"Come on, Elsa," Anna whined. "He's already had the potion so you might as well take advantage of it."

I glanced at the door nervously. "You said it wears off at exactly 7 pm?" I could feel my heart racing. The chance to tell Jack everything was exciting and yet terrifying all at the same time.

Anna rolled her eyes slightly. "Yes, at 7 pm." She crossed her arms. "I'm trying to help you out, sis. Jack Frost will remain completely and utterly in love with you until 7. After that, he won't remember anything that happened while he was under the potion."

"Why didn't you use a normal love potion? Why love amour?"

Anna's lips curved upwards slightly. "You said you wished you could confess to him without any consequences." She gestured to the door. "Now is your chance."

It really was, wasn't it? I glanced at my watch noticing I had around 10 minutes left. It was now or never.

"Elsa!" Jack shouted as I walked through the door. "I'm so glad you're here!"

I felt myself smiling slightly. Okay, maybe this would be a nice ten minutes. Besides, it's hardly like Jack could get mad at me for this when he constantly played pranks on everyone.

Still, this was almost too good to be true. The lopsided grin Jack wore as he stared at me told me the potion was still in effect. I just wondered if Anna had left a recording device in here.

"A Muffliato Charm wouldn't help," I mumbled to myself, still looking for cameras.

Jack chuckled lightly. "Oh, you're trying to make this conversation private, huh?" Jack got up from the couch he had been sitting on and headed towards me. "I like the sound of that."

I laughed slightly. Jack was naturally flirtatious so he had flirted with me in the past. It was different now though. I knew right now he actually thought he loved me.

"Els, you look so beautiful."

For once, I wasn't in my school robes, just a plain blue dress. I felt my cheeks redden slightly. "Thank you." Now was my chance to finally return the favor.

"You look good too, Jack." Okay, not the best start I could have had. "I just mean that, well, I find you quite attractive."

Jack smirked. "Oh, you do?"

I nodded slightly. "I mean, look at you." I gestured to him. "You're literally perfect."

The smirk had been wiped off of Jack's face and now he was staring at me with a look I couldn't quite place. At least, not until he started leaning in.

I knew I should have pulled away but the amount of time I had fantasized about having his lips on mine overwhelmed me. I just wanted one little taste.

His lips were warmer than I'd thought they'd be, softer too. The kiss itself was gentle and controlled and I loved it. I wanted more though.

I felt myself deepening the kiss, pouring all the passion I had hid from him in it. Glancing at the clock I could see I only had five minutes left and I just needed to know his lips

Jack placed his hands around my waist, pulling me to the couch as we continued making out. Slowly his hand began to drift further down.

"Stop." The word was hesitant to leave my lips. "I'm an awful person. I shouldn't be doing this without your consent and I definitely shouldn't let it go further."

Jack merely pulled me closer. "You have my consent," he whispered in my ear.

I didn't though. Hesitantly, I pulled away from him. "I don't," I told him. "Anna gave you a love potion so that I would confess my feelings for you. You're not in the right state to give consent."

Jack gave me a puzzled expression for a moment. "Amortentia or Love Amour?"

"Oh, um, Love Amour." Had everyone heard of this potion except me? "At 7 you'll forget everything that happened."

"So you only have a few minutes left." Jack positioned himself more comfortably on the couch before patting the spot beside him. "Tell me everything."

Slowly, I took the seat next to him. This is what I came here to do after all. If I couldn't tell him this when I knew it didn't matter, I would never be able to say it to him when it did.

"Jack, I love you." I couldn't look at his face, even if I knew at this moment he loved me too. "I've loved you for so long."

"And you didn't tell me?" He almost sounded hurt but maybe that was the potion talking.

I shook my head slightly. "I always gave myself an excuse. I mean, it seems nearly every girl has a crush on you."

"They're not you though, Els."

I felt myself smile. "I want to remember the way you're looking at me forever. Right now you're staring at me like I'm the most important person to you."

"You are, Els." Jack grabbed my hand. "With or without a potion. Tell me again when this is over and you'll see that."

I couldn't though. "You don't understand, Jack. You can't think clearly right now." I glanced at the clock. Only a minute left. "I can't risk ruining our friendship over this. I also can't hold it in though. That's why Anna set this up. It's so hard seeing you every day and not saying any of this."

