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Percy didn't know how to feel. He honestly didn't. On one hand, he was proud that he managed to showcase some of his skills during the test the other day, but he wasn't so sure about the attention that came with it. It was easily the most attention that he's ever gotten from other people besides his mom in real life and it made him uncomfortable. Especially with everybody deciding to crowd his personal space.

"Monsieur! You're sparkling brightly, although not as bright as myself." That was the guy who shot lasers from his belly button and got a stomachache afterwards.

"Percy! That was like so cool how you could just form those giant water hands! You've gotta tell me how to do that!" That was Mina.

"Yeah that was manly as hell bro!" Percy felt the enthusiastic hand smacking on his back more than hearing the actual words. It came from a red-haired dude whom Percy was pretty sure had introduced himself as Eijiro Kirishima.

There was more of the same from all around him and Percy looked to the level headed girl that he actually knew sitting in the back with a look that screamed "help me!" Sadly she simply turned away and giggled a little into her hand.

'I trusted you Momo!' Percy shouted in his head. Oh well, guess he had to suffer for a while longer. Thankfully Aizawa-sensei wriggled into the classroom a couple of seconds later and everyone rushed to their seats. As Percy made his way to his seat, he could see that the explosion boy was glaring at him. Percy faintly recollected that his name was Katsuki Bakugou. The more prevalent memory that he had was that the guy was a dick, so he just ignored him.

As Percy took his seat, Aizawa-sensei started to talk.

"Good you're not as hopeless as I thought you were."

'I'm betting you would've expelled all of us if you thought we were hopeless.' Percy didn't have proof of course, but he thought that it might've been possible from what he had seen from his homeroom teacher so far.

"With that said, here are your schedules." He said as he handed out the slips of papers.

"Don't cause any trouble because that's just going to result in more paperwork for me. Have a good day."

'Lazy ass.'

With that said, the actual first day of classes started.

If Percy thought that going to a hero high school was going to be anything different from a regular high school, then he was dead wrong. Seems like they still had the regular classes in addition to the hero-specialized classes. He didn't mind the longer class hours, but he could've done without the more boring classes. Like Japanese ('thanks for the quirk mom!'), Math, Science, English, and all the other boring normal classes. Percy was looking forward more to the hero classes he was going to have right after lunch period.

'Where should I sit? Where should I sit? Where should I sit?' Percy eyes wondered around the cafeteria for empty seats before his eyes locked on a hand waving him towards a table. Seeing the person the hand was connected to, his feet started moving.

"Thanks for the invite!" Percy said as he shot a grin at the girl that had called him over.

"No problem Jack- Percy." Momo said while sporting a small smile back.

"Oooooh! On a first name basis already are you. Man water boy, you work fast." A teasing voice came from his right.

Percy raised an eyebrow at the nickname while letting the rest of the statement pass right over his head. He could faintly see a red faced Momo sputtering incomprehensible words as he looked over towards the speaker.

"Water Boy? Couldn't come up with anything more creative Pinky?"

"And Pinky's the best you could come up with?"


With that, everybody descended into comfortable chatter while eating the food that the school provided them. Percy had to admit, the food here was damn good. Not a surprise, considering that the Cook Hero: Lunch Rush was the one that made it. The comfortable chatter was broken when someone came up to their table.


Percy looked up to see the speedster from his class. The guy was a bit stiff and uptight, sort of like Momo. Percy didn't get any sort of red flags from the guy so he assumed that he was an ok person.

"What's up Speedy?" Percy honestly didn't know the guy well enough to actually be calling him by a nickname, but he didn't know the guy's name, which was a bit embarrassing.

'Mental note to self. Remember everyone in the class's names.'

Thankfully the guy didn't seem to mind.

"I wanted to apologize for my actions before the practical exams." He said in a somewhat respectful tone as he bowed down at a perfect ninety-degree angle.

'Great! Now everybody's looking over here.'

"No problem at all Speedy."

