"Gods Live Forever"

It was a time of greatness. But the greatness belonged to Thor's brother. He had opened up trade with the wealthiest of all the realms – the Elvish. He was already the older but also more popular than the Defender of Asgard.

"Good morning, honey," Thor said to his wife. He married her because she was beautiful. Sif was considered a goddess through marriage.

For Thor, troubling times were ahead. Dragons of every shape and size plagued the population of mortals in Asgard. Odin was counting on his sons. In the home of Thor, there was no fear. It was different outside.

"Good morning," Sif returned. "Could you please get that…thing out of the baby's area? I don't want him to think it's a toy."

"What thing?" Thor inquired. "Mjolnir?"

She pointed, "Whatever you call it, the hammer."

"Oh," he answered. "After I discovered only I could carry it, I began teaching our son, Magni, to carry it when he's older."

His wife wanted him to eat something before he left home. He did not crave wealth or power. He was rich and powerful in other ways.

The cries of the people were getting louder every day. He would eat his morning bread later. He picked his hammer up and prepared for war. They were suffering from a dragon infestation.

"Do you have to leave now?" his wife asked. His house was the only one spared for some reason. Thor considered his shapeshifting brother, Loki, to be responsible. But he was a skeptic on that one.

Checking his hair out in the mirror, he stated, "My father chose me to defend the Kingdom of Asgard. It's what I was born to do."

"It gets lonely, Thor," she spoke.

Once Thor left the house, Loki assumed the appearance of his brother to take advantage of his wife. It was a violation that turned into an affair.

"Back so soon?" Sif inquired with kisses.

Deep down inside, she knew who she was kissing. She also knew Loki was abusing the power his father gave him, "I forgot to kiss you goodbye."

Dragons picked off the people of the village while they kissed. Thor was the smart one. He knew his brother was a common thief. He was going to save his realm from dragons. He had all the tools needed to do this.

Thor was enjoying his morning bread on a roof. He was witnessing the construction of a bridge between the Norse and the Elvish peoples. It was near complete. The elves were known for alchemy. He believed his brother tricked the elves into giving away the secret. Loki did not share.

Dragons picked off the elves.

"Thor!" an elf cried. "Save us! We'll give you anything! Do you hear me?! Anything! We are being attacked by dragons!"

Elves were not only known for their ability to make gold. They were also honest. Hammer in hand, he went into danger, "I will save you! And I will do it for free! A good deed is its own reward! It's what I do!"

He tossed his bread to the birds.

"The dragons are attacking more than ever!" another elf cried. "We have never seen an enemy like this!"

"Okay," Thor spoke, "I will distract them while you make your escape."

He kissed his hammer, "Trusty Mjolnir, let's do this."

The two realms were separated by a river of molten lava. It was molten lava so hot that it could kill a god. Thor reminded himself to not fall in.

Before he defended the bridge, a child spoke, "We are building a bridge to bring the two kingdoms, Asgard and Alfheim, together. These dragons are breathing fire. Could you stop them?"

"Who ordered the bridge to be built?" Thor asked.

"It was a respected one," the chief elf stated. "His name was Loki."

The Norse god was given his own personal enemies list. He was going to use spice to bait the dragons before he slayed them. His older brother might be compelled to show his face if someone expedited the inevitable.

Odin was the King of Asgard but could not understand why violence was escalating. He thought it need only Thor to defend Asgard. Loki shapeshifted into his brother before approaching his father. He did this sometimes.

"Father, would you like more mead?" Loki started.

"No," Odin responded, "I couldn't be happier – Loki has found the Elvish secret to alchemy – he is making us gold. I am disappointed in you, though, for the increase in violence. Where is your head?"

"My head?" Loki asked. "Look. I know I'll never be as good as Loki. He is our diplomat to the Elvish. And he gets it from you, of course."

Odin returned, "Of course he gets it from me!"

"But, you?" he spoke mead in hand. "There must be dozens of dragons outside the castle walls that need to be slayed. Where is Mjolnir?"

"Where is what?" Loki asked as Thor.

Odin cried out as a father, "That hammer! Look for the hammer your brother paid the finest Dwarfish blacksmiths to forge!"

Loki smiled, "Yes. Anything else, father?"

"Yes," he pondered. "Your mother, Jord, told me I'd receive absolute knowledge and wisdom if I cut out my own eye. What do you think?"

Loki answered, "I think you have too much free time. It might be best to answer the question, yourself, when you are sober."

Odin added, "Your brother has given me lots of things. He gave me this vessel. It fits in my pocket. He gave me this spear. It never misses."

Loki said with fear, "Well, I better find my hammer."

He prayed his father never use those weapons on him. Loki believed he was the responsible one. He stole only what was already his. He wanted his little brother to suffer. He needed to know who his real enemy was.

It was unbelievable. The infestation of dragons could not be higher. Then he realized – Loki had shapeshifted into a dragon to make his own army of dragon offspring. It was the worst plot in the history of ever.

Thor rushed his way home, "Honey, we're in more trouble than you can imagine. You must return to the realm of the Humans."

Sif cried out, "A carrier pigeon delivered this to us! Loki was crowned the King of Asgard after your father was deemed unfit for the throne!"

"That's not possible," he responded. "It's my older brother. He is a shapeshifter. He can take on different forms."

"Sounds like a prince," she said in his defense.

He returned, "That is foolish in the realm of the Norse."

Sif spoke, "Then you could explain why your mother was thrown in the dungeon after she assaulted your father with a knife."

"Leave," he demanded. He knew her to be unfaithful. She was safe elsewhere. For the first time, his heart was broken.

He begged her to take the child, Magni, with her. Then he witnessed a window-sized dragon in the baby's area. The village was burning to ashes. It was Loki. He learned to identify him by his voice.

It spoke, "Hello, brother. Wondering where your baby is?"

Like thunder, Thor attacked. He had no more words for the god, Loki. An entire army of dragons swarmed him. Asgard was safe with him. His hammer was unbreakable. The pain was tremendous. Loki exploded with laughter.

"You wanted me to show you my true face?!" Loki confessed. "I cut our father's eye out in his sleep! Mother took the blame."

The fighting carried onto the construction of the bridge. It was near complete. Odin was armed with a crystal ball. His wife bought it for him so his children could have no secrets. If only he used it more often.

Elves saw their new hero being attacked by dragons. Elvish archers were commanded to defend him. Loki realized he could not shapeshift under conditions like these. He should have trained his army to spare elves.

"Elves!" one elf yelled. "Attack!"

Odin used his vessel for the first time. He threw it under the bridge above the river of molten lava. It was unharmed. Thor struck the bridge with his hammer, Mjolnir. He fell hard but was safe.

"Jord, please forgive me," Odin whispered as he threw his spear for the first time. Loki's fate was molten lava.

Elvish arrows darkened the sky as Odin confessed, "I made you a shapeshifter to keep you from harm! Not to make you superior!"

Elves were mortified, "He was a Norse shapeshifter?! Who lied to us?! You can keep the bridge! Come back when you learn truth!"

"I'm ruined," Odin said head in hands.

Thor healed before he returned to the fight against the dragons Loki fathered. It was a rebellious act against everyone. Though he did try to build a bridge between two peoples. Everyone was told that the Defender of Asgard was mourning the death of his brother who was murdered by elves.

The End