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"C'mon kids. You heard your teacher. We're getting out of here." Thirteen stated authoritatively.

"Thirteen-sensei! You can't be serious. Aizawa-sensei is down there fighting on his own against God knows how many villains. We should be helping him!"

"Don't worry. Your sensei is much more reliable than he seems to be."

Percy understood Midoriya's sentiments but as he looked down at what was now a battlefield, Percy could see that his homeroom teacher was much more than holding his own. There wasn't an ounce of laziness that could usually be found in his demeanor. Percy could also hear Kaminari say something about how the signals were jammed and that nothing was being transmitted out towards the school.

'Looks like help isn't coming unless we get out of here and get it ourselves.'

"I don't like it any better than you meteor wannabe, but Thirteen-sensei's right here. We have little to no experience in these situations. Getting the help of the other heroes is the best plan that we've got here. The sooner the better."

"I'm afraid that I can't let you do that. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Kurogiri and I am part of the League of Villains. We are here to kill the Symbol of Peace, All Might, so if you might be so kind as to inform me of his whereabouts."

Percy turned towards the unfamiliar voice, only to see the villain who he assumed had created the portal in the first place. Percy could hear the nervous whispers and the tense atmosphere around him. After all, the villain had just made a rather bold claim. Killing the Symbol of Peace.

'They must have some sort of plan, otherwise this would've been just plain suicide if All Might had actually been here.'

Percy could practically feel it before anything happened. Just as he expected a large explosion boomed out along with a loud yell.


'Gods damn it Bakugou. We don't know what that guy is actually capable of, but at least you've got the others out of their nervous funk.' As Percy looked around him, the nervous aura that had previously surrounded the group had all but disappeared with Bakugou's actions.

Apparently, Bakugou managed to do damage to the villain since the villain was launched away from where he was standing.


That was apparently enough to spur the rest of the class into action, because others immediately jumped into action to confront the villain. Percy was one of the few who stayed behind observing the situation.

He could see Thirteen-sensei moving her hands.

'She's probably going to use her quirk for a distraction.'

A distraction that proved deadly to herself because just as the black hole appeared behind the villain, a portal suddenly opened up behind her, teleporting the black hole to hit Thirteen in the back, ripping straight through her space suit.


Just as Thirteen went down, suddenly a wave of darkness covered all of them and Percy suddenly found himself standing alone surrounded by a group of villains in the burning city earlier.

'This just isn't my day is it?'

Around him were villains with bats, knives, blades, and all sorts of other weapons. From the looks of them, Percy decided they were probably the cannon fodder.

'Quantity over quality it seems. This fire isn't going to help any with my quirk here. It's gonna take up much more energy to just keep the water in liquid form. Oh well. Beggars can't be choosers can they.'

"So, are we just going to stand here or are you going to beat me up?"

With the rhetorical question asked, the villains charged. Percy wasted no time forming some water baseball bats before charging right back at them.

'Five villains. All of them apparently close range fighters if they're just charging at me. The others are just standing back. Long range fighters maybe?'

Just as he thought that, Percy's instincts screamed at him to jump to the left which is exactly what he did. A flame had hit the place where he was going to run to previously.

'Just great. I'm stuck in a city of flames with a villain who has pyrokinesis.'

Continuing his charge, Percy met the wave of villains head on, all the while dodging the flames that seemed intent to find a way to hit him. The thing with Percy's water bats in this case was that it was using pure blunt force trauma to knock out his opponents. He wasn't aiming to kill here. It would've been much easier with water blades since he had to exert more power into his swings to incapacitate the henchmen with the bats.

Forming an X with his bats, Percy managed to block the bat that was aimed at his head. Sliding right under the wide open legs of the guy, Percy swung his right bat right where the sun don't shine before dodging rolling to the right to avoid the flames yet again.

'I have to find the guy with that annoying quirk. I can't fight as freely like this.'

Quickly scanning his surroundings, Percy looked at the group of villains who hadn't charged and saw one who seemed like he was being guarded by the others.

Jumping forward to avoid the flames heading towards him once again, Percy charged forward once again before stopping. Dropping one of his bats, Percy expended a considerable amount of energy that formed his usual giant water hand. Grabbing the guy with the hand, Percy swung him around, knocking away the others guarding the guy and knocking out the person in question.

