Author's note

'…' Percy's thoughts

There are some things are beyond one's control and there are some that are within our sphere of control. A person is never born with all the cards in their favor. It's how you make use of the hand that you are dealt that matters. These are the words that a 15 year old Perseus 'Percy' Jackson lived by.

Percy lived in a world that was as untamable as the sea green pools of the ocean in his eyes. A world where the age old war between good and evil continued. A world where the impossible was the new normal. A world of heroes and villains. A world of quirks.

Percy would say that he has lived a completely normal life. Besides moving from America to Japan with his mom at 11 for reasons that were as of yet unexplained, he lived a pretty decent life in his opinion. Since he was 11 when he moved, he adapted pretty quickly to everything, although he could've done without a lot of people eating fish. Didn't people understand that fishes were friends, not food.

Anyways, four years had passed and nothing had really changed much since he moved. He still wanted to become a hero and he still wanted to go to U.A. It didn't matter that people said a Gaijin like him wouldn't ever make it. That a foreigner like him would never be accepted as a hero in their society. As long as there was a will, there was a way. That's how Percy found himself standing in front of the gates of U.A. High School. Taking a deep breath, Percy looked up at the massive gates in front of him and took his first step forward to the newest chapter of his life. At least that was the plan before someone fell to the ground in front of him. Or at least he was falling. He noticed that another person had popped up and apparently activated her quirk. Good enough for him. As long as no one was hurt then it wasn't any of his business. Side stepping the ongoing conversation, Percy proceeded to make his way in.

Percy wasn't in a rush to do the written exam again. He hated written exams with a passion. Words didn't make sense. A side effect from his evolved version of his mom's quirk apparently. The ability to understand all languages verbally but making it very difficult for him to read stuff. A huge advantage and a huge disadvantage at the same time. It was the main reason he had acclimated to Japan as quick as he did. Anyways he was used it so it was now just a huge inconvenience instead of the exercise in futility that it once was.

Now he was sitting in a huge auditorium that housed hundreds of students all in different shapes and sizes. He was getting excited and couldn't stop moving in his seat. He could thank his hyperactive battle reflexes for that. Sometimes he wished that he could shut that thing off. Apparently someone else also thought so.

"You, the foreigner! Can you stop moving! You're disturbing the other people who are actually serious about taking this exam!"

'Man that guy has a stick up his ass.' But Percy could see his point. Looking around him, Percy could see the people at his sides glaring at him. Grinning sheepishly, Percy tried to calm down as best as he could. Which wasn't much if he was being completely honest.

Soon enough he managed to escape the glares when the Voice Hero: Present Mic took the stage. After a mildly interesting explanation of what they were doing, Percy was just about ready to get up and go smash some robots. Sadly he had to wait another couple of minutes because the guy with the stick up his ass apparently had a question. His excitement prevented distracted him from hearing what the guy had asked about and what Mic had answered. Finally it was over and Percy could finally hit something to get rid of his excess energy.

After a short ride to the location he was supposed to be in, Percy started to warm up. While stretching he decided to look around at who he was competing against. He saw the green haired boy that had tried to fall in front of him earlier. The girl that had apparently saved him. The guy with the stick stuck up his ass and the rest were complete unknowns to him.

'Deep breaths. You got this!' Percy pumped himself up and not a moment too soon either because the start sign was immediately given. Percy took off running like the hounds of hell were chasing after him.

Coming up on one that had a big fat one written on it, Percy swung his hand and a water blade appeared from thin air cutting the robot in half, before he leapt off and avoided several missiles that had targeted themselves onto him. With that, Percy's battle instincts kicked in and he started moving on autopilot.

Ten minutes of hacking, slashing, and dodging later and Percy found himself breaking a bit of a sweat. Thank the gods that he had decided to work out a lot in preparation for U.A. Taking a breather from his onslaught of robots, he found that he had left a path of destruction in his wake. Grinning in satisfaction, Percy readied himself to jump back into action. But before he could, the ground started rumbling and the Zero-Pointer bot showed up.

