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Staring at the vast area of water in front of him, Percy felt completely relaxed. Maybe it was due to his quirk that he felt comfortable near any large bodies of water but there wasn't really any viable way to prove that.

The beach he was currently sitting at was, at least until a month ago filled to the brim with trash. Looking at it now, no one would know that it had once been a complete junkyard.

'Gotta make sure to thank whoever did that.'

Standing up and patting his pants to get rid of any lingering sand, Percy made his way back to the modest apartment that he and his mom called home. It wasn't large. Just a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms, but when you have only two people living in it then it's more than enough.

"Mom! I'm back!"

Percy could see his mom on the sofa typing away on her laptop.

'Probably working on her new book.'

His mom looked up from what she was doing before pointing to the kitchen.

"Food's ready. You can go eat now if you want to, I'll just finish up this chapter."

Making his way to his mom he kissed her on the forehead before making his way to his room to change to his comfy home clothes. After changing into a baggy hoodie and some sweatpants, Percy made his way to the kitchen.

"Any chance that you made blue cookies?"

"You and your blue cookies." He could hear his mom chuckling from where he was.

"It's in the oven, but make sure you eat your actual food first Percy."

"Yes! Thanks mom you're the best!"

Looking at the table in the kitchen he could see the curry that his mom had cooked up. After getting some rice from the rice cooker, chopsticks and a spoon from the drawer, Percy made his way to the table to eat. It was delicious as usual.

Not long after his mom was sitting at the table with him eating.

"So Percy,"

That was bad. Percy heard the teasing edge in her voice.

"how was your first week of school? Meet any cute girls?"

Now this would normally be the time in anime that the character would cough up a storm and blush madly while stuttering that nothing like that had happened at all. Too bad this wasn't an anime.

"First week was pretty cool, though it's pretty exhausting since we still have to go to regular classes too."

Clear to say, Percy tried to avoid the second question completely. Keyword here being tried.

"You didn't answer my second question."

"What second question?"

Rule #42 in Percy's life. When faced with a question that one didn't want to answer, act clueless about it. Sadly his mom was way used to his tactics to be fooled by it.

"C'mon Percy!" He could hear the whine in her voice.

"I just wanna know. I'm a curious and invested parent."

'Great! Now she's pouting. I never should've showed her anime. She's learned too many tricks to use against me."

"Fine! There's this girl in class."

"Oooooooh. What's her name?"

"Momo Yaoyorozu."

"Ok! So when are you going to ask her out?"

Now the anime moment arrived. Percy choked a bit on his food before drinking some water to wash it down. After recomposing himself, Percy answered his mom.

"I'm not going to ask her out."

"Why not?"

"First of all, I barely know her. Second of all, she's way out of my league. So yeah."

He could hear his mom sigh but for what reason he didn't know. Looking up, he could see her giving him a smile.

"Oh well then. You'll figure it out sooner or later."

'What the Hades does she mean by that?'

Percy was soon distracted by the smell of deliciously baked cookies. He could think more on what his mom said later, but right now, the cookies were calling for him.

Did Percy ever say that he didn't like attention. Well he really wasn't liking it now. The reason being the mics being shoved in his face and the unrelenting number of question thrown his way.

"How is it having All Might as a teacher?"

"Is All Might strict as a teacher?"

"Is it true that All Might has a child in the hero class and that's why he took up a teaching position?"

Percy might have been inclined to answer the first two question but the third one was just full plain old gossip.

'How do these reporters come up with these ideas in the first place?'

Thankfully he was spared the attention by his homeroom teacher coming to his rescue. Well it wasn't really a rescue when said teacher just waved a hand to indicate for him to just walk towards the gate. Shrugging at that, Percy made his way through everyone to reach the gates, which shut emphatically behind him.

He could hear the sounds of protest from the reporters behind him but he paid it no mind and let his teacher deal with it and just made his way to class.

Apparently everyone else had also got caught up in the sea of reporters outside because all of them were talking about it as he made his way to his seat in class.

"Hey water boy! Did they catch you too?" Due to the class being extremely full of noise, he didn't know who said that until said someone smacked him in the back.

'Ah! Must be Kirishima then.'

"Yeah they did. Luckily Aizawa-sensei saved me before I did something drastic to get out of there."

Said teacher, made his way into the class and the conversation ended before it started.

The chatter all around the room died down with his entrance too.

"Good. All of you are getting more rational by the day."

Percy could see that the compliment didn't reduce the tension in the class that was present as soon as Aizawa-sensei had entered. The reason being that this particular teacher had given them tons of pop quizzes to test their rationalities. Or at least that was his reasoning for it. Percy was of the opinion that the man was just a sadist.