'Right. Time to clean up.'

Percy ran towards the villains who were still dazed from being knocked away by the giant water hand, and knocked them out quickly before refocusing once more on the now remaining four villains who had charged him originally. They were now looking at him more warily after seeing what he could actually do.

"What? Four villains can't take down a guy who's just been in the Hero Program for just a short while?"

That didn't do the trick because the villains refused to charge at him again.

"Oh. You guys seem to be a bit smarter than most henchman. But if you won't charge at me, then I'm coming at you!"

Running straight at the group of four, Percy ducked under the swing of one blade before jumping straight through the middle of two blades that were coming at him from over and under. Landing with a roll, Percy dropped his remaining water blade before forming two huge water fists. He was visibly panting now. The environment that he was fighting in wasn't conducive in the use of his quirk. He had to finish this quickly.

Focusing, Percy sent both fists flying at the two villains who had attempted to bisect him and sent them flying a good distance. He was sure that they were out for the count. Recalling his fists, Percy charged once more at the last remaining villains who had once again enlarged the distance between them.

Once he was within range, he sent one of the fists flying once again, knocking one villain out, and grabbed the other. He needed information. Taking a moment to assess his remaining energy levels, Percy decided that he had enough at the moment to do what he was going to do.

Bringing along the captured villain to the outskirts of the burning zone where the heat was no longer a factor, Percy froze the water hand before taking a breather. Safe to say, Percy wasn't in a hurry to experience fighting in a fire filled area again. After a few seconds of deep breaths, Percy approached the villain who was encased within the giant ice hand.

"What's your plan?" Percy questioned in a no nonsense sort of tone with a deadly glare in his eyes.

"Fuck you!" The fist tightened around the villain at this answer, causing him to let out a whimper.

"You know how easy it would be to just crush you at this point? If you don't give me an answer I like, I think I might be inclined to tighten this a bit more. Percy wasn't one for torture but right now, his class was in danger and one of his teachers could possibly be injured. He wasn't in the mood to take his time. The villain apparently recognized the serious tone in Percy's voice and spilled the beans.

"L-l-look. I don't know the exacts of the plan. I'm just a grunt. All Kurogiri said was that we should stand by our given stations and take care of any brats that appear."

"How are they planning to kill All Might?"

"I d-d-don't know man. All they promised was a huge sum of money and that's all I needed to know. "

Feeling that the man was telling the truth, Percy knocked the man out with a quick chop to the neck before making the ice evaporate.

'So the others are in the other areas. I don't think they know any of our quirks either if they didn't send someone like Todoroki out here. I trust the others enough that they can handle themselves against villains like these. I gotta get to Aizawa-sensei. If all the henchmen are in the different zones, then the mastermind must be in the middle of this. In other words, Aizawa-sensei's location.'

With his course of action decided, Percy made his way towards the central plaza as quick as he could. Once he reached it, he hid behind a bush that allowed him to look at whatever was currently going on over there. It wasn't looking so good.

'Aizawa-sensei looks completely exhausted and it's not his usual exhausted look either. His eyes are bloodshot. Due to overuse of his quirk maybe. Not mention whatever happened with his arm. On the bright side, it seems like the henchmen are finished.'

Then Percy's eyes drifted towards the two remaining figures besides Aizawa-sensei that were still standing. A guy with multiple hands on his face and another who Percy didn't even know where to begin in describing the thing. It had a dark muscular humanoid body and head with what seemed to be a birds beak in place of its mouth but that wasn't even the weirdest thing about it. The most peculiar thing about it was that its brain was exposed for the world to see.

'How is that thing even alive?'

Percy blinked and the thing proved that it was actually alive since it now had Aizawa-sensei's head in its hand and was smashing his teacher over and over into the ground.

'How fast is that fucking thing?'

Percy watched the gruesome scene as he shook. Aizawa-sensei was as good as dead if nobody came to help. The arrival of Kurogiri at the plaza along with the reaction of the hand guy to whatever Kurogiri had said to him had given him a bit of hope that maybe somebody had managed to escape and call for some actual help, but seeing Aizawa-sensei's current situation, it was obvious to him that the help wasn't going to come quick enough. So against all the alarm bells ringing in his head to get out of there, Percy charged out onto the plaza.

