The Cat and the Dragonborn

Note: We all have the fanfic author "Angry lil' elf" to thank for inspiring me to write this chapter. It takes place in the 'Dragonborn Justice rewrite' fanfic universe written by "Angry lil' elf."

Chapter 3: The Jealous Stalker

Selina Kyle slept contently while she rested her naked body on top of the equally naked Dragonborn with the blanket over both of them. Their humping session was so intense they both instantly collapsed from exhaustion when they finished. The size of his dick and the power of his thrusts really did a number on her lower region; he had to heal her just so she could get all the numbness out of her legs.

'I bet that's a handy trick for the ladies' Selina thought.

Selina instantly woke up when she felt like she was being watched and standing right next to the left side of the bed was her favorite costume-wearing vigilante/occasional fling, Batman, who looked even broodier than usual.

Catwoman got off from the bed and stood up, exposing her naked body in the process. While Selina was angry with Batman for acting like a clingy stalker, she couldn't help but poke fun at him "What? Did you enjoy the show, or did you come for your turn?"

Batman looked at Selina angrily, "Why?!"

"Why what?" She replied cheekily.

"You know what I'm talking about! How could you come anywhere near this maniac?"

"Oh! Trust me, there was plenty of cumming tonight," she remarked slyly.

"Didn't I tell you to stay away from the Dragonborn?"

"Yes, but that just made me want to get to know him more, besides, it's not every day I get to meet a man who says "no" to spending a night with me."

Batman said nothing as he continued staring at Selina.

While annoyed at his silence, Selina continued to press his buttons.

"At the very least I learned Lois Lane wasn't lying about the size of his manhood in her article. I might have to do this again. You're not jealous, are you Bruce?"

Batman was silent for a while before saying "Nothing I say or do is going to stop you from going near him again, correct?"

"Nope," she replied bluntly, "This was too much fun to just do only once."

"I'll be watching," he replied before quickly leaving the room.

"Pervert," Selina stated sarcastically then went back to bed, snuggling with the Dragonborn under the sheets.

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