"That is not all. I also commend you on being one of the first in realizing the hidden meaning behind the practical exam. All of us were so focused on ourselves that we did not consider that anyone else might be in danger, while you immediately jumped into action against the robot. Truly the mark of a real hero! I shall aspire to be more like you."

Percy noticed that everybody was now focused on their conversation, one sided as it was. Percy was about to say that it was just the fact that he didn't hear what Present Mic had said about the test, but before he could, the bell had rung and everyone rushed to their respective classes.

Percy could feel the excitement in the air for their first Foundational Hero class. He wondered idly who the teacher was going to be. The answer to his question was answered when the door flew open and a yellow blur rushed in front of the class with a huge smile on his face.


Well that was a statement entrance if Percy ever saw one. Comparable to the Dynamic Entry. Although the Dynamic Entry was still better in his opinion. Everybody started muttering excitedly about how it was All Might that was teaching the class or how cool his hero costume was. All Percy was excited about was that they were going to be taught by the number one hero himself.

"EVERYBODY! I AM ALL MIGHT AND I WILL BE YOUR FOUNDATIONAL HERO STUDIES TEACHER! NOW GET CHANGED INTO YOUR HERO COSTUMES! TODAY WE WILL BE HAVING BATTLE TRAINING!" As he said that, Percy saw the wall behind him open up, revealing lockers with numbers arranged according to their sitting arrangements. He assumed that the costumes were inside. "I WILL BE WAITING HERE FOR YOU! NOW MOVE FAST. CRIME DOESN'T WAIT FOR ANYONE!"

Everybody rushed to their respective lockers and grabbed the briefcases within which contained their hero costumes. They all then made their way out to change.

Percy had handed in the costume specifications to Support section of the school just like everyone else and he had gotten what he wanted. What he wanted was simple compared to some of the other costumes he had seen. He had sent in his design and asked for it to be form fitting and for it to have a water absorbent material.

What he got was a navy blue form fitting long sleeved shirt with an orange colored hood. Right in the middle of it was the symbol of a trident colored also in orange. The hood didn't really have a function. Percy thought that it would just look cool. Plus it would help keep the sun out of his face if he felt that it was getting too hot. He had pants that could be best described as black shinobi pants. He assumed that if ninjas in Naruto were wearing it then it would be good enough for him. After all, ninjas were always on the move, and with the way he fought, movement was an absolute necessity. For shoes, Percy had what suspiciously looked like Royal Air Jordan 1's. Of course it didn't have all the branding on it, because that would be copyright, plus Percy had requested for steel tips to be put in. All in all, Percy felt like a badass.

As he made his way back to All Might, Percy could see many different types of costumes. A suit of armor for the speedster. A costume that looked like it came straight out of the 80's for Mina. A costume that would be considered fanservice for Momo. That costume actually made Percy blush a little. A costume that looked like it was paying tribute to a certain hero for Midoriya. Percy could spend a lot of time talking about everyone's unique costumes but All Might decided to begin with the class.

Percy noticed that All Might had taken them to a room filled with monitors showing a different number of locations. He guessed that they were going to be observing something on the screens.

After a short explanation about how the more dangerous villains were the ones that planned and did their villainous acts indoors, what they were doing, and a somewhat comical moment of All Might pulling out what appeared to Percy as a book of notes, the pairs were randomly selected.

'Good time to actually find out everybody's names.'

Percy saw 10 teams appear on one of the screens.

Team A: Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka

Team B: Shoto Todoroki, Mezo Shoji

Team C: Momo Yaoyorozu, Percy Jackson

Team D: Bakugou Katsuki, Tenya Iida

Team E: Yuga Aoyama, Mina Ashido

Team F: Rikido Sato, Koji Koda

Team G: Denki Kaminari, Kyoka Jirou

Team H: Fumikage Tokoyami, Tsuyu Asui

Team I: Mashirao Ojiro, Toru Hagakure

Team J: Eijiro Kirishima, Hanta Sero

Percy sighed in relief. Thank gods he was paired up with someone he knew. After matching faces with names, Percy made his way over to Momo.