Quickly forming his giant water hand, Percy grabbed the thing, which let go of Aizawa-sensei in surprise at being grabbed suddenly, and tossed it as far as he could. Apparently he wasn't the only one with that idea because some of his classmates soon appeared on the scene as well.

"Asui get Aizawa-sensei out of here!"

Giving a ribbit of affirmation, Tsuyu wrapped her tongue carefully around Aizawa-sensei and hopped away. Not a moment too soon as the thing quickly returned. Percy hardly any time to react, but with the limited time he had, he managed to conjure up a huge wall of water that managed to slow down the thing's punch just enough for Midoriya, who had also jumped out with Tsuyu, to completely hold off its power and knock it back some.

"Midoriya! You good enough to keep fighting? We've got to hold this thing off until the heroes get here."

He saw Midoriya grimace in pain but gave him a nod anyway.

"Nomu! Kill those brats!"

Percy managed to hear that before he was forced to put up another huge water wall to slow down the earth shattering punch that the now named Nomu let out. He saw Midoriya punch the Nomu once more but this time it didn't so much as flinch.

Percy saw as Midoriya was grabbed and thrown away into the distance. Knowing that staying in one spot here was a death sentence, Percy ran as fast as he could to another spot.

'I can't deal straight up damage to that thing. Midoriya's punches should have been enough to at least break some bones in its body but it didn't even look like it was in pain.'

"PERCY!" He heard somebody shout out before he felt a massive pain on his back and all he saw was black.

Percy woke up to find himself in what seemed to be a desolate piece of land. He couldn't see any living thing around him. All he could see was what seemed to be red dirt and some sort of river in front of him. Then suddenly a figure shimmered to view in front of him.

"Perseus Jackson. I have been expecting you."

Percy was on guard immediately. He didn't know the person in front of him personally but one distinct feature on the person immediately lit up the proverbial light bulb in his head. An arrow straight through the heel.


"Ah. I see that you know of me Perseus."

"But how? And where in the name of the gods am I? The last thing I remember was fighting that Nomu thing and now I suddenly wake up here? What the Hades is going on?"

Achilles simply raised an eyebrow at him, before Percy recalled the excruciating pain he had experienced before he lost consciousness.

"I died didn't I."

"You did but at the same time you didn't." Achilles replied cryptically.

"Take a seat young Perseus, there is much that needs to be explained.

"PERCY!" Momo shouted as she managed to catch sight of the Nomu going straight for Percy while he wasn't looking. Sadly her warning was for naught, because she could see as Percy's body was launched away at an extremely high speed before it hit a tree, knocking it down.

Just from the sound of the hit alone, Momo knew that there wasn't a chance of someone surviving that. Her body started to shake in fear as she collapsed to her knees. If one of the strongest people in her class was killed just like that, what chance did she stand against that kind of force of nature.

Just as she was thinking those dreary thoughts, the sounds of an explosion and ice forming sounded out from the plaza. Looking back towards the plaza, she saw that Bakugou and Todoroki, along with a now back in action Midoriya were trying as best as they could to hold off the Nomu. Momo's eyes then gained a determined glint in them. If this was a hopeless fight, then at least she would go down swinging. Back in the area of fallen trees, Percy's broken body started glowing golden.

"What do you mean Achilles? How am I dead and not dead at the same time?"

"Your destiny is all but just beginning Perseus. I trust that you know all about Greek mythology Perseus."

Percy gave a hesitant nod in response. Seeing that, Achilles continued on.

"Long ago in the time before the existence of quirks, all of Greek mythology was real. The gods, the Titans, the Primordials, the monsters. Everything was real."

Percy tried to let that information sink in. It wasn't as hard as he thought. In a world where quirks existed, anything seemed possible, so why not Greek myth.

"Wait you said long ago. Does that mean that Greek myth doesn't exist now?"

Achilles gave him a small smile.

"Perseus. Greek myth has all but disappeared."

"But how? Aren't gods supposed to be immortal and all that?"

"The belief of man is a powerful thing Perseus. Mankind stopped believing when quirks started to become more common in society. When quirks became the norm, the gods had all but faded. They had just a fragment of their former power over their domains. With the gods starting to disappear from reality, so did Greek mythology."

Percy stared at Achilles in disbelief.

"Wait a minute. If Greek myth has all but disappeared, then how are you here?"