Less than a minute. "I dream of you nearly every night as pathetic as it is. I go to quidditch games just to watch you play." I felt myself smiling at all the memories. "I sit at a certain spot at the Ravenclaw table so that I can see you at Slytherin. I work you into every conversation I have so I have an excuse to talk about you. I fix my hair when you come around."

I let out a slight exhale, shaking my head slightly. "Jack Frost, I am hopelessly in love with you." I glanced at the clock again and watched as the seconds passed by. Anna was right; it felt nice to say those things out loud.

Right as the clock was hitting 7, I heard Jack mumble one line. "Tell me again."

I couldn't though, could I?

Jack had fallen over on the couch, his eyes shut. Slowly he seemed to be opening his eyes though. "Els?" He looked around the room in confusion. "Why are we in here?"

"It's kind of a long story." I shrugged.

Jack only laughed. "I have time."

It was funny how mere seconds ago I had been confessing my love to him. That was a moment only I would remember. "What if I told you something you didn't want to know?" I may be the only one who would remember that conversation but that didn't mean we couldn't have a new one.

"Something I don't want to know?" He gave me a puzzled expression before smirking. "I want to know every thought that occurs in that pretty little head of yours."


Jack nodded in return and I wondered if he was right. Could he really promise this without knowing what I was going to say?
"Jack, I-"

"Are you a couple now?" Anna barged into the room. "I figured I'd waited long enough."

I gave her a confused expression. It was past 7. Why would we be a couple? She knew he wasn't under the impression of the potion anymore.

I glanced over at Jack only to realize his eyes were wide as he stared at Anna. He was subtly pointing at the door, trying to tell her something without saying it out loud.

"What's going on?"

"Nothing, Els." Jack seemed to be pleading silently to Anna, urging her to go. "Just continue with what you were saying."

I couldn't though. Something was going on that I didn't understand. "What did you two do?"

"Nothing." Jack shrugged slightly. He was still staring at Anna though.

Anna merely rolled her eyes. "I didn't do it." She raised her hands up in defense. "Well, not alone at least. Sis, you're the best witch here which is why I'm really surprised you didn't realize that-"

"Anna, don't," Jack warned. "You don't have to tell her. It was going to work out without it."

"Oh, a relationship built on lies, huh?" Anna sighed. "You promised we'd tell her when it was over and that's what I'm doing. Love Amour is not a potion; it doesn't exist."

Anna rolled her eyes at Jack before heading out of the room.

I tried to process it all. I knew there had to be a catch. The catch wasn't a camera or some way Anna had to eavesdrop. The catch was the potion never existed to begin with. This was just another one of Jack's stupid pranks meant to humiliate me. "This is too far, Jack." My voice was soft and I knew I was holding back tears.

"What?" He tried to place a hand on my shoulder but I shook it off.

"If you knew that I lo-" I couldn't even say it anymore. He was going to have me say it again, without the so-called potion. "Why would you do this to me?"

He just kept staring at me, a desperation in his eyes I didn't understand. "I thought it'd work out differently."

I shook my head. "I've always been supportive of your pranks but this one is just cruel."

"This wasn't a prank." Jack grabbed my hand, not letting me shake his grip away. "Els, I love you."

I felt my eyes widen before a frown formed on my face. Was there no end to this? "That isn't funny. If you loved me you would have just told me; you wouldn't have tricked me into confessing."

"You're being ridiculous. I just needed to be sure you felt the same way." Jack was still holding my hand and he used it to pull me closer. "Els, trust me."

As soon as those words left his lips, he pulled mine onto his. I wanted to pull away. What he had done was mean. I had said too much to him, going into too much detail. If I had known he would remember it then I wouldn't have said that much.

I paused, realizing the truth. If I had known he would remember it then I wouldn't have said anything at all.

I allowed myself to kiss Jack back and I felt him smile as I did so. This time I didn't feel like I was stealing a kiss from him. I knew I had his complete consent.

"I love you." Jack smiled at me as he broke the kiss. "I always have."

I felt myself smile in return. "I love you too."