'If someone had a butter knife right now, I bet they would be able to cut through this tension.'

"You will be picking class representatives."

'Ok that was way more normal than expected.'

The tense atmosphere in the air had all but disappeared as Percy could see everyone let out a sigh of relief. The chatter picked up heavily after that. Aizawa-sensei didn't seem to mind this time.

'At the rate we're going at I don't think this is going to be over anytime soon.'

Percy saw that Iida suddenly stood up in his robotic manner in the midst of all this.

"Everyone be quiet. A position as important as this should be left in the hands of the people. With that said, I propose that we hold a vote to solve this in a democratic manner."

"But isn't everyone just going to vote for themselves?" That was Kirishima.

"But this is a perfect idea Kirishima-san. The person who has the most votes would be the best choice out of all of them because they got a vote that weren't their own votes." That was Midoriya.

Percy saw everyone nodding along with that logic. It made sense.

"Aizawa-sensei! Are you ok with this?"

"Do what you want. Wake me up when it's over."

With that encouraging statement, Iida started handing out papers for people to write names on.

'Wonder who I should vote on. I would like the chance to lead the class but the attention that would get would be a major turn off. Momopedia seems to be a better idea. She's someone who's responsible, at least from what I've seen so far. Speedy would also be a good choice but he seems a bit too uptight for my taste. The others don't seem responsible enough. Maybe meteor wannabe would also be a good choice though I don't think he has the confidence needed for the job. Oh well. Guess I'm going with Momopedia.'

With the decision made, Percy gave his piece of paper to Iida to collect. The others finished not long after he did.

As expected, Percy could see that most people voted for themselves. What wasn't expected was the actual winners of the votes.

Percy Jackson- 4

Momo Yaoyorozu- 3

Izuku Midoriya- 2

'How the Hades did I manage to get 4 votes?'

Looking closely at the results of the votes, he could see that several names were missing from the list.

'So Uraraka, Kirishima, Todoroki, Speedy, Asui, and Pinky all voted for someone else huh. Real unexpected.'

He could see a rain cloud form over Iida's head at the result shown.

'Is that actually even possible? Guess he really must've wanted that position. Or maybe it's due to the fact that he didn't even get a single vote?'

Percy was broken from his musings on Iida's current predicament when his homeroom teacher cleared his throat, apparently awake now.

"Right. Jackson and Yaoyorozu will be your class reps. Since Jackson had more votes, he'll be the class president and Yaoyorozu the vice president. With all of that over with, I'll hand you brats over to your next teacher."

Aizawa-sensei left the class while rubbing his eyes like he was still trying to be waking up.

'Man that guy must be one of the laziest people I've ever met.'

"So Momopedia, who'd you vote?"

It was currently lunch time and Percy was sitting in what was quickly becoming what he could say was his circle of friends. It consisted of Momo, Kirishima, Mina, and himself. A small group but more friends than he had in any of his previous schools.

"I voted for you seaweed brain. Class 1-A could use a powerhouse as one of its leaders. Bakugou-san was out of contention from the start because of reasons that we all know by now. Midoriya-san still doesn't have a handle on his power and he's way too shy to actually lead. Todoroki-san is as cold as his quirk. You were the obvious option.'

"Oooh! Oooh! I also voted for you water boy! You're like the most social out of all of them! You can easily connect better with the rest of the class!"

"You're a man's man water boy! Only the manliest man should lead the manliest class!"

Percy could see the logic with Momo's and Kirishima's statement. Not to toot his own horn, but Percy did consider himself one of the more powerful in class. Mina's reasoning was more out of left field. Percy didn't associate himself with the word social. How could one who had no friends before this be considered social? Then he finally realized why he didn't want the position in the first place which made him feel like dropping his head onto the table in front of him. Sadly there wasn't any space due to all the food.

'Well I guess compared to the rest of the field I would be considered the most approachable one. Aside from the meteor wannabe obviously." Percy thought to himself as he looked to the table Midoriya was sat at. He was surrounded by what he dubbed as the Midoriya Protection Squad. It consisted of Uraraka, Iida, and Asui and obviously Midoriya himself.

'Though the attention is gonna be such a drag. Wait. It's just a class position right. There's no way that I'm gonna get that much attention from this. It's probably going to be just limited to the class right. Yeah, yeah. Calm down Percy. Everything's gonna be ok.' Percy felt a foreboding feeling down his back like he had just triggered a flag.

"Who did you vote for water boy? I bet it was Yaomomo wasn't it? Right, right, right?"