'Oh that thing is big, bad, and ugly.' Obviously, Percy rushed towards it since he didn't hear what Present Mic had to say about that particular robot. As he got closer, he saw that there was a person underneath a pile of rubble that seemed to be stuck. Moving on instinct, Percy rushed over and formed a giant hand of water that kept the robot's foot from crushing the person.

Once he got closer, he saw that it was the girl who had kept the green haired guy from falling earlier in the day.

"Can you move?" Percy asked while gritting his teeth. The girl was obviously in a bit of shock at the moment because she made no attempt to move. Percy was just about to get this annoying foot away from them when what seemed to be a human impersonation of a meteor smashed into the giant robot. Percy was about to say something when he noticed the meteor wannabe falling down with no way of breaking his fall. The girl was about to do something, when Percy just held his hand out as if to say 'just relax'. Focusing, Percy formed another giant hand of water that caught the boy and gently lowered him to the ground where they were standing.

After helping the girl out of the rubble and checking on any injury she had, thankfully it was just a sprained ankle, Percy made his way to the now identifiable green haired meteor wannabe.

"Can you move?" Percy asked as his checked over the guy's body. It was obvious that his arm was completely broken. Apparently a drawback to not being able to completely control his quirk yet. Receiving a nod, Percy helped the guy to his feet just in time for the end of the practical exam. Oh well, Percy assumed that he had enough points to pass. When he was in battle trance mode, he couldn't think of any other thing besides what he was doing at the moment.

A couple of minutes later, the school nurse had arrived. Another hero, this time the Youthful Heroine: Recovery Girl. After a couple of questions of whether he was injured or not and handing the green haired boy to the heroine, Percy was finally clear of the exams. Thank the gods for that. He was exhausted. Forming two of those giant hands in a short period of time had been incredibly taxing. Time to get home and take a well-deserved break. He didn't notice the brunette and the black haired boy who was looking at him curiously as he walked away.

It had been a week after the entrance exams and Percy was starting to get restless. He was confident that he did well. Maybe he didn't. Oh shit, he should've probably tried to apply to other schools instead of U.A. but Percy thought that he would rather it be all or nothing.

'Oh well, no use regretting. If I get in, I get in. If I don't, then I'll figure something out.' Feeling confident with that line of thinking, Percy once more attempted to rest. He only got a couple seconds of relaxation before something dropped onto the table in front of him. He looked up to see his mom smiling proudly at him. Sally Jackson. Best mom ever and best baker ever. Not to mention famous author. Although she did use a pen name for some reason. Percy didn't really care. Looking down at what his mom had dropped down on the table, Percy saw something that made his heart nearly stop. An envelope with a U.A. stamp on it.

"Is that?" Percy asked in a bit of disbelief.

"Yes it is! Now hurry up and open it!" his mom yelled in excitement that quickly transferred over to Percy.

Grabbing the envelope and ripping it open, Percy picked up the device within before dropping it as a hologram popped up. Saying that the person who popped up was surprising would be an understatement.


Percy was a bit surprised at that tidbit of information. He was sure that he would pass, but the top never even crossed his mind. But sure enough there it was. 80 Villain Points and 80 Rescue Points.


"This calls for blue cookies!"

The months after that flew by quickly, but not quick enough for Percy. He spent all his free time working out to make sure that he was going to be at his absolute best when it was time to go to U.A.. Although there wasn't any point of taking his current school and exams seriously anymore since he was already accepted, Percy still put in his hardest knowing that it would make his mom happy. Besides, U.A.'s motto was 'Plus Ultra'. Going 'Plus Ultra' was going to be an absolute given for its students. Better to build good habits now rather than later on.

That's how Percy found himself once more in front of the gates of U.A.. The place where he was going to learn to be a hero. He was more than excited. If he had the capability to move super-fast right now, he probably would have managed to time-travel. Maybe he had read one too many comic books on that, but the point still stands. Percy was at an all-time high as he made his way into the school and started searching for his class. Class 1-A.

After looking at the map for a bit, Percy found himself standing in front of a giant door. 'Probably to accommodate for people who were huge due to their quirks.' With that thought in mind, Percy opened the doors and was greeted to a cacophony of noise that suddenly quieted down as he made his way in. He was somewhat used to this. He was a foreigner. Something alien. It was one of the reason why he never had any friends growing up. That was fine though. Only what he thought of himself mattered. That would never change. Suddenly he found his vision covered in pink.

