A/N: I guess this story is finally coming to a close. I might write an epilogue.

Word Count: 157 words

"Izuku?" Chisaki said, carrying Eri in his arms.

"Eh…" Izuku replied.

Izuku got deja vu.


In this world, Chisaki is a young doctor who is taking care of his adopted niece, Eri.

Chisaki doesn't remember All Might but he doesn't remember the events of the Shie Hassaikai Raid. Bother Kai and Eri remember Izuku.

Kai figured he could probably build a machine that will return everyone's memories with the help of Eri.

Kai is on their side. But he doesn't really want to return to his old life. He promised to turn himself back to Tartarus.

"I feel empty." Kai said.


Izuku is happy. Both Shigaraki and Chisaki hearts are more receptive. It seems they will turn a new leaf. But he suspects Shigaraki might return to his villainous ways.