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The two teens started to head back to the forest on their way the Owl House. Neither of them spoke much, Tomás not being affected, or better, not caring for the awkward silence between them. Luz looked over to the guitar case over his shoulder and broke the silence.

"Sooooo, for how long have you played?"

"Hmm?" he looked at her "Oh guitar?" she nodded in response "I learn for about six to seven years, stopped having lessons two years ago but continued playing on my own so for about eight to nine years."

"Woah, that a lot."

"Eh some musicians have like decades worth of playing. Besides 3 out of those six to seven years I actually had lessons weren't the best."

"Why?" the Latina asked with curiosity

"It's complicated but I can shorten it to I had a beef with my teacher and I was super lazy and also stressed back then."

"That doesn't sound good."

"It sure wasn't. Adding to that, I was sick of learning classical and seventeenth century music, I did play some Valsas from time to time but never something famous or actually interesting."

"So was that the reason why you stopped taking lessons?"

"Well no. You see back home in my country students had an option to have the regular curriculum or the music curriculum which consisted of switching some classes with music related classes plus the class regarding the instrument you played. That'd go on from fifth grade to nineth grade."

"So you finished nineth grade and consequentially finished that too?"

"Yeah, that's how it went. Glad I don't have to do that anymore."

"Oh c'mon it couldn't have been all bad."

He scoffed and opens his mouth to say something but closes it and thinks to himself before breaking the silence again.

"Okay it wasn't all bad since I made some good friends."


"BUT. Other stuff happened that counter balanced it."

"If you say so. We're almost at the house."

They walked for a few more minutes before finally spotting the outline of the house.

"Here we are. Welcome to the Owl House!" Luz said excitingly as they approached the door.

"Will that door eat me?"

"Not necessarily."

"What do you mea-"

"Helloooooooooo Luuuuuz!" Hooty stretched out from the door frame getting close to the two

"Díos mio. Hi Hooty."

"Who's your frieeend?"

"Hooty this is Thomas he uh is a human like me."

"Ooooooo will he be my frieeeend? Oh, oh I could talk to him for hours and hours and hours and hours about bugs and dirt and-"

"Listen Hooty right." Hooty stopped talking and looked at Tomás "Shut. Up" he commanded sternly

"I just want to talk but bugs and dirt, for hours. C'mon it's gonna be fun!"

"Did I fucking stutter?"


"Then shut the fuck up."

"Okay okay. Geez. Hoot."

Luz opened the door and the two of them entered the house. Moving in they entered the room lighted by candles, covered in human and non-human artifacts.

"Edaaa I'm baaaack!" Luz yelled from the living room

"Huh this place does actually seem cool."

"What can I say? The Owl House is the coolest place on the Boiling Isles."

"As far as I know this isn't your house so technically, you're not allowed to give that statement."

As they talked footsteps got closer coming from the kitchen and entering the living room.

"Luz you didn't need to yell okay? We were just on the kitchen aaaand…Who's that?" Eda questioned noticing the other tall teenager in the room.

"Uhhh so Eda. How do I say this?"

"I'm a human who accidentally came through the portal around three days ago, about an hour ago found out that it is actually destroyed and now and I'm stranded in this forsaken place, as she is as well." Tomás said in the most nonchalantly and calm way possible without even turning to face the old grizzled haired witch.

"Yeah that's pretty much what happened." Luz gave a nervous chuckle

"I'm not adopting another human Luz."

"But he has no place to stay! And besides he barely knows anything about the Isles."

"Excuse me? I was doing pretty alright by myself if I say so."

"That plant almost ate your guitar."

"A possible minor setback. Also, I was way better at selling whatever you were trying to sell."

"Luz? What is he talking about?" Eda raised her eyebrow

"So I found him in the woods on my way to sell those potions and he kindda helped me carry them, then when we got there he was super rude to the customer and scammed him!"

"But that's the fist rule of door-to-door salesmanship." Eda said as it was an obvious fact

"That's what I told her!"

"Okay forget what I said he's staying." Eda wrapped her arm around Tomás's shoulders smiling "I think we're going to be good friends. What's your name kid?"

"Thomas. Since it most likely I'll be staying here and I'm going to sell for you then I want five percent of the gains."

"When I thought you couldn't get any better. Let's talk business over lunch, shall we?"

"I can agree to that, Eda."

'Huh this was conveniently easy.' Luz thought to herself

The three of them walked into the kitchen where King and Lilith were sitting waiting for Luz and Eda to come so they could eat. Lilith then noticed the extra member entering the kitchen.

"Edalyn who's that?"

"Well Lily, this is the new addition to our family of degenerates."

"Another human? How did he- You know what? I don't even want to know."

"You'll be a fine addition to my army of DOOM!" King yelled jumping on top of the table.

In a lightning movement King is scooped of the table to Tomás's arms "You're the cutest I've ever seen. If anything happens to you I will kill everyone in this room and then myself."

"Oooo, I like your spirit. Also, I AM NOT CUTE!"

"Awww King likes you already."

"Leave all that for after lunch okay?" Eda said sitting at the table

"Oh yeah, I'm starving. What are we eating?" Tomás asked her

"Fried londgebeast with eyeballs."

"It's in these kinds of situations I wish I knew how to cook." He whispered

"Eh, you'll get used to it." Luz whispered back

The group started to eat, Tomás didn't know how hungry he was until he actually ate. It wasn't bad but it sure wasn't good he thought to himself as he continued to eat whatever that was.

"So Thomas." Eda started getting his attention "If you're going to stay you need to know the ground rules of this place."

"Wait there are actually rules? Wasn't expecting that."

"Yes there are. First, if you're gonna live here you need to contribute."

"Like chores?"


"I can do that."

"Second, don't blow up the house."

"It's not on my list so you're good."

"Great. Finally, don't kill Hooty since he is the house."

"I won't keep promises I can't uphold."

"Works for me. Thomas, welcome to the family."