"Yo Momopedia! Seems like we're on the same team!"

"Momopedia?" There was a raised eyebrow aimed at him. Right. He didn't know the girl well enough to call her with a nickname yet, but she didn't seem to have a problem with it so he guessed that he could keep calling her that.

"I figured with your quirk, you're probably a walking encyclopedia. Hence, Momopedia."

Seeing that All Might was proceeding with the next step, Percy turned and saw he was currently picking the first two teams for the simulated battle.


As he said that, Percy turned towards Momo who he saw seemed to have some sort of revelation.

"Seaweed brain."

Now it was Percy's turn to lift an eyebrow.

"Seaweed brain? How'd you figure that?" Percy was honestly confused. That nickname came from nowhere.

"You obviously have seaweed for brains." She didn't elaborate further.

Seeing that she wasn't going to continue with her explanation, Percy's focus returned to the screens as the villain team made their way to the top of a building where a giant bomb was located.

'Girls are weird.'

"Who do you think's going to win this one." Percy asked his partner.

"Honestly from what I've seen and heard, I think Bakugou-san's team is going to be the winner."

"Why's that?"

"Bakugou-san's quirk is one of the most multifaceted and powerful quirks in the class, not to mention that Iida-san is also one if not the fastest person in class. They could easily take out Midoriya-san who is obviously still new to his quirk as demonstrated by his broken finger yesterday and Uraraka-san's quirk which I don't think is going to be of much use in this type of situation."

Percy found himself nodding to Momo's logic before he decided to voice his own opinions.

"That's likely but I don't think it's going to be as large as a curb stomp that you're making it out to be."

When Momo simply looked at him curiously, Percy continued.

"All it's going to take is one good hit from the meteor wannabe to get one of them out of the match. Meanwhile Uraraka could simply touch one of them and make it harder for them to fight and easier for Midoriya to hit. It may not work on Mr. Anger because of the nature of his quirk, but I'm assuming Speedy's going to have some problems with maneuvering around in the air."

They didn't get another chance to talk as they immediately focused on the fight when it started.

Percy could immediately see that Bakugou didn't have any sense of teamwork. He had just separated from Iida as the match started and told him to guard the bomb. On the other hand, Bakugou was an incredible fighter. Midoriya and Uraraka had immediately separated with Midoriya taking on Bakugou and Uraraka heading towards the bomb.

Seeing that Bakugou let Uraraka just pass by and the look of anger directed at Midoriya, Percy assumed that he had some sort of grudge with the green haired boy. That was bound to make this match interesting. Then Bakugou moved.

"Seems that meteor boy knows his opponent well."

"How do you figure?"

"Midori predicted the move that Bakugou was gonna make before he even did it. You can see from his stance that he was already planning to counter that right hook. Now the question is just how well can Midori predict what Bakugou's going to do next."

Turns out that Midoriya knew him pretty well, since after a couple of minutes of back and forth, Percy saw that Bakugou was preparing what was bound to be his trump card.

'Yeah this is gonna end badly if nobody does anything.'

"All Might-sensei. I think Bakugou's likely to be blowing that whole building up along with whoever's in there. Shouldn't you step in?"


'Not so sure about that.'

The explosion thereafter didn't do anything to ease his concerns. Gasps were heard because anyone with eyes could see that anybody that was caught in that was bound to either be heavily injured or worse.

'Midori was lucky he managed to dodge that, otherwise he would be toast.'

Seems the rest of the class agreed with what he thought based on the whispers going around.

'They really take their Plus Ultra thing overboard here. It's just the second day and there's already been a murder attempted.'

Thankfully before the action could escalate even further, the match was ended when Uraraka managed to get a hand on the bomb. Percy could see that Bakugou wasn't happy about that result at all. It looked like he was willing to go on with the fight even though the results were already called.

'How did he get in with an attitude like that?'

