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Luz groaned to the sound of her alarm. Extending her arm to grab her phone and opening her eyes to see the time. 10 a.m. 'Not too late for a Saturday' she thought, considering going back to sleep.

Hexside was being stressful the last few days, with studying for tests, projects and homework in general. She still had time to hang with Willow, Gus and Amity but not as much. It had also been a couple of days since she had rescued Eda and destroying the Portal. A decision that still tormented her.

Begrudgingly she got out of bed and headed downstairs for breakfast.

Arriving in the kitchen the Latina sees Eda, King aaaand Lilith. 'Oh yeah she lives here now. I'm never going to get used to this am I?'

"Good Morning sleepy head." Eda greeted

"Morning Eda." She yawned

"You look tired. Also, I made some of those human pancakes you like so much."

"Thanks Eda and don't worry it's just the morning mood, I guess. That or the unbelievable amount of homework I've been getting."

"Well you did beg me to go Hexside."

"Not my point."

"I'm actually on Edalyn's side hu-Luz. You wanted to go to Hexside and comes with those kinds of responsibilities." Lilith said as she stood up and walked out of the kitchen.

"Yeah whatever Lilith. Don't you have stuff to do?"

"And so do you." Eda spoke out as she finished her apple blood


"You're delivering me some potions."


"Do you want to start paying rent?"

"I'll eat and get dressed." She let out with a sigh

"That's the spirit. Now eat your pancakes before they get cold."

She quickly changed into her normal bubbly, cheery attitude as she ate breakfast, once finished she went upstairs to her room to change into her normal outfit. Around half past ten she was ready to leave.

"Bye Eda! Bye King! Don't spend all morning plotting to destroy other kids!" she said kissing him on the skull and exiting through the door.

"I forge my own path!" he yelled

"That girl is really her polar opposite when she's tired." Eda muttered

"It's just morning mood. You more than anyone else should get that."

"Shut up Lily. Besides I thought she'd start to get that kind of mood in her thirties."

"Depends on the people and depends on their life."

"Whatever you say Lily."

Luz continued through the dirt path leading to Bonesborough, until she heard some mumbling from the other side of some bushes. As the brave yet stupid impressionable teen she is, she got closer. The mumbling turn to words she couldn't quite understand, whatever was doing this was clearly annoyed.

She finally got through all the bushes and she came across an older tall boy wearing a grey hoodie up trying to get something out of a giant plant. Creeping behind him she greeted him, making him yelp and stumble and hitting the ground in surprise. (she's wearing her hoodie up)

"I'm so sorry."


"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm okay. Just don't creep up on people like that."

"Yeah sorry about that. Why are you trying to pull something out of that Yellow Carn?"

"The what?"

"The giant plant."

"Oh, well that stupid plant kindda ate my guitar."

"Oh, in that case, you can't just try to pull it out. It'll continue to resist. What you need to do is rub it's belly until it spits it out."

"Belly rubs? Really?"


"By all means." He extended his hand pointing at the giant yellow flower thing.

Crouching down, Luz began to rub the plants belly and sure enough, it spilled the guitar case with the guitar inside which only had a little bit of mucus.


"No problem. You must not be from around here since I've never seen you before."

"You can say I'm not from around here."

"I guess this is that then. Off to go and deliver potions."

"Do you want help?"


"I mean it's kindda the least I can do since you decided to go off your way just to help me. I'm probably not gonna like it but I have manners."

"Oh, thank you that bag is heavy today now that I mention it."

"Sweet, I'll carry that bag for you."

"Y-You don't need to."

"As I said, it's the least I can do."

He picked the bag, putting it over his shoulder and they started heading to town

"Oh, I never asked your name! What's your name?"

He remained quiet for some seconds until he spoke. "Name's Thomas and you?"


"Luz?" she responded him with a hum "That's an odd name for a witch."

"Oh right! I still have this on." As she pulled down her hoodie Thomas stopped, his eyes widened realizing what she was. Noticing the teen's shock and addressed him about it. "You okay?"

"Y-You're a human…"

"Oh. Right should have mentioned that. I would think you'd all know there's a human in the Boiling Isles since I crashed the execu- "she stopped mid-sentence noticing that Thomas's hoodie was now down as well. "Your ears…You're a human! But how?"

"I-I-I can't believe it that there's more humans here."

"Neither can I. How did you get here though?"


"Get back here you thief! Just wait until I get my hands on…. Where am I" Tomás finally noticed that he was in a shack, no, more like a tent of some sort. His phone was on the floor, 'That retched owl must have dropped it' he thought. "Where am I? I'm not in LA anymore for sure. Man, whoever owns this has a lot of weird stuff." He blurted looking at a pile of junk and grabbing a Magic 8-Ball with doll legs glued to it.

He could hear some voices from the other side but before he could decide between introducing himself and just go back the way he came, the door from which he came, folded and disappeared.

"That isn't good." He gulped

The voices from outside started to get closer and louder. Startled, he hid behind one of the piles of junk and saw a tall white-haired lady enter with the same owl and, a dog with a skull?

"See Owlbert? No one came. Your worrying too much." The white-haired lady said to the owl

"It's not like that's going to happen twice is it? Even if that did happen, I believe fate would be a bit more creative than just copying what happened before." The dog with a skull spat sarcastically

'The dog talked, great I'm officially crazy.'

"Eda" a feminine voice came from outside "guards incoming!"

"Great." "Eda", her name apparently, said sarcastically "Gotta bounce."