"Hi there! Name's Mina Ashido! What's yours?"

Stepping back a bit, Percy found himself facing a female who Percy could only describe as alien-like. Pink skin, pink hair, black sclera and yellow irises contrasting heavily which brought attention to them immediately. 'Yup! Definitely alien-like."

Extending his hand to her outstretched one, Percy introduced himself.

"Percy. Percy Jackson."

And with that, the cacophony of noise returned. Maybe even louder than before, but Percy wasn't entirely sure. His quirk wasn't super-hearing after all. Soon enough he found himself surrounded by a lot of people at once wanting to introduce themselves. The crowd parted though for a brown haired person that he recognized from a couple of months ago.

"Oh it's you! How's the ankle?"

Apparently it was surprising that he remembered her as she couldn't say anything for a few seconds. She soon recomposed herself though and was smiling brightly.

"Oh it's doing fine! I didn't get a chance to thank you for back then. My name is Ochaco Uraraka!"

"Oh no problem. My body just sorta moved on instinct. Name's Percy Jackson."

The introductions ended when there was a huge bang from near the back of the classroom.

"You extras are being too loud. Shut up before I blow you all up."

Yeah. I didn't like that guy. Thankfully, now that everyone was focusing on him, I could finally make my way to my seat. I noticed that I was seated in front of someone who had yet to introduce herself to me. Apparently she was one of the more calm and collected ones.

"Hi, I'm Percy Jackson."

I turned as I introduced myself. She had a small smile on her face as she replied.

"I heard. My name is Momo Yaoyorozu." She also added a small bow to her introduction. 'A bit on the formal side huh.' After all that, Percy tuned out until something interesting happened. Like a sleeping bag suddenly slinking itself into the room. That was pretty interesting.

Then suddenly the sleeping bag opened and a man who looked like he couldn't have gotten more than an hour of sleep stepped out of it.

"It took all of you more than eight seconds to calm down. You all lack rationality."

'A man of logic it seems.'

"My name is Shota Aizawa. Now put on your gym uniforms and meet me at the P.E. field in five minutes." With that said, the man stepped out while the class started moving and chattering among themselves.

Changing quickly, all of them quickly made their way onto the field where their teacher was waiting.

"Good. You're improving already. Right, now we're doing a quirk apprehension test."

"Wait what about the Induction Ceremony?" Uraraka asked hesitantly.

"That's an illogical course of action. Your old school systems were faulty and I need a clear picture of what I'm going to be dealing with. Back in your old schools, you had to do all the physical tests without the use of quirks. What a waste of time. You," the man said while pointing at the blond haired kid who had threatened to blow everyone up if they didn't shut up, "what was your score on the ball throw?"

"65 meters."

'That dude sounded way too cocky about that.'

"Now throw it, this time using your quirk." Aizawa-sensei said while handing the blond guy a ball.

Percy saw a bloodthirsty grin appear on his face as he stepped up to the plate.

"DIE!" the guy yelled as the ball literally exploded from his hands.

'Explosion quirk huh. Pretty nice and flexible quirk to have.'

The man showed the scan of the results to be 705.2 meters.

'Ok maybe he wasn't just all hot air.'

"So you see the results from your old schools are unreliable and I need new information."

The class started muttering once more about how this was going to be fun. Even though Percy agreed with what they had said, this was absolutely the wrong person to say it in front of.

"Oh it's going to be fun is it. Then let's make this interesting. The one who gets last place will be expelled!" Aizawa-sensei said as he smirked darkly.

'Yeah. Definitely wrong person to say it in front of.'

With that thought, the tests began.

The first test up was the 50-meter dash. Seems the guy with the stick up his ass was in his class. He hadn't really payed any attention to anyone who hadn't come up to introduce themselves to him.

"3.04 seconds"

'Okay that guy's really fast.' Although Percy also noticed that he had to build up that speed and couldn't go fast right from the start. 'Works like a car huh.'