All Might appeared just in time to prevent anything like that from happening. Everybody except Midoriya came back to class. Seems like he'd been sent to Recovery Girl to deal with the injuries he had during the fight. Percy tuned in from his musings just in time to catch All Might's question.


Percy could hear multiple answers immediately voiced out. Like how "Midoriya was manly for taking Bakugou head on!" or "Bakugou for being able to potentially take two opponents out at once with a single ambush attack."

Percy was about to put his two cents in, but Momo beat him to it.

"I think that it was Iida-san sensei. He did his task and protected the bomb to best of his abilities but got slightly outmaneuvered at the end due to circumstances that he couldn't control."

Percy had also noticed the fact that when Bakugou had let off that giant explosion, the whole building had shook, resulting in Iida losing his balance which allowed Uraraka a chance to get to the bomb. Momo wasn't finished yet.

"Uraraka-san tipped off Iida to the fact that she was there, otherwise she could've easily gotten to the bomb unseen. Bakugou-san decided to take things into his own hands and engage two enemies alone. Granted that they separated but if they had decided to stick together, then Bakugou-san could've easily been overwhelmed. Midoriya-san did well in holding Bakugou-san off but he didn't really pay attention to the structural integrity of the building which could have extremely costly if it was a real life situation."

Percy could see jaws dropping at Momo's explanation. It was a pretty detailed explanation which showed great analytical ability. As expected of Momo Yaoyorozu. All Might seemed to agree.


The screen flashed and two team names popped up.

"Team B VS Team C"

'Looks like we're the villain team and we're facing the guy with the ice quirk. Great this should be fun.'

As they were walking towards where they would have the simulation battle, Percy decided that it was as good a moment as ever to game plan.

"So Momopedia, what's our plan of action here?"

"Not here seaweed brain. I think Shoji-san has some sort of reconnaissance quirk so I think it would be better to discuss our plans once we're inside."

Giving a nod in response, Percy zipped his mouth until they reached the bomb's location. In comparison to the first match, the bomb was not located on the top floor of a seven floor building this time. It was hidden in a kind of hard to find room on around the 4th floor.

"Right so what're we going to do? If I remember correctly that Todoroki guy has an ice quirk. That's easily the worst quirk to face me with."

Momo nodded her head in agreement with his statement. Percy could see her going deep in thought. He could just imagine the multiple plans going through her head at the moment. Better leave her to it because Percy wasn't one to plan for the situation. He was more of the move first and act accordingly type of person.

"Okay, here's what we're going to do. With the time we have, it'll be just enough for me to booby trap the whole room. I was worried about Todoroki-san just freezing the whole thing, but since we have you here, the ice won't be that much of a big deal. I just need you to handle Todoroki-san and I can handle Shoji-san."

"Alright! Sounds like a plan. I'll leave you to it Momo."

For the rest of the time, Percy simply helped Momo in setting up the traps all around the room before the alarm that announced the start of the match blared out.

As soon as the alarm finished, Percy could feel the chill in the air before he saw anything. Readying his quirk, as soon as he saw the ice, Percy turned all of it into water.

'Ice boy made a mistake sending his ice out all over the place. He was probably hoping to freeze us in place which would've worked against anyone else, but he just made this place my home ground.'

"I'll see you later Momopedia. Good luck on your end!" Percy waved as he made his way out of the room.

He had just one task and Momo would take care of the rest. Making his way down, he finally met his opponents on the second floor.

Percy being Percy promptly charged the two. He knew that Momo said she would take care of the rest, but roughing up Shoji here would probably help her a bit more. He managed to land a blow on the large boy but Todoroki immediately attempted to put him in a block of ice. Percy took control of it and changed it to water but Shoji had taken the chance to get on ahead.

'Oh well, no use crying over it. Everything's going according to plan already.'

"Shoji's making his way up Momo."


All Might-sensei had given them earpieces. That made communicating a whole lot easier.