"Yeah I voted for Momopedia. I mean she is the one with the brains and the quirk to do the plans the brains come up with. Not to mention that she's probably the most responsible one in class. Well aside from Speedy who I think would benefit from a nice relaxing dip in a hot spring. He's way too stiff!"

Percy noticed that Momo's cheeks had turned red as he stated the reasoning behind his decision but before he could comment further on it, what he recognized as the alarm bell started ringing out.

Needless to say, everyone panicked. Percy grabbed someone just as they were rushing past his table.

"What's going on?"

"It's a code three alarm. It means that the school has been breached and we all have to evacuate!"

Percy let the guy go back to running on his way out of the lunch hall.

'Man for a hero school, they sure are quick to run when the alarm rings. Someone might get stampeded on though if this continues and that's no good."

Percy noticed that his group was seated close to a window and looked out. Where there was supposed to be a gate before, now was just full of a wave of reporters. He could already see his homeroom teacher and Present Mic handling the situation, so he decided that calming down the mess in the hall was the most pressing issue.

"Momopedia, think you can make me a megaphone?"

A megaphone was handed to him not long after.

Turning it on, Percy stood up on table and spoke into it.

"Everyone calm down. It's just reporters trying to get into the school. The teachers are already handling it so start acting like students of U.A.. Calm down and get out in a nice organized manner so nobody gets injured."

With those words said, Percy saw everybody start to calm down and follow what the protocols dictated calmly.

"Man Prez! Way to handle the situation!" Percy looked towards Mina and nodded his thanks for the compliment before motioning that they should follow suit with what all the others were doing.

Percy didn't mention that there were no remains of the gates left at the wake of the reporters. No need to cause even more panic.

School was dismissed early after the whole reporter fiasco and Percy found himself with nothing to do for the rest of the day. Normally he would feel fine either lazing around or just exercising to keep himself occupied during his free time, but he decided that another option for today was fine too, which was how he found himself hanging out with his gang of friends. Although what they were going to do, he had absolutely no clue.

"So what are we actually doing?"

"Hold on for a minute water boy. I'm thinking." Mina who Percy had deemed as the socialite in the group was left to deal with their plans for the day.

"Pinky thinking? I've only known you for a week but even I know that this must be something extremely rare." Percy said. He received a light glare in response.

"I got it! We're going to the arcade!"

'An arcade huh. Can't say I've been to one recently. Can't even remember the last time I went.'

"Oh! We can use my credit card!"

'Are Momopedia's eyes sparkling? She seems so bubbly.' Physical reactions aside, Percy let what Momo said sink in before Kirishima beat him to the punch in saying it.

"Woah! A credit card? I only get allowance from my parents!"

Momo looked abashed for a moment before quickly recovering due to Mina's interference.

"C'mon then! Fun waits for no one!"

With that said, Percy looked on as a flustered Momo was dragged away by an extremely excited Mina in the direction of what Percy assumed to be the arcade.

"I guess we should be following them right?" Percy asked to an empty space.

"C'mon water boy! Pick up the pace or we're gonna start without you!"

Kirishima apparently had gotten the head start on him as he was observing the girls leaving.

"Gods damn it. I'm going to make them change that stupid nickname one way or another. There must be something cooler than water boy." He muttered to himself as he ran to catch up with his group of friends.

The arcade was much fun but that was yesterday and today was tomorrow, and Aizawa-sensei had just dropped a bomb on the class.

"Today we're going to have a rescue simulation. You're allowed to wear your costumes, but some costumes could be a hindrance in this particular situation. I believe that you are rational enough to make the right decision. Now get ready quick. We're riding a bus and the place is pretty far.

Percy decided that he was going to use his costume. It was of no way going to be a hindrance to him in any particular assignment. It was after all designed to maximize the use of his quirk. Grabbing the briefcase that contained it, Percy quickly went to the locker rooms to change. After a couple of minutes he made his way back out. The rest of the class followed soon after.

Soon enough they found themselves in front of the bus where Iida was busy trying to get the class organized. Percy took a peek in the bus then tapped Iida on the shoulder. Seeing that he got the mechanical boy's attention, Percy spoke up.

"Yo Speedy. There's no point in trying to organize the seats. It's not arranged in the way that you think it is. I just checked it."

"No wonder you are the class representative Jackson-san! You managed to analyze the situation before actually doing anything, just like during the reporter break in. I will strive to be more like you Jackson-san!" He then bowed at what seemed to be a perfect ninety degree angle.

"Hey, hey. It's not that big a deal Speedy." Percy said while rubbing the back of his head.

'Man, what's with this guy? He takes things way too seriously. I'm pretty sure I've said this a lot but a chill pill would really do him some good.'