His competitor wasn't that far behind. A green-haired girl who had introduced herself as Tsuyu Asui. Judging from her features, seemed like she had either a frog or toad quirk. 'Froggirl? Nah, not cool enough.'

"5.58 seconds"

The test passed by interestingly enough. It was cool for Percy to see how everybody was using their quirks. One person decided to use their naval laser to shoot themselves to the finish line, but it seemed that it caused him a bit of a stomach ache. Another used his tail to spring himself to the finish like a kangaroo. Uraraka apparently had some sort of gravity quirk as she made herself light enough to run faster. 'Oh look it's murder on my mind and the meteor wannabe. Huh didn't realize he was in my class.' Percy made a mental note to actually start paying attention to his surroundings. He was missing way too many things. Anyways, explosion boy had used his explosions to propel to himself to the finish. 'Boy, that's a versatile quirk.'

"4.13 seconds"

The green haired meteor apparently didn't see the need to use his quirk. But seeing the backlash the quirk had on him, Percy thought that it was a good decision.

"7.02 seconds"

Finally it was his turn. Turns out he was paired with someone he actually knew.

"Where'd you get that scooter?" Percy was pretty sure that she wasn't holding a scooter beforehand.

"It's part of my quirk."

"Your quirk is making scooters?" Percy was in utter disbelief. Now that he thought about it, making your own mode of transportation was pretty cool. Think of the money one could save on not buying a vehicle.

"I'll explain it later if you're interested, but we've got something else going on right now."

Getting her point, Percy decided to focus on the task at hand.

'How am I going to do this?'

Deciding on a course of action, Percy prepped himself. As soon as the whistle was blown, Percy was grabbed and launched towards the finish line by a giant hand of water. Considering that it had managed to hold off a giant robot, Percy was shot off like a cannonball.

"2.5 seconds" Right, Percy wasn't in any rush to that soon. Even with his increased durability, the landing hurt like a bitch.

"4 seconds" Momo came a few seconds later.

"Are you ok Jackson-san?" Percy noted that she seemed a bit worried.

Percy waved off her concern.

"I'll be fine. And just call me Percy please. I don't really like using honorifics."

Accepting his words, Momo helped Percy get back on his feet.

"So what exactly is your quirk?" Percy asked the girl.

"I call it Creation. It allows me to create anything as long as I know its atomic configuration."

"Right. That's totally not a cheat quirk at all." Momo let out a laugh at Percy's deadpan expression as he said it.

"Come on. It's not like your quirk isn't cool too. How did you manage to create that giant hand of water anyway?"

"I can more or less control water in all of its forms. Ice, gas, liquid. So basically I just changed the state of water from vapor to liquid and made up that hand. Takes up a lot energy though."

Momo was about to say something else before they noticed that the rest of the class moving to another place. Sharing a look that said that the conversation would be continued later, both of them followed.

The next test was a grip strength test. Percy decided once more to form one of his water hands. Smaller than the ones he made previously though, there were still other tests that needed to be done.

"800 kg." That beat out the previous record of 540 kg that was set by a person who looked like he watched too much Naruto. Not that Percy was judging. Naruto was great after all.

The standing long jump was not much of a test. Percy simply tossed himself over the sandbox again. Percy managed to land in the upper echelons in the repeated side steps due to being extremely fit. He didn't feel the need to use his quirk in this one. He was starting to get tired and there were still four tests left. The distance run was more of a test of endurance rather than a test of speed. Percy managed to land once again in the upper echelons due to his fitness levels. Next was the test that Percy felt he was going to need to use his quirk if he didn't want to get left behind in the dust. Some people really just had cheat quirks for this test.

Momo had created a bazooka that launched the ball for her. Uraraka had simply touched and threw the ball and suddenly it was nowhere to be seen. Percy felt his eyebrow twitching. He wouldn't trade his quirk for anything but Percy was a competitive person and those quirks were hard to beat in this situation.

'I think I can beat Yaoyorozu in this one. No way I'm beating Uraraka though. How the hell do you even beat infinity?!'