"Jackson, you're strong, but I'm aiming to be the top hero. You'll just be a stepping stone for me."

Percy hated the fact that he said that in a matter-of-fact sort of tone.

"Didn't take you to be one for monologues. You going to put your money where your mouth is?"

Apparently that was the signal for the fight to begin, because Todoroki instantly jumped into action. He sent a wave of ice forward once more which Percy turned to water right away.

"Yeah, if that's all the tricks up in your bag, then sorry to say but you're going down."

Percy had a lot of water and a ton of energy still at his disposal at the moment. Changing the state of water from solid to liquid and vice versa was much easier than changing it from gas to liquid. He still hadn't figured out the reason. Back to the fight.

Percy could see Todoroki bristle at what he said and he apparently decided to change his approach. To charge him head on.

'Bad move Todoroki. Not that there was a good move.'

Forming two slightly dense water blades in his hands, Percy met Todoroki head on. Percy was the one on the offensive with the longer range of his water blades, but Todoroki was doing well to defend himself. Dodging the blades that he could and blocking the others with ice, although he did get cuts on his person every now and then.

'Seems that he can only create ice from his right side.'

With that in mind, Percy relented on his assault and jumped back a good distance. Todoroki took the chance to send another wave of ice at him, which is exactly what Percy was waiting for.

Turning the ice to water once more, Percy then sent it right back at Todoroki. Seemed his hypothesis was correct. Todoroki was shivering. Water had a melting point of zero degree Celsius. Percy merely changed its state by heating it up by one degree Celsius, which meant that the water was still damn cold. Seeing that Todoroki could only send ice out from his right side, Percy figured that he functioned like a shower.

'If he's only shooting from the right, then there must something he can shoot out from the left. If he's not using that for whatever reason, then I'm assuming that his body is out of equilibrium. Unlike the metal pipes of a shower that can withstand extreme temperatures, there are limits to the human body, even with quirks. For me, my quirk eats up at my stamina. For him I'm assuming his body can only withstand up to a certain temperature before his quirk stops working."

True to his hypothesis, the next wave of ice came out way slower and in a lesser amount than before. He could see Todoroki shivering even more. For just a split second he could see Todoroki let out a small flame from the other side of his body.

'So that's what he can shoot from his other side. Fire. Nice quirk to have. Fire to heat up the body from too much ice and ice to cool down the body from too much fire. Wonder why he isn't using both.'

Percy could see the frustration in Todoroki. Apparently using his fire was something that he didn't like.

"If you aren't going to use your other side, you might as well give up right now. Your ice is no use against me and it seems you're close to your limit."

Seeing that he wasn't getting a response from the boy, Percy decided to end it right there. Sending out the water surrounding him once more, Percy froze it once it reached Todoroki and used the capture tape given to him by All Might-sensei, before heading up to help Momo with her opponent.

Apparently his help wasn't needed. Once he reached the top floor, he could see Momo just finish wrapping up Shoji with the capture tape. Around her were what seemed to be remnants from a paint ball bullet and he could see the paintball gun slung around her back. Shoji was out cold.

"Let me guess. You made knock out bullets." Seeing a grin at his words, Percy sighed to himself.

'Damn cheat quirks. She never has to buy anything in her life. Oh well can't have everything.'

Finishing his internal rumbling, Percy turned around just in time to see All Might-sensei carrying a heavily shivering Todoroki and announcing the results of the match. While All Might-sensei carried both Todoroki and Shoji to the clinic, the former because his body temperature was lower than what All Might-sensei was comfortable with and Shoji because he wasn't going to wake up for a good half hour according to Momo, Percy and Momo made their way back to the monitoring room.

They were greeted with dead silence before Percy broke it, in a way only he could.

"So who died?"

With that statement, everybody seemed to come back to life and crowded around the two. Everybody except Bakugou that is, who Percy could see still fuming in the back.

'That guy should really take a chill pill.'

"Holy crap water boy. I thought that the match was over when Todoroki let out his ice but you melted it like nothing. I thought that you could just control water?" Cookies if you know the person who asked that one.