"I am getting to that. The gods knew that they were fading and with it everything that they represented. The gods made a last request to the Fates. A dying wish if you would like. Some way to let their legacy live on so they could fade while still having the belief that they had left their mark in this world. In a world now full of quirks, the Fates combined the gods remaining power and all of what remained of their pantheon into a quirk. I think you can guess where I am going with this."

"I have that quirk don't I?"

"Yes, you do."

"But I don't get it Achilles. If the Greek pantheon faded, then how did the Fates manage to do what they did?"

"The Fates are tied to the core of the world Perseus. No matter what happens, unless reality is somehow destroyed, then the Fates will not fade."

"Ok fine. You've told me all of this but you still haven't told me what you're doing here in the first place."

"The Fates assigned me to be your guide Perseus."

Seeing Percy raise an eyebrow in question, Achilles decided to further elaborate.

"When the Fates created the quirk you have, along with it came a prophecy. Although as of this moment you are not yet prepared to hear it. Your powers are much more than you imagine them to be Perseus. With your death at this moment, you have unlocked the second aspect of your quirk."

"How many aspects does my quirk actually have?" Percy decided to tuck away the prophecy thing for a later time.

"That I do not know. You have great power within you Perseus. Power that a mortal body cannot contain. If it tried to, then it would simply disintegrate. This second aspect is the key to unlock the rest although it is a gradual process."

"Then what do I have to do?"

Achilles gave him as mile that seemed pitying in nature.

"Simply step into the river and imagine one point on your body that will tie you to the mortal plane Perseus."

Percy had a sinking feeling in his gut. He knew what this river was the second that Achilles said he had to imagine one point on his body.

'The quirk I have can't be contained by a mortal body. What better way to solve that problem than just to make it invincible huh?'

Percy looked towards Achilles questioningly.

"Will this hurt?"

"More than you can imagine."

"Right, right. Way to sell me on this Achilles."

Achilles let out a chuckle before looking at something in the distance. Something that Percy couldn't see.

"You better hurry Perseus. Your friends need you now more than ever."

That was all Percy needed before he submerged himself into the River Styx.

Excruciating pain. That was all Percy felt as he was received back into the world of the living. Safe to say, he didn't want a repeat of that again. Then realizing what was happening at the moment, Percy formed a giant water hand and pushed the tree, that was currently pinning him down, off of him. Feeling better than ever, Percy made his way to where he could hear the sounds of battle.

He made it just in time to see Bakugou being thrown straight at Todoroki, who had his left side partially covered in frost, by the Nomu. Momo was trying to provide as much support as she could while guarding Midoriya who had both arms broken. The situation was grim and the sight of the people he was responsible over hurt angered Percy more than anything. Around him a massive storm started to form, his emotions fueling his quirk.

It was enough of an attention grabber that everybody's eyes were immediately on him. His classmates eyes widened like they had just seen a ghost. The villain with the hands on his face was muttering something while angrily scratching at his neck. Meanwhile the Nomu just looked at him passively.

Percy's eyes met Momo's and he tilted his head towards the direction that he assumed that the rest of the class was at while mouthing out the word "go". Momo looked hesitant for a second before nodding and seemed to argue with Bakugou and Todoroki for a few seconds before both of them grudgingly nodded and helped Midoriya away. Since the villain's eyes were still on him, they managed to escape quietly. He could feel Bakugou glaring at him as he made his exit. Percy couldn't blame him, but he didn't know how much control he would have over his powers now. And if worse came to worse, he didn't want anyone to see what he was going to be forced to do.

Percy then started to walk while calmly forming two ice blades out of the water that his personal hurricane was causing. It came way easier than before. Percy could practically feel all the energy circulating around his body, begging to be used.

"You made a mistake coming here today villains, and I'm about to show you why." With that said, Percy seemed to disappear from his place and suddenly appeared right beside the Nomu and cut its left leg off with his ice blade like a hot knife through butter. The Nomu screamed in pain and attempted to hit him, but Percy quickly dodged and observed as the leg regenerated.

'A regeneration quirk and super strength quirk.'

"You may have a hack quirk you brat, but there is no way you can beat this boss. It's meant to kill All Might! There's no way a brat like you will manage to kill it!"

Percy paid the hand guy no mind. 'I wonder how much damage it can take before it stops healing?'