"Anyways, everybody get on board. Just don't stampede on anyone on the way."

With that said, everybody boarded on the bus with Aizawa-sensei following soon after. It wasn't a surprise to Percy that as soon as his sensei was on board, he immediately tried to fall asleep.

'I swear to the gods that if he says "troublesome" I'd mistake him as a character from Naruto.'

Percy found himself seated next to Momo up in front which honestly he didn't really mind.

"So seaweed brain," She said grabbing his attention.

"I've never really gotten to ask you, but what kind of hero do you want to be? Do you want to be a rescue hero like the Wild Wild Pussycats or do you picture yourself as more of an All Might combat type hero?"

To be completely honest, Percy had never really thought about what kind of hero he wanted to be. He just wanted to be someone that could help to the best of his ability no matter the situation, so that's exactly what he said.

"I just want to be someone who can help in every kind of situation. I don't really care if I never get to have epic fights or anything. As long as I can help people than I'll be happy with that."

"But man water boy! With your quirk, I bet the fights you have will be absolutely manly! It would probably be just as manly as mine!"

"Thanks Kirishima but like I said, just helping out would be enough for me."

"Speaking of quirks," Someone cut into the conversation. A voice that Percy didn't instantly recognize which meant that he probably hadn't conversed as much with this person. He really should. After all he was class rep. Didn't that mean that he had to at least get to know all of his classmates and not just a select few.

Looking towards the voice, Percy saw that it came from the girl with frog like features, Tsuyu Asui.

"Midoriya-san. Your quirk is very similar to All Might's quirk although he doesn't break his bones when he uses it."

Percy saw that the green haired boy's face had the deer caught in headlights look on it. At that precise moment he remembered the question that one reporter had asked him.

'Could meteor wannabe actually be… Naaaah. That would be way too crazy wouldn't it. Or maybe not? Nope. Not even gonna think about it. It's none of my business anyway.'

Percy could faintly hear the sound of the green haired boy denying the accusations hurriedly and the sound of screaming in the back which could only mean that Bakugou had exploded in fury again.

"How about you Momopedia? What kind of hero do you want to be? With your kind of quirk and smarts, I bet you would fit into any situation."

"I don't know either. I'm the exact same as you. I just want to be helpful wherever I can. If that's by staying out of the fight and assisting on the sidelines then that's fine. But if I'm needed to fight then I won't hesitate either."

"Well then. I'll look forward to the day that we're able to work together Momopedia." Percy stated with a grin while nudging her with his shoulder.

"Likewise seaweed brain."

The rest of the bus ride was spent just chatting about everyday things and getting to know everybody else. Percy found out some interesting stuff and stuff that he would rather not know about his classmates. But hey, at least he was getting to know his classmates as a good class rep should.

"Welcome to the Unforeseen Simulation Joint or the USJ in short." Said a heroine in a spacesuit. The Space Hero: Thirteen.

'Hmmm. I'm pretty sure that name is not accidental. Does that count as copyright?'

"I am Thirteen and I will be your supervisor today along with All Might." Just then Percy saw his lazy homeroom teacher whisper something to the heroine and held out three fingers.

'Wonder what that means.'

"It seems that All Might will not be able to join us today due to being on patrol at the moment. Crime never rests after all. Anyways, here you will be learning to use your quirks in all kinds of rescue situations." Thirteen hands gestured to the mayhem that was behind her. Buildings on fire. Percy could also see mountains in the distance and what seemed to be ruins of a city and many other disastrous in nature situations.

"Your quirks can be helpful with the right amount of control. Take my quirk, Black Hole, for example. With my quirk I can easily remove debris and rescue people under them easily, but if I didn't have the amount of control I did, I could just easily harm the people that I was trying to save."

Percy could see her point. A quirk like Bakugou's for example could be extremely useful in rescue situations. He could easily blow up the debris trapping a person but he could just as easily let out an explosion that could hurt people in the process.

"That is why today we will be learning to improve control over your quirks. Now-"

The teacher was cut off from continuing when Percy and apparently everyone else felt a chill in the air that wasn't there moments earlier.

Out of nowhere, a portal suddenly appeared in the plaza and Percy saw people stepping out.

'Something tells me that this wasn't a planned situation.'

He was proven correct when Aizawa-sensei stepped forth with his scarf ready for battle.

"Class. This isn't a drill. Those are living breathing villains. Thirteen, get them out of here and notify the others. I'll hold them back."

That was the last thing Percy heard before his teacher jumped down to engage in combat with the huge number of villains.

'Well shit. This is going to be a long day isn't it?' A flag was definitely triggered then.


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