"Well I said liquid in all forms. Ice is also a liquid, just in solid state, so I'm able to control that too."

"That was manly as hell dude. The way you fought with those blades of yours really got my blood racing!" Take a guess at who said that.

"Thanks, but it really wasn't all me. Honestly Momopedia over here was way more impressive. I swear to gods, her quirk and intelligence is way more awesome than what I can do!" Percy decided to divert the attention because he didn't really want it, and Momo deserved it more anyway. She was the one that actually defended the bomb. Quite handily too in fact.

"Yeah Yaomomo! How did you make all of that stuff anyway?" And that sparked the raining of questions on Momo. She tried to answer as best as she could but it was clear she was getting overwhelmed. Percy could see that she was looking to him for help, but he blew her raspberry. Never let anyone say that revenge didn't feel good. Percy could provide first hand evidence that it was indeed a very satisfying experience. Ok with how long this was going, Percy was starting to feel guilty. Right when he was about to intervene, All Might-sensei came back into the room with a now not shivering Shoto Todoroki and a healed Izuku Midoriya. The attention went to them right away which gave Percy the chance to stand beside Momo once again.

"You're an ass you know that." She stated while punching him on the arm.

"First of all. Ow. Second, didn't know Ms. Prim and Proper could actually curse." What Percy said had the intended effect on Momo. He could see that she was flustered.

"Third, that was revenge for this morning." He finished while shooting her a grin. Her face reddened even more. Gods, Percy had so much fun teasing her.

'Is this what having friends is like?'

Percy did have friends back before he left for Japan, but due to being constantly on the move, he had to leave the friends he made before he got too close to them. In Japan, he was more or less an outcast. The foreigner. He may have been able to speak their tongue but he wasn't one of them. Now though, he felt like he was being accepted here. It was a nice feeling. All Might-sensei interrupted his musings.


"I think that it's Jackson-san sensei. He managed to melt the ice that would have otherwise incapacitated them in the first moments of the match. He also managed to take out the biggest threat in Todoroki-san by recognizing the bad quirk matchup." That was from who Percy remembered as Tsuyu Asui.

"The same could be said for Yaoyorozu-san. Her booby trapping of the bomb room managed to prevent Shoji-san from overwhelming her with his many limbs. I think both of them played crucial roles in their success." Bird man otherwise known as Fumikage Tokoyami stated.


"Hey seaweed brain. Can I ask you something?" Even though All Might-sensei was talking up in front about the next match, Percy decided that talking to Momo was more interesting at the moment.


"Why do you say gods? Most people I know usually just say God."

"Oh you're wondering about that? It's nothing much. I'm just fond of Greek mythology. All the gods, their different domains, their heroes."

"Percy, Percy, Percy." He could here Momo murmuring on his side. He had a good idea what train of thought she was having currently. Percy could see her face light up as she found the conclusion that she wanted.

"Is your name short for Perseus?"

Percy smiled.

"Yup. My mom wanted me to have the good luck of Perseus and be the hero that he was."

"But wasn't Perseus a son of Zeus. With your powers I would have assumed that you would have a more Poseidon-centric name." Percy laughed at that. Seems like he had met someone who liked Greek mythology too.

"I didn't know you knew so much about Greek myth. You are an actual Momopedia." He said while nudging her with his shoulder. She stifled a laugh at that.

"I don't really know but Poseidon demigods rarely had happy endings. Theseus had most of his family commit suicide. Orion was killed either by a scorpion or by an arrow from a manipulated Artemis. I guess those names had too much grimness to them while mom wanted a happy ending for me."

"Guess that makes sense." With that their attention went back to the matches at hand. Percy would humbly say that his match and Midoriya's match were the most exciting matches of the day. The rest were pretty standard. One team won by shocking the opposing team until they couldn't move, although the guy who did the shocking ended up all derpy at the end. Another one by utilizing the dark to maximize the effectiveness of his quirk, although it ended up going out control at the end which forced All Might-sensei to intervene. And the final match ended when a laser accidentally blew up the bomb. Good matches but nothing that caught Percy's interest too much.