Deciding to test it out, Percy once more charged in. His personal hurricane provided a good distraction so that the Nomu couldn't land a hit on him since it was always being blinded by the harsh water droplets. Dodging the Nomu's random swings, Percy continued to dart around it. He sliced off an arm, slashed its chest multiple times, cut off another leg, and then its other arm.

All of this was done in the span of a few seconds. Percy had no idea how he was moving this fast. All he knew was that his body was just moving on instinct according to what his mind wanted it to do. He simply had to will it and it happened.

Somewhat disappointingly, the Nomu slowly healed all the damage that Percy had caused, leaving Percy staring at it calculatingly.

"I told you brat! There's no way that you can beat Nomu! It's the ultimate weapon!"

Percy once again ignored what the villain had said. Percy was contemplating whether to use his trump card or not.

'It seems that just slicing and dicing it isn't going to work. It'll just heal up from that. I have to finish it off in one go. That power is the only choice I have right now. I swore never to use it again after that time. Its inhumane and no one should be able to wield it, but I don't think I have a choice here.' He noticed that his classmates were now watching the battle from up above, near the entrance. The ones who were able to at least.

'Seems I have an audience after all. Luck just isn't on my side today, but I can't let this thing hurt them anymore than it has already. If they avoid me after this, then so be it. Better off than them dying' Percy thought to himself resignedly as he looked at the place where his classmates were at.

Making his personal hurricane disappear, Percy closed his eyes and focused on his anger. Anger at how weak he was that he could be beaten by a single punch. Anger at how he had to watch as his teacher was beaten down. Anger at how this thing had hurt his classmates. Anger at how he was being forced to use this inhumane power. He could feel the energy within him swirling angrily, begging to be let out.

"HAHA! So the brat has finally given up! Nomu finish him!"

And just as Nomu sped off in a charge at Percy, Percy opened his eyes, sea green glowing eerily.


With one single word, the Nomu fell to its knees as if gravity had tripled down on it. At the same time, a trickle of blood flowed out of Percy's nose and Percy could feel a slight ringing sensation in his head.

"Nomu! What are you doing! Kill that brat now!" Percy could see that the villain was in full on panic at the moment, scratching at his neck like a madman. Percy grinned. With the blood flowing down and the green glow in his eyes, Percy looked like a demon straight out of urban legends.

"I told you it was a mistake to attack us. Now see what I do to your precious ultimate weapon." Percy said in a voice that was deeper than it was before. The sound of it along with the presence Percy was exuding could've made a lesser man lose control of all bodily functions.

Percy made a motion with his hands and suddenly the Nomu was screaming. A horrendous scream that would be the cause of nightmares to whoever heard it. Blood was now coming out of Percy's eyes. The ringing sensation in his head was getting more powerful and causing him massive amounts of pain, but Percy was determined to see this to the end.

Then Percy made another motion and the Nomu fell, now just a shriveled husk, just in time for All Might to burst through the doors with no smile present on his face. Percy didn't notice.

"YOU CHEATER!" Percy heard the villains anger filled scream and he couldn't help but feel satisfaction deep within.

"I warned you didn't I. Here's the result." Just as he finished his sentence, the glow in Percy's eyes faded and he fell to his knees completely and utterly exhausted, all the while the ringing in his head persisted, getting stronger and stronger with time.

Percy closed his eyes to try and get the ringing to stop. It provided minor comfort but there were still two villains left standing. Percy opened his eyes to attempt to continue the fight but thankfully All Might had finally made his appearance on the battlefield.

"You have done well young Jackson. I'll handle the rest from here."

And with that, Percy let his eyes shut. His job was done. He managed to protect all of them. He didn't catch the small amount of fear that All Might had in his eyes.

Momo could hear Bakugou cursing up a storm as they made their up to where the others were. Midoriya was currently on Todoroki's back, and Todoroki himself had a grimace on his face. They all had gotten injuries while fighting the Nomu. Midoriya especially since he was the one that provided the pure firepower needed to keep pace with the Nomu. He was the one that got into it up and personal.

When Midoriya went down, they were on their last legs. Bakugou's arms were shaking from overusing his quirk. Todoroki's left side was partially frozen. They couldn't have survived more than a couple of seconds before Percy suddenly made a reappearance in the world of the living.