She exited the tent, which started to fly and turn into a small bag into a small bag. He could also swear he saw the same "Eda", the skull headed dog and a girl fly off in a staff.

"Yeah I'm definitely crazy."

"YOU!" a male voice yelled at him

"Me?" he looked at the direction of the voice seeing a tall fat figure with…a point nose hat?

"You're under arrest for fraternizing with a known criminal."


"You heard me right. You were in Eda the Owl Lady's tent, that means you were fraternizing with her!"

"Listen man, whatever you are, I wasn't fraternizing to no one. In fact, I was on my marry way home until you appeared."

"Tell that to Warden Wrath at the Conformatorium." He moved to grab his wrist.

"Nope. I'm not in the mood for this." He slipped the guards grabs and started to run the opposite way, getting at the edge of a cliff overlooking the rest of the very strange town.

"Yeah I'm totally not in LA."

"Hey stop right there!" the guard yelled as he got closer.

"Dammit." the boy looked at the bottom of the cliff "Here goes nothing I guess."

He jumped down, sliding all the way down, managing to survive.

"Never again." He muttered

End of Flashback

"And that's how I got here, I eventually was able to figure out and piece up some information. This is the Boiling Isles in the Demon Realm, inhabited by witches and demons. Magic is a thing and everything here is out to kill you." He said as they continued to walk the dirt path

"That's pretty much it. Wow, so Owlbert was right, you did follow him."

"So that at the tent, was you?"

"Yeah. I did notice you had some sort of accent, despite you mentioning LA, I'm not picturing you as American."

"You're right about that. I'm Portuguese and I was in LA as an exchange student."

"Shouldn't you be in Portugal then?"

"Long story."

"I have the time."



"Maybe after we get this done." He sighed

"Works for me. Also your name isn't Thomas is it?"

"No, it's Tomás but hate when other non-Portuguese, especially native English speakers."

"Fair point I guess? I'm technically a Latina so I do have my español (Spanish)"


They continued to walk the path until they were right outside of the forest. Thomas stopped and looked at the young Latina.

"How do I get back?"


"You hang with that Eda person so you must know how to get back right?"

She lowered her head looking down "Well yeah but..."

"But?" She didn't respond "But what Luz?" He grabbed er by the shoulders making her face him

"I destroyed the portal." She muttered


"You don't understand, I-I was trying to save Eda and Belos wanted the portal so I gave him it and- "

"You destroyed it."

"And I destroyed it."

"Okay. Mantém-te calmo Tomás. (Keep calm Thomas)" he tried to calm himself. "Is there any other way back?"

"No. Not that we know of at least." At this point Thomas was trying hard to not hyperventilate, he was used to control his nerves but this? This was a whole another level.

"Hey look at me." She grabbed his hands "Lets deliver these potions to keep our minds of that, and after we'll go to Eda and try to manage this out. Okay?"

"Okay." He tried not to sound terrified.

Luz continued to assure the older teen that everything was going to work out in the end and that the Boiling Isles and the Demon Realm in general weren't as bad as they looked and explaining how they were meant deliver the potions. They were about half way through their conversation once they reached their destination.

"How do we do this again?"

"I've told you this like three times already."

"I'm the one in shock innit?" he teased in a British accent

"The British accent wasn't necessary you know. Also people in shock don't tease others."

"Well that's because you don't know m. I'm kind of a sarcastic asshole most of the time."

"So, you're those kinds of people? Great. Well it works like this, we go up to the front, ring the doorbell and give the potions to the buyer then they pay us, simple."

"Huh, why does this sound like a drug deal to me?"

"Why do you need to do that?"


Tomás rang the doorbell but unexpectedly to him it turned into a mouth and started to swallow his arm

"What the fuck is this?!"

"Oh I might have forgotten to tell you about that." She teased with a grin "Also, language."

"Are you fucking seriously about that?"

"Yes. And don't worry just give it a good wack and it'll stop eating you."

"I have both hands occupied." He raised the bag filled with potions

"Riiight." She moved and gave the doorbell a wack who in turn released Tomás

A four eyed creature with green skin and four arms opened the door.

"Hello mister!" Luz started with a cheery enthusiastic tone. "Here's the potions you ordered from Eda the Owl Lady."

"Oh thank you little missy."

"No problem! Thomas can you give him the bag?"

"Where's the cash?"


"Pay up front. That's how delivery workers do."

"Oh okay, if you really want it like that, here's the snails." The four eyed demon gave Luz a small pouch of snails? "Can I have my potions now?"


"You can't be serious."

"Listen mate do you know how fu-fricking heavy this bag is? And I've been carrying it for a solid hour to deliver them to You. So a Tip, is the least you give."

"Okay okay fine. You don't need to get all aggressive. Here's 10 more snails for the troubles. Yeesh."

Tomás gave the demon the bag and walked away with Luz.

"Why were you so mean to him? Also, you didn't carry that for an hour."

"First rule of door-to-door salesmanship, always scam your customers. Second, that's just my regular mood." (Believe me it is. I know I'm an ass)

"Eda is really going to like you."

"I hope it isn't for long."

"Well it's closer to lunch let's go to the Owl House."

"The what?"

"The place I'm staying at."

"Wow that's a really dumb name." (Don't hate me I love it. It's just how I would probably react. Oh my god I'm such a horrible person dies of laughter and cring)

"No it's not!"

"Okay just don't upset. Let's go I guess."