi* Shall we continue?
Honoka, Madoka, Miyuki, Ciel, Rikka, and Nozomi: Okay!
*The Wonder Beauty continue their pillow fight*
*Mei smiles as she leaves the room*
*The next day on the streets*
*The Wonder Beauty are jogging*
*Mipple, Nyatoran, and Raquel follow the Wonder Beauty*
Hinata: Finally!
Miyuki: I'm ultra happy!
Madoka: Well, I guess we have to slow down for a bit!
Honoka: I agree with you, Madoka. I'm tired also.
Hinata: Can I leave you guys for a while? I wanna buy something! We will meet at Pig Tail. *runs away*
Rikka: Hinata, where are you going?!
Nyatoran: *while following Hinata* Wait for me ~nya!
Rikka: Oh, Hinata!
Nozomi: Well, she might failed to eat some breakfast.
Honoka: We should wait for Hinata!
Ciel: Agree with you, Rikka.
*The Nightmares make a scene*
Kabuto: *To Honoka, Madoka, Miyuki, Ciel, Rikka, and Nozomi* So, you're waiting for your precious friend, huh?
Honoka, Madoka, Miyuki, Ciel, Rikka, and Nozomi: Huh?! *look at the Nightmares*
Nozomi: You?!
Rikka: What are you doing here?
Hachina: Well, to give you this! It's time for battle! *throws a mask at the bush*
*The mask attached to the bush*
*the Bush turns into a Bush Kowaina*
Kowaina (Bush): Kowaina!
Raquel: Oh, no! Here we go again ~quel!
Mipple: You have to transform as soon as possible ~mipo.
Miyuki: That's right! Let's transform, guys!
Honoka, Madoka, Ciel, Rikka, and Nozomi: *nods*

Scene 6

*3 minutes later in Pig Tail*
Hinata: Finally! *eats a cupcake* Rikkachi is right all along. The cupcake is delicious!
*Nyaroran arrives*
Hinata: Nyatoran! You're supposed to be outside!
Nyatoran: I know, but you have to go outside ~nya. There's a monster attack nearby ~nya.
Hinata: What?! If that's the case, lead me there!
Nyatoran: Roger!
*Nyatoran and Hinata leave the shop*
*While on the streets*
Kowaina (Bush): Kowaina! *about to smack Selene*
Cure Selene: Huh?! *covers her eyes*
*White and Happy holds the Kowaina's arm*
Cure Selene: *White and Happy* Guys!
Cure White: We have you back, Selene!
Cure Diamond: Haaa! *jumps and is about to punch the Kowaina*
*The Bush Kowaina smacks Diamond*
*Diamond was being flung*
Cure Parfait and Cure Dream: Diamond!
*Parfait catches Diamond*
Cure Diamond: Thank you!
Cure Parfait: Anytime!
Cure Dream: What shall we do now?
*Selene goes towards Parfait, Diamond, and Dream*
*The Kowaina let go of White and Happy's grips and tries to smack both White and Happy*
Cure White: Look out! *carries Happy and dodges by jumping*
*The Kowaina smacks the road*
*The Six Precures reunite*
Cure Parfait: What shall we do?
Cure White: I think we mustn't give up, Parfait.
Cure Happy: The Kowaina is surprisingly strong.
Cure Dream: I agree with you, Happy.
*Hinata and Nyatoran make a scene*
Hinata: *To White, Selene, Happy, Parfait, Diamond, and Dream* Guys!
*White, Selene, Happy, Parfait, Diamond, and Dream look at Hinata amd Nyatoran*
Cure Diamond: Hinata! You're here!
Hachina: What is this? Another guest?
Hinata: Um, yes!
Nyatoran: You have to transform now, Hinata!
Hinata: Understood!
Nyatoran: Start! *entering into the Healing Stick*
Hinata: Pretty Cure Operation! *inserts her Element Bottle into her Healing Stick*
Nyatoran: Raise the Element Level ~nya!
Hinata: Cure Touch! *touches Nyatoran's paw*
Nyatoran: Kyun!
*Hinata's transformation sequence*
*Cure Sparkle touches Nyatoran's paw*
Nyatoran: Kyun!
Cure Sparkle (Hinata) & Nyatoran: The two lights that come together (Tokeau Futatsu no Hikari!)
Cure Sparkle (Hinata): *jumps* Cure Sparkle! (Kyua Supākuru!) *poses*
Nyatoran: ~Nya!