Momo was absolutely sure that the hit he received had completely totaled his entire body. The sounds of bones snapping and the spurt of blood in the air was all she needed to hear and see, but somehow there he was. Completely injury free and now glowing golden inside the eye of his own personal storm. To be perfectly honest, Momo thought that Percy had looked like a god who had descended from the heavens to deliver his fury.

Then he had looked at her and Momo was paralyzed by mixed feelings of fear and hope. Percy had a look of anger in his eyes that she had never seen before. She knew that it wasn't directed at her, but the intensity in it left her speechless. That intensity was what gave birth to hope, hope that maybe he would be able to end this impossible battle.

Then he had told them to go. Momo hesitated since he had already been killed once in this battle. He had somehow managed to find his way back, she didn't want him to die again. She didn't want to watch helplessly as he died again like before, but something in his gaze said that that wouldn't be the case. Momo put her faith in that.

After arguing for a short moment with Bakugou and Todoroki who still wanted to fight even though they were in no condition to do so, led them to the present time. They had finally reached the top of the staircase where they were greeted by the rest of their grim faced classmates. They laid Midoriya's body down next to Aizawa-sensei's and Thirteen's body. In comparison with what had happened with the teachers, Midoriya's injuries seemed almost tame.

Then Momo made her way along with her other classmates to the edge of a platform where they could view the fight that was currently going on down in the plaza.

Percy was certainly handling himself in battle. He was like a blur in the battlefield. What was once a one sided battle in favor of the beast, was now completely turned on its head, living up to his namesake. Momo could see limbs being cut off, slashes being delivered, and finally Percy reappearing on his side of the battlefield, not even looking the tiniest bit exhausted.

"Damn. Remind me never to get water boy mad. He's just owning that thing over there!"

Momo looked to the side to see the awed looks in the eyes of her classmates and she could understand why. Percy had never shown this kind of power before. It was awe inspiring to see him face what seemed to be insurmountable odds and come up on top.

But then the Nomu had regenerated and despair replaced the growing hope she had.

"Even after all of that, that thing can just regenerate!" Momo could hear the multiple angered responses to what Kirishima had said.

'A case of the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object.'

Then Percy had dropped his personal hurricane and gasps were heard all around.

"God damn it water boy. Guys we've got to get down there!"

Before anybody moved, Bakugou had stated something.

"Something's about to happen. He's not going to just die."

Momo was surprised that Bakugou had managed to say something calmly for once but she couldn't see his point. All she could see that Percy was about to go splat for the second time, and she did not want to see it. Then something in the air changed once again.

The air grew heavier and heavier that it was almost suffocating. Looking around her the others weren't doing much better. Then she heard one word that sent shivers down her spine. A voice that was not human sounding in nature.

Looking down once more, Momo saw that the Nomu was now kneeling before Percy. That voice had come from him. Then the Nomu started screaming. A sound that was just as spine chilling as the voice Percy had spoken with.

Momo didn't know for sure but she had a good idea of what Percy was doing. And what she had come up with terrified her. It obviously showed in her expression because somebody asked her the question. A question that she didn't want to answer.

"Y-y-yaomomo. W-w-what's water boy doing?" Momo heard Mina ask fearfully. She assumed that it was from the screams that the Nomu was letting out. Surveying the rest of her classmates, she saw that they were also listening in to what she was about to say.

"70% of the body is made up out of water. What can Percy control?" She saw some of her classmates faces light up in realization before going back to being confused.

"That explains how he's making that thing kneel before him but how is he causing it to do that?" Kirishima asked while pointing a shaking finger at the still screaming Nomu. Thankfully Momo didn't have to answer the question because Bakugou answered it for her.

"He's evaporating all the water in that thing's body. To do that he needs to boil all the water in that thing's body which is what he's doing." Momo could hear the slight shake in Bakugou's voice but she could also hear the grudging respect it held.

The rest of the class fell silent after that. The screams stopped soon after. The class quickly looked back to see that all that was left of the Nomu was its shriveled husk of a body. There was no recovering from that. All of them were too shell shocked with what had happened to even celebrate All Might's appearance on the battlefield.

Momo didn't want to voice out what Bakugou hadn't said. Percy could've simply just made all that liquid evaporate instantly. He didn't have to prolong its suffering like that.

'Just what's happening to you Percy?'

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