The class ended after All Might shouted out some words of encouragement about how today was the first step towards a heroic future which pumped everybody up, although Percy could see that everyone was exhausted. All Might apparently chose that moment to start emitting smoke before he announced his departure and dismissal of the class.

With that peculiar exit, everyone headed towards the locker rooms to get a quick shower and change before heading towards their respective homes.

After having a nice relaxing shower, Percy started to head towards his locker to change his clothes when he noticed two boys looking at something on the wall. Getting the feeling that it was nothing good, at least morally, Percy headed over there. Seeing the hole on the wall that was supposed to separate the boys and girls locker room, Percy gather some water and formed them into several tendrils which proceeded to grab onto the boys that were peeking. One Kaminari Denki and Hanta Sero.

"What the hell dude?!" That was the blond one.

"Peeking isn't very heroic you know." While still holding the two boys by their feet in the air, Percy made his way to the hole.

"Hey Momo!" He shouted. The faint sounds that he could hear from the girls lockers room went silent when they heard his voice.

"What is it Percy?" That was Momo's voice.

"There's a hole over here. Mind plugging it up? I'll inform the staff later on."

"Got it Percy. And thanks."

With that dealt with, Percy turned towards the still dangling peeking duo.

"Peeking is a violation of privacy. Stop doing it." That was all Percy said before dropping the two on their heads. He could see them rubbing their heads in pain while a raincloud had somehow formed above their heads. He also saw Bakugou giving him a nod, as if to say good job. Although he still had a scowl on his face as he did it. The others were still enjoying the showers.

'Huh, maybe he isn't that much of a jerk after all.'

Percy quickly got out of the locker room and headed towards the faculty office to inform them of the hole in the locker rooms. He knocked on the door and heard a female voice saying come in.

He went in and came face to face with one of the teacher that he hadn't met yet. The R-Rated Heroine: Midnight. Percy could certainly see why she had that sort of title. Not to mention the innuendo that came with her hero name.

"Oh. A cute little first year. What brings you here to the faculty office?"

Percy could hear a hint of something seducing in the way she spoke. Plus the way her costume was designed made him feel things, but he ignored that for the moment. He had something to do here.

"I just wanted to inform you about a hole in the wall between the girls and boys locker room."

"Oh. What a nice boy… I think that deserves a thank you." There was that purr again.

'I gotta get out of here, this is not good for my sanity.'

"Lay off the kid Midnight." Percy heard a lazy voice drawl out. He knew that lazy voice.

"Jackson. Get out of here, we'll handle it." Taking the chance given to him, Percy practically bolted out of the office. He could faintly hear the sound of laughing behind the closed doors.

Yep. Definitely not good for his health. Just as he was about to reach the gates, a voice had reached his ears.

"Oh, water boy! Back from the teacher's office already?"

"Yup!" Percy popped the p in the word. He turned to face the person who spoke and got an eyeful of pink.

'Yup definitely Pinky.'

"Yeah the girls owe you a big thank you for that one. Although I don't think Yaomomo would've minded much if you took a peek." Percy could see the teasing glint in her eyes as she said that.

"Sure." Percy drawled lazily. He was tired and didn't want to bother coming up with a response to the teasing.

"We only met yesterday anyway. We're not that close."

"But you two have nicknames for each other and all that!"

"So do we."

"But that's different!"


"It just is!" He could see Mina's hands waving exaggeratedly in the air to emphasize her point.

'Not that I think she has one.'

"I don't even have her phone number."

"Wait you don't?"

Percy shook his head in response.

"Oh right! You rushed on out right after classes yesterday. See that's why you shouldn't just speed on home after class water boy."

"Hey! I was dead tired yesterday and I had an appointment with my bed!"