Scene 7

Cure Sparkle: *To the Nightmares and the Kowaina (Bush)* So, we're complete now!
Cure Happy: That's right!
Hachina: I don't care if you guys are complete! Well, you have a monster to deal with. *To the Kowaina* Kowaina, you should beat off those Precures!
Kowaina (Bush): Kowaina!
Nyatoran: *To Sparkle* Sparkle, use the lightning bottle!
Cure Sparkle: Okay!
*Sparkle inserts the Lightning Bottle into the Healing Stick*
Nyatoran: Lightning Element!
Cure Sparkle: Go! *fires her attack at the Kowaina*
*Kowaina takes a hit*
*Selene and Parfait run towards the Kowaina, and then jump*
Cure Diamond: Be careful!
Selene and Parfait: Haaaa! *kicks the Kowaina on the opposite side*
Cure Diamond: It's my turn now!
Raquel: Go for it ~quel!
Cure Diamond: Pretty Cure, Diamond Shower! *fires her attack to freeze the Kowaina by smacking her arrow like a tambourine*
*The Kowaina gets frozen*
The Nightmares: What?!
Cure White: *To Diamond* Nice work, Diamond!
Cure Dream: *To Sparkle* Now's your chance, Sparkle!
Cure Sparkle: Okay, then!
Cure Sparkle: *while drawing a sparkle* Element Charge!
Nyatoran: *while Cure Sparkle touches Nyatoran's paw three times* Cure! Cure! Cure!
Cure Sparkle and Nyatoran: Raise the Healing Gauge!
Cure Sparkle: Pretty Cure, Healing Flash! *fires her attack at the Bush Kowaina*
*The Kowaina takes a hit*
*As the masks got removed, the Kowaina vanishes and transforms itself into a normal bush*
Cure Sparkle and Nyatoran: Take care!
Hachina: Ugh! Curse you, Precures!
Kaeru: Next time, we'll summon more Kowainas! Just you watch!
Kabuto: Bye, bye, Precures!
*The Nightmares leave*
Cure Happy: *To Sparkle* Yes! We did it, Sparkle!
Cure Sparkle: No. We did it!
*The 7 Cures laugh*
Nyatoran: There's no time ~nya! We have to go to the Pig Tail.
The 7 Cures: Huh?!
*While outside of Pig Tail*
*Within the truck, Mei sells Juice*
*The Angelic Team (Riko, Mana, Hikaru, Saaya, Inori, Yuri, and Akane) see the truck (Cafe Wonderful Juice)*
Mana (Aida): Cafe Wonderful Juice? What a nice name!
Akane (Hino): Yes!
Yuri (Tsukikage): I never seen that kind of juice bar before!
Inori (Yamabuki): Same, but it kinda reminds me of Kaoru's Donut Shop.
Hikaru (Hoshina): You said it, Inori. I just wish that he will bake as delicious as Star Donuts.
Riko (Izayoi): Don't be so picky, Hikaru. Star Donuts and Kaoru's donuts are one and the same. Only the shape is different.
Hikaru: Hmph!
Saaya (Yakushiji): Now, now! I think we have to buy the juice the woman made.
*The Wonder Beauty make a scene*
Hinata: *To the Angelic Team* Are you talking about my Big Sis?
The Angelic Team: Huh?! *look at the Wonder Beauty*
Mana: *points at Mei* Is that...
Rikka: The woman who make juices inside the truck is no other than Hinata's older sister, Mei.
The Angelic Team: Whaaaaat?! Unbelievable!

Scene 8

*Several hours later in Rikka's house*
Mei: Well, I gain a lot of money now.
Ciel: Congrats, Big Sis Mei.
Hinata: I think you should add something else not related to juices.
Nozomi: You know what, Hinata? That is a brilliant idea I have in mind.
Rikka: Big Sis Mei?
Mei: Yes, Rikka?
Rikka: The seven girls who brought your juices earlier is no other than our friends. One of them is my childhood friend.
Mei: Really?
The Wonder Beauty: Yes!
Mei: I figured it out. I saw you guys talking to them. By the way, I have to go out and check out my truck. *leaves the scene*
*Raquel, Mipple, and Nyatoran come out*
Raquel: That was close ~quel.
Ciel: So, it's time to add menu for Big Sis Mei's juice shop.
Madoka: I know this is off topic, but can we even get the offer from the agency we signed in?
Honoka, Hinata, Miyuki, Ciel, Rikka, and Nozomi: Uh?!
Miyuki: We sure will, Madoka. Trust me. Kurumi said that to us about the details.
Honoka: But of course, we have to focus on our studies.
Madoka: You're right about that, Honoka.
Miyuki: What shall we say about our "upcoming idol activities"?
Nozomi: I can't wait how it turns out, to be honest!
Hinata: Same here!
Madoka: I bet you guys are excited!
Mipple: I wanna see Honoka perform on stage other than roleplaying as Juliet from Romeo and Juliet ~mipo.
Nyatoran: If Hinata will perform on stage, I am far more excited ~nya.
Hinata: Same!
*The Wonder Beauty laughs*
Miyuki: Let's eat lunch!
Honoka, Madoka, Hinata, Ciel, Rikka, and Nozomi: Okay!

-To be continued-

My OC characters:
-Kabuto (カブト, Kabuto)(He is the humanoid Beetle)
-Kaeru (カエル, Kaeru)(He is the humanoid Frog)
-Hachina (ハチナ, Hachina)(She is the humanoid Wasp)
-Hikaru Kanzaki (神咲光, Kanzaki Hikaru)(check on the Main Character list on wattpad to see what he looks like)
-Kurumi Uchida (内田くるみ, Uchida Kurumi)(check on the Main Character list on wattpad to see what she looks like)