Once again forming his handy giant water hand. Get it? Because it's a hand and… never mind. Grasping the tiny ball, Percy tossed it with all his willpower because that's what his quirk came down to. Pure willpower and stamina.

"2 km" He turned back towards his classmates and saw jaws gaping. Percy smiled tiredly as he made his way back.

'Man that was tiring. Gotta work more on my stamina. Maybe more weights? It's been getting a bit lighter recently.'

As Percy was stuck in his thoughts and his other classmates staring at him while another was fuming, the green haired meteorite wannabe stepped up to the plate. Everyone's eyes then turned towards him. The guy who crushed the Zero-Pointer in one hit.

Percy saw the guy's right arm start to be enveloped in a red light before it suddenly disappeared just before he threw the ball. The ball landed meters in front of him. The class looked in surprise as their teacher had his hair floating up while his eyes were glowing red. Then suddenly the meteor gasped as he pointed towards the teacher.

"You're the underground hero Eraserhead!"

'Hmmm. That didn't ring any bells. Underground hero indeed.'

Aizawa-sensei then let his quirk drop. "Izuku Midoriya! You were the one who crushed the Zero Pointer with one hit weren't you?"

Seeing the now named meteor's hesitant nod Aizawa-sensei continued.

"You broke your arm right after." That wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"As you are right now, all you're going to be is a liability. A one trick pony whose trick can only be performed once before becoming utterly useless. That's not going to be good enough to become a hero. If you can't move after this test, you're going to be expelled immediately." Aizawa-sensei's tone left absolutely no room for discussion. Hushed murmurs broke out in the class.

Percy could see that Midoriya was panicking. Not a good sign. But suddenly he calmed down, took a deep breath and wounded up. Percy couldn't really see anything happening but then he suddenly noticed the light that had enveloped Midoriya's entire arm earlier travelling straight to just one finger instead.


The result was that the ball exploded off his finger and travelled the distance.

"705.3 meters" Percy barely held in a laugh. While Midoriya was looking relieved and staring at Aizawa-sensei with a determined glint in his eyes, the explosion boy was looking like he was about to implode. Percy then noticed that the explosion boy's hands were crackling and was about to make his way to Midoriya.

'That can't be good.'

Percy reacted quickly and reached out a hand that grabbed and held the explosive boy in place.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" He shouted while looking around to find who was responsible. Seeing Percy's hand outstretched, he lashed out while causing explosions with his hands. The displaced water quickly went back into position, preventing him from actually escaping.

"LET ME GO YOU FUCKER! I'VE GOT A BONE TO PICK WITH THAT USELESS SHIT!" Yeah, Percy wasn't letting go anytime soon or at least that was the plan before Aizawa-sensei spoke up.

"Jackson! Let him go. I've got this under control." Obliging with his teacher's request, Percy relinquished control of his water hand just in time to see Aizawa-sensei activate his quirk again and quickly captured him with the scarf around his neck.

'That's a cool scarf. I want one of those.'

"Bakugou. Calm down before I kick you out for insubordination. You're a hero-in-training so act like it." With that seemingly to temporarily placate the ticking time bomb, the class continued on to the next tests. Sit-ups were easy enough, no quirk needed. Percy ended up top of the class in that one. The last test was just a seated toe touch that also required no quirk. Percy once again thanked the gods that he had trained as hard as he did, otherwise he would probably be at the bottom of the ladder right now.

With all of the tests finished, Percy simply waited with the others for the results. He didn't have to wait long.

Percy Jackson

Momo Yaoyorozu

Shoto Todoroki

Katsuki Bakugou

Tenya Iida

(The rest of the list is the same as the original)

Looks like he was safe but the meteorite was not apparently. That was a bit disappointing. Percy thought that he had a lot of potential if he could get that quirk of his under control. Turns out Percy didn't have a reason to be disappointed.

"Nobody's going to be expelled. It was simply a logical ruse to make you all perform at your best. You all go home and get some rest. Tomorrow the true hell starts."

The class broke into cheers after that. Nobody got expelled and school was apparently finished for the day. Although that warning was a bit ominous in Percy's opinion. Anyways, the first chapter of Percy's hero journey had begun and he was pretty sure that this was going to be a long one.

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