"Sure, sure. Here, put in your phone number and I'll add you into the group chat."

Percy took the phone and put in his barely remembered and used phone number. His mom was the only person that called him on that thing anyway. But now it seemed like he had something new to experience.

He noticed that Mina's phone was a strong reflection of her personality. At least from what he'd observed. Bright and slightly overbearing with all the accessories on it. Handing the phone back to her, Percy waited for a couple of seconds in silence before his phone vibrated in his pocket.

'Gotta hand it to her. She knows her way around her phone.'

Pulling out his own phone, he saw the notification that he had been added to the 1-A group chat pop out on his screen.

"So you going to make a move on her?"

"On who?"

He felt a punch on his shoulder for that one.

'Maybe playing clueless wasn't the right move there.'

"The one we've been talking about obviously. You guys got along super well even from the get go."

"If getting along was the only condition for getting into a relationship then I wonder why everyone isn't in a relationship."

"I obviously know that that isn't all there is to it but…"

"But?" Percy fished out.

"Nah. You'll figure it out."

Shrugging his shoulders at her cryptic statement, Percy decided that it was time get home.

"Oh well. Fun talking to you Pinky but I'm gonna head on back home. I feel like I'm about to drop."

"See you tomorrow water boy!"

Percy waved a hand in response as he walked away to the gates.

His phone vibrated on the table next to his bed. He was just about to go to sleep from having nothing better to do. Picking up the phone, Percy saw the notification flashing on the screen. Deciding that sleep could be put on hold for a bit, Percy pressed on the notification.

Eijiro Kirishima: Hey!

Looks like water boy's here now!

Percy Jackson: Oh… Not you too

Gods damn it Pinky why couldn't you have picked something better if you were going to give me a nickname?!

Mina Ashido: Life's tough

Deal with it

Hehe ;)

Percy Jackson: You know what

All of you can just call me Percy

Unless you're more comfortable calling me Jackson

Anything's better than the nickname Pinky gave me

Mina Ashido: Like Pinky's any better

Tsuyu Asui: So now that water boy's here, seems like only Todoroki and Bakugou are the ones not in the group

Percy Jackson: I just can't catch a break can I?

Kyoka Jirou: Bakugou and Todoroki don't seem to be the most sociable of people

Denki Kaminari: Bakugou seems to be explosive and Todoroki's just icy

Get it? Coz of their quirks?

Kyoka Jirou: Idiot.

Toru Hagakure: Oof

Not that I don't agree

Those were awful puns

Denki Kaminari: I am just not appreciated

Izuku Midoriya: Don't worry Kaminari-san!

I thought those puns were great!

Percy Jackson: Don't encourage him meteor wannabe

Izuku Midoriya: Meteor wannabe?

Percy Jackson: Don't worry about it

Hanta Sero: Oooooh. Seems like you've got nicknames for everyone water boy!

What's mine?

Percy Jackson: I don't have one for you

Mina Ashido: Ouch

That's rough buddy

Don't worry! You'll get one soon enough!

Right water boy?

Percy Jackson: Sure sure

Toru Hagakure: I think I could hear the indifference in that statement

Hanta Sero:

You're so mean dude

Tenya Iida: I hate to interrupt this bonding moment, but it is getting late and we have school tomorrow. I would think it best for everyone to turn in now.

Denki Kaminari: Oh c'mon Iida

Chill out man

I can practically feel the uptightness

Tenya Iida: We are to be future heroes. We should get proper rest so that we can perform at maximum efficiency.

Eijiro Kirishima: Dude you sound like my mom

I do not need a second mom please

One is scary enough as it is

Tenya Iida: I am merely stating the logical course of action.

Of course I am not your mother. I am not even of the same gender.

Percy Jackson: Right then

You guys continue on with your 'fun' conversation

I'm checking out

See you guys tomorrow!

Exiting the messenger app and putting his phone on silent mode, Percy made his way under his blue covers. Turning off the lamp by his bed, darkness welcomed